Good News Everyone!!! (The joysplosion thread)

Good News Everyone!!! (The joysplosion thread)
so this little annoying as hell puppy that my sister asked my dad to get (and then proceeded to do absolutely nothing for his upkeep) has been given away!
No more wire chewing, house shitting, night barking, annoying as can possibly piece of shit dog destroying my things and generally making time visiting my dad more difficult while my sister only cuddles with it and whines every time she is told "hey, you should do something about that dog that is apparently yours like wash it or pay for something that it does"
Only one or two more weekends with it!
Today I got the best ad ever! Some folks at the university are doing a gaming poll and are recruiting people to play 50 minutes of Fallout New Vegas and fill out some questions at the end to get a €10 gift card from a local game store!

I am getting paid to play video games!

quidquid Latine dictum sit altum videtur.
(02-18-2012, 01:36 PM)Woffles Wrote: »[youtube]cjCo2I3ooK0[/youtube]

I like the interpretation of that video where she's one of the guys' mentally-ill mother and they're really just hanging out over the weekend and trying to keep her from having a complete psychotic break
(02-18-2012, 01:36 PM)Woffles Wrote: »Today I got the best ad ever! Some folks at the university are doing a gaming poll and are recruiting people to play 50 minutes of Fallout New Vegas and fill out some questions at the end to get a €10 gift card from a local game store!

I am getting paid to play video games!

Okay, here's how you do it.

1. Endurance 10 at the start.
2. Never use a gun unless absolutely required to. Ever.
3. Wear the most bizarre clothes possible.
4. ???
5. Profit!

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Today I've decided to pick up my feet when I walk. I move a lot faster when I do. Keeping my balance might be a problem, but it's not like falling on my butt is something new.

This makes me really happy, dumb as it is, mainly because I can't walk like most people can.
Beep Beep
Nog are you a fellow ambler?

Do you want to go ambling and trade ambling stories?

Man one time I went ambling and I had a gait thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis wide I swear
That I am.

The best times come from just walking down hills. Gravity doing all the work.

I remember once I almost caught my feet on each other. Could have fallen. Didn't. Continued moseying along.
Beep Beep
Best thing after a long day is just putting your feet up and feeling the blood circulate properly again without having to fight gravity. At least I think that's why it feels so good.
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(This is cross posted from my tumblr because I'm nowhere near as eloquent as I was a couple minutes ago, haha)

Warning: I get super emotional about comics. Melonspa
My Facebook is officially nonexistent, rather than simply ignored. This is a very good thing because now I never have to answer "why havent you accepted my friend request?" again.

(it only takes like 30 seconds to log on!

I never log on!!

You're just ignoring me!!!)

Now its just: "oh you don't have a Facebook? You should totally get one!" "nah, I never really got into it." "oh okay well let's trade numbers then!" "no problem platonic male friend."
hey bob me too

though my reason for deleting facebook was more 'why will facebook never stop sending me dumb emails about things i don't care about?'
fyck phytybyckyt
My new laptop arrived!

I'll need some time to get files and such set up on it, but yaaay new laptop!
I'm gonna be the most unconscionably happy hipster this winter.
[Image: NMKAq.jpg]

Mum took up spinning as a hobby at some point last year, then eventually bought a two-shuttle loom to make something to show for her hours at the wheel. Hobby looms are pretty much the perfect size for long, narrow pieces of cloth, and luckily I'm the most prolific scarf-wearer in the house. It's an amicable arrangement leading into a Southern Hemisphere winter.

The baby blue scarf's majority is acrylic, but it's frigging long like I requested and holds its shape nicely over my face when I'm cycling. That was the first one, I've had the hand-painted handspun orange for a week or so (pure wool, super soft), I get home from school today and she's just about finished the kiwifruit houndstooth.

In one friggin' day. She'll be washing it tomorrow and then I can prance about with it on like a complete dipshit.

[Image: nOyHZ.gif]
Those are some brilliant scarves! And even more amazing GIF :3
Yesterday dumb things happened and I got to feeling pretty down about myself in the middle of the IRC. I quickly wandered off because I don't really like the idea of looking like I am trying to make a scene/didn't really want to bring down the mood just because I was down. Honestly I tend to have a low opinion of myself. You may not see me self deprecate all the time like certain other people, but that's mainly because I tend to think that nobody would care anyway. For a while now I've kind of thought of myself as some hanger-on who people only really tolerate because I have been around for so long. I don't really feel like I contribute anything to the group and there are certain battles I feel I don't really deserve to be a part of any more.

At the time I didn't really respond to any of the nice things people were saying to me, but I really appreciate them. I feel really lucky to be part of this community filled with wonderful people. Even more so that those people somehow care enough about me to want me to stick around and care when I feel bad about myself.

Thank you all for the nice things you said and for being my friends.
fyck phytybyckyt
I got into the University of Oxford summer school! This is all kinds of excellent, not least because of the increased likelihood of getting into Oxford that seems to accompany this thing. The actual week sounds pretty great as well. (And the paper the letter was typed on had the snazziest watermark. I might take a photo because I'm far too impressed by this.)

The only downside is that I have another thing I signed up for this summer, which would be better than the summer school as it involves doing actual chemistry stuff for six weeks or so, but I can't go to both. And I don't know if I got into the six weeks thing yet. Which is made all the more troublesome due to the fact that I need to send the stuff for Oxford off pretty soon if I want to keep my place.

But either way, I'm still doing something cool this summer.
Okay okay we gotta Three's Company this shit

Okay so tell Oxford you'll meet them at a fancy restaurant, while tell the other thing that you'll meet them at the bar right NEXT to the fancy restaurant
[Image: mIGufl.jpg]

Guys I'm an undergraduate now

There is a little entry in the MUST books saying "Graham Netherton: Undergraduate, Comp Sci BS"

My earliest class this coming freshman year will be at 10 am

This might be better off in the school thread but whatever I am joysploding about it
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So I asked a girl out and we're going on a double date to see a late showing of the new Avengers movie when it comes out this Friday.

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(04-30-2012, 04:41 AM)Pick Yer Poison Wrote: »So I asked a girl out and we're going on a double date to see a late showing of the new Avengers movie when it comes out this Friday.


Oh my godddd pypsy~

You're a real man now Crying Eagle

(also it will be awesome)
Hardly. Though a piece of Roquefort spread gently over a freshly steamed piece of ciabatta really enhances the snack. (that is, if you enjoy blue cheese)
The boyfriend has booked his flights, and in six months we will finally see each other in person for the first time.

I cannot express how excited I am through text alone, so gif.

[Image: Y6rWz.gif]

Nice, Plaid! Best of luck with anything involved there that you need it for!
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(I can't for the life of me figure out how to get image urls on an iPad so sorry I'll need to just link the cumbersome location upon which I uploaded it.)


I also got to rap two verses at the expense of a very croaky voice this morning, but damn was it a fantastic show.
Space things!

This is so freaking cool. Some guys went "hey, we've got some money and are cool, let's build a thing and shoot it into space," and then they built a thing and shot it into space. Now said thing is hooked up to the ISS and should shortly be getting sealed on and opened up!

Some guys just got together and did this, guys. Is that cool or what?