[Fortuna]: (Not an update) Happy 5th birthday!

[Fortuna]: (Not an update) Happy 5th birthday!
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Hey guys! Gimeurcookie's internet is currently personally banning them from accessing Eagle-Time, so I volunteered to come here in their stead. We just need a vote to see whether everyone wants to use the Axolotl Juice on E-457 or not.
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use it!
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>Drink. The. Juice. Drink. The. Juice.
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Adun Toridas, Space Ninja...
Duck, duck, duck, duck, GHOOST.
People throw these words around like tennis balls. But I eat balls for breakfast.
>Soups on baby.
> We shall use our healing liquid.
>down the hatch
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>I vote we let E-457 decide whether to use it. On Songiprovo. Not themselves. Because they're not the injured one. Easty should not drink any juice.
(09-15-2018, 02:48 AM)Kenshiago Wrote: »Oh, if anyone would like to know, Sbat has a cosmodex, might be helpful with the animals!

Also does anyone wanna use Axolotl Juice on E-457 or whoever is injured?

I'm voting to use the juice, and have Sbat give the cosmosdex to Clay if possible
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use it on songi
Happy birthday Fortuna
Every year we are greeted with something truly special.

A new year of life.

In our youth, we are congratulated for surviving another year in this world, as if everyone were expecting our death to steal us early from this life.

It is then that one year something strange shall happen. You will wake up and find it utterly normal despite an expectation of excitement.

You don't mention it to anyone.

They must have something in store, and you don't want to ruin it.

You go about your day, waiting for the moment to come, but as the light leeches out of the sky, nothing happens.

Did you get the date wrong? No, you checked it all throughout the day, you know that today is it! The special day, the one that only happens once a year.

You reach out to someone and make a remark, a little nudge to remind the person of what you expected today to be like. They perk up, pat you on the back, and congratulate you on another day of living before heading back to what they were doing.

Last year you had a cake and candles. Everyone came over last year.

The year before that the same.

And even before that.

But now your birthday is nothing more than a footnote. There is no cake.

No party.

Nothing but a simple "Happy birthday" from those who remember.

The first time this happens to you, it's not just a disappointment.

It's a tragedy.

Happy birthday, Fortuna.
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Unfortunately, I'm in the middle of moving around, so Fortuna's birthday was pretty low on my list of things to plan for. As such all I could have the time to do was write a poem and this.

Don't worry Fortuna loves tragic poems.

Still, a congratulation for surviving five years on the internet is in order for this non physical comic, definitely with all the troubles that smashed their way into this year. Let's hope next year goes better so that Fortuna (And the Cosmosdex) can afford to plan their own birthday party next year!

So we're five years in, what can we expect next?

In Comics
The redux: The redux is basically done, and I am only awaiting a few assets before I post up the pages. Once that's done the TWO new intermissions being added to the comic can be finished up and shown to the world!

Fortuna: I don't know what to put here other than "It will definitely keep updating." If there's one thing Fortuna can do it is update.

Speedtuna: Now that work is starting to clear up it's very likely that soon Patreon will be able to vote for streams once again, and thus a chance for Speedtuna to come back! Speedtuna will also be hopefully mirrored to the site this year.

Notail Simulator: As we approach adulthood in notail quest we come to the point where we will be able to move it to its own section in the Cosmosdex website, just like with speedtuna.

In the dex
Clockworks: Yes, hopefully, this year we'll have a clockwork invasion kick into the scene. By far one of the most requested sections, and it's going to come soon!

New species, New application sections: As you might have already seen the application sections have been considerably upgraded, allowing for applications to pass by smoothly through the system, and more importantly, allow editing of apps after they have been submitted! Also, species applications will be opening for everyone on Halloween day so get excited!

Cosmosdex patrons and a tutorial for the Cosmosdex: Did you ever want to pick a patron for the Cosmosdex and then go through a tutorial of it to teach you the essential species, concepts, and lore for the Cosmosdex?

N-No? Really? No, you've really never considered or wanted something like that? Well shit. You're getting it anyway sometime this year.

History section: I will continue to pretend it doesn't exist due to its enormous workload!

I thank you all for following and supporting both Fortuna and the Cosmosdex, here's to a new year to do great things! (And sorry about not having the time to plan something for both of their birthdays!)

Also, don't consider the list above a comprehensive list of things that will happen this year. There's always a chance some things may end up dropped in favor of other things and still a chance we might get something else not on this list.
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Happy arbitrary time interval!
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