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SO it might be better to put this in the general art stuff forum, but someone mentioned art challenges in regards to this & basically I was thinking of making a weekly minicomic challenge!

this thread is for discussion of that, as well as other ideas for fun art exercise-type things we could do.

here's what I'm thinking with the minicomic challenge:
can I post atrocious textbook chapters from my 1st+2nd years' English textbook

alternatively, the current time of year has me thinking a lot about this song
YES that kind of silly challenge would be great to add variety, what with the inherent #edginess of some of my ideas
Maybe ignore the last two verses of Hotaru no Hikari because they're very nationalistic
We didn't even sing them at my school's graduation

The first parts are about diligent students studying by whatever light they've got available, be it moonlight or the light of fireflies, so if you want some neat imagery to the tune of auld lang syne for god knows what reason I've got you covered
V on board with this, though we'll see if i can fit it in around other projects
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I'm in, and I'll be trying various art styles if that's alright
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This sounds super fun!!! I'm also one of those dang college kids tho, so weekly is a little hard ahhh
(03-03-2016, 04:26 AM)Schazer Wrote: »can I post atrocious textbook chapters from my 1st+2nd years' English textbook

do eet
@TheEmptyPot: yeah, as I was writing it I started thinking biweekly might be a little better? I don't want to go too much longer than that though, bc activity is good. also, I really do encourage people to spend as little time on this as they feel comfortable doing. if your response to a challenge is a single page that you spent an hour on, that's totally fine! as long as you feel it gets across what you want.

(although I know it's hard to cut corners and post stuff you feel is too messy, I honestly think it's a good habit to form for comics? there are some comics whose art I LOVE that is frankly super messy in places, but the messiness isn't important because our eyes don't really rest on it while reading the story. so I think relaxing the urge to clean stuff up and instead focusing on good energy and composition is healthy.)

also, I should probably have it such that you can still post comics for challenges whose deadline has passed (maybe only under a spoiler, though? but it's not like you CAN'T TRY A CHALLENGE UNLESS YOU CAN GET IT DONE IN TIME)

@Papers: yeah, different art styles is fine and even encouraged! whatever gives you the motivation to draw and helps you practice. I'll probably play around with some style-based challenges, too. (like drawing a super-serious scene in a cartoony style without losing the dramatic weight. or doing 2 versions of a page, one more "realistic" and one more surreal and imagery-based)
I'm super psyched for this!!! I want an excuse to do more arte.

Also I gotta change my avatar and sig to something thats not in hell, because shankfia is ded.
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invest pisscoin
I need this
This sounds like something I could try. I'd say the five hours worth of making comics in one week may get to be a bit much at times, like others have said.