Eagle-Talk (We have a podcast? Episode 3 is up!)

Eagle-Talk (We have a podcast? Episode 3 is up!)
awwww shit a52 those are really good questions and now I'm hype to answer them!
how much can you lift
Do you, even?
what's a regular task of yours that most people, you think, don't do?
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In non-being-a-flippant-shit news, I think it's interesting to hear from anyone with a specialized set of knowledge or skills what things that laypeople think their job includes or things they know that are not the case. Like, I conceptualize Akumu's (old?) career as literally just firing lasers at things 24/7 and taking notes on a clipboard because I lack a lot of the knowledge framework to really understand what he really does without asking a series of questions I feel would be tiresome to answer, so I just tell myself a little story that combines the handful of things I do know and speaks to the narratives that I've absorbed culturally. What misconceptions do the eagles in academia encounter I guess is the question I'm asking.
Thank you for your thoughtful question, Slorange. I will attempt to answer it, on the condition that you answer the same question about being a baker! When it becomes your time to record, of course.
Having asked this question before, I still want to know if there's any new information about what the fuck seaweed is.
it's a good snack
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So question for the masses,

Akumu, myself, and Schazer had a good long chat a couple of weeks ago, and it looks like it will make for a pretty substantial podcast! (Over 2 hours).

Since it's so long it is taking a longer time to edit, so I am wondering.

Would people prefer 3 partial casts, released when available. OR
just wait for 1 long full-length cast, released all nice and polished?

If we do release it in parts, I will eventually merge the three into a full-length podcast regardless, complete with that nice shiny podcast polish.
Released in 3 parts. That is what the preference.
I like installments
3 parts would be great.
Honestly I'd prefer the full thing in one go, but if you're planning to put the whole thing together after releasing all 3 parts regardless then yeah go for the 3 parter
Cool! Looks like there's enough interest in listening to the parts that I'll release them that way.

They'll end up as a complete episode together, though! So you can listen in episodically, or binge the whole thing once it's done!

Update: Episode 0.3 is up!
That noise Schazer made at the beginning was magnificent.
hey, is there a way to download the actual file to listen to later? I was able to get the pre-cast, but can't get the one that's hosted on soundcloud.

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(04-01-2016, 03:27 AM)a52 Wrote: »That noise Schazer made at the beginning was magnificent.

Its not a true schazer experience unless she makes some sort of strange, birdlike shriek
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I rate this upload 5 stars out of a universe that only has 5 stars in it.

This is the blog for my game I'm making for real its happening
'sgood, yeh
Also, I had no idea it was pronounced "Skazer". I always read it as "Shazer".
A discourse spanning half a decade
I like to remember it as "Skateboard-Laser".

Fun-Fact: The "censor" noise that pops up was actually a Schazer-produced sound as well, although I think it was unintentional.

Wheat, I'm not super happy with soundcloud myself. I'll try and toss a dropbox or similar of the file up for you guys soon.
my internet keeps disconnecting so if i only hear half of it, i have to go through it again. I still have not reached the end. After three days.

Truly this is an engrossing podcast.

(this is only with soundcloud)
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Wait are you telling me that every time Schazer says "shit" she simultaneously and unconsciously makes a sound like a tiny dog barking?
I think I would remember hiccuping at every other cuss >:I

I'm out of town right now but we'll need to test this later.