I'm very sorry for your loss.

It's completely understandable that you're not ready to get back to this yet. I'm sure it must be very hard for you right now.

Take whatever time you need, we can wait. I hope your journey through grief is a relatively smooth one.
Condolences, take all the time you need.
My condolences as well. It sucks when you lose someone important to you.
Thanks for the patience. Hope this makes up for it.

>Then step back, and take a rest.

[Image: 2432.gif]

It's true. After high school you ran around with the wrong crowd. You wanted to take your mind off all your insecurities and past demons so you flung yourself into easy-but-kinda-dangerous relief. Sometimes you have to get your stress out dubiously legally.

But it was all hollow.

[Image: 2433.gif]

You tried therapy before. God, did you ever. But it always felt like the therapists kept blaming you. You get told you can't control how your brain is defective but then they turn around and tell you all your problems were caused by none other than yourself.

You stopped going to therapy.

Well, until now, you guess.

>Are you really going to try and make this OUR fault?!

[Image: 2434.gif]

"I can't help who I am."

[Image: 2435.gif]

[Image: 2436.gif]

[Image: 2437.gif]

"What? You have nothing to say to that?"

[Image: 2438.gif]

"Th...the basement...over there..."
"We'll have to walk around or jump or s-something...but..."

"Then let's hurry!"

[Image: 2439.gif]


Oh yeah?

[Image: 2440.gif]

...Back then, your dad saved you.

Now it's your turn to save them.

"Get out of here, guys. It's me she wants."

[Image: 2441.gif]

"We all n-need to go!"

This can't be happening again!

"Cherry...if she wants to do it, we can't force her not to."

[Image: 2442.gif]

"You go too."

This is a dangerous decision she's making all by herself.

[Image: 2443.gif]

"I'm not letting you do this alone."

"Are you kidding me?!"

[Image: 2444.gif]

-you cAnt dO anyTHinG on yoUr owN
-its true!

[Image: 2445.gif]



[Image: 2446.gif]

"Look, this will all be useless if you guys don't get to the basement! So just go already!!"

[Image: 2447.gif]

[Image: 2448.gif]

Thank goodness.

You think you're ready.

[Image: 2449.gif]

You were getting tired of reliving these scenes over and over, anyway.

But...there's still...

[Image: 2450.gif]

"Why are you doing this...?"
"Having help...isn't a bad thing, you know."
-even helping someONE LIKE HER?

[Image: 2451.gif]

"Ugh, shut up!"
"Quin, no, you can't fight her!"
"You need to come up with a plan!"

>Then stop fighting. Fighting yourself will solve nothing and only make you more exhausted.

[Image: 2452.gif]

"At least, it worked for me."
"I just told her...what I thought I should do. Going forward. Because we can't keep being like this to ourselves. Because that's...why we're here."

"Going forward..."

[Image: 2453.gif]

-give me a good reason why i shouldnt kill you right now
-this is all futile isnt it
-youre stuck here with me now while the others escape
-you DIE RegArdleSS
-ill make it quick

"Uh...! I!!"

[Image: 2454.gif]

Going forward...?

"I...want to live! Because I...I always wanted to open my own craft shop!"
"I know that's unrealistic but...I've always liked that stuff! And even my coworkers at my old job encouraged me...!"
"I've been saving money..."

[Image: 2455.gif]

"I know it sounds corny but...I'd like for something to come from that dream."
"But in order to do that, I..."

You know what you have to say.

You're just not sure if you can live up to it.

[Image: 2456.gif]

"'s all right..."
"...I have to stop fighting with myself."
"It sounds impossible, and it probably is, but I have to start somewhere."

[Image: 2457.gif]

-keep going
"Sure! A lot of my problems are caused by my own shitty behavior!"
"But it doesn't mean I can't own up to that, right? That I can't look out for those shitty behaviors in the first place? That I can't develop a modicum of self-awareness?"
"That I can...forgive myself?"

[Image: 2458.gif]

"I...deserve better!"
"I can't keep living like this!"

[Image: 2459.gif]

[Image: 2460.gif]

-thank you

[Image: 2461.gif]

-and helen too
-thank you
-for being there for her
-not many are

[Image: 2462.gif]

-sorry about this mess
-youll wake up soon

[Image: 2463.gif]

[Image: 2464.gif]

Where are you?
[Image: sig10.gif]
It'd be nice if it was reality...Failing that, the basement?
~◕ w◕~
Welcome back! d(^^)b

> In a very dark place.
Avatar by ribsgrowback on tumblr!
Oh dang this one is real good. Some real, real good art and animations. Especially the zippy line behind Quin's head! Thanks for all the effort and thought you put into this!

>The abyss. You're Louis Stone and wow you're thirsty
>That question is getting... increasingly hard to answer.
Whoa, big update!

> Did you finally escape? (nope.)

> Call out for help
>In a very dark place.

[Image: 2465.gif]

Oh, that's right. You were locked in the pantry.

>Call out for help

[Image: 2466.gif]

Good thing your mother found you x3.0urp.01 0frg e13c1.e3

>the basement?

[Image: 2467.gif]

"So...Helen and Quin won't be joining us."
"That's a shame."

[Image: 2468.gif]

"...Where's the doctor?"
"I dunno! He never came back after making me make that announcement."
"This place completely flipped around while we were waiting for you...just blink! And here we were. It was frightening..."
"You're telling me."
"C-could fiddling with that...sw-switch?"
"Hell if I know! Last time I saw him he went through that creepy black door. Which is now no longer here. If it's his magic switch he's doing a hell of a job with it!"
"Can we please calm down?"
"Do we just wait here, or...?"
[Image: sig10.gif]
I couldn't be less ready honestly

>If you were to look for the switch yourselves, how would you even know where to go? It's an ever changing maze, you're honestly just as likely to find it staying where it's safe

Or put more concisely

>Is there even a point to searching?
Oh boy. Ohboyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboy.

> Well, while you're waiting, maybe talk a bit about this whole ordeal? Like, how did you even find this guy?
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>Does anywhere look like a switch-y sort of place?
> Honestly, is it really better to stay put? With the way things are going right now, standing still in one place likely isn't much better than moving around... at least if you're on the move, you're making an effort to actually do something instead of acting like sitting ducks!
>By Percy! There's a Wall with Suspicious Things on it! You should see what those are.