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 RE: Waterworks
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You know rules of engagement, it's unsporting to hit an unarmed man.


alpha wolf: retrieve arms from chest

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05-15-2017 05:31 AM
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 RE: Waterworks
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Tubbs: Curb-stomp.
05-15-2017 05:41 AM
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 RE: Waterworks
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>Well he has no arms so you can only hit him with your legs. Gotta be sporting.
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05-15-2017 04:03 PM
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 RE: Waterworks
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S. L. GG Esq.

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>What's he gonna do? Bleed on you. Ignore this loony.

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Adun Toridas, Space Ninja...
05-15-2017 07:32 PM
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 RE: Waterworks
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The Wolfmaster

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>Tubs: This guy has shown a lot of grit for surviving and being a general thorn in the first place. Take him with you. If he lives long enough, recruit him and give him some cybernetic arms.
05-15-2017 10:17 PM
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 RE: Waterworks
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>Stuff him in the briefcase.

Noise Lights: A Text Adventure
05-15-2017 10:38 PM
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 RE: Waterworks
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>ask what he has to tell you that's so important he has to bleed everywhere to do so

Tonal - A forum adventure with a robot
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05-16-2017 09:28 AM
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 RE: Waterworks
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Guy the Chap

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>Thing in the briefcase: be a fish, of all things.
05-16-2017 10:32 AM
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 RE: Waterworks
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>If the guy thought whatever it is he has to say to you is important enough to wiggle over here without passing out from a concussion, blood loss, shock, or just pure pain at this point, then you should at least listen to what he has to say. And then maybe put him out of his misery afterwards.
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05-20-2017 08:39 PM
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The One Guy
 RE: Waterworks
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(05-16-2017 10:32 AM)Fellow Wrote:  >Thing in the briefcase: be a fish, of all things.
In particular a herring that is reddish in color.
05-22-2017 07:27 PM
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 RE: Waterworks
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[Image: 2542.png]

[Image: 2543.png]

[Image: 2544.png]

He's not quite there yet, but he's about to bleed out.

He probably wants to know why you did all that.

[Image: 2545.png]

Why. What a question. A question like that can be interpreted in many different ways. For instance, he could be wondering why you ripped his arms off after he gave you the information you were looking for.

That's simple. If he didn't speak, you would have had to torture him. This isn't something that happens often for you, but the need does arise on occasion. You know a few people who are fairly adept at medicine and would have no problem keeping a man alive through your particular brand of ruthlessness.

But he gave you the information right off the bat, so you saved him the trouble.

[Image: 2546.png]

He could also be wondering why you tossed that briefcase aside like it was nothing.

It's not what you were looking for. That's it. The only reason you're here is because you just happened across some info saying that there was a machine that could predict the future. When you see an opportunity like that, you take it. You still came out ahead in the end.

[Image: 2547.png]

And finally, that last "why" could be about you. Why are you here? Why do you do what you do? Why would someone risk their lives and the lives of others at the drop of a hat, for nothing more than the promise of something that may or may not even come to fruition?

[Image: 2548.png]

Nobody cares. Nobody cares what you do, or why you do it. They only care after the fact. Powerful people have come to covet your strength and possessions while disregarding what they already have.

Nobody cares about their own future, or their own goals. You've witnessed people give birth to dreams, only to watch them die out and become forgotten. We're given incredible gifts in this day and age so that we can afford the time to focus on what we truly want to do, but end up wasting what precious life we have left on our vices.

[Image: 2549.gif]

Growing up, you saw this happening to everyone around you - People shadowed by their potential, turning into shells of their former selves. Life's failures passing their dreams on to their children in the vain hopes that they'll pick up where they left off, with no regard for this universal cycle that they continue to perpetuate.

You don't care about money, power, or fame. You have only one goal, and you follow it with a purity and conviction that others can only aspire to:

You're going to live through to see the end of it all. Everything else may waste away, but not you. You'll be here forever.

You've spent your time training and perfecting your body such that it will carry you way beyond your intended years - and it has. Anything that will help, you take. No exceptions.

People wonder how you came to be as strong as you are. The truth is that you did nothing extraordinary, and that there's nothing stopping others from becoming strong like you. However, everyone's always looking for the easy way out. Not you... You take the time do it the right way, and that makes all the difference in the world.

The only problem is that there are certain limits to what a man can do, and all those years are starting to catch up to you. Which is what brings us here. They say that nothing lasts forever, but you refuse to accept that. You're here to stop the inevitable, by any means necessary.

[Image: 2544.png]

So, with all that swirling around in your head, we go back to the original question.


(05-15-2017 04:52 AM)Schazer Wrote:  Unnatural. Dispose of him properly before he causes you any more grief

[Image: 2550.gif]

Because you can.

[Image: 2551.png]

We're done here.

Quote:>Retrieve arms from smoldering wreckage

[Image: 2552.png]

You already AUTO-LOOTED them, numbnuts!

Spoiler :
Hope that wasn't too edgy for you Melonspa

Anyway, there's an important post on my tumblr that you should check out. If you're a fan of Waterworks and care about how the next couple of months are going to unfold, you should read it and voice your opinion.
05-25-2017 05:17 AM
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 RE: Waterworks
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>Jose: Ignore meaningful speech out of deafness and ask "So did we get anything?"
>Flush: Applaud Tubs out of admiration for his honesty and ideals

EDIT: I request some help with the tropes page now that the webcomic is back in action. I can't be the only one tinkering with it.
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05-25-2017 01:05 PM
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Unclever title
 RE: Waterworks
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incredible Username

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That was awesome.

>Time to egress, I guess?
05-25-2017 01:42 PM
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 RE: Waterworks
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It's nice to finally see some expansion on Tubs' ideals and motives, even if at the end of the day all it does is confirm what we already suspected: He wants to live forever, by any means necessary. Neat goals for such an already strong character.

> Sandbox Elevator: Ominously raise for your own reasons with no forewarning.

> Glowing Eyes: "Pardon me, gentlemen."

05-25-2017 02:53 PM
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