Delicious Sublimation, Amalgamation

Delicious Sublimation, Amalgamation
can we have chocpi as our sister site since its other sibling died in a horrific cyber-accident shattering all reality. Also birds eat crumbs. so why not.

also also things are kind of dead there.
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We already have our own forum games subforum, why would we need a subforum link to a site that I barely know anybody from and which has no links to this forum
especially if it's dead
Ideally, this would have them CREATE a link to here, and hopefully introduce us to the people there, making it less dead
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Yeah but... why?
Any member from there is already free to join here and vice versa.

It got a subforum link on MSPAF because they removed their Forum Games subforum and that forum was created in a response, but there's like... no pressing need for that here.