Chiasmata: Sudden Exploded Head Syndrome.

Chiasmata: Sudden Exploded Head Syndrome.
RE: Chiasmata: Strong Words for the New Friend.
>Give the bot some more vocabulary!

[Image: BXmhbST.png]

DANIEL: "I don't see how this is providing more vocabulary."
BONNIE: "I mean, we've worked out that it won't copy you, so we're doing science."
???: "I mean, we've worked out that it won't copy you, so we're doing science."
BONNIE: "See, it agrees!"
???: "See, it agrees!"
DANIEL: "Hmm. Anyway, er. Five, four, three, one, five, two, zero, two?"

>Do mimic science!

[Image: P509E08.png]

BONNIE: "Huh. It can see how many fingers I'm holding up, even when it logically can't see them. That's weird."
???: "Huh. It can see how many fingers I'm holding up, even when it logically can't see them. That's weird."
DANIEL: "This continues to be really creepy, and I don't know what the point of it is. I mean, hello, it doesn't even have proper eyes!"
BONNIE: "It's got that weird eye symbol thing. That probably counts."
???: "It's got that weird eye symbol thing. That probably counts."
DANIEL: "Yay, the creepiest echo in the world."

>Set a good example.

[Image: 6h4fmsw.png]

BONNIE: "Maybe we should give the robot a name."
???: "Maybe we should give the robot a name."
DANIEL: "Really?"
BONNIE: "Yeah!"
???: "Yeah!"
DANIEL: "You're - heh - forgetting that between us, we know a grand total of twelve names. No more."
BONNIE: "I'm gonna call it 'Daniel, But Cooler'."
DANIEL, BUT COOLER: "I'm gonna call it 'Daniel, But Cooler'."
DANIEL: "No you aren't, you ass. Why don't we call it 'robot' or something simple like that?"
BONNIE: "You're no fun."
ROBOT: "You're no fun."
BONNIE: "See, it agrees with me!"
ROBOT: "See, it agrees with me!"
DANIEL: "You know I can see you when you wave your hands around so the robot does behind my head?"
ROBOT: "hello Daniel I can see you"

RE: Chiasmata: It... talks?
>Oh god, what??
RE: Chiasmata: It... talks?
Sup, robot.

Can you answer questions? yes no
Who's controlling you? Archivist, Architect, Artificer, Archive, other.
Do you work by telepathy?
RE: Chiasmata: It... talks?

[Image: TqISd8r.png]

Daniel proceeds to make a loud noise of surprise and alarm, flinch, and punch the robot-thing's head off at the same time, which is some pretty impressive multitasking.


[Image: OPZxVkK.png]

BONNIE: "Good arm. That flew a long way."
DANIEL: "Uh. Well. I didn't really intend that - I think my, er, power helped?"
BONNIE: "Still!"
DANIEL: "I think that might have been a bad idea."


[Image: V8OJ96v.png]

BONNIE: "Why's it a bad idea?"
DANIEL: "I mean, we could have asked it questions, about what it was, what it was working for, that kinda thing."
BONNIE: "You'd have to ask it if it could answer questions first. Some kinda multiple-choice thingie?"
DANIEL: "Surely you could immediately tell if it could answer questions by asking a question and seeing if they answered."
BONNIE: "Fair enough."
DANIEL: "I also think it's a bad idea to damage it because these robot things can have powers, I think is what... Jacqueline and the rest of that bunch said? So even though I knocked its head off, I dunno what it's gonna- what?"
BONNIE: "Look! Something's happening!"


[Image: InVwK4v.png]

DANIEL: "Oh no. This is exactly what I was talking about!"


[Image: dxJxDvK.png]

It becomes quickly obvious what this thing's power is.

DANIEL: "I thought I recognised the colour! We should, er, go. Now."
BONNIE: "But we could still ask it qu- oh, alright. You don't have to look at me in that tone of voice."


[Image: XiN4lBo.png]

The thing stands back up again.

???: "Questions. Answers."

But neither of you are close enough to hear it say this. You are, quite sensibly, scarpering.


[Image: 2ybWKeY.png]

DANIEL: "You're kidding."
BONNIE: "What? Nah, of course we can make it over this thing - it's like ten feet wide."
DANIEL: "I have no idea how strong it is, though."
BONNIE: "It's holding these floaty island things together, how weak could it be?"
DANIEL: "Look, I'll just- I'll just fly us over."
BONNIE: "You can fly? That's so cool!"
DANIEL: "Yes it is, but that's not the point. You think the rest of us are in these structures on the islands?"
BONNIE: "I mean, it makes sense! I was up in that cupola thing - and where did you wake up?"
DANIEL: "In a box."
BONNIE: "Aha! Then that pyramid thing would maybe be like where you woke up, and-"


[Image: 9XDvCVK.png]

BONNIE: "Ooh, that might be someone! We should go see if they're okay."
DANIEL: "What? No! Someone or not, we should go any other way, before that robot thing catches up with us!"

RE: Chiasmata: A Distant View Of Our Brave Heroes.
> go toward the explosion, clearly that's a better direction than dealing with a weird spiky robot person
[Image: tumblr_inline_n479umBDPA1qgfp4l.png]
RE: Chiasmata: A Distant View Of Our Brave Heroes.
>Go towards explosion

[Image: ZA0BWIe.png]

DANIEL: "That's a terrible idea!"
BONNIE: "Wait, why?"
DANIEL: "Because, over there, things are on fire! And how are we even going to get over there?"
BONNIE: "I mean, we could see about going over this black stringy stuff? But I thought you said you could fly."
DANIEL: "I mean, yes, but..."
BONNIE: "Also, that's purple fire, so it's probably Omar! He's a friend, and if not a friend, probably a friendly acquaintance?"
DANIEL: "Yeah, but then couldn't he come to us?"
BONNIE: "We want to get away from the robot thing, remember? Why do you- hmm."
DANIEL: "Hmm?"
BONNIE: "Are you scared of heights?"
DANIEL: "What? No! I mean, I might be, but I can't remember, so-"

He is cut off by the sound of another explosion.


[Image: K4YZtvN.png]

DANIEL: "Uh... is he trying to signal us? I can't see what he's doing."
BONNIE: "I mean, he might be trying to signal us? I'm not sure what he's trying to say."


[Image: 9SllC0Q.png]

Well, that sure is... something.

DANIEL: "Um, I. That isn't what I thought when I suggested he come to us."
BONNIE: "Then what were you suggesting?"
DANIEL: "I dunno!"
BONNIE: "Cool. That makes two of us. Now, let's get out of the way."


[Image: Tb6jJxr.png]

CLARA: "Wait, what's happening? I can't see."

You are Clara, and you're kinda short-sighted. It's a thing you now know, since you took a dip in... whatever that weird computery space was.
It's tricky sometimes, to see things that aren't right in front of your face.
You miss your glasses.


[Image: W6Upbg0.png]

BONNIE?: "Hm. Purple fire guy- Omar, I think - is jumping from that island to that one. Looks like there's a few people on that one he's, er, rocketing to, but I can't tell who."
CLARA: "So we're gonna have to go over there, right?"
BONNIE?: "Yeah, I guess so?"


RE: Chiasmata: LIFTOFF.
> Clara: Maybe if you can change the properties of your fumes and control it, you can ride a cloud! It worked for Sun Wukong. Whoever that is.
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RE: Chiasmata: LIFTOFF.
>Look around for something to use. Gas and regenerating ability alone won't take you very far!
Vivian Quest
Tale of a small lizard, crime, and weird biology!
RE: Chiasmata: LIFTOFF.
There's... probably no reason there can't be two Bonnies, right? This place is weird about space and time and what all, so... sure!

>Bonnie?: Warn Clara about the stairs.
RE: Chiasmata: LIFTOFF.
>Bonnie?: Warn Clara about the stairs

[Image: jHGPhHk.gif]

You cannot command Bonnie because there is no entity matching that description in the area.

>Look around for something to use

[Image: kAIwQxT.png]

You wander up to the edge of the looming green abyss.

CLARA: "Oh, they're like, as wide as bridges. That makes this easier."
BONNIE?: "We could slip off, it's quite steep."
CLARA: "Hmm. It should bear our weight - it seems to be holding these pretty big lumps of rock together fine. Could you, er, climb down a bit and test it?"
BONNIE?: "I'll give it a go."


[Image: yQH7nxV.png]

Meanwhile, the localised firestorm known as Omar has landed.

DANIEL: "He's not human-shaped, under there. The skeleton's all wrong, and I'm not sure why he's a skeleton."
BONNIE: "How can you tell? You're not looking."
DANIEL: "I just know, okay? It's a weird power thingie, and he's too bright to look directly at."
BONNIE: "Do you think he can see us?"
DANIEL: "How should I know? He doesn't, as far as I can tell, have eyes! This is more weird power thingies, and thus completely confusing!"


[Image: NwePUiW.png]

The creature roars in a manner not unlike a very angry furnace. You're standing relatively far from it, but you still feel the heat on your face as a wave of scorching air rolls over the pair of you.

DANIEL: "Eugh. Is he trying to say something?"
BONNIE: "I'unno. He's just standing around, though."
DANIEL: "Waiting to get his speaking face back?"

Omar roars again. It might be the only vocalisation he's currently capable of.


[Image: YrKlu2p.png]

CLARA: "Oh no, it's a long way down."
BONNIE?: "How can you tell? The mist obscures the view."
BONNIE?: "Sorry. Er, stand close to the middle of the bridge, so you can't see over the edge?"


[Image: kER6TH2.png]

DANIEL: "Oh? More people, and not people arriving via firey explosions. Weird, isn't it, Bonnie?"

She doesn't reply.

DANIEL: "Bonnie?"
BONNIE: "Daniel. Are you seeing what I'm seeing?"
DANIEL: "Erm, no? They're too far away to see clearly."

She squints at you for a second.

BONNIE: "Whatever's wrong with your eyes aside, I don't recognise who that person with Clara is.
DANIEL: "Well yeah, they're too far away to see properly."
BONNIE: "Daniel, I'm being serious! I don't know who they are!"

You sigh inwardly, and reach out with your... telekinetic sense? It probably has a fancy name, but you don't know it. Maybe you could invent your own fancy name for it?

Either way, you can extend your perception, get a sense of the shape and position of objects. About the only thing you miss with it is colour.


[Image: zDlKcRm.png]

And so, you feel a pair of people - both familiar, but one utterly shocking - walking towards you and Bonnie.

DANIEL: "Wait, Bonnie, the other one's you!"
BONNIE: "What? Really?"
BONNIE: "Wait, do I really sound like that?"

RE: Chiasmata: Who is this very handsome stranger?
> Daniel and Bonnie-Without-A-Question-Mark: Approach cautiously but amicably.
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RE: Chiasmata: Who is this very handsome stranger?
In all likelihood, one of these Bonnies is here to fulfill someone's agenda, but whatever that is, it doesn't involve murder--Clara wasn't pushed off the bridge, and Daniel hasn't been stabbed in the back.

Regardless, whoever this someone is, they're almost certainly able to beat everyone up. I don't think it's worth the distrust.

But Daniel, is that Clara?
RE: Chiasmata: Who is this very handsome stranger?
> Introduce Daniel, But Cooler to the group. BONNIE PARTY
RE: Chiasmata: Who is this very handsome stranger?
Extra eyes, fangs... it's fine. Just look at Omar! Being a monster isn't indicative of anything! There's no reason to be suspicious of this new non-Bonnie Bonnie.

>Bonnie: Hit it off with Bonnie.
RE: Chiasmata: Who is this very handsome stranger?
>Have we met somewhere? You look awfully familiar.
[Image: DGBpqSL.png]
RE: Chiasmata: Who is this very handsome stranger?
>maybe it's you from another point in timeline!
Vivian Quest
Tale of a small lizard, crime, and weird biology!
RE: Chiasmata: Who is this very handsome stranger?
>Daniel and Bonnie #1, approach cautiously but amicably

[Image: f9zrGiZ.png]

You approach with what you feel is a suitable degree of caution.

BONNIE: "So, hi, Clara and... me."

BONNIE: "Is she actually Clara?"
DANIEL: "How the hell would I know?"
BONNIE: "Spooky powers things?"
DANIEL: "That's not how that works!"

Clara clears her throat, ignoring your whispered conversation.

CLARA: "So, um. What exactly is going on?"

>Why are there two Bonnies?

[Image: RSow3zQ.png]

That's a very good question.

BONNIE?: "Is there any way to, er, identify the 'real' me? Is that even a helpful question?"
BONNIE: "Yeah, you might be... from the future or something? This place is weird.
DANIEL: "Stop agreeing with you!"
BONNIE: "Why? She makes good points."
BONNIE?: "If I do say so myself!"
BONNIE: "Hah!"
DANIEL: "Ughhhh. Now there's two of you."


[Image: WpQGoqe.png]

CLARA: "Wait, if you're the same person from different times, surely one of you remembers this already happening?"
BONNIE: "Oh, so you're the one from the future!"
BONNIE?: "Ah. That was, er, what I was about to say."
BONNIE: "Aw dang."
CLARA: "I mean, it was a good theory while it lasted."

A moment of quiet contemplation passes.

BONNIE: "Huh. What's that?"
DANIEL: "What's what?"
BONNIE: "A noise. Probably just the fire over there dying down."
BONNIE?: "So what's up with that fire?"
BONNIE: "Omar, probably. We saw a spooky skeleton monster in there, but... I think that might be a 'side effect' thingie? I don't remember if he told us what that was, for him."
CLARA: "Yeah, I was in his, um, starting group? That sounds like him."
BONNIE: "Oh, cool! Well, once he cools off-"
DANIEL: "Boo."
BONNIE: "Hush, you. Once that happens, then... wait! There's that noise again!"

>Introduce Daniel, But Cooler to the group

[Image: nFWScT7.png]

DANIEL: "Oh Christ, it's that."
BONNIE: "Oh hey! Everyone, I'd like to introduce you to Daniel, But Cooler!"
DANIEL, BUT COOLER: "Everyone, that."
DANIEL: "That is not what we're calling it!"
CLARA: "Oh! It talks, kinda?"
???: "Kinda?"
BONNIE?: "That's pretty creepy."
???: "..."


[Image: eXxmuQN.png]

DANIEL: "I mean last time, we just kinda... walked away from it. It's not very fast."
???: "Walked away very fast."
CLARA: "It's like a parrot!"
BONNIE: "What's a parrot?"
???: "Like a parrot?"
CLARA: "Oh, right. Memories."
DANIEL: "Memories?"
???: "Memories."
CLARA: "Yeah! While me and Bonnie - one of them, anyway - were off on our own, we, er. Met one of those tall weird people, and I got stuck in... some weird void for a bit? I'm really not sure what went on, but I had a conversation with someone and now I remember more things?"
DANIEL: "Huh. I wonder if-"


[Image: Yeb75KF.png]

Daniel is cut off from what he was going to say by the sudden explosion of a head.

DANIEL: "GAH! What the Hell?"


[Image: 3hlBUKY.png]

OMAR: "So, now that's dealt with-"


[Image: BvKf18F.png]

OMAR: "Which one of those two is the fake?"

RE: Chiasmata: Sudden Exploded Head Syndrome.
...You know, I never noticed those idiosyncratic "forward arrows" before. I wonder if they mean anything?

> Now, now, there doesn't need to be a "fake". What if she just split into two, like a diverging timeline but in the same universe?
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RE: Chiasmata: Sudden Exploded Head Syndrome.
^ Typically the forward arrows represent a non-command to have time pass.
The number of horizontal lines is either always four, as in "==>" or represents the number of party members.
One party member is ->, two is =>, three is -=>, etc. The ~ probably represents Bonnie? and (briefly) Daniel, But Cooler.

> Robonnie: Get up.
RE: Chiasmata: Sudden Exploded Head Syndrome.
==> Both Bonnies: Ask why you both can't exist at the same time.
RE: Chiasmata: Sudden Exploded Head Syndrome.
Bonnies: Contemplate the philosophical implications of current encounter and the fact that you may not have free will.