Atlantic Rim Fan殺意と無慈悲サイボーグ悪魔 & Großetiervoneinemwissenschaftlergeritten Thread

Atlantic Rim Fan殺意と無慈悲サイボーグ悪魔 & Großetiervoneinemwissenschaftlergeritten Thread
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YO WASSUP my radicool bros and broettes and nonbronaries of Eagle-Time??? Have you ever wanted to build your own sweet hollahollahorrific monstrosity? Look no further dudemango! We got all you need rite here, in the second iteration of the famous Atlantic rim Fan- and Großetiervoneinemwissenschaftlergeritten Thread is here!!!

Dis threadnasty locale serves as a place to put fanmade monsters inspired by Atlantic Rim, which is a real damnnabulous good forum adventure and you should one hundred per-50-cent read it.

Sample Bio.
Quote:[Image: tumblr_n67abh3aLy1qikqd6o1_1280.png]

Name: 危険な海賊女王は非常に意味 AKA The Queen
Size: Approx 1 Hellametre
Class: Treasure Jacker
Abilities/powers: Very good at misdirection, equipped with many rocket launchers. It is attracted to treasure and shiny things, but it is allergic to pigs. Surprisingly buoyant. Cannot climb stairs.
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Thank you Dalm!!!
This thread is now magically no longer unofficial. (by the way you'll need to shorten the thread title or everyone will have to remove the RE: manually.)
I made it shorter! I'll repost some of my old monsters soon if I can find the ones i saved.
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I have a bunch saved myself (obviously), but unfortunately I never kept track of who made which. I just figured I'd be able to look it up on the mspa forums, which were absolutely never going to disappear because Homestuck was worth millions of dollars and lots of people cared about maintaining them. Maybe after a couple weeks I'll just imagedump them all here and invite the original creators to come forward and reestablish the credit lines.

One other thing: If you make your monster using a .psd or .xcf file, and manage to avoid the temptation to merge all the layers or delete it when you're done etc, and offer to give a copy of said file to me along with the finished monster, I'll love you forever + the chances of your monster having a significant role in Atlantic Rim shoot way up.
What about .pdn? I might have a few of those hanging around.
I mean, I don't know what that is, but if it serves the same purpose then I'll definitely try my best to open them in gimp, yeah.
They're the paint dot net equivalent. I can probably convert them for you.
Whatever's easiest. I really appreciate it, either way.

edit: good news, I'm looking at the old thread with the wayback machine and a ton of the images still show up and everything, it's more or less all there. I'm going to make sure I've got a copy of everything in my own files, organize them by creator, and then set up a section in the AR thread to credit the creators of monsters used in the comic.

second edit: this is what I'm looking at

third edit: well I'm having trouble making a link out of a wayback page for reasons I don't understand right now, but trust me, it's easy to find. just look at the mspa forums before they vanished, find the Group Art page, and search for "atlantic."

fourth edit: a productive outing! I used a few of what might be old usernames for my filing, let me know if you want me to change that.

[Image: Screen%20shot%202016-04-30%20at%205.52.58%20PM.png]

but yeah, once I save html versions of the old thread's pages, everything will be safe and sound and organized and attributed properly.
ahh, good old dogmonster. My very first foray into the wonderful world of image mutilation manipulation. I did that one in MS Paint, I don't know how I managed. Any way, here are all the layer files I could find:
Thanks very much! I have saved them all and will take a look at them in detail as soon as I get a chance.
does the Cenhipposnakemanbearmantaur count as a Großetiervoneinemwissenschaftlergeritten?

edit; i'm still really proud of legumiel
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I believe that's what you listed it as, yes. The fact that it was a character in Trol Seasson too has. . . well, it has more relevance to all of this than one might think.
Lieutenant Fish ' Wrote: »The fact that it was a character in Trol Seasson too has. . . well, it has more relevance to all of this than one might think.

Lieutenant Fish Wrote:Trol Seasson will return one day
this we promise you.

Lieutenant Fish Wrote:[Image: tumblr_o68r621zil1rgzp42o1_500.gif]

sbnkalny Wrote:I don’t mean to be rude my friend pal home slice bread slice dawg but i gotta warn ya i think my favortite kirby is kss though

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wait... does this mean that steven's lusus is a Großetiervoneinemwissenschaftlergeritten too???? HOW FAR DOES THIS CONSPIRACY GO??
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To whom it may concern:

Hello and good afternoon. It is my personal speculation that my own "dolfugg" might make for a fine 殺意と無慈悲サイボーグ悪魔. For those unfamiliar, the dolfuggs are a race of sentient dolphins that were corrupted by an alien computer virus, becoming mindless and power-mad. It is not beyond possibility that a single dolfugg has found its way across dimensions, drawn to the power of a cosmic hellabyte or the like.

Please consider the following:

[Image: EPmaxcR.png]

Name: 不正指令電磁的記録の悪いイルカ (aka dolfugg)
Size: approximately 1 dolphin
Class: Cetacean Malware
Abilities/powers: Body is ethereal in nature, made up of electromagnetic fields and exotic particles. Very difficult to damage; only weak-point is crystalline core, located in the back of its throat. Can stretch and bend its shape in order to attack or defend. Passively causes physical "glitches" in the world wherever it goes. Can fire beams of pure corruptive energy from its eyes. Other life forms can be corrupted by a dolfugg to become similar in composition and power, acting as a servant to the dolfugg itself.

Thank you very much for your time.

Best Regards,

[Image: er9fRm0.png]
I am honored. I'm just going to be up-front about this and say that discovering your work was one of the best things to happen to me lately, inspiration-wise. Keep doing what you're doing.
I am humbled to hear you regard me so highly. I, conversely, have also been inspired by you. Though initially I was not yet aware of Atlantic Rim when I first began my work, my subsequent exposure to it, as well as your own support of my creations, have since then given me tremendous encouragement and motivation in my endeavors.

Thank you very much, and I look forward to seeing more of this adventure unfold.
I've got some good news for you about what happened like two minutes ago
So I went and animated my monster.
I. . . will try to find a way to make that a 100% canonical event.
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An Important Bat

Gorgeous.... Atlantic Rim is coming back soon I promise.

I might use this one in Officequest Genesis, if I ever get around to updating that again. The color palette and style ended up very similar to what I use in that.