[Cosmosdex] : Redux Error Train

[Cosmosdex] : Redux Error Train
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I decided to just change this topic in to a changelog topic for the site, mainly for my own sake of keeping track of what I'm working on. If you by any chance see any bugs or whatever on the site feel free to tell me about it on this topic. Also feel free to suggest improvements or give me suggestions as to what you would like to see on the site.

Currently working on: Redux
Species, traits, planets, achievements, and items are closed.

To Do List: Now moved to a text file where it'll be updated more.

If you ever find an error on a page please fill this out and post it on this topic.

Spelling / Grammar Error
[b]Page[/b]: (List the page with the error.)
[b]Sentence with the error[/b]: (What is the error?)
[b]What the error is[/b]: ("The pronoun is wrong", "Their > They're" etc.)

Other Error
[b]Browser[/b]: (ex:Firefox)
[b]Did you clear your cache?[/b]: (If "No" or "I don't know" please end the error report, clear your cache, and then check if the error is still there, 80% of errors are cache related. Please do not skip this part.)
[b]Pages Affected[/b]: (List the pages affected, or at least the first page affected.)
[b]Error[/b]: (What is the error?)
[b]Screenshot[/b]: (While not required a screenshot would be nice.)

Known issues / Bugs
Change Logs

There used to be changelogs here but the post was getting too big. If you're a patreon changelogs are posted in a post each month, if you're not there is a changelog twitter here with every single change.
I'll take my own species - the Mialcsem!
I suppose I'll be taking the Kouninis, seeing as I made them.
I will take my own species, the Scretsens, as well as Tockhaus and The Fog.
I'll take my two species, the Oomn and the Vaeri.
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Adun Toridas, Space Ninja...
I know the list says you're doing it, but if you need help with the Bobs, I'd happily do that. Other than that, I'll at least wait some time so species creators can grab theirs first.
I suppose I'll take my precious babies the Delphiks, and my other precious babies the Kuppas.
I'll do the Weñar, then see what I can do for some other species as well.
Thanks for all the help guys! When you're ready to submit just post the info in this topic and under a spoiler!

Also I just remembered I'm adding an Original creator section to all entries under the god section. (There was no more room anywhere else)

This means your username will be placed there. If you want to be listed under an alias, your real name, or listed as Anonymous instead for all your entries (or some of them if you wish?) please send me a pm.

Also send me a pm if you want your name to link to your blog/website, the same way the credits under images link back to the artist's blog.
Here's what I got for the Kouninis.

I'm not quite sure if street smart is appropriate but I couldn't really find a trait that fit better.
Things that got done today

- Navigation buttons at the bottom of the page now work. Granted if an entry isn't in it well...won't work. I coded it to be fully automatic so I don't have to place it per page.

- Downside some species have alt names in the nav (but nowhere else) because I didn't want to mess with the semi automatic webpage creation code I made. So Weñar is Wenar in the nav and also in the url but the entry labels them as Weñar.

- If you click the top of quick info panel (where the name section is) the quick info panel collapses on itself. This is mainly for when I get around to doing a mobile version but if for some reason you don't want to see the quick info panel you don't have to now.

- For the related page panel I have come up with a system that will separate each species in to their own "tags". So if the species you're viewing has a "war" tag there's a chance Arma's or other war related species will pop up in the related section. It's not implemented yet (It would be useless right now considering most of the entries aren't in yet) but it is all coded and working.

- Wenar are added

- Kounini are added

- Drakons are added

- Geckrechauns are done

- Generics are done
I'll start working on Plague Doctors now.

Edit: Can you put up links to both the old and the new Cosmosdex google docs?
Here's the main Cosmosdex sheet, and here's the old google spread sheet version. I'll put them both in the second post in a moment.

I have a few reports I need to do but I'll try to get at least two species done today.

Things that got done today

Tweeps are added (With art)
Putleys are added
Drakons now have art

I won't be doing too much art as doing art for 69 species is off the walls but I'll likely do art of my species at the very least.

More things that got done
Arma's are finished

((also, didn't it used to be called the "cosmodex", not "cosmosdex"?))
(06-01-2016, 04:56 AM)a52 Wrote: »I've got everything done but the quote. I know that there was a canon Plague Doctor at some point, but without rereading the whole story, I cannot for the life of me find them, and I would rather use a canon quote if possible.

((also, didn't it used to be called the "cosmodex", not "cosmosdex"?))

There's one here but they barely say anything.

Also yeah, but when Gime tried to make the website the name "cosmodex" was taken.
(06-01-2016, 05:11 AM)nonexistentPumpkin Wrote: »There's one here but they barely say anything.

That will do, ty!
I think I'll be taking the Didaskaloi on my plate.
I'll try my Hand at the Husse!
[Image: gmzzj.png]
A couple of things I just noticed on the Generics page.
Don't the generics worship the Helper?
Aren't the generics consorts of Nike?
I'll be claiming the Klannecs
Yet again thank you so much for claiming species, it's a big help. I'll see if I can put together some prizes for a raffle this week so once everything is in the dex we can just raffle off some prizes.

(06-01-2016, 02:58 PM)Fellow Wrote: »A couple of things I just noticed on the Generics page.
Don't the generics worship the Helper?
Aren't the generics consorts of Nike?

Corrected all of those mistakes, thanks for the info!

(06-01-2016, 04:56 AM)a52 Wrote: »((also, didn't it used to be called the "cosmodex", not "cosmosdex"?))
It's true, Cosmodex was taken, but oddly enough it turns out I've been spelling Cosmos wrong the whole time so I guess it worked out in the end anyway!

Things that got done today

Tourists are added

Doctors are added.

I only got one more species that I need to do before I start sweeping through species in alphabetical order. Of course that last species is the notail which doesn't have an entry at all so this might take more then a little while.
Here's what I did on the Didaskaloi:


[Knowledge of X] seem appropriate since the Didaskaloi learn for its own sake, but [Social Butterfly] is, well, they're butterflies. I couldn't choose.

Also, it looks like disease resistance on the plague doctors has double brackets.

Edit: Oh, and I considered putting in something about their ghosts in the trivia, but that seems more like it belongs in the special section.

The trivia got a bit long because I thought too much about the rooted period of their lives. Maybe some of it could be shuffled into the rest of the entry?

also when I originally typed logistics under jobs, I wasn't even thinking of the pun and it took me like ten seconds to start chortle uncontrollably about logs

i'll do l-tarioks next
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