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[Cosmosdex] : Fauna and legendary open
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 RE: [Cosmosdex] The great species migration
Notail Shaming Squad

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On a Space Croc
Things that got done today

Mites are done
Gondii are done
Leg Horses are done
- I have decided that the extral entry will be hidden and can only be found by putting in certain words in the url bar or via reading the comic. *Extrals are not currently in the dex at this moment.
- The Pezjx have been downgraded in to Fauna.
- I will be pming the creator of the Coraeite as the redux app they sent in was lost when the forums went up in flames.
06-09-2016, 09:31 AM
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 RE: [Cosmosdex] The great species migration
Notail Shaming Squad

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On a Space Croc
Things that got done today

I went ahead and made a layout for planets as well as making a page for each and every single homeworld. You can see them all starting here and clicking the navigation.

Currently none of the entries but the one on Lairus is filled, and that's fine. Homeplanets are much more minor on the planet scale. (hench why they're in their own section and not attached to the normal planets) If someone does want to fill out the info for any planet though, just tell me and I'll tell you what needs to be filled out (As the submission link is currently dead.)

Now as for normal non homeplanets, I have to say this, we'll likely be scrapping old planet apps. The main reason being there aren't too many non home planet apps and sadly due to the mspa going down, I realized I didn't get to save quite a LOT of the planet, character, and fauna apps. That's my mistake, normally I'm very in to backing up everything twice but I completely forgot about backing up pms. As such it seems easier to just scrap everything past some of the bigger planets in the comic and make new planets and fauna.

Soon after fortuna starts updating again I will be semi-permanently reopening planet and fuana apps. I say semi because I'll likely close them if someone goes on and submits like 100 planets or something. Then they'd just open more then usual.

So yeah, that's what's going to be going down. Tomorrow I'll likely be working on improving the header and footer, as you can see both of them have some, rather interesting bugs.

TLDR; All homeplanets are added, tell me if you want to expand any info on them. Planet and fauna apps are getting a clean slate and will be semi-prema opening when I start updating. Also I know about the footer and header issue.
06-11-2016, 08:46 AM
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 RE: [Cosmosdex] The great species migration

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Sorry these took so long! I had to travel away for a week.

Spoiler :
Quote: "We live, we grow, we turn into giant silent trees. You know, the usual" -Plantolk Philosopher

Average Stats:

Strength: 6
Intelligence: 4
Charisma: 3
Endurance: 9
Agility: 1
Luck: 3

Common jobs: Explorer, Botanist, Tree

Likes: Rooting down, the forest, very long plays
Dislikes: Rooting down, dancing, tree puns

Common attack pattern: Get within reach of opponent, then use vines to grab and strangle them to death

Height: 6 to 8 feet

Common Traits: [Green Thumb] [Clumsy] [Stubborn]

  • Despite their traditionalist nature, the settler Plantolk are just as excited about space travel as their roamer counterparts, if not more so. Finding the perfect planet in order to live on is very, very important for the settlers, and so you'll often see them as tourists or explorers.
  • Plantolk are often despised by Prunus (another species that becomes trees), who have no choice whether or not to become trees. There is a deep rivalry between the two species, and it's often a bad idea for them to work together unless there is a mediator.
  • One of the few, and most effective ways of stopping a settler-roamer argument is to yell a tree pun. If there's one thing the two groups can agree on it's that they HATE tree puns. This often results in broken bones for the punner.

Spoiler :
Quote: "We're pals! Pals until the end, don't worry about that. And if you want the end to be a little sooner, well, I wouldn't mind that either..." -An unidentified Skarv

Average Stats:

Strength: 1
Intelligence: 8
Charisma: 8
Endurance: 2
Agility: 2
Luck: 5

Common jobs: Thrapist, Diplomat, Parasite

Likes: Loyalty, a strong host, stone
Dislikes: Traitors, long hikes, clothing more fashionable than them

Common attack pattern: Rely on host to take the enemy out.

Height: 4 to 9 feet

Common Traits: [Quick Thinker] [Loyal] [Unforgiving]

  • Despite very few Skarfes actually being fashion experts, many of them claim to be. They are, coincidentally, always at the height of fashion.
  • Skarv symbiotic relationships are outlawed on some planets for their possible negative side-effects and moral quandaries. Many of these planets only outlaw relationships with species other than the stone golems Skarfes often use, but it's been known for planets to imprison a Skarv feeding on the golem's brain waves for "animal abuse."
  • Although the plethora of eyes on a Skarv function, they do so very poorly, and so a Skarv almost always relies on the eyesight of their host to see around them.

[Image: New-Canvas.png]
06-11-2016, 07:51 PM
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 RE: [Cosmosdex] The great species migration

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[Procrastinates] Whoops. Well anyway this is Gloopy from the old forums. Since I took too long to make up my mind, I'm just piping in to say the Volkronn stuff is pretty spot-on for the most part. Liking those new traits Gime.

Spoiler :
Though I'd like to clarify that the Trump thing was more of a randumb jab than an analogy. Naming entire planets after him might be taking things a bit far, as funny as it is.
(This post was last modified: 06-14-2016, 07:12 AM by Spish.)
06-14-2016, 07:11 AM
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 RE: [Cosmosdex] The great species migration
Notail Shaming Squad

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On a Space Croc
Sure thing! I think you did give me a real name for the planet, but sadly I never saved it. I jokingly put the trump name as a placeholder until I could think of something better. All I had for the name before was <Enter creative name here>. Feel free to resend that planet name!

Also I'll be adding your pages in a day or two Crim! I'm just working on some other pages and projects at the moment.
06-14-2016, 07:14 AM
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 RE: [Cosmosdex] The great species migration
Notail Shaming Squad

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On a Space Croc
Things that got done

Sorry about the late update, this past 2 weeks have been way to tiring on me, I'm glad to get some work done now!

- Skarv have been added.
- Plantolk have been added.

- The trait section is now a 100% completed.
- The trait section has a randomizer for all your character creation needs.
- The trait now has a submit and a submission section. Please use this section when you want to add new traits now! It's fully working! The google traitdex will be locked sometime tomorrow (Though will still be viewable!)

Like I said I'm starting to work on the other sections of the dex. Here's my current plan for this.

Spoiler :
[Traits] - 100% Done

[Planets and Places] - Layout 50%, Submit section
0%, Homeworlds 100%, Non-homeworlds 0%

[Fauna] - Layout 0%, Submit section 0%, Faunas 0%

[AIs and Ships] - Layout 70%, AIs 10%

-One week notice for people who still have species held-

[Species] - Layout 100%, Species 60%

-Another week after finishing off species-


vvv Boring things that will be done later vvv

[Gods and Worship] - Layout 0%, Items 0%

[Achievements] - Layout 0%, Items 0%

[Items and Upgrades] - Layout 0%, Items 0%, Submit section

[Timeline and History] - Layout 0%, Timeline 0%

I really want to get back to updating asap so this is like a warning, if you still got a redux app look out, because if I'm not too busy I'm going to be attempting to blaze through the other dexs.

Everything in that spoiler box will be in the OP later today so you can check how things are going.
06-22-2016, 03:45 AM
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 RE: [Cosmosdex] The great species migration
S. L. GG Esq.

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I'm finally done, well technically I've been done a while, I'm just really lazy.

Spoiler :
Quote: "Why stop at 20/20 vision, why not 50/50 why not shoot lasers or Cats, Cats with Lasers shooting out of your eyes!" -A Vaeri Optometrist
-Strength: 4
-Intelligence: 10
-Charisma: 6
-Endurance: 3
-Agility: 2
-Luck 1
Common Jobs: Scientist, Engineer, Teacher, Doctor

Likes: SCIENCE!; Light; The Unknown
Dislikes: Luddites; Restraint; The Dark

Common Attack Pattern: From a distance with High-Power precision weaponry. Usually don't fight to kill, but to disable For SCIENCE!
Height: 6' 4"

Common Traits: [Telepathic] [Loud] [Megalomania]

-Vaeri occasionally get it in their Head to try and conquer the galaxy with Horrible Mutants and/or Doomsday Machines. They almost always fail, and also die, leaving behind plethora of dangerous devices to hazard the galaxy.
-Due to their Photosynthesis, Vaeri are considered by many to be a form of ambulatory plant. They are not, and such comparisons deeply annoy them.
-Many Vaeri have difficulty distinguishing between romantic and scientific attraction, and often end up experimenting on their mates, or mating with their experiments.

Religion: Vaeri are Atheistic as Heck, but some actually develop a religious obsession with 'Holy Science'

Personality (Revised)
The Vaeri are a bunch of Melodramatic, Boisterous, Loud, and Megalomaniacal B-Movie mad scientists. Calling them simply 'Mad' is a lot like calling a Car a metal box, sure it's accurate but it doesn't really get the point across properly. Beneath, or perhaps besides, this Demented exterior, lies an unparalleled intellect eager to advance whatever scientific cause it happens to be championing at the moment. Or perhaps more accurately, to determine what abomination unto the laws of nature they can get away with next before something kills them.
Their scientific dedication and intelligence are dutifully accompanied by a powerful ego, basically, very few, if any, Vaeri ever champion any sort of 'Quiet' Scientific cause, and they refuse to do things in a practical or sensible manner, after all, what is the point of science if you're not willing to go 500%? Even their attempts at subtlety and stealth, tend to be more than a little... excessive.
Of Course, even so, they are far from unreasonable, while most are averse to limitations, and scornful of restraint, when pressed (Generally with judicious application of force, physical or judicial) they will usually comply, at least until they are sufficiently moved by some manic whim to defy or subvert the notion of law.

History (Revised)
Long ago, before the Vaeri developed space travel, the Vaeri lived in balance and harmony with the land of Oerson, seemingly content to live in accordance to natural means and to never exceed that which nature had wrought. They quickly grew bored of this state of affairs, the natural world was so boring, so expected, so bit by bit they started experimenting with things, first just things to make their lives easier, but then they started messing with things just to see what would happen.
Things quickly got out of hand, and in a few short decades the land of Oerson was engulfed in Chaotic Anarchy of thousands of competing Mad Scientists, all eager to prove their superiority to both nature and their fellow Kin. The land suffered, the people suffered, and the world was on on the brink of destruction. On this, the eve of their doom, came Ugeniux, who united a Cabal of the most relatively stable of the Science-Lords, and formed an army to defeat the worst, most demented of the aggravators.
Thus did Ugeniux become 'The Great Unifier' and the Vaeri were free from the tyranny of demented psychopaths. The Vaeri being who they are, this state of peace did not last. The Vaeri thus spent the next few centuries in a state of vaguely directed Anarchy, reaching some sort of strange Equilibrium where they were not just constantly destroying their society every few months. And so, with great Hardship, the Vaeri were able to ascend to stars, to experiment and interlope with the natural order in a whole wide galaxy where such lines had yet to be crossed.
Some few decades later, a ship full of Vaeri pulled into a space station. History knows not what precisely happened on that fateful day, in the middle of nowhere, but it did nearly spark a some major tragedy, but thankfully, due to some quick diplomatic maneuvering, such a terrible tragedy was narrowly averted.

Spoiler :
Quote: "Really every day of my life is the worst day ever, every single one of them." -Qert

-Strength: 6
-Intelligence: 4
-Charisma: 2
-Endurance: 10
-Agility: 4
-Luck 0
Common Jobs: Janitor, Courier, Clerk

Likes: Quietude, Rain, Hounds
Dislikes: Loud Noises, Sand, Pastels

Common attack pattern: Flop down, Hope death will be swift.
Height: 5' 4"

Common Traits: [Cooperative] [Cautious] [Depressed]

-Oomn poetry was rated as the Universe's No. 1 most depressing poetry by the Universal Poet's Society.
-Oomn were initially baffled by the concept of colors, they were all like "What, no, you made those up." And then they saw a planet that hade actual colors and were kind of upset by it.

[Image: 9oAO3Nx.gif][Image: PxleLogo_Da.gif?dl=1][Image: Njx8eUo.png][Image: FuJRCK7.png][Image: A43ybmM.png][Image: PxleSig_%5BLOST%5D.png?dl=1][Image: JoFm6nh.gif]
Adun Toridas, Space Ninja...
06-26-2016, 03:26 PM
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 RE: [Cosmosdex] The great species migration
Notail Shaming Squad

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On a Space Croc
Things that got done

-Vaeri are now finished.
-Oomn are now finished.

- Planetdex is a 100% done.
- You can now submit planets to the planetdex. Note the app rule sections aren't done but they basically contain the same rules we've always been doing.
- You can view people's submissions here. It automatically updates whenever someone adds a planet.
- As said before planets have been completely wiped past homeworlds. If you want to resubmit your planets or submit a new one you can be my guest. Planet submissions are now open. (And will likely be perma open.)

- The faunadex is now a 100% done.
- Like the planetdex all fauna has been wiped clean. Feel free to add fauna if you wish over at the submit section.
- Just like the planetdex you can view people's submissions here.

I am now starting work on the last Xdex until I go back to work on the speciesdex. As such be warned that in a few days I'm going to be giving out the 1 week warning.
06-28-2016, 12:48 AM
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 RE: [Cosmosdex] The great species migration
York Upyup

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The Year 2003

Spoiler :
Quote: "When life robs you, sometimes you have to rob it back." -Spiraji proverb

Strength - 5
Intelligence - 9
Charisma - 6
Endurance - 2
Agility - 3
Luck - 1

Common Jobs: Thieves, mobsters, gangsters

Likes: Luxuries, The Finer Things in Life, the thrill of a steal, $$$ (cash), being sneaky

Dislikes: Being poor, being stolen from

Common attack pattern: Almost all Spiraji attack solo, viciously and expertly.

Height: 6' - 7'

Traits: [Motivated] [Nocturnal] [Kleptomaniac]

- The Spiraji's culture largely revolves around stealing and crime in general, meaning that anyone could be robbed at any time. When the Spiraji are robbed, they view it as an inconvenience instead of something to freak out about.

- The Spiraji also need to defend themselves from thieves, so many of them are proficient in some sort of martial art/self-defense technique.

- Since a lot of Spiraji go on large heists they are great at planning, forward thinking and improvisation.

History: Previously on the Spiraji's home planet, Manakan, the home species was blissfully unaware of their ability to become transparent for a short period of time until a political scandal (now popularly known as Transparentgate) happened where one of the members of the Spiraji Council discovered his hidden invisibility powers, and exploited the power to steal millions of dollars from the government. The uproar surrounding the act was huge, and it is now widely considered the most pivotal point in Spiraji history. People soon realized what they could do with their newly discovered powers, and robberies began to frequent citizens' daily lives. Fast-forward a couple decades, and crime is now the most popular activity on the planet.

NEXT UP: The Jerce!

[Image: gmzzj.png]
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06-30-2016, 12:26 AM
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 RE: [Cosmosdex] The great species migration
Guy the Chap

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I think I'll take on the Strix.


Spoiler :
Quote: "I can see several fighters hiding in ambush, about a mile ahead of us. They're well equiped, too, so we'd better go around them." -A Strix guiding a platoon through the jungle.

Strength: 5
Intelligence: 10
Charisma: 3
Endurance: 1
Agility: 6
Luck: 1

Common jobs: Meteorologist, Engineer, Doctor, Lookout, Burglar, Assasin.

Likes: Unity, Clockworks
Dislikes: Liars, Dividedness

Common attack pattern: Try to sneak up on the enemy before attacking and make use of anything in the environment they are unaware of.

Height: 7 ft

Traits: [High senses] [Patient] [Egostitical]

The Strix' senses allow them to guard the Ember extremely well. Pretending to have a plan to steal it has become a common joke among thieves.

To say the Kouninis dislike the Strix' cognitive abilities is an understatement. The Kounini make great efforts to befoul the Strix' reputation in the intergalactic community in an attempt to keep them from exposing their various tricks.

It's kind of odd how a lot of the Strix are assasins and pirates and at the same time a lot of them are doctors and engineers, avoiding combat and preaching about unity and protecting the weak. I feel like I could've given them more specific traits and (dis)likes if not for that.

For instance the unity focussed Strix might find a good fit with [Pacifist], whereas the scummy Strix would probably be [Manipulative].
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06-30-2016, 04:07 PM
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 RE: [Cosmosdex] The great species migration

Posts: 6,156
Joined: Jul 2011
Species: L-Tarioks

Main info (the stuff that def goes on the page)
Spoiler :
> Quote: Keep Spaceportlandia Weird! - T-Shirt slogan

> Stats [Strength: 3 | Intelligence: 4 | Charisma: 2 | Endurance: 6 | Agility: 2 | Luck: 2 ] , +7 more points depending on what expansion packs are installed.

> Common jobs: anything that a pack code has been written for; often used for their original purpose in peacekeeping operations. Not reliable for operations of military or private expansion, due to the likelihood they will assist the other side in achieving peace after sensing that your side is causing a conflict.

> Likes: sun, fixing up old things and concepts, recycling, individuality, finding a niche interest/hobby and obsessing over it

> Dislikes: change, conflict, new concepts, standardized behavior, hearing about others' niche interests/hobbies

> Common attack pattern: Customized to aggressor; only whatever action determined to bring end to hostilities with least overall harm to all involved.

> Height 6-7 ft

> Traits: [Expansive] [Cautious] [Scatterbrained]
[Expansive]- capable of expanded performance and abilities through an expansion pack system.

> The identity of the engineers who created Tarioks has been lost to time—likely deliberate on the part of the creators. As a result, many L-Tarioks hold quasi-mythical beliefs about the Nascent Engineers. Different "civil religions" have formed around these beliefs, all with varying holidays, practices, pledges, parades and anthems. These sets of customs differ greatly from L-Tariok region to another. It's most commonly expressed in a mild civic pride; very few L-Tarioks are passionate about it due to L-Tarioks' preference against imposing standardized codes of behavior. Nascent Engineer customs are strongest on Elltalpha, while non-existent in some far-flung clusters of L-Tariok habitation.

> The larger diaspora of places where L-Tarioks live is collectively referred to as "Spaceportlandia", due to a large proportion of all L-Tarioks living on space stations.

> L-Tariok governance is decentralized and usually resembles a kind of social anarchism/libertarianism, with involvement in wider duties being largely participatory (unless one has signed up for some sort of service) due to their social imperative to reduce conflict.

> The thing most held in most reverence by L-Tariok society is the original source code regarding vital data and expansion packs created by the Nascent Engineers, which allows L-Tarioks to function and adapt to new and challenging situations.

> The most centralized organization in the L-Tariok sphere is the Code Org (short for both Organization and Organizers); they protect, debug and patch the source code, and update for new security checks. They do much more protecting of the code than writing new code. The Code Org tries to keep its current version of codes as close to the original code as possible, only creating new update patches after desperate situations have arisen, and even then, after lengthy deliberations. Access to the Code Org is highly restricted and difficult, requiring simultaneous action in at least three different remote locations to even start the process which allow editing-enabled mainframes to function.

> Individuals have a built-in fear of editing their own code with bootleg custom-made packs, and for good reason—a single mistake can disable an L-Tariok for good. However, it almost always doesn't get that far, anyway, as most bootleg hacks fail to pass physical hardware and software checks.

> Thanks to a well-known error in the code deemed not important enough to fix, and L-Tarioks' ability to easily make questionable life decisions, some L-Tarioks choose to get an optional pack that does nothing but activate an otherwise-unused emissions node at random. Because of this, some L-Tarioks are reported as "real weird smelling." Not bad, mind you; just odd synthetic smells that... haven't been used by nature yet.

Extra: L-Tariok Expansion Packs
(If included, I'd recommend it as a separate page titled "L-Tariok Expansion Packs" linked to from the main page because of how much info there is)
Spoiler :
Expansion packs are a patch and physical upgrade voluntarily undergone by L-Tarioks in order to increase their capabilities, with +7 stat points distributed to various stats. Multiple packs can be installed (up to the point that memory allows). Only one patch with its abilities can be active at a time. It takes one turn to switch to a different patch.
There are two main categories of patches: Military and Civilian. Some patches temporarily give a certain trait or ability; others, by simply having the expansion pack installed, permanently confer a status. All civilian packs permanently confer the [Hardwired Pacifism] trait, and all military packs confer the [Conscriptable] trait.
Spoiler :
Military roles
These are roles which don't require hardwiring strict pacifism into one's being due to the risky nature of these occupations; however, it doesn't allow access to certain peacetime occupations. You can only have these packs if you are currently in military, are on reserve for being called up, or have been released from military and approved as a private contractor. All Military roles gain the trait [Conscriptable], which is like Emergency Conscript, except the L-Tariok must respond to nearby military situations AND civil emergencies, not just civil emergencies.

Combat diplomat - specialized organizational roles. Can declare military and civil emergencies and assign temporary emergency status to others' roles for organizational purposes, unlike its civilian counterpart. Military counterpoint for (MCpf) Team Player

Combat peaceseeker - soldiering roles, +3 to 5 in strength, +0 to 1 in endurance, +2 to 3 in agility depending on role. Usually, a peaceseeker gains the trait [Content ]. MCpf: Helping Hand

Combat engineering - military engineering roles, boosts intelligence with slight agility boost. MCpf : Civil Technical

Combat reserve - a general use pack for everyday citizens awaiting specific assignment who have non-specialized and non-manual occupations; includes a slight euphoria release unit. Usually, a reserveiok (-iok is a suffix like -man/-person) gains the trait [Content]. MCpf: citizen

Civilian roles
(These packs require the oath of hardwired pacifism, but allow access to the knowledge banks of a much larger number of specialized occupations than military packs.

Team Player- Specialized organizational roles. The Team Player Pack is common for many civilian L-Tariok occupations that require a charismatic and persuasive presence, team organization skills, and morale-boosting ability. Some examples are: merchant ship captain, mayor/boss/ringleader, community organizer, mediator, counselor, therapist, bard, chaplain.

The Team Player Pack comes with a simple modifier of the head organ. The superficial appearance of the Team Player Pack are customizable, but all function relatively the same.
Many models feature a plantlike structure which sprouts from the top of the head and emits compounds which have calming effects: a slight aroma of spice (works on only species with an olfactory system) and a chemical called 'Di-mint' which can act to suppresses adversarial urges, or produce a slight euphoric feeling, or have a sedative effect (works only on organic creatures - most organic creatures affected). A rare few show no effect. One or two space-faring species have an adverse reaction, and L-Tarioks are unable to deploy the plantstructure around them due to their pacifism.
When activated, an L-Tariok temporarily gains the trait [Calming Presence].

Team Players do not make good captains of starships of crews that must engage in combat from time to time due to the Hardwired Pacifism. They, however, can make good co-captains. (For a captain with some allowances for (limited) military commands, one should check out its military counterpart, the Diplomat pack.)

Helping Hand pack- for manual daylaboring tasks, mainly boosts strength, slight boost to agility. Civilian counterpoint for the Peaceseeker.

Citizen pack - a general use pack for everyday citizens who have non-specialized and non-manual occupations. Includes a slight euphoria release unit. Usually, a citizen gains the trait [Content ].

Civil Technician pack- A pack which boosts intelligence greatly and agility slightly. It gives its user pinpoint accuracy on small-scale operations, where precision is key. This pack allows access to training programs for specialized technical occupations, like doctor, nurse, engineer, navigator, logistics coordinator, programmer, culinary technician, chemist, researcher, mathematician, architect, city planner and many, many other occupations. It also can open up access to large repertoires of art, philosophy, historiography and/or music entries and theories to be called upon for instant recall, improvisational synthesis and advanced composition, though this is not often done because the sheer amount of input entries to have basic proficiency in these creative fields that matches others is staggering and takes up a LOT of memory which could be used for other things. Overloading one's memory to the point of rupture is a common fate for those who try to clock themselves with too much input information for too many fields.
Boosts intelligence +5 and agility +2; gives the trait [Pinpoint Operator], a "rarely misses" trait for certain technical skills.

Emergency Volunteer - a pack that allows a civilian to have a temporary low-class emergency status role - something that should not be abused or the pack can be deactivated upon a negative review. One can activate pack for regular work so long as they do not flag themselves for emergency status. In exchange for this patch, one can be called upon to serve in case of a local civil emergency like a fire or flood.

Includes a unit that releases a slight amount of a adrenaline-like hormone when emergency status is flagged. Boosts: +3 strength, +1 endurance, +2 agility (when emergency status is flagged ONLY - otherwise +1 agility only), +1 luck. Gives the trait [Emergency Conscript].

Extra all-purpose packs, neither Citizen or Military:

Risktaker - a luck-boosting pack. Looks slightly similar to the palm tree model of the Team Player pack—instead of palm leaves drooping out from atop the head, it's a huge thousand-leaf clover. If you try to gamble with this activated, anyone of average intelligence can see the clover and they'll just refuse to allow you to play you dope. Adds +7 to luck.

Mobile - most commonly held pack by L-Tarioks - it allows one to scoot along at a less maddeningly sluggish speed. Little motorized wheels pop up beneath you. You are the scooter! You can scoot! Beep beep. Helmet and front/rear bumpers included for Extra Good Safety. A slight intelligence boost allows one better reaction times and route planning to avoid collisions.
Control override involuntarily slows you down and steers you gently out of the way in case any L-Tariok emergency vehicles are approaching.

<more packs are possible. come up with your own, reader!>

On Hardwired Pacifism, Emergency Conscript and Conscriptable traits and [EMP] ability
(I will add these traits to the trait dex. Advise me if I should word it specifically for L-Tarioks, or generally for all species and then say "this trait is only for L-Tarioks" as the trait [Blue] does, or if I should word it generally and include L-Tariok specific information on the L-Tariok page under trivia):
Spoiler :

Hardwired Pacifism:
To receive any expansion pack in the Civilian category, one must agree to be hardwired for strict pacifism—meaning one cannot act to injure or order others to injure even in situations of self-defense. This Hardwired Pacifism is in effect no matter what pack one is currently using. It is nearly impossible to override this limitation; in the rare case that one does, a hard systems reset with a blanking of memory and loss of all packs will occur after the act has been done.

There are special beams which temporarily impede movement which have been built with Hardwired Pacifists in mind, and are the most one can use for self defense.

Emergency Conscript:
If a non-military emergency is declared nearby* by an L-Tariok with clearance to do so, an L-Tariok with Emergency Conscript status will be notified that they should go help. If they try to go about avoiding the call, they will feel a surge of emotion capable of overwhelming them from doing anything not pertaining to reporting to that emergency. They can ignore it; they will simply be immobile from the wrenching feeling in their guts that they are skipping obligation. They can also try sending in a request for a leave from duty if it is a situation which one absolutely would not be able to fulfill; if the quick cross-reference with the applicant's medical history and mobility capabilities gives credence to their reason, they'll receive a clearance which suppresses the emotional immobility surges, allowing them to go about their business. Otherwise, they must show up for their proverbial jury duty or feel cripplingly bad while it goes on.
L-Tarioks will report any other L-Tarioks that make a false emergency call, or overstate the class of emergency because it's an inconvenience and a huge faux pas; otherwise, they will be glad to have helped.

*definitions of "nearby" differ based on level of emergency - for instance, a class 2 local emergency will call up all L-Tarioks within a 3.4 mile radius of the affected area; a class 15 planetwide emergency—activated only in case a friendly planet's population is in immediate existential danger [like its star is about to go supernova, does not count military threats as that is a different jurisdiction]—will call upon all L-Tarioks within a planetary jump. You probably won't have to worry about higher level events; a Class 15 has only been registered by the L-Tariok 2 times throughout their history and other events, especially large scale ones, are sufficiently rare enough compared to their call radii that it's very unlikely for an individual to be called to one but a few times in a lifetime. One is more likely to receive mid or low scale emergencies.

[Conscriptable], like Emergency Conscript, but includes military situations in addition to civil emergencies.

A sizeable proportion of the L-Tariok population was engineered with an EMP function to deal with the rising incidence of clockworks, rogue AIs and mechanical weapons. This cannot be activated by the L-Tariok emitting it–it must be activated by someone else manually. Activating this will put the L-Tariok into "Dormant Mode" with a basic functions standby to prevent damage to oneself, and the EMP charge-up will drain their primary energy. They will be rendered unconscious for an amount of time and need to be 'plugged in' to the ground (more efficient) or a high energy power source to recharge and resume life functions. The amount of time they will be unconscious—in terms of hours, days, or weeks—depends on the radius one sets the emp blast to make. An L-Tariok doesn't need to be plugged on right away after releasing the EMP—one can stay in Dormant Mode up to 6-18 months (avg is 8 months with a large variation) before being plugged in without suffering any withering or adverse effects other than sluggishness and confusion over the passing of time.

I'll better organize this upon your advice, so while i'm done writing things, it's not necessarily a finished draft. That's to say you can make the page with what you want from this, or you can tell me where things should go and I'll resend it.
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07-01-2016, 12:37 PM
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 RE: [Cosmosdex] The great species migration
Guy the Chap

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I will be claiming the Khraast now.

Spoiler :
Quote: "I can't get in, boss. They put one of them rockfellas out front and he ain't budging no matter how I hard I hit em." - A mobster trying to get past a Khraast.

Strength: 8
Intelligence: 5
Charisma: 1
Endurance: 10
Agility: 1
Luck: 1

Common jobs: Guard, Bodyguard, Anything that requires lots of waiting.

Likes: Patience, Solitude
Dislikes: Erosion, Crowds, Phonecalls

Common attack pattern: Tough out the opponent's attacks and fight back with heavy weaponry.

Height: 8'6 ft

Traits: [Never Panics] [Independent] [Mute]

Some Khraast amuse themselves by playing boardgames like Chess or Go with other Khraast via letters and more recently via email. Because they tend to be slow to write back, a single game might last several years.

The written language of the Khraast, in its complexity, allows for over a million rock puns. This has sparked great intrest in their literature among the Husses, even though there aren't actually a lot of puns in their books. A good number of Husses have taken up writing in the Kraast's language, providing a cultural exchange between the two races.

Also, I originally didn't mention this since the link was accompanied with a message that you were doing quick fixes, but there seems to be a slight formatting error in the Patrons section of the Catlas entry, the patrons' names are bolded whereas they aren't elsewhere.

I'm gonna claim the Goldorians now.
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07-02-2016, 08:09 PM
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 RE: [Cosmosdex] The great species migration
Notail Shaming Squad

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On a Space Croc
Apps must be submitted by 7/14

Things that got done
- The AI layout is 100% finished as well as the page creator.
- Athena is done
- Eris is mostly done. I will be adding some "discord" elements later. Such as there being a chance that when you go on the page every element will spin. It will be horrible. (See has no placeholder image atm)

- Helios is done.
- Hermes is done (and has a lot of art)
- Mors is done, has art.

"Hey all the AI's aren't in yet, why is the bell being rung" you might be asking yourself. Well that's because I noticed that the AIs got a lot more sections then what I expected. (Godheads, the whole side bar, ect) and it turns out I didn't have as much of the AI dex then I thought I had. As such I'm just going to do the AI dex at my leisure. Hopefully finishing one AI a day.

As such it's time to ring the bell for anyone who hasn't finished their apps!

If your app isn't submitted by 5pm EST on July 14th then I cannot promise I won't do and submit the page for your held species with whatever info I find laying around. TECHNICALLY you will be able to submit the app if I still haven't gotten around to your species but I would not recommend relaying on this as I will be doing any non held species randomly.

I'll be inputting the other species above this post soon. Thank you guys for submitting them!
07-07-2016, 07:27 PM
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 RE: [Cosmosdex] Species migration: 7 MORE DAYS
Guy the Chap

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A couple of inconsistencies with the patrons and consorts sections:

Athena: Athena is listed as a an Angel parton but Angels aren't listed as Athena consorts.

Eris: Eris is listed as a Helixian Parton but Helixians aren't listed as Eris consorts

Hermes: Hermes is listed as a Geptad, Tweep and Helixian Patron but these aren't listed as Hermes consorts. Kouninis are listed as a Hermes Consort but Hermes isn't listed as a Kounini patron.

Mors: Mors is listed as a Drakon Patron but Drakons aren't listed as Mors consorts. Geckrechauns are listed as a Mors consort but Mors isn't listed as a Geckrechaun patron.
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 RE: [Cosmosdex] Species migration: 7 MORE DAYS
Notail Shaming Squad

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Oh yeah don't mind the patron and consort sections right now. Most of the patrons for species are placeholders (though the ones you listed are correct) because I need all of the species done so I may divvy out things correctly. Basically all species have 1 main patron, and they can be sides to as many others as they want. I want to make sure I can split it nicely instead of like, Athena gets 10 sides but no main while the Notails are the main of 5 gods.
07-08-2016, 05:58 PM
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 RE: [Cosmosdex] Species migration: 7 MORE DAYS
Guy the Chap

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All right, I won't mind those sections then.

I also just finished the info for the Goldorians
Spoiler :
Quote: "We wouldn't be poor if we could take the money off those Gecks, we wouldn't be hungry if those Bigtooths weren't around to eat everything and we wouldn't be losing if those Rats just gave us their beasts! We have every reason to go to war." -A Goldorian on the war they're waging.

Strength: 10
Intelligence: 1
Charisma: 1
Endurance: 6
Agility: 7
Luck: 1

Common Jobs: Soldier, Policeman, Mercenary.

Likes: Fighting, Power over others
Dislikes: Servitude, Their goverment, Other species

Common attack pattern: Charge straight at the opponent with the biggest weapon available.

Height: 7 ft

Traits: [Schadenfreude] [Folksy] [Hothead]

Because it's likely that one of them will die soon anyway, Goldorian parents like to give the same name to multiple children so they don't have to come up with too many ones. Goldorian kids often think this means only one of the two will survive, causing tension between siblings of the same name. They are often rather hostile towards people with the same names or similar names as them.

Between the dictatorship that is their goverment and the dog-eats dog environment it creates, the Goldorians have no room for charity. They see the charity loving Baphometti as thieves that try to exploit them just like their goverment does, and commonly call them leaches.
I figure [Schadenfreude] would go a long way for keeping these guys sane in their crummy tyranical empire.(Plus, they probably hear a lot of bad news about the other races as propaganda.) I wasn't too sure about blue traits so I picked [Folksy] to maybe make them appear a little extra stupid.

I'm not sure if the Baphometti still run a lot charity organisations since they don't really have an entry at the moment but I could think up a new trivia for the second spot if they don't.
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07-08-2016, 06:09 PM
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 RE: [Cosmosdex] Migration: 4 DAYS TILL APPOCALYPSE
Notail Shaming Squad

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Things that got done

- Spiraji are now done.

- Khraast are finished

- L-Tarioks are done.

- Strix are done.

- Pagepoh are done.

- Goldorian are done.
07-11-2016, 03:06 AM
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 RE: [Cosmosdex] Migration: 3 DAYS TILL APPOCALYPSE
Guy the Chap

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The Kraast seem to have a little typing error where they ough out instead of tough out.

Are the Pagepoh supposed to like the same things they dislike? Just checking.
07-12-2016, 07:54 AM
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 RE: [Cosmosdex] Migration: 3 DAYS TILL APPOCALYPSE
Notail Shaming Squad

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On a Space Croc
Woops I am apparently very bad at copy and pasting. Thank you for staying on top of things Fellow!

Edit: I'll have to wait till I get home in a few hours to push fixes / updates to the server because apparently I can't connect from here.

- Apollo entry (1 of 3) is done. The other two Apollo entries will be randomly put in the dex and hidden (aka won't be on the main page or show up in the nav), both because they're spoilers and also to make things interesting. Anyone who knows the reason why there's a fake Apollo entry in the first place would be able to figure out how to get to the other two with a little thinking.

- Gondii now have really cute art in their gallery.

Artemis and Diana will likely be done today. Also 2 days left till I start gobbling up apps!
07-12-2016, 05:36 PM
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 RE: [Cosmosdex] Migration: 1 DAYS TILL APPOCALYPSE
oh hey cool a user title

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Spoiler :
> Quote: "And when I discovered my talent, I knew then in my heart that I was going to become the world's greatest ornithologist." A scretsen, on her rise to greatness

> Stats:
Strength- 3
Intelligence- 5
Charisma- 5
Endurance- 6
Agility- 3
Luck- 4

> Common jobs: Anything and everything

> Likes: their career, using their talent to help others
> Dislikes: things that distract from their career, trying new things

> Common attack pattern: Primarily uses their stinger to try and pierce the foe
> Height: 8 to 9 feet

> Traits: [Resourceful] [Show-off] [Picky eater]

> Trivia:
  • Scretsens are a very practical-minded species and as such, they have may have a hard time understanding and adapting to social customs of other races that don’t make sense to them. It doesn’t help that social skills are skills and therefore something that most scretsens are bad at.
  • Scretsens usually do not have opinions on things that don’t relate to their own talent, as they don’t trust themselves to make good opinions on issues they are not an expert on.
  • Many scretsens will freak out and panic when seriously being asked to do something they don’t know how to do, and, if put in a situation where they are forced to do it, may become so overwhelmed that they shut down completely.
  • Religion and spirituality is a funny subject for scretsens, as it doesn’t relate to any sort of “talent” a scretsen can have. Due to this, there are very few places of worship on Gorson, and scretsens just do not care too much about the concept in general, just saying they worship the Dragon because it aligns with their interests. While there are of course some who do practice worship, scretsens overall just do not see it as that big a deal, or see much of a point to worship, believing the best way to honor the Dragon is to just get out there and live life.

The Fog
Spoiler :
> Quote: "But that night, our monitor became cloaked in a deep, murky shroud. We thought it was a hallucination precedin' the moment we finally keeled over from hunger... but just as suddenly as it had appeared, the strange mist had lifted, and before our very eyes lay, a planet! We set a course for it immediately, dizzy with joy. We thought what had happened was the work of the gods, but I discovered the true cause from a curious visitor I got that night..." - Excerpt from Captain Cojack's journal, on his encounter with The Fog

> Stats:
Strength- 5
Intelligence- 9
Charisma- 3
Endurance- 6
Agility- 2
Luck- 1

> Common jobs: bodyguard, scout, navigator, explorer

> Likes: learning and assimilating knowledge into the main Fog
> Dislikes: gravity, endangering themselves before being able to assimilate knowledge

> Common attack pattern: Tries to avoid fights for the most part, if made to fight will use self-defense tools built into the Fogborne
> Height: Varies by Fogborne

> Traits: [Observant] [Individualism] [Passive]

> Trivia:
  • Fog in Fogbornes are very individualistic, and value their own purposes and the knowledge they’ve collected over all else. As such, they will often try as hard as it can to not engage in a fight even to protect its fellow crewmembers.
  • The Fog sees itself as higher than others, viewing the outside world as something they can learn from, and too lesser to be “of their concern.” The Fog has only involved itself to this extent because it seems to have a fascination with how “physical beings” work to survive, how they interact, and how they function overall and interact with the world around them. However, they are uncaring, and usually view problems had by others as amusing, more interested in seeing how it plays out than getting involved. While The Fog is far from mean, compassion is simply an alien concept to them.
  • They are more sociable to hivemind species, as well as members of species who have devoted themselves to the pursuit of knowledge. They still view them as lesser, but they tend to show more respect towards them.
Spoiler :
I struggled with the red trait for The Fog. At first I decided on [Cryptic] but then decided to choose something else after seeing how often [Cryptic] had been used. I toyed with [Insensitive] because of their lack of compassion but decided against that due to how [Insensitive]’s description made them sound harsher than they really were. I thought about how perfect [Unreadable] would be due to their mysterious nature and how their lack of compassion fits into that, before finding out that was actually a blue trait. I finally just decided to make my own trait, [Passive], which I have submitted.

And lastly, the big shebang, Tockhaus. For the Tockhaus I was so inspired that I pretty much ended up just rewriting the app. I talked to Gime and Gime gave me the go-ahead so HERE IT IS.

Spoiler :
Personality and Traits
Music is a significant part of tockhau culture. The tockhau are very quiet, until they are asked to play music. The tockhau are very passionate about music as well as other types of art and will do everything in their power to make a perfect art piece. Many tockhaus fall into a depression-like state if they’re not allowed to make art or if the art they’re making isn’t good enough for them. Critics are a tockhau’s worst enemy as the art they create is very important to them, so they see critique as a personal affront. While they understand critique is important, it’s hard for a tockhau to ever be accepting of it.

While not all tockhau become musicians, all tockhau know how to play music, as it is a large part of their culture. Tockhaus are phenomenal musicians, and known as one of the best species at playing music. While they are usually not as smart as other species in general, their musical knowledge typically far exceeds that of other species, to the point where even an untrained average tockhau would be considered adept to other species. Due to this, tockhaus make fantastic conductors, as they know how music works. Some of the best bands in the universe are run by tockhau.

Tockhaus do not have a spoken language, instead communicating entirely musically, primarily through whistling. While tockhaus who leave their homeplanet are able to learn other languages such as Limlish, their first language continues to be their native one.

The tockhaus are very devoted to the Singer. They believe that the Singer blessed them with the gift of song when they were created, and see all musical performances as a way of honoring her and thanking her for her gift. Their religion inspires many tockhaus to be the best at music as they can be, in order to fully show how appreciative they are of her. They believe that the better the music, the more thankfulness you are showing to her, as you are using her gift to its fullest extent. Tockhaus become depressed after extended periods of not being able to play music partly because they believe this is squandering the Singer's gift.

Tockhaus, while excited about the potential of the universe, can also get very nervous and overwhelmed, not knowing what to do or say. Music, the universal language, is the best way they can express themselves, and so they enjoy performing it. While most tockhau are excited to explore the universe, many find it too daunting and choose to stay on their homeplanet of Wockle, leaving the tockhau culture there relatively unchanged.

The tockhaus who live on their homeworld are a modern tribe who are content with their tribal lifestyle, and have not colonized their planet, meaning there are no buildings or structures anywhere on the planet, other than the small huts the tockhau live in. The tockhau are opposed to colonization as they believe the balance of nature should not be disturbed. They admire species who have learned to live in harmony with nature.

Tockhaus tend to be better at private work away from the rest of the crew, and are great at working with robots and AIs.

Home Planet
The tockhau live on the homeplanet of Wockle. The entirety of the planet is a rainforest, with no colonization whatsoever. The tockhau tribes live in different settlements throughout the planet's forests. The planet is teeming with undisturbed wildlife and flora, as the tockhau believe in living in harmony with nature. There is a space station in orbit of the planet though, which sends small ships down to the planet to bring people back and forth.

The tockhaus have been able to prevent colonization on their planets by other species due to a peace treaty with the prunus. The prunus offered to protect the planet in exchange for being allowed to live there. The tockhau agreed on the grounds that the prunus were not allowed to disturb the environment. As such, the planet is also populated by rooted prunii. Wockle is a popular spot for prunii to take root due to the vast amount of rich untouched soil, as well as the constant stream of lively tockhau music.

On their home planet, the tockhau are a prey species on the lower end of the food chain, and as such are frequently concerned with avoiding their predators. While they are fast, this was often not enough to guarantee survival, and in the primitive days of their planet, it was often a big struggle to stay alive. However, this changed when the tockhau discovered a certain grass that, when strummed, produced a noise that repelled their predators. Over time, this technique became the tockhaus' main way of defending themselves and as such, the species eventually evolved to the point where tockhaus were naturally born with a very long "strumming finger".

Although they were a weak prey species, the tockhau were the most intelligent life on the planet, and as such, as they continued to defend themselves with strumming, they began to develop more sophisticated ways to produce music, and build a culture around it. As they developed, they found new ways to play music, and learned how to induce certain behaviors in the native fauna with specific songs. They also developed a music-based language.

Advancing as a species, they developed into a tribal lifestyle. While they became self-sufficient, they were not strong or skilled enough to colonize the land, nor did they want to, as they believed in living in harmony with nature. Their culture centered completely and totally around music, and the tockhau would revel in doing nothing but creating and performing music for entertainment.

It continued like this until their planet was discovered by a group of peaceful travelers. A small group of tockhaus decided to go off-planet with the travelers, to find out about what the universe had to offer. They were enthralled by all the new things they learned about, such as the religion, the instruments, and how it was like to live life free from the worry of predators. After their journey, the group of tockhau returned to their homeplanet to share their experiences. After hearing of it, worship of the Singer took on extremely quickly, and most of the tockhau were eager to leave the planet to experience it all for themselves. With the help of the travelers, a space station was built orbiting the tockhau homeplanet.

In modern times, the tockhaus of Wockle choose to continue living a tribal lifestyle. However, they are no stranger to technology, having assimilated solar-powered technology and modern inventions into their culture. While they don't produce it on the planet, as that would require factories, they import it from other planets and traders in exchange for exotic fruits and flora.

> Quote: “No no, that is the wrong song! How could I forget these most important of sounds?” --Macciu

> Stats:
Strength- 2
Intelligence- 4
Charisma- 3
Endurance- 2
Agility- 8
Luck- 7

> Common jobs: Musician, conductor, artist, designer

> Likes: music, art, nature
> Dislikes: criticism, confrontation

> Common attack pattern: Running away, or using music to soothe or repel the foe
> Height: 4 feet

> Traits: [Cooperative] [Musical] [Nervous]

> Trivia:
  • Other than music, the tockhaus are all about self-expression. While they usually use music to self-express, they are interested in all kinds of art for this reason, and while music is important to all tockhaus, some tockhaus may not pursue careers in music, instead leaning towards careers in other forms of art such as painting or design.
  • Tockhaus have many short songs that they play as prayers to the Singer, which they believe will bless them with positive effects. They have songs for just about everything, such as the Song of Luck, the Song of Healing, the Song of Determination, the Song of Suns, and so on. Sometimes, tockhaus will hold ceremonies with orchestra performances of these songs to honor the Singer and amplify the song’s effects.
  • Tockhaus especially enjoy the company of Hypnos AI's, and take delight in the songs they play. With practice, tockhaus are even able to teach Hypnos units their language, making them one of the only species able to effectively communicate with them. Many Hypnos AI's enjoy the tockhau culture and allow themselves to become immersed in it. Tockhaus usually take in Hypnos Ai's who have lost their Thanatos counterpart, as the tockhaus do not like the violent nature of Thanatos AI's. This is good for the Hypnos AI's as well, because it is a place for them to fit in after feeling lost from losing their sibling AI.
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07-14-2016, 06:24 AM
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 RE: [Cosmosdex] Migration: 1 DAYS TILL APPOCALYPSE

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still aiming for fairies if they're not rolled tomorrow, (please rng gods please) but stress and school got in the way

throws this down

Oquinta Wrote:
Spoiler :
> Quote
"Deal or no deal?"

> Stats based on a starting 26 system (Must have at least 1 in every stat but luck)
Strength 3
Intelligence 4
Charisma 5
Endurance 4
Agility 6
Luck 4

> Common jobs
Oquintas have varied skillsets, but most make good 'capturers' (hunters, fisherfolk, etc).

> Likes
High places, trade and collection.

> Dislikes
Inequality, excessively loud noise.

> Common attack pattern
Oquintas generally prefer things such as daggers and small throw-weapons, but can use their claws.

> Height (In feet because god knows why)
4'5" - 5'2"

> A Good, bad and neutral trait from the trait dex
[Organized] [Softie] [Collector]

> 1 - 3 trivia
- Their general community motto would be best described as "Have no regrets, have no secrets." Due to their communal, communist, clan-based culture, teamwork is of a higher priority and privacy often of a lower.
- Greed is considered a very bad thing in general oquinta culture, as it highlights taking what others could use with nothing or little in return. Oquintas are expected to work to the extent of their abilities and be rewarded in turn for what they deserve. Oquintas who desire to try to live in remarkably higher standards than their peers with less work usually go off-planet.
- Oquintas have a tendency to look for use in much anything, and thus many have a controlled collector/packrat habit. This may apply to everything, or it may be a general collector hobby focused on one thing. Someone once introduced trading cards to the oquinta home planet and nearly ended up causing a currency to form.

- Oquintas trade service and objects more often than they use currency, but they have accepted univeral currency.
- Two subspecies: A very uncommon 'dusk' one adapted to living on the ground and in the darkness, and an 'arctic' subspecies adapted to the cold biomes on their home planet.
- Add to Special: Oquintas have an ability to change the traits of items via touch. This can extend to things such as weight, texture, color, even things such as taste, but it doesn't often go very far. A weight oquinta cannot make a ship weigh a feather, for example.
- Remove info: The home world of oquintas is a planet called Jumanjia. There is nothing interesting about this planet.
07-14-2016, 07:09 AM
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 RE: [Cosmosdex] Migration: 1 DAYS TILL APPOCALYPSE
🌈🐙👽 (gay tentacle alien)

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ρ(∂v/∂t+v•∇v)= -∇p+∇•T+f
Spoiler :
> Quote "The chairs are trying to tell us something. I know it."
> Stats Strength-2 Endurance-6 Charisma-1 Intelligence-8 Agility-5 Luck-4
When in an AI, stats are similar to the inhabited AI. Generally will take a penalty to charisma, but that will be offset with a gain to endurance or intelligence.
> Common jobs Hyuran colonies outside of an AI do not usually take a job; instead preferring to search for an AI to live in. In an AI, they will normally do the same jobs the AI would do.

> Likes Similar to the inhabited AI
> Dislikes Similar to the inhabited AI

> Common attack pattern Hyurans normally do not attack outside of an AI, instead relying more on their microscopic size to not get hurt. Inside of an AI, they will attack similarly to the inhabited AI.
> Height Individual Hyurans are on the size of 10um. Size of inhabited AIs does not change.

> Traits Same as the inhabited AI, but will usually gain the following:

> 1 - 3 trivia
  • Hyurans were first discovered around the time of the first Clockwork, and some people believe that they originated from the same source. Of those who know the difference between the two, there is debate as to whether the Hyurans were failed Clockworks, or if it was the other way around.
  • Hyurans are very trustworthy, and usually fail to pick up on everyone's discomfort around them, instead taking whatever anyone says around them and trying to come to conclusions why that doesn't match up with what they perceive.
  • Some ships have started to purposefully used Hyuran infected AIs on board, citing the increased helpfulness. Usually these ships get stranded in space, because the planets which they head to refuse entry due to the infected AI, and similarly nobody will come to rescue them when they run out of fuel.

Spoiler :
> Quote "lol Liek wut up w/ @caesar? Hez a fukin cube just liek al da rest." - An unfortunate Tweep who did not notice the Zektron behind them.
> Stats Strength-8 Endurance-7 Charisma-1 Intelligence-5 Agility-4 Luck-1
> Common jobs Mercenary, Security, Builder

> Likes Caesar, Order, War, Honor
> Dislikes The unknown, Emotions, People who insult Caesar

> Common attack pattern Shoot at anything with their death laser. Or electro-spear. Or just crush them. Or whatever new method of destruction they come up with each week.
> Height 6'

> Traits [Devoted] [Built-in Weapons] [Auto-Attack]
> 1 - 3 trivia
  • There are no known jokes about the Zektron. Somehow, anyone who has ever come up with one fails to live long afterwards.
  • Zektrons have a soft spot for cute things. Unfortunately, their definition of cute is cuboid robots capable of killing most anything without any hesitation. And they will check to see if something actually is their definition of cute. Violently.

🐦🐙🐙[Image: nifOFwR.png]🐙🐙
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 RE: [Cosmosdex] Migration: 1 DAYS TILL APPOCALYPSE
Gay Owl

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Spoiler :
"What's an Isment?" - Someone who had just seen and had an engaged conversation with an Isment.

2str 8int 3agi 5cha 6end 2luc

Isments tend to be employed throughout a variety of occupations.
On settlements associated with the Ismentian Government,
Isments will tend to do any activity needed unless they are
assigned otherwise or busy with a business they run.
The Ismentian government tends to keep close tabs on how many
Isments exist so that they are the only ones able to fully use
Ismentian spies, assassins, or saboteurs.
As a species they are greatly suited to those jobs
for the reason that they can easily disappear.
Due to their short term ability to survive the depths of space,
they also make good engineers, as they are capable of leaving
the safety of a ship mid-flight for a space walk
(and magnetizing to the hull), and performing maitenance on the
outside of the ship, or even functioning as a gunner by launching scrap
as a living rail-gun.

Likes - Ferrous Instruments (musical or otherwise),
Hands made of ferrous metals,
Being given new hands, Conspiracies, Safety,
Getting others to /believe/, Meeting new people,
The Ascent, Launching objects with their magnetic field

Dislikes - Planets without a magnetic charge
(this causes their natural magnetic field to work harder than normal,
and causes fatigue in most Isments), Conspiracies,
Meeting people who aren't new but the person they are meeting
thinks they have never met said Isment, The Descent,
Skeptics who cannot /believe/

Common Attack Pattern:
Ismentian Military operates on a basis of high intensity hit and run, and long drawn out sabotage operations.

The common Ismentian is likely to carry ferrous poles with a spiked tip, and when the situation becomes necessary, they will rapidly shape a magnetic field around the pole so it is launched at their target like a rail gun's projectile.

Height - During the Descension an Isment is likely to be 4-6 feet tall. Bodies on average are 2-5 feet tall, whereas heads are around 2 feet tall/long. The means a very tall Isment could be 7 feet tall when their head floats, whereas a small Isment during Descension would be only 4 feet tall.

[Magnekinesis][Conspiracy Theorist][Slippery Slope]
Slippery Slope is a controller trait that operates from two scales, Pacifism and Omnicidal. The more violent acts an Isment commits, the more violent they will act in the future, unless they make concentrated effort to stop being violent.

Rarity - Normally Rare

Gods - Isments tend to worship "The Source", which is a source of all plots in the world in some way or form. They believe it is a network of entities that look similar to themselves, but with a singular glowing eye and wings atop their body. They will also worship Eris Godheads, seeing them as "Fonts", or lesser sources of these great machinations of existence.Limbo God worshipping Isments tend to worship The Mirage, The Unknown, The Known, and anything Gime finds fitting

-environmental: if an isment is born on non-heavilymetallic soil, they'll take on characteristics of the soil/environment. Examples nclude molten-shell'd isments, glass isments, mud isments, and more. Isments who have a low body metal content can still have magnekinesis, but it will be at minimum weak enough to where their head will float and they can use metal hands, but not much else.
-spaceborne: formed from two isments dying in space. a survival mechanism will kick in, and the isments will attempt to fuse, forming a child within the molten core of their combined corpse. the reaction that forms the child will keep them safe until a couple days after emerging from "gestation", and the gestation itself will form a natural 'distress signal' to passing ships these isments will be pure black in shell, a bit like vantablack, but with stars shining in the depths of their dark 'skin', and red eyes. Magnekinesis abilities will be the combination of both parent's total ability/aptitude, rather than half of each, or environment based.

Ismentian Ghosts are the same as Isments in that they can randomly teleport. However Ismentian Ghosts don't teleport by choice. It's entirely random when and how they do. All Isments do as ghosts is try to persuade those they meet that the conspiracies that Isment believed in when alive, are real Ismentian Conspiracies tend to range from simple to wild. The simpler/smaller scale the conspiracy is, the more personal and anxiety based it is. Such as the belief that there is a conspiracy plotted by the 14 generics they think are secretly living in their house, that is to just only take the 14th thing of food, whether it's an apple or a potato chip once the 14th becomes apparent, it disappears.

"I bet that kid from kindergarden is behind this too. Oh god I never should have cheated off him in space algebra, now he's slowly undoing my life and they'll kill me five days from now." - An Isment who's laptop bluescreened.
Ismentian conspiracies may be entirely true, or entirely false. They may have no evidence, or high amounts.
Often Isments will alter their daily behavior to fit these conspiracy theories so that they might be able to get in on them.

Special: Isments are forgotten once they are no longer present in a room, or out of sight due to a survival mechanic. Characters must make either a luck check or an intelligence check after seein an Isment.

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[M]om - Be an M-class and run your own village =)

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 RE: [Cosmosdex] Migration: APPOCALYPSE TODAY
Notail Shaming Squad

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Thanks for the submissions guys. All of those will be submitted tonight during my dinner break. So apps are now completely opened, here are the apps that now need to be done.


If anyone wants to claim an app and can get it done by tomorrow you are absolutely free to do so. Just claim via the topic as normal but the app HAS to be finished sometime tomorrow.

Like I said I will start randomly taking unfinished apps, giving them random info and inputting them. I'll roll a dice for which apps I'm doing first after the others get in.

Once all the entries are in, I will be giving info on the raffle, the prizes, and the date of the livestream and raffle drawing.
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 RE: [Cosmosdex] Migration: APPOCALYPSE TODAY

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Spoiler :
> Quote:
> Stats
Strength- 3
Intelligence- 10
Charisma- 2
Endurance- 3
Agility- 5
Luck- 3
> Common jobs: Engineer, designer, artist, matchmaker

> Likes: Working together, combining things, sharing ideas.
> Dislikes: "Lone wolf" types, people who think multi-headed beings can't get along, that look people give them like the person is thinking about what they might have done to be stuck here listening to them talk. It's very rude also they've only been talking for 20 minutes.

> Common attack pattern: Flail and/or run away.
> Height: 6.5ft

> [Inventive] [Boring] [Collector]

And also the longest thing needed.
> trivia:
-Delphiks can "smell" the natural lifespan of most species, an ability originally developed to be able to tell the natural lifespans of other Delphiks and help find a merging partner. Few species are interested in knowing when they'll die, but this ability comes in handy when making new hybrids.

Spoiler :
> Quote: "It's been a long day for me so I'll be winding down by filing some papers, doing some pull-ups, maybe even working on my tennis game." -Latta

> Stats
Strength- 3
Intelligence- 8
Charisma- 6
Endurance- 5
Agility- 3
Luck- 1
> Common jobs: Yes.

> Likes: Work, productivity, making other species happy.
> Dislikes: The concept of sleep, shaky spaces.

> Common attack pattern: Flinging hot coffee blood onto the enemy's face. And if that doesn't work... just run.
> Height: 4ft

> [Never Sleeps] [Yes-Man] [Realistic]

-Kuppas give wonderful tours of their factories, which look like something out of a movie.
-One of the less well-known aspects of Kuppa culture is that they treat Tourist visitors to their planets very well, often gladly accommodating them and bringing them to the most astounding landmarks and spots available. Tourists are occasionally reported to have described this as the "best thing ever" shortly before the end of their natural life.

History: Before they met other species, their overproduction of blood was a serious problem. They had far more than they knew what to do with, so when they found out other species would DRINK it they started selling it, and got orders for it from all across the universe. There was a short period during which they couldn't keep up with the demand, but it seems they figured something out as they soon caught up.

Sorry I'm late with these, but I got 'em! ...Well, except for the Delphik quote. I hope that's okay!
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