[Cosmosdex] : Redux Error Train

[Cosmosdex] : Redux Error Train
Things that got done today

Mites are done
Gondii are done
Leg Horses are done
- I have decided that the extral entry will be hidden and can only be found by putting in certain words in the url bar or via reading the comic. *Extrals are not currently in the dex at this moment.
- The Pezjx have been downgraded in to Fauna.
- I will be pming the creator of the Coraeite as the redux app they sent in was lost when the forums went up in flames.
Things that got done today

I went ahead and made a layout for planets as well as making a page for each and every single homeworld. You can see them all starting here and clicking the navigation.

Currently none of the entries but the one on Lairus is filled, and that's fine. Homeplanets are much more minor on the planet scale. (hench why they're in their own section and not attached to the normal planets) If someone does want to fill out the info for any planet though, just tell me and I'll tell you what needs to be filled out (As the submission link is currently dead.)

Now as for normal non homeplanets, I have to say this, we'll likely be scrapping old planet apps. The main reason being there aren't too many non home planet apps and sadly due to the mspa going down, I realized I didn't get to save quite a LOT of the planet, character, and fauna apps. That's my mistake, normally I'm very in to backing up everything twice but I completely forgot about backing up pms. As such it seems easier to just scrap everything past some of the bigger planets in the comic and make new planets and fauna.

Soon after fortuna starts updating again I will be semi-permanently reopening planet and fuana apps. I say semi because I'll likely close them if someone goes on and submits like 100 planets or something. Then they'd just open more then usual.

So yeah, that's what's going to be going down. Tomorrow I'll likely be working on improving the header and footer, as you can see both of them have some, rather interesting bugs.

TLDR; All homeplanets are added, tell me if you want to expand any info on them. Planet and fauna apps are getting a clean slate and will be semi-prema opening when I start updating. Also I know about the footer and header issue.
Sorry these took so long! I had to travel away for a week.


[Procrastinates] Whoops. Well anyway this is Gloopy from the old forums. Since I took too long to make up my mind, I'm just piping in to say the Volkronn stuff is pretty spot-on for the most part. Liking those new traits Gime.

Sure thing! I think you did give me a real name for the planet, but sadly I never saved it. I jokingly put the trump name as a placeholder until I could think of something better. All I had for the name before was <Enter creative name here>. Feel free to resend that planet name!

Also I'll be adding your pages in a day or two Crim! I'm just working on some other pages and projects at the moment.
Things that got done

Sorry about the late update, this past 2 weeks have been way to tiring on me, I'm glad to get some work done now!

- Skarv have been added.
- Plantolk have been added.

- The trait section is now a 100% completed.
- The trait section has a randomizer for all your character creation needs.
- The trait now has a submit and a submission section. Please use this section when you want to add new traits now! It's fully working! The google traitdex will be locked sometime tomorrow (Though will still be viewable!)

Like I said I'm starting to work on the other sections of the dex. Here's my current plan for this.


I really want to get back to updating asap so this is like a warning, if you still got a redux app look out, because if I'm not too busy I'm going to be attempting to blaze through the other dexs.

Everything in that spoiler box will be in the OP later today so you can check how things are going.
I'm finally done, well technically I've been done a while, I'm just really lazy.


[Image: 9oAO3Nx.gif][Image: PxleLogo_Da.gif?dl=1][Image: Njx8eUo.png][Image: FuJRCK7.png][Image: A43ybmM.png][Image: PxleSig_%5BLOST%5D.png?dl=1][Image: JoFm6nh.gif]
Adun Toridas, Space Ninja...
Things that got done

-Vaeri are now finished.
-Oomn are now finished.

- Planetdex is a 100% done.
- You can now submit planets to the planetdex. Note the app rule sections aren't done but they basically contain the same rules we've always been doing.
- You can view people's submissions here. It automatically updates whenever someone adds a planet.
- As said before planets have been completely wiped past homeworlds. If you want to resubmit your planets or submit a new one you can be my guest. Planet submissions are now open. (And will likely be perma open.)

- The faunadex is now a 100% done.
- Like the planetdex all fauna has been wiped clean. Feel free to add fauna if you wish over at the submit section.
- Just like the planetdex you can view people's submissions here.

I am now starting work on the last Xdex until I go back to work on the speciesdex. As such be warned that in a few days I'm going to be giving out the 1 week warning.


NEXT UP: The Jerce!
[Image: gmzzj.png]
I think I'll take on the Strix.



It's kind of odd how a lot of the Strix are assasins and pirates and at the same time a lot of them are doctors and engineers, avoiding combat and preaching about unity and protecting the weak. I feel like I could've given them more specific traits and (dis)likes if not for that.

For instance the unity focussed Strix might find a good fit with [Pacifist], whereas the scummy Strix would probably be [Manipulative].
Species: L-Tarioks

Main info (the stuff that def goes on the page)

Extra: L-Tariok Expansion Packs
(If included, I'd recommend it as a separate page titled "L-Tariok Expansion Packs" linked to from the main page because of how much info there is)

On Hardwired Pacifism, Emergency Conscript and Conscriptable traits and [EMP] ability
(I will add these traits to the trait dex. Advise me if I should word it specifically for L-Tarioks, or generally for all species and then say "this trait is only for L-Tarioks" as the trait [Blue] does, or if I should word it generally and include L-Tariok specific information on the L-Tariok page under trivia):

I'll better organize this upon your advice, so while i'm done writing things, it's not necessarily a finished draft. That's to say you can make the page with what you want from this, or you can tell me where things should go and I'll resend it.
I will be claiming the Khraast now.


Also, I originally didn't mention this since the link was accompanied with a message that you were doing quick fixes, but there seems to be a slight formatting error in the Patrons section of the Catlas entry, the patrons' names are bolded whereas they aren't elsewhere.

I'm gonna claim the Goldorians now.
Apps must be submitted by 7/14

Things that got done
- The AI layout is 100% finished as well as the page creator.
- Athena is done
- Eris is mostly done. I will be adding some "discord" elements later. Such as there being a chance that when you go on the page every element will spin. It will be horrible. (See has no placeholder image atm)

- Helios is done.
- Hermes is done (and has a lot of art)
- Mors is done, has art.

"Hey all the AI's aren't in yet, why is the bell being rung" you might be asking yourself. Well that's because I noticed that the AIs got a lot more sections then what I expected. (Godheads, the whole side bar, ect) and it turns out I didn't have as much of the AI dex then I thought I had. As such I'm just going to do the AI dex at my leisure. Hopefully finishing one AI a day.

As such it's time to ring the bell for anyone who hasn't finished their apps!

If your app isn't submitted by 5pm EST on July 14th then I cannot promise I won't do and submit the page for your held species with whatever info I find laying around. TECHNICALLY you will be able to submit the app if I still haven't gotten around to your species but I would not recommend relaying on this as I will be doing any non held species randomly.

I'll be inputting the other species above this post soon. Thank you guys for submitting them!
A couple of inconsistencies with the patrons and consorts sections:

Athena: Athena is listed as a an Angel parton but Angels aren't listed as Athena consorts.

Eris: Eris is listed as a Helixian Parton but Helixians aren't listed as Eris consorts

Hermes: Hermes is listed as a Geptad, Tweep and Helixian Patron but these aren't listed as Hermes consorts. Kouninis are listed as a Hermes Consort but Hermes isn't listed as a Kounini patron.

Mors: Mors is listed as a Drakon Patron but Drakons aren't listed as Mors consorts. Geckrechauns are listed as a Mors consort but Mors isn't listed as a Geckrechaun patron.
Oh yeah don't mind the patron and consort sections right now. Most of the patrons for species are placeholders (though the ones you listed are correct) because I need all of the species done so I may divvy out things correctly. Basically all species have 1 main patron, and they can be sides to as many others as they want. I want to make sure I can split it nicely instead of like, Athena gets 10 sides but no main while the Notails are the main of 5 gods.
All right, I won't mind those sections then.

I also just finished the info for the Goldorians
I figure [Schadenfreude] would go a long way for keeping these guys sane in their crummy tyranical empire.(Plus, they probably hear a lot of bad news about the other races as propaganda.) I wasn't too sure about blue traits so I picked [Folksy] to maybe make them appear a little extra stupid.

I'm not sure if the Baphometti still run a lot charity organisations since they don't really have an entry at the moment but I could think up a new trivia for the second spot if they don't.
Things that got done

- Spiraji are now done.

- Khraast are finished

- L-Tarioks are done.

- Strix are done.

- Pagepoh are done.

- Goldorian are done.
The Kraast seem to have a little typing error where they ough out instead of tough out.

Are the Pagepoh supposed to like the same things they dislike? Just checking.
Woops I am apparently very bad at copy and pasting. Thank you for staying on top of things Fellow!

Edit: I'll have to wait till I get home in a few hours to push fixes / updates to the server because apparently I can't connect from here.

- Apollo entry (1 of 3) is done. The other two Apollo entries will be randomly put in the dex and hidden (aka won't be on the main page or show up in the nav), both because they're spoilers and also to make things interesting. Anyone who knows the reason why there's a fake Apollo entry in the first place would be able to figure out how to get to the other two with a little thinking.

- Gondii now have really cute art in their gallery.

Artemis and Diana will likely be done today. Also 2 days left till I start gobbling up apps!


The Fog

And lastly, the big shebang, Tockhaus. For the Tockhaus I was so inspired that I pretty much ended up just rewriting the app. I talked to Gime and Gime gave me the go-ahead so HERE IT IS.

still aiming for fairies if they're not rolled tomorrow, (please rng gods please) but stress and school got in the way

throws this down

Oquinta Wrote:

🐦🐙🐙[Image: nifOFwR.png]🐙🐙
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Thanks for the submissions guys. All of those will be submitted tonight during my dinner break. So apps are now completely opened, here are the apps that now need to be done.


If anyone wants to claim an app and can get it done by tomorrow you are absolutely free to do so. Just claim via the topic as normal but the app HAS to be finished sometime tomorrow.

Like I said I will start randomly taking unfinished apps, giving them random info and inputting them. I'll roll a dice for which apps I'm doing first after the others get in.

Once all the entries are in, I will be giving info on the raffle, the prizes, and the date of the livestream and raffle drawing.


Sorry I'm late with these, but I got 'em! ...Well, except for the Delphik quote. I hope that's okay!