Welcome to MyBB!

Welcome to MyBB!
Merry christmas! As you might notice, we're no longer running phpBB; I've moved us to MyBB, which sucks less and is better. Hopefully this'll take care of some of the issues that were cropping up.

Now, the transition isn't a 100% perfect one. Avatars didn't make it over in the first pass, and some BBCode tags (or, as MyBB egotistically refers to it, MyCode) didn't come over perfectly.

I'll be working over the next little bit to finish the transition off cleanly; things like (potentially) automatically dragging everyone's avatars over, mass tag-repairs where needed, etc. I'll also be polishing up any holes in the software and poking some configuration settings, as will Schazer.

If you're worried about any data that may have been lost, don't worry. It's all still there, stored over at http://www.eagle-time.com/old/. This is going to be nuked [strk]on New Year's Day[/strk] eventually, so if there's anything you didn't bring over, get it before then.

If you notice anything that you think should be fixed, post it here. I'll get to it when I can.


But seriously this shit is seriously bulky and not nearly as nice to look at. This is the extent of my complaints.
Background Tags are missing again, youtube tag is missing, somethng odd happened here.
More will come probably but OH MY GOD THE POST COUNT IS BACK
Also yay I can get back here from the Post Reply Page!

Hey dudes, I've got twelve hours tops before I'm heading out of town until New Years, but I'm trucking through the memberlist pulling information off http://eagle-time.com/old/ and reuploading avatars and the like. If you've already changed your avatar, I promise not to mess with it.

For a couple of fixes I'd like:
- "Sex" profile field to be renamed to "gender".
- "Location" to return on the user info on the left-hand side of posts, with "warning" removed.
- The "Find all posts by this user" button to be removed from under each post - there's already a link on the user's profile page.
- The Search Thread, Post Reply, and Preview Post buttons being changed graphically to something less out of whack with the style we've got going.
- [youtube] tags no longer work, and [video=youtube]url[/vidya] is kind of clunky (in my opinion).
- When I head to Post a New Reply, it tells me my username (which is sort of useful) and gives me the option to change user (which isn't).
- The table on Memberlist is wonky, by which I mean the Username column is too big. Finding a way to shrink down/make a preview of avatars on that table would also make that page a lot tidier. I'd also still like the possibility of changing the default ordering on that so it's a bit more dynamic and quits showing off that test account we made.
- User profiles look like they could use a loving restructuring when you have the time; they're pretty scruffy buggers as it stands. The Search page is also functional but mucky.
- I feel like "MSPA Username" is a field we'll eventually be glad to see the back of; couldn't that have potentially gone in bio anyway? Changing it to our requisite stupid "eggs"'d be nice.
- I know the User Control Panel graphics need nuking; that's on my personal to-do list once I get back from my vacation.
- "Author" and "Message" headings at the top of each thread are definitely unnecessary, and should be removed if possible.

That's a list of pernickety things I'm seeing right now; thanks for your work so far!

Quick reply! I like quick reply!

On the other hand though, I'm getting "â??"s on some of my old posts. I expect this is because my Unicode or whatever isn't compatible with the forum again?
(12-25-2011, 08:01 AM)cyber95 Wrote: »IS UGLY


But seriously this shit is seriously bulky and not nearly as nice to look at. This is the extent of my complaints.

Things like "more contrast in the headers", "don't make all the thread titles blue" (that one is of the utmost importance), "get rid of the headers that separate 'important threads' from 'normal threads', "unbold the breadcrumbs", "simplify the last post box", "unbold pretty much everything on the index that's bolded", and so on.

These are all things I would very much like to see.

e: I don't like the arrow it sticks in quoteboxes either.

Quick Edit is nice though.

e2: Spoilers need to not be all round and gross.
(12-25-2011, 10:35 AM)SleepingOrange Wrote: »"get rid of the headers that separate 'important threads' from 'normal threads'

I remember Pines mentioned some trouble with this one; it's also why the forum rules aren't anywhere as glaringly obvious as we all expected either (announcements be borked too).

Quote:e: I don't like the arrow it sticks in quoteboxes either.
I think that's the same one as the "go to first unread post" button you can see on a list of threads in a subforum; that'll be a graphical fix into something more in keeping with the theme.

Another one: Front page doesn't need "Forum" "Threads" "Posts" and "Last Post" headers under every subforum; once at the top of the page (like on the old layout) would tidy things up there considerably. Actually, I imagine having the old site to compare it to makes this a fair bit easier (easier for us to raise nitpicks, anyway.

Also also everyone's got their avatars, locations, and user titles back. I'd still recommend you go back and sweep your profiles for anything you'd miss, though.
I am noticing a lot of things I really like about this new software.

this is actually a pretty great Christmas surprise.

Edit: Wait wait wait what is my 'warning level'? What am I being warned of?

It's at 0%. If it goes up am I in danger? What happens when it hits 100%? Does that mean I've been fully warned?

Is there a corresponding color coded system?

oh gosh I have so many questions and fears coming up all at once.


Edit edit:

Also I miss "Eggs"
So I hit "Preview Post" without actually typing anything, mostly to get a look at the more advanced reply field, and was greeted with a rather ugly error message at the top of the page telling me that I should enter a message.

Any chance that can be removed and/or made less obnoxious? It might be nice to make the text entry field bigger in that view, too.
My old avatar doesn't work!

(this post was made with quick reply but advanced edit)

(12-25-2011, 03:35 PM)Woffles Wrote: »Quotes are hella ugly. The Wrote should not be in tutlar caps, the arrow next to it is out of place. Could we have the user's name link to the post in question instead?

(ironically, quoted.) I think it should be like "[arrow] Woffles wrote:". Just because.

quick edit: in the quick edit window there is no option to go to advanced
Welp here we go again now I have more complaints than ever


First off, the only way to go from quickedit to regular edit is by preview pôst Maybe rename it to "Advanced..." or whatever?

I really miss a convenient grid of colors like Phpbb had, the current one is like the mspa style clunky and odd.

No background tags, no youtube tags, and on the other hand tags for "insert email addresss" and "insert formatted phpbb code"

Quotes are hella ugly. The Wrote should not be in tutlar caps, the arrow next to it is out of place. Could we have the user's name link to the post in question instead?

superscript and subscript are gone and I guess I miss those.

Oh, I just made a header for my MAKING POSTS thing and noticed that pressing the underline button only makes the first tag appear and gleefully expects me to [CLOSE TAGS] even if I manually write the end after it. Can we have the old days of just placing open and closed tag next to each other back? I just tried reenacting the [close tags] thing and it was already obnoxious to nest just three what if I have a mafia readpost to make? Also, sizes don't work.

Thread subscription at the bottom is a bit redundant, can you like add "subscribe" to the "Post Options thing" as a checkbox and then have us choose emails or not in our profile?

MyBB is being finnicky about quotation marks, more specifically when you copy those "open quote" and "close quote" marks instead of just the standard double ''s.


First off, private messages. There is no direct way to mark everything as read, which could be pretty useful. You can move messages around from inbox to sent items, which is weird, and also a trash can, which is also weird since you can just delete the message.

Sent items apparently is a subfolder to inbox? Doesn't make sense.

Why would you have a download messages button? Same goes for the progress bar that shows how much space we need.

The search PMs thing is taking up quite a bit of space and would probably fit better as a standalone function to search in ALL your PMs. Can that be arranged?

Profile settings, I likey. Seems a lot less cluttered than usual, but then there's that dumb "Away status" thing in edit profile which, unless you're a serious mybb addict I at least won't be regularly updating.

I like my latest threads, but I wish it was actually labeled as such instead of "UserCP home"


FORUM INDEX is alright, but then again the banner ALSO links to the forum index so it's a bit redundant.

Apparently "Settings" takes me to the User CP Home. Can we just have it labeled as that?

Not sure how I feel about the search function. It has a LOT of whitespace, the borders are all wonky in the by username field, Sorting options and Display options are ALMOST the same thing and wasting two big headers on just those little things seems dummb. Search in Forum(s) has a bunch of whitespace we can't get rid of unless we fix the other few first apparently, and all the text and conditions are in total lowercase.

The memberlist shows avatars. Just, just please don't. A lot of them will probably be animated and they REALLY stretch the field.

Could you do away with those uh, that alphabet lesson up top, and replace the pages 1 trough 5 with [Aardvark -> ChipCheeze] [ChipCheezz -> GrahamBell] or something? Would be a lot more practical.

Or maybe just a sort function where you can list users on something other than the time they joined. That would also help. Maybe also drop the USERS ONLINE thing from the top menu and add an online/offline toggle to this field instead.

The help field seems pretty standardised and obtuse. I'd say goodbye to it.

Oh, but there will be more. This is just part one of my post and I'm throwing it on there regardless because I don't trust save as draft no matter how much free candy it promises.

(this post was made with advanced reply and quick edit)
I marked all forums as read at the bottom of the main page, since apparently all posts between first forum update and current move to mybb became unread again. However, reading all threads, so to say, did not debold the thread titles in the latest post in latest thread previews at the end of each forum, and now I'm starting to doubt they'll ever be.

I made a TEST THREAD where I finnicked around with some new things, and the poll results thing is a bit wonky: the option with the most votes gets the end bit of its bar cut off. The poll creation page is a bit zany too, but I listed those complaints in the thread and I am just a lazy son of bitch.

I'm sure my warning level is like an amount of minor infractions or something, but when I click on it for further details it drops me in the usercp main page. Real helpful, huh?
I also meant to complain about the new posts thing in a thread looking dumb, but I think that's about it really.
quidquid Latine dictum sit altum videtur.
"(this post was made with advanced reply and quick edit)" - This looks like something that could stand to be removed or at least made less intrusive. Edit: Or did you guys stick those in yourselves? There's nothing when I edit.

And huh, it looks like there's no way to go from a quick edit to a full edit while keeping the changes you've already made. I have a hunch there's no easy way to fix that board-side, though.

Edit: So I just realized that a side effect of the above is that you can't preview a quick edit conveniently. That's annoying.
we put that in ourselves, just to fuck with you
What is the "find" button for below every post? Most importantly, is there any reason to have it?
[Image: iqVkAVO.gif]
It does a search for all of that user's posts, Schazer already brought it up as something to possibly remove.
Apparently, according to my extensive testing, a lot of tags don't nest correctly. For instance,

quidquid Latine dictum sit altum videtur.
Ooh could find take you to just that user's posts in this thread? That's a useful feature.
(12-26-2011, 12:28 AM)Dragon Fogel Wrote: »It does a search for all of that user's posts, Schazer already brought it up as something to possibly remove.

Oh okay, my bad. Also checking what the "Q+" does, it does nothing, apparently? I also don't like how you automatically get the advanced posting window if you're quoting someone. Maybe someone brought this up already but i can't find it.

[Image: iqVkAVO.gif]
Toggling the Q on multiple posts and then quoting any one of them quotes all the posts at once for you.
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Okay well that's not a useless feature then i guess


I'll just leave this to you forum-savvy people
[Image: iqVkAVO.gif]
I just found out that all the query windows and error messages (Post Quick Reply with nothing in your message, making a list...) have the text in English but the buttons, probably left standard, default to your computer's language. So I get this:
[Image: bL7n]

with Annuleren instead of Cancel.

Also, whenever I tell my quick reply to preview the post since there's no better way to get to the advanced editor it gives me a warning that...
[Image: bL8b]
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Superfreq has a point, though it would ruin the need for me to have that post on speed dial
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(12-28-2011, 03:38 PM)Woffles Wrote: »I just found out that all the query windows and error messages (Post Quick Reply with nothing in your message, making a list...) have the text in English but the buttons, probably left standard, default to your computer's language.

Mine's in Spanish and still shows all the text in English. So it's not your computer's language but your browser's.

[Image: iqVkAVO.gif]
huh, alright then. Then I suppose that ain't really something you should bother fixing.
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So, I did a little testing. Posts are restricted to 65535 characters. PMs are not: when I previewed a post with the entirety of The Pointless Adventures of Nopor Puss, it told me that it was something over 150k characters. However, I was able to PM the exact same text to myself with no issues. Not sure if this actually needs to have anything done about it, just noting it for the record.

Also, PMs are set to some restrictions that I presume are defaults for this software; you can only send to five people at a time, and I think you can only have something like 100 total. I think it's a good idea to raise those limits.