Art of Domination Thread 04

Art of Domination Thread 04
RE: Art of Domination Thread 04
-First we need to neutralize the hotel district. Either with Enderfist strike or a freeze bomb, whichever but it need to be dealt with. Not only will end one hell of a Damocles sword but it will also let us redeploy the SIDs, the mechs and Iginatus.

-I'm okay with booby trapping the recycling facility but maybe we should keep collapse as the last ressort.
I think we might actualy be able to hold it intact if we send reinforcements. Let's send two bataillons by portal. If we can equip them with flame grenades and maybe some stationary havy weaponto fortify the place, all the batter. And all remaining sonic mech by skyshadow (they won't do much good a HQ if the blink tanks return at this point)
If it fails then we have our soldiers evacuate and we collapse our booby traps.

-We can send Ignatus to sweep the university, alonside our phantom knigts with phantom repeaters and Grenda.

-Send the sonic mechs that were into the hotel district to cordon the stadium whileour Reaver start napalm bombing the place. If the fire gets out of hand and/or isn't enough then we can drop a few freeze bombs on the place (maybe not a full voley but enough o quell the fire)

We keep the last volley of freeze bomb in reserve for now to be used on the Stadium, Prison or kept for Region 1 depending on how things devellop
RE: Art of Domination Thread 04
Hello everyone, making this post to let you all know the next update is pretty long, so don't worry, I'm still working on the next installment. It'll likely be done by 20th May 2018. Thank you all for sticking around!

RE: Art of Domination Thread 04
(04-10-2018, 09:38 AM)LoverIan Wrote: »>Cadrow Stadium & Hotel District

>Tell Ignatius to prioritize the University, and that he is valid.

>Set up the explosive charges on the Recycling Center, draw in as many of the enemy as possible, evacuate the surrounding buildings. Then Enderfist Strike it and the prison (if we can assume the prison is a lost cause).

>Alternatively if we can use stealth to organize a prisoner evacuation, said Enderfist strike could be made without civilian casualties

The Deathman drops the Freezer bombs onto the Stadium and the Hotel District. Both civilians and soldiers cheer at the sight of the Pretender worms and Bodyjackers stopping in their tracks!

Grenda, Hawkeyes, Ignatius, Talbat and the Usurper Knights move to the University, formulating a plan on their way there. Meanwhile, all Regular Army battalions assigned to Cadrow move to the Recycling Center to entrench themselves and place charges.

At the Cadrow City Prison, the enemy soldiers there halt their artillery strikes. You listen in on their radio chatter:

???: Centricom, enemy has new assets in play. Some sort of orbital artillery, and it’s not darangium.

Centricom: Confirmed, Striker-5. Our sky-scanners report confirmation of an unknown enemy starship.

Striker-5: We’re not going to be much use if that thing fires again. Extraction requested.

Centricom: Understood, battlefield situation outside acceptable parameters. It’s fine Striker-5, you’ve already done enough damage to the enemy today. Activate your portal beacon and return home.

The enemy soldiers activate the portal beacons attached to their backs, and leave before any of your troops could capture them.

Ghulls: Vora, the prison is clear of hostiles.

You: Order a SID cluster to make sure, and destroy the shells with Pretenders inside. I am not taking any chances.

Ghulls: Will do!

Suddenly, you get a message from Rainhar!

Rainhar: VORAAAAAA!!!!

You: Rainhar, where-

Rainhar: DEATHMAN IS MY SHIP! HOW DARE YOU- Nah, just kidding. Smart use of the Freezer bombs-


Rainhar: Oh, right! So remember one of the databoxes we got when we rescued Feathers and Francoise from Region 1? One of them mentioned an AI called ‘Monash’. I found him!

On the viewscreen, you see Rainhar riding a hovering tank among many other tanks, as well as soldiers from the Cyberwarfare Division accompanying him.

[Image: vVAoS41.jpg]

Monash: Greetings, Commander Vorador. I am Monash. Confirm: You are enemy of Robert North?

You: Indeed I am, Monash.

Monash: Delightful. I have been sleeping for so long, but thanks to your comrade and his assistants, my tanks are fit to fight. I have 20 tanks networked together under my control.

You: What are your capabilities?

Monash: I can react faster than any human or saramis soldier. As soon as I see a threat I will already be taking action before they can pull a trigger. The hover-pods attached to my bodies allow all-terrain traversal, and my missile launchers retain near-perfect accuracy regardless of weather conditions. Each body under my command holds a synchronized copy of my mind, so as long as one body remains I will be able to continue the fight. I am ideal for escort missions and shock assaults on enemy supply lines.

Rainhar: And since he’s completely inorganic, he’s immune to psychic attacks too. He’d be perfect for shooting the crap out of anything that’s got mind control powers.

Monash: I am eager to fight. We are 3 minutes away from Cadrow City.

You: Provide assistance to my troops holding the Recycling Facility. A horde of monsters are coming for them.

Monash: I hear and obey!

HQ calls you up.

HQ: Commander, we have confirmation that the Blink Tanks have been neutralized.

You: Are you sure?

HQ: Yes ma’am. Scanners indicate they, uh, merged with the ground, about 3 meters below our feet.

Feathers: They took a risk trying to get past our defenses and teleport as far away behind the frontline as they could. Seems they were trying to skip some very vital calculations.

Lagantis: We should get to work and dig them out. No matter how damaged they are, we should learn all we can about their ‘blink’ tech.

You: Agreed. Are Harix and Malco okay?

Lagantis: They’re a little rattled and tuckered out. Both of them collapsed and fell asleep as soon as we got word that the Blink tanks were neutralized. They dodged more than a handful of that explosive goo. Three close calls, Vora, and neither of us could have saved them if they took a direct hit. No wonder they’re exhausted. I thought with them being far back would have kept them from harm, but those tanks don’t shoot in a straight line. I’m sorry, Vora. I know I said I’d keep them safe.

You: You did what you could, and both our boys are still unhurt. There’s no need to apologize.

Lagantis: Mmm. Can’t help but reflect on how both of us might be feeling if our boys got caught in the blasts.

You: Instead I’ll have to reflect on the fact we lost hundreds of troops already, and the day is still not done.

Lagantis: True.

Another call from Cadrow.

Grenda: Vora, we’re clearing out the University but it’s really, really infested. Hawkeyes got a good idea though.

Hawkeyes: We’re going to the Chemistry Department. There should be a lot of poisonous chemicals we could use. With any luck, I can whip up some gas that’ll poison the hell out of these Pretenders. The Usurper Knights and Super-Iggy here have been REALLY helpful so far, if it weren’t for them we’d have to go even slower.

Ignatius: Fortunately, there are no soldiers among the enemy, only abominations. They’re capable of hiding and ambush, but they are not clever enough to ignore our feints. My rats are doing a good job of baiting them out into the open.

Ghulls: Vora, call from the troops over at the Recycling Facility.

Lt. : Commander Vora, Commander Rainhar has just arrived with a platoon of automated tanks!

Rainhar: Monash, can you thin the herd before they reach here?

Monash: Absolutely. I can shoot at them from both left and right.

Monash splits his tanks into two groups, and attack the approaching horde in a pincer attack. While he fails to eliminate every single one, more than a quarter have been eliminated by the time they reach the killzone.


Rainhar decides not to stay, and takes a portal trip right back into the Deathman’s bridge.

Rainhar: I am never going to get tired of this portal tech.

You: Rainhar.

Rainhar: Yes?

You: You could have told me about your plan to retrieve Monash.

Rainhar: I could, but… okay. Here’s the thing. Monash’s tanks were kept in garages hidden around Region 3. Their plan was that if Monash was to re-awaken, they’d release computer virus that would penetrate his network and take control of him. The end goal was to have Monash work as a mole, gathering and sending intel to them while looking like he was under our command. I brought the CWS because I knew they could give him a proper anti-virus package. I didn’t tell you any of this because I didn’t want to risk the enemy hearing about this and doing something before we could finish installing the software.

You: Okay, I suppose that was the prudent thing to do. You could have left me a vague note, though. Just, I don’t know, something that said “I’m doing something very important, check back later.”

Rainhar: Well, next time I disappear you’ll just have to assume I’m doing very important work.

You: Or enjoying porn.

Rainhar: Okay, gotta admit that’s equally likely.

Your forces on the ground perform admirably as the day goes on, and after three long hours of shooting and yelling Cadrow is finally declared safe.

It looks like today’s battle has finally ended. Ghulls brings up information on your screen.

Soldiers killed in action: 812
All casualty counts re-assigned to Battalion 1 for ease of management

Soldiers gravely wounded: 120

Civilian lives lost: 10,030

Civilians gravely wounded: 62

Cadrow City Status: Cleared of Hostiles.

Notes from Cadrow City Guards:

Commander, today was a nightmare, but we thank you for quickly evacuating as many civilians as you could using your portals and aircraft. We also want to thank you for using those Freezing Bombs. After the ice thawed, most of the buildings remained functional.

We could have completely lost this city. If it wasn’t for your soldiers and your tech, Cadrow would have been overrun with worms and crab-people.

At Commander Rainhar’s command, we’ve been letting people know exactly what the enemy soldiers were doing, along with recordings of their radio chatter. We’ve let the public know just what kind of callous bastards we’re up against. We even shared bits of footage of Pretender worms taking over people, after getting the go-ahead to do so from their kin.

There have been a few contrarians here and there, but the CWS have been vigilant and diligent when it comes to debunking false claims about what happened in Cadrow.

Students at the university have started organizing memorial services for people lost in the battle. Citizens in other cities have agreed to make a formal request that you open a way for locals to directly donate to the cause of fighting Robert North, which we’ve all taken to calling the ‘Fake President’. The REAL president, Ignatius Smith himself has been busy making sure every nook and cranny is safe, with the use of his rats.

The Battle of Cadrow’s turned into a real wake-up call for us, Commander. Surveys in Regions 3 and 4 indicate that 78% want us to be more pro-active in fighting the enemy. They want the full might of the Saramis Alliance to invade across the sea and attack Region 1.

We’ll leave the planning to you, Commander. You got civilian support, the pendulum’s swinging back in the other direction.


Ghulls: Vora, We got a message from Cadrow University. Here it is in full:


Dr. Hans Kreuz,
Lecturer at Cadrow University, Department of Physics

Commander Vorador Mortanius, after your rescue of our institution, I am compelled to share with you information that may assist you in your cause. Prior to the attack, we were testing a new kind of shield generator that was able to protect its wearer from organic matter as well as metallic matter. As you know, current shield technology only repels metallic objects but useless against claws, fangs and the like.

We hypothesized that by attaching a sensor to detect incoming objects, a computer for decision-making and a spectrum-shifter module, we can actually build a shield generator based on current designs that can detect organic objects and change the shield’s repel-spectrum to stop carbon-based matter. Our biggest obstacle right now is that we lack resources to:

1- Replace shield generators if they malfunction, which hampers our ability to run frequent tests.

2- We do not have access to advanced computer technology to serve as the generator’s computer.

We have therefore sent a proposal to the local HQ. Your Research and Development team has deemed the project ‘plausible’, and see potential in this avenue of research. We believe that this device will save your soldiers from surprise attacks by enemy bioweapons.




Spectrum-Shifting Shields
50,000 RP
2 Weeks to complete

When this project is complete, soldiers will be equipped with Shifter Shields, which will protect them from metallic AND organic weapons. For example: If a soldier is attacked by a claw, the shield will absorb the hit and save the soldier from a wound. The only downside to this technology is that it cannot protect the wearer from being shot at and being clawed at simultaneously.

You: This is going to be useful! Why the hell didn’t we come up with this earlier?!

Ghulls just shrugs. He really doesn’t have an answer.

You then get a conference call from Lagantis and Rainhar.

Lagantis: Vora, have you read the report from the City Guards?

You: I have, yes. It sounds like the public wants us to go on the offensive now.

Lagantis: I actually agree with them. What happened today blindsided us, and we got close to losing the Omni-Factory, which would have been one hell of a blow. Every day, our enemy’s getting better at fighting us.

Rainhar: So we need to start hitting them hard, get aggressive. Right now, Regions 3 and 4 are under our control and are giving us enough of a foothold on this planet. As for Region 5, almost everyone who’s been living there has decided to move north into Region 3 after what’s happened at Cadrow as well as the discovery of that Walking Factory thing. They want security, and in return they’ll help us with manpower and resources.

Lagantis: We were already getting locals for combat duty, but now there are also civilians signing up for non-combat roles. Factories in every city under our control are granting us resources and are also offering to build weapons for us.

Rainhar: We got cities offering to build MISSILE LAUNCHERS! Isn’t that wild? They don’t have the expertise to design a proper launchers, but with our engineers and their workforce we can help them set up missile platforms.

You: Wait, wait, wait. Missile platforms?

Rainhar: Yeah! Once we get those built, we can launch missile artillery strikes on enemy bases in Regions 1 and 2 from far away! Supersonic missiles!

You: How long will it take for them to finish building?

Rainhar: It will take 1 week for them to finish one. HQ has designated them as LGMA, Long-Range Global Missile Artillery. Reload time is 10 minutes, but the missile will be able to reach anywhere on the planet, moving at Mach 3. It will take at least 5 minutes for the missiles to reach the target, but the accuracy should be nigh-perfect! The people here weren’t comfortable with the idea of us building these things before, but after that attack on Cadrow? They’re more willing to let us build weapons near their cities.

Lagantis: The missiles themselves can be refitted with napalm, nuclear, or freezer warheads in under a minute, in case the situation on the field changes. So, what do you think?

You: I think this is a great idea. Makes me wish we had these earlier!

Lagantis: Heh, same here. Now, time to make plans. We’ve won today’s battle, but we need to strike the enemy before they send another fleet of transports into our territory. There’s no doubt in my mind that they’re assessing their mistakes, and the next round they’ll have a better plan. Something about them has changed, all right.

Feathers: If I may interrupt… the recent speech made by a person who claimed to be Robert North indicates that a very different intelligence has taken over.

You: How so, Feathers?

Feathers: It has been bothering me and Francoise for quite some time. The voice is correct, but the manner of speech and tone were different. We suspect that an Author might have actually taken control of his body now.

Rainhar: So we now got a for-real Author in the driver’s seat?

Feathers: That appears to be the case. They may have determined that the original Robert North has become a liability, and seek to take more direct action in steering their so-called ‘story’.

Lagantis: The Magnum Opus.

Feathers: Yes. The thing that they wish to create in the hopes of attracting the attention of an Audience.

Lagan remembers something and takes a moment before he speaks.

Lagantis: You know… back on Homeworld, I met a time traveler. They had a message for me.

You: What kind of message, Lagan?

Lagantis: The message was basically: ‘Save Koda Serivi’. Sure enough, her life was in danger and I rescued her.

Rainhar: Wait, wait WAIT. A TIME TRAVELER told you to rescue her???

Lagantis: They said they were violating causality, so I’m assuming they were from the future. They wanted to stop the Magnum Opus. From what I can tell, me rescuing Koda put a wrench into our enemy’s plans.

Feathers: If what you say is true, then we may have actually backed the Authors into a corner, and drove them into taking direct control over their agent.

Rainhar: Am I the ONLY one freaked out that TIME TRAVEL IS REAL?! SOMEONE SENT A MESSAGE INTO THE PAST AND SUCCEEDED? Lagan! What else did they say???

Lagantis: I wrote down the message after committing it to memory, just in case. Here.

(Time Traveler’s Message. NOTE: Critical Importance)

this message is a violation of causality

we are broadcasting from the final page of the magnum opus

we are violating causality to destroy the magnum opus

we cannot transmit physical form

save koda serivi

save koda serivi

save koda serivi

this message is a violation of causality

we are broadcasting from the final page of the magnum opus


Lagantis: There wasn’t anything else to it, and I’m taking the fact that I haven’t seen it again as a good sign that we’re heading in the right direction.

Rainhar: Huh. Okay, that sort of makes sense. If we were fucking up I’d imagine we’d be seeing more angry messages from the future.

You: Lagan, this is probably not that important, but what did the time traveler look like?

Lagantis: Like a big, angular spaceship with arms.

You: Doesn’t sound like any species I’ve heard of.

Lagantis: Yeah. For all we know they could actually from a really, REALLY distant future. Maybe they haven’t even evolved yet.

Feathers: This is exciting, but I ask now that we focus on the task at hand. The enemy is now demonstrating greater competence than before. I suggest we formulate a plan to invade Region 2.

Rainhar: Why Region 2? We should go straight for the enemy’s leadership!

Feathers: The latest recon runs from Seeker drones indicate that Region 2 is building up airbases and transports as we speak. If we ignore that and head for Region 1 immediately, we risk another assault on our civilian populations.

Rainhar: I see your point, but I’d argue that if we strike Centricom hard and fast enough, that won’t matter. We’d have taken out their brains.

Lagantis: Rainhar, you’re ignoring the possibility that Region 2 will attack us from the south. If we focus all our efforts into Region 1, then 2 will flank our invasion force and we’ll have to fight strong opposition on both sides. And remember: Something in Region 1 is blocking our portals. If we were to attack it, we’d have to accept that the chances of our troops being able to retreat in the event of a catastrophe is small.

Rainhar: Okay, how about we infiltrate Region 1? Send in spies, saboteurs. If we’re going to delay a full-scale invasion, I’d say we should at least poke holes at it.

You: Ghulls, can you bring up the most recent intel we have on Regions 1 and 2? We’re gonna need as much information as possible.

Lagantis: Good idea. Ghulls?

Ghulls: One second… here you are!

You look at the map of Region 1 and 2.

[Image: iIV4UzY.jpg]

Region 1 is still mostly snow, with limited entrances into the underground bases where the bulk of the enemy’s leadership and research reside. There are also heavy anti-air defenses, especially near the base entrances.

From what you can tell, a ground assault is actually the best option here; Region 1 has almost no ground defenses, and with enough troops and vehicular support you can reasonably mount an attack on one of the entrances. The key issue is that you really have no data on how many enemy combatants you’ll have to deal with, and what sort of bioweapons you’ll be facing. Human Spies might be able to infiltrate, but Region 1’s security is extremely tight. All doors have cameras and biometric scanners, so they’d almost certainly detect someone who doesn’t belong there.

One possible weak point is the recently-discovered air vents, meant to supply air into the bases below. They’ve been disguised as random debris, but now your forces can be certain they do exist. Unfortunately, they’re all really small holes, just wide enough for a soldier to go through.

The airbases at Region 1 are still in the early stages of rebuilding their fleet of transports. Seizing these airbases could draw the enemy out from the underground, and when they open the doors, use that opportunity to deliver a devastating strike right through the opening.

As for Region 2: The entire region seems to be loyal to Robert North’s cause. They’ve started referring to their planet as Manava and removed all references to Planet-117.

Intel shows that there are still numerous factories and airbases, all of them busy preparing another attack fleet.

You: Well, we can spend time to make our decision later. I’m seeing a lot more messages waiting for us in the shared inbox. Ghulls?

Ghulls: I’ll patch you through to HQ.

HQ: Commanders, we have new intel regarding Shadow Company, from the R&D team. They’ve finished looking at all the data we have so far.


Designation: Shadow Company

A completely invisible and silent group of entities that transmit radio messages while also capable of moving faster than sound. They cannot be obstructed by any kind of physical matter, but are able to perceive living creatures. Their primary purpose is to report back the number of civilians in a specific building to Centricom by sending coded messages. These entities can be tracked by their constant broadcasts.

Of particular note is the fact that these radio signals were being relayed by other members of the Shadow Company who were in position outside of Cadrow. It’s possible they were already waiting there before the attack on the city

Currently, the only countermeasure we have against Shadow Company is to jam all radio frequencies in the area. Jamming a specific frequency only causes the Shadow Company to switch to another frequency. Unfortunately, the Organic Radios we have will be affected by this. Denying the Shadow Company their usefulness also means hampering our soldiers’ communications.

We found a piece of their transmission that was unlike the rest. It appears to be a message to a specific member of the enemy’s Centicom. Here is a transcript:

Quote:Shadow Company. Request. Inquiry. Superior Designation Golden Falcon.

Centricom Golden Falcon. Receive. Direction and distance. Confirmed.

Zero. Zero. Zero. Disengage. Cognitive restored.

Centricom, our feet are tired. We haven’t slept in four days. When’s the next rotation?

Rotation in 12. Understood. Thank you.

One. One. One. Engaged. Cognitive. On hold.

Shadow Company. Duty resuming.

This suggests that whatever Shadow Company are, they’re actually conscious but somehow have to ‘switch’ their personalities to continue doing their work. They might be former humans who were transformed into these invisible scouts, but this is unconfirmed. This also suggests that they can experience fatigue. Maybe we could develop a device that would cause them to become exhausted, but since we don’t understand how they move around, or why their physical bodies can phase through objects, we won’t be able to work on it until we get more hard data.


Lagantis: Is there any way for us to know for sure that the Shadow Company isn’t at HQ, just looking through our base?

You: Not unless they start making calls.

Lagantis: Ugh.

Ghulls: HQ also picked up another radio broadcast during the battle.


R&D Notes:
Intercepted radio broadcast, dubbed “Long Scream”

This was broadcasted during the entire battle at Cadrow, from the moment the transports landed to the time when the last Pretender was killed. We called it “Long Scream” because it sounded like a very slow, extended scream of a masculine voice. Were enemy soldiers being influenced by it somehow? Testing on human subjects showed no change in behavior. Perhaps the enemy soldiers have been conditioned to respond to it, but we cannot identify what purpose it serves, if at all. Data indicates it was being broadcast from Region 1.


You: So there’s just… one really long scream.

Ghulls: Yeah.

You: And we have no idea why it was broadcast, or if there’s even actually a reason for it. Great. More wood for my paranoia fires.

Lagantis: This entire campaign is going to be one hell of an entry in the history books.

Rainhar: Honestly, General, I’d be amazed if our future descendants don’t write this whole thing off as ‘that era when everybody was REALLY high on drugs and wrote nonsense in their records’.

Ghulls: Speaking of which…

Rainhar: What, there’s MORE?

Ghulls: We were able to recover the bodies of enemy soldiers at the Cadrow City prison as well as the disabled Blink Tanks near HQ. One of them was apparently an officer of some kind, and he was carrying a piece of sensitive information on a portable computer. It was in an encrypted folder marked ‘Future’, and according to its logs, it was for emails about notifications of future plans. Only one email is allowed to be archived, though, and when a new email is sent, the archived data is automatically scrubbed. Here’s what the CWS found:


From: Centricom
To: All Officers Above Captain

Subject: Psionic Weapon - ’To Serve Man’

Psionics Division are now in the final testing phase of ‘To Serve Man’, hereby referred to as TSM-09 in the rest of this message.

The concept of TSM-09 is to make our propaganda a reality: It is a digital message that makes saramis crave for human flesh. It is to be delivered via double agents who will join the enemy’s militia, who will then implant the message in their networks. They will not be able to detect it, as the file looks exactly the same like any other mundane piece of data to software. Only organic life-forms can see any kind of difference, as digital intelligences and non-sentient software are unable to perceive it.

Other agents in the field will also spread this digital message on the internet, as there is a very good chance the enemy will see it by accident.

As of this writing, TSM-09 only has a minor effect on humans. Human beings exposed to it will feel sudden urges to commit cannibalism, but it will subside. This effect is much more powerful on saramis individuals, and the effect is irreversible without the use of surgery. Psionics Division heads are debating whether they should start adding display monitors on our vehicles and soldiers to infect saramis soldiers in combat. On one hand, it might motivate saramis soldiers to be more aggressive (hunting ‘prey’), on the other hand it might cause catastrophic loss of cohesion with their human units, as our simulations indicate that the saramis troops will immediately try to eat human infantry closest to them.

Data indicates 100% success rate; when a saramis sees the image, they will feel intense hunger that can only be satiated by eating human flesh, and their thoughts will be completely taken over by obsessions about hunting and eating humans. Currently, we see the biggest flaw with this weapon is that it only affects saramis inhabiting our planet, as its effects cannot go into outer space. We intend to amplify the Mind making this effect, so that we can throw the enemy into complete chaos.


Lagantis: Vora. The TSM-09? Priority one. We have to nip this thing in the bud.

You: I agree. Ghulls, dedicate a Human Battalion to monitoring our networks for any sign of this… ‘To Serve Man’ file.

Rainhar: So… anybody feeling like having a human over for dinner?

Lagantis: NOT FUNNY, BOY.

You know a joke is awful when even Lagan says it’s bad. Rainhar just chuckles.

Ghulls: We also got a notification from R&D about the, uh, ‘batteries’ they found in the Polluted, the creatures that come from those killed by the radiation at the Author Nadir’s tomb.


Technology discovered: Emulated-Polluted Batteries

Study of the anatomy of a Polluted revealed that they were powered by glowing green sphere. They were organic in nature, but some of the elements inside them are unknown to us and believed to be created in a universe with different physical laws. Author-based technology seems reliant on ‘cheating’ by crafting their devices outside of our cosmos, and then ‘tricking’ our universe into accepting them in existence. These batteries are no different; by rights, they should just be completely inert, and yet here they are, providing immense electrical energy.

At first, we were going to create batteries that emulated their nature as best as we could with contemporary technology, resulting in a product that would perform with 20% efficiency, but the introduction of the Author’s Forge changed it to 80%. After proper study of the manufacturing techniques utilized by the Author’s Forge, we can now create very close replicas of the energy source used by the Polluted.

What the Emulated-Polluted Batteries (EPB) can do is provide the same amount of energy once can find in a typical yellow dwarf star. The immense power stored within is regulated via empathic thought; the EPB is capable of reading the thoughts of a carbon-based organism within its vicinity and regulate it according to the user’s needs. This means that there is no need for any kind of control mechanism other than thought. The EPB is completely unaffected by any kind of EMP attack.

With proper training, our forces in the field can use the EPB to power weapons like laser rifles and vehicles. The only real flaw to this is that it requires a person to control and guide whatever technology that requires the EPB to function.

We have added two proposals:

[b]Empathic Laser Rifles (ELR-1)

1,000 RP
Development time: 6 days

Powered by Emulated-Polluted Batteries, the ELR-1 is a laser rifle capable of not only operating for centuries, but allows total control for infantry with regards to the laser beam’s intensity. It is lighter and more compact than our current laser rifle designs, but offers the same level of firepower and range. ELR-1s are also immune to EMP attacks. Soldiers equipped with ELR-1 will never need a recharge and can deliver more firepower, able to fire laser beams constantly.

Hover Cannon Platform (HCP-1)
30,000 RP
Development time: 9 days

An aircraft that never needs to land, as long as at least one pilot can stay conscious. The HCP-1 is a floating defense platform, equipped with a laser cannon and crewed by two people. The HCP-1 can perform long range strikes by firing laser beams from high up in the sky, far enough to be invisible to the naked eye. This air unit includes a cockpit supplied with food, water, oxygen and also equipped with a toilet. Essentially, this is a flying watchtower that can evade incoming attacks. Food and other necessities for the pilots can be sent via drone, and if necessary the pilots can change shifts with a new team.


You: Whoa. I can see having a lot of use for that hovering platform. The ELR-1, I’m not so sure… but at least it isn’t that expensive.

Ghulls: Incoming message from Grenda.

You: I’m getting a lot of messages today, huh.

Grenda: Commander, I have good news. Very good news. After six hundred and twenty-eight messages from me requesting assistance, the Human Federation has decided to send us help!

You: Really? That’s great! What are they sending?

Grenda: They’re sending us a Swiftback and Disaster Mechs. I am sending you the files related to them now.


Role: Assassin, Shock Unit

Swiftbacks are genetically-engineered shapeshifters, shapeshifters that can alter even their skeleton. They are highly intelligent, focused and capable of attacking even if all that remains is a limb, as they can grow extra sensory organs on any part of their bodies.

Swiftbacks are able to mimic human DNA and another person’s fingerprints, rendering current biometric technology unable to detect them. The only way to identify a Swiftback is to remove a body part, because any body part that has been severed will behave independently of the main body (though it will only be hostile to those already categorized as targets by the mission-giver).

These assassins are also capable of absorbing another human being’s brain to harvest it for memories, allowing them to fool their targets into danger. They will also know everything their victim knew, even the deepest secrets. In open combat, Swiftbacks can use their shapeshifting abilities as camouflage, hiding in plain sight until they find an opportunity to ambush the enemy. They can also disguise themselves as enemy troops, infiltrate past enemy lines and relay information or assassinate enemy officers.

Information regarding the creation of a Swiftback is a closely-guarded secret, and only leaders of the Human Federation or scientists working on the Swiftback Project may know about this. Any attempt to dissect or analyze the Swiftback’s body will be regarded as a betrayal of trust.

The Swiftback we are sending you is designated ‘Carpenter AN92-Q’. Carpenter will obey your every command, with the sole exception of allowing you access to information behind their creation.


Lagantis: Never in my life would I ever expect to have a Swiftback under our command. Vora, this is the equivalent of them sending us a superweapon. Swiftbacks can look like ANYTHING, as long as it’s got the same volume as an adult human. They can sneak into enemy strongholds with ease.

[b]You: We’ll definitely put Carpenter to good use. Though we already have Human Spies, a Swiftback would be even harder for the enemy to sniff out. Thank you, Grenda

You read the second file Grenda has sent you.



Role: Frontline Assault
Crew: 1
90 tons

The Disaster Mech is a bipedal robot meant for long engagements on the front lines. The mech comes equipped with the following weapons:

- Eldridge Rocket Barrager: Launches 600 missiles from up to 1km away, each missile can be designated a unique target.

- Army Delayer Cannon: Using top-secret technology, the ADC halves the movement speed of anything that gets hit by its projectile. Best used against vehicles.

- Trumpeter Gatling Cannon: Dedicated anti-infantry weapon, the gatling cannon also creates noise loud enough to destroy nearby eardrums and other auditory sensory organs within 100 metres.

- Roosevelt Flamethrower: Shoots flames that reach up to 600 degrees Celsius in a wide arc in front of the mech.

Intended to counter ‘human wave’ attacks, the Disaster Mech is heavily-armored in the front and loaded with shield generators to give it enhanced durability on the front lines. Each limb comes with a self-repairing module, fitted with drones and spare parts in the rear segments. The mech’s back also has jetpacks, giving it the ability to outflank any enemy unit that gets close by jumping right over them and then turning before landing. A skilled pilot can use the jetpack to land on top of an enemy vehicle to destroy it with the mech’s sheer weight.

A common tactic is to use the ADC to slow enemy movement before firing all other weapons. The ADC’s projectile is fast enough to take out land vehicles, but cannot guarantee a hit on supersonic aircraft. Please note that the Disaster Mech’s armor is very weak in the rear, so it should be accompanied by other units to secure its flanks.

Also note: Do not use the Disaster Mech in heavily-populated civilian zones, ESPECIALLY if using the Trumpeter Gatling Cannon as it will cause permanent hearing damage for anyone not wearing ear protection. The deafening nature of this weapon is intentional, as it was meant to disorient infantry and vehicle crews who are susceptible to sound.

This shipment of Disaster Mech comes with training data for use with human and saramis pilots.


2 Disaster Mechs have been added to your arsenal!

Grenda: May our Swiftback and Disaster Mechs serve you well, Commander. Now, a time for nap.

You: Thank you again, Grenda.

Grenda: You’re welcome!

Dr. Ushah: Commander, remember Alone? The strange creature we’ve picked up? Extremely weight, no face, communicates only via radio transmissions?

You: How could I forget? What’s the news, doctor?

Dr. Ushah: We’ve fed it the uh, food, Intruder instructed us to make before he died. Alone, as the entity calls itself, is very eager to help, but its time as a captive in the enemy’s hands has… not been healthy for its mind. Here, I have a report you should read.

Entity: Alone
Initial Report by Dr. James Ushah

Alone is an entity from another universe, and from our interviews with it, what we see in our world are merely ‘limbs’ of its actual body. According to Alone, the best analogy is to imagine yourself placing your arms into a pool, with the rest of you still dry.

Alone is impervious to many things we deem dangerous, such as extreme heat, acid, etc. but it can be obstructed by powerful magnetic fields. The enemy kept Alone as a prisoner using their generators, but fortunately never realized that they could CRUSH Alone if they just increased the power, killing it. Instead, they only thought they could limit its movement. Theoretically, a projectile that generated its own magnetic field could actually pulverize Alone if it travelled at sufficient velocity. The enemy’s scientists seemed to have been pre-occupied with finding an element that would be toxic to it, instead of fully exploring all possible ways to harm it with its known weakness.

Fortunately for us, the entity Alone is very co-operative and though initially blinded by rage, understands that it was saved from death due to the efforts of an Author. Despite the language barrier, the entity has proven to be intelligent and creative. It has directed us to locate 30 other limbs, and we’ve gathered them all together. They all behave in perfect synchronicity, just like the Monash AI and hovertanks we found.

It is capable of using telekinesis to manipulate objects of up to 10 kilograms, turning anything lighter than that into a deadly weapon. In an urban environment or any other place filled with junk and debris, Alone would be a devastating force in close-range combat. With its ability to co-ordinate all of its limbs and share information in real time across long distances, it can also serve as a scout for us, performing recon.

Alone is currently granted free reign to float around our HQ. So far, it has shown no sign of hostility to anyone not aligned with Robert North. We have attached radios to its limbs that allow it to communicate to others nearby.


Dr. Ushah: Alone can help us with its ‘limbs’, serving on the frontlines as combatants or as scouts, but strange as it may sound, Alone needs training to be effective as either. It will be about a week before we can send it into the field as a combat-scout.

Lagantis: Incredible. We now have an extradimensional ghost-monster working for us.

You: Ghulls, are there any more messages for me?

Ghulls: Well, there is one more. It’s from Homeworld.

From the Saramis Alliance Transitional Government
Madnas Kotoro,
Restoration Councilmember

They wanted me to be formal with this but screw it. Lagan, Vora, you’re on the Restoration Council. The goons in the old High Command ruined everything so everybody voted to start a new government. The two of you have done a lot of great things for our Alliance and we’re trusting you to make the right decisions when it comes to handling our war against the Authors.

Here’s a full list of the Restoration Councilmembers:

- Madnas Kotoro, Military Public Relations
- Silvak Winros, Food Management
- Conora Mastib, Infrastructure Development
- Devind Barhah, Culture and Entertainment
- Lagantis Primevex, Strategic Director
- Vorador Mortanius, Arms Manufacturing
- Koda Serivi, Science and Technology
- Jerry Bogota, Foreign Affairs
- Hythen Morrz, Trade and Finances

We’re sending different briefings for each member on what they’re supposed to do. Lagan and Vora, the two of you are at the ‘front lines’ of this conflict, so to speak, so we decided to let you handle how best to protect our nation.

Also, Lagan, you might have noticed that it looks like we have way more colonies than you thought. Turns out the old High Command was keeping a LOT of secrets from us. They had secret offworld colonies that they created for social engineering experiments. We’re working on ‘de-programming’ them.


Lagan: Wish they talked to us first before putting us on the council.

You: On the bright side, it looks like we’re going to get a lot more access to resources for our fight here!

You look at the list of options the Restoration Council has sent you with regards to prioritization of arms manufacturing. One week is required for all the new changes to be completely implemented across the Alliance.

What they ask now is: Which one should be implemented first?

Hold The Line

All infantry units will be granted portable cover, freezer grenades and flamethrowers for combat against enemy monster-hordes. Each Regular Army battalion will be given a Digger Drone, able to dig a trench faster than any soldier, meant to impede the advance of enemy creatures.

Seek And Destroy

Seeker Drones will be fitted with a device that launches a tracking beacon. The beacon will stick to whatever surface it hits, allowing friendly units to keep pursuing hostiles. The beacon also acts as a signal for artillery units to home in on. Infantry units will also have beacon launchers, and their dedicated Cyberwarfare Specialists will wear optical devices that lets them scan through walls and get detailed information on enemy forces. The information includes the enemy’s level of fatigue, field of vision, ammunition count, and armor type.

Instant Recovery

Recently-approved medical technology will be deployed to the frontlines. The Armored Mobile Hospital, AMH-01, will be deployed in any large infantry battle. Though slow-moving, the AMH-01is heavily armored and carries a full suite of medical robots that can bring a soldier back from the brink of death within minutes. Any soldier who loses a limb can have it quickly replaced by an organic clone, and get back into the fight in less than ten minutes, depending on the mental state of the soldier.

Members of the Blood Caste will also be inside the AMH-01 to provide maintenance, repairs, and consultation for wounded soldiers. This new initiative will allow soldiers to fight for much longer than ever possible.

Mech Frontier

The Human Federation has shared their technical knowledge on how to build combat mechs that can take massive punishment and dish out high firepower, along with substantial maneuverability. Approving this choice will enable us to build the first Alliance-Federation hybrid-design mech, the Shadowhand.

The Shadowhand mech comes equipped with jetpacks that allow it to easily flank enemy units as well as dodge incoming fire. Its legs and relatively light weight allow the Shadowhand to climb up tall buildings and use them for cover. It comes equipped with two laser cannons, two missile pods, and melee capability using its dextrous legs. In a pinch, the Shadowhand can use its jetpack to immediately clear out a horde using the backblast by doing a jump while surrounded by the enemy.

Sky Supremacy

All aircraft, including drones, will be equipped with point-defense systems to shoot down incoming missiles. They will also be re-fitted with new materials to reduce damage taken from laser-based weaponry. Aerial re-arming and re-fueling drones will be deployed to increase the endurance of air units. Pilots will be given jetpacks to allow them to eject and escape hostile territory in the event they need to abandon their vehicles.

Councilwoman, what is your choice? What new developments should be implemented first? Lagan will make his plans according to what you prioritize here, so don’t worry about your choice becoming incompatible with Lagan’s ideas.


Units available:

RE: Art of Domination Thread 04
Man, I hadn't even considered the fact that the enemy might not realize we were limited to two strikes. Which suggests Shadow Company wasn't able to listen in on that conversation - I guess because it was between ships and didn't affect the ground forces?

So this worked out better than expected and we have a lot of new toys to play with.

First off, we need to research Poisonbane so we can better defend against another Pretender attack. Casualties would have been way lower here if we had that ready and distributed to the populace.

Second, we should probably start separating our Human and Saramis combat units. If the closest human is the enemy, TSM is more of a risk for them. Obviously a hard counter would be better, but they're clearly reluctant to scare us.

Third, we need to get some kind of popular opinion foothold in Region 2. It won't be easy, but we need all the help we can get. Is there any way we can broadcast footage of the battle over there, or testimony from the people? Obviously the enemy will say "it's fake", but some people will be convinced and that's a starting point.

Heck, even that 5% that supports us now could do a lot of good if we can help them organize themselves into an actual resistance.

No particular thoughts on the new options yet, I haven't really thought through any of the possibilities they open up.
RE: Art of Domination Thread 04
Of the Arsenal Options, I think Instant Recovery and Sky Supremacy are both equally good and the best short-term options. I think I personally lean more towards IR, since we are a more infantry-based fighting force at the moment and reducing casualties means that we spend less resources replenishing our troops in the future.

Having said that, I fucking love Mechs and Mecha, so... Mech Frontier is useful... especially because it could further expand our options by being another platform on to which we can mount other weapons. For example, a Mech that utilizes an EPB and possesses lasers and dual Spectrum-Shifting Shields (since an EPB can act based on thought, it may be possible to layer shielding) would be fairly difficult to assault. Especially if we designed the chassis to be psionic-resistant. There is so much possibility with Mech Frontier that will pay off later that I almost want to get it early for the investment.

Ultimately, there is a lot to discuss and think about... so I don't expect this to be my only comment... since there is a lot to process still.
RE: Art of Domination Thread 04
Okay lots to take in there

1) Next target Region 1 or 2 ?

Both. Retaliation expdition in Region 2, invason in region

If we ignore Region 1 long enough to fuly secure Region 2 it'll give them that more time to devellop it's super weapons. Project skyhive and Magnet tanks can't be that far from completion among others.
If we launch a ground invasion in Region 1 without doing aything about Region 2 we'll find ourselves with another invasion either in Regions 3/4 or taking our invasion force in Number 1 in a pincer.

We need to send troops to Region 2 first but not to take it. Instead to, neutralize and smash as much of Region 2 production facilties as we can. Region 2 also contains many of the server farms of the enemy so maybe that'll cripple project 'To Serve Man' if we can do enough damage. It doesn't matter if they officialy still hold iR2 by the end, whay mattesr is that they can't send another army at us while we go secure beachhead on region 1.

With that done, the pressure of having an invasion right on their ground should slow down R&D in Region 1 while we can send some of our new toys smash things in Region 2 again, just to be sure.


Can we make more bodies for it ?
Important to now.

Usefull for escort and an schock assault, uh ? Perfect because we'll have plenty of the later to do.

For example those two airstrips in region 1 are just beging for a little hit and run visit.

3) Public support.

Good. Expected but still good.
Knew at least trying to defend Cadrow was the right decision.
It was costly, yes, for the first time we nearly lost an entire bataillon but the loss of support and complete panic we'd have suffered if we had not even tried would have been much worse.
And here since we suceeded we'll even get some rewards. We'll see how usefull these will be.

4) Dual phase shield

.. While very impressive, can't help bu feel it's honnestly not that great. Sue i would hlp the survivbility of our toops but Iif the monsters can get anywhere near our troops to be able to claw them in the first place while we have more than modern rifles and frekin' laser weapons we're doing something darn wrong.
Also expensive as hell to devellop

5)Magnum Opus and Time taveller

Well we already knew about that.
Can't help but feel that if the author have really overode North, then they are getting desesperate. Ironicaly the moe they intervenne, the lousier their 'storry' must seem to an audiene when you think about it. No one like an author filibustier.


Nice. Both applications might be usefull

A) Even the empathic lasers. It's cheap and laser that can 'operate for centuries' and be used jsut as much as weapon than a tool of precision is tempting.
So yeah;, I'm prett sure wehv at least a thousnr Rp lft, we can star ressearching this imedialety.

B) The canon patforms mean a new weapon plaform alway's good. Could be greatbut givent the price, it ain't for now.

7)Swiftback and Disaster mechs.

Both are amazing weapons..but sadly somewhat made less usefull by the fact that there's so few of them and therefore they can only do so much at once.

The swiftback is not going to be too useful as an assassin right now as really the way our enemy is orgabised, we don't really haveany goo specific targetfor to strike. (I mean Robert North, I guess but we hae no idea where he could be.)

However if it can fool biometrics, it could be the foot in the door for our spies we need in Region 1

Or maybe keep it in reserve as a counter to 'Max' (he's going to cme back ou of the wodwork one of these day)

B) Disaster mechs:
The disater mechs are great, nicely versatile. Only two of them will not change the corseof a sinle battle but used in conjontion with other units.

As I said with Monash, those two arstrips look very hittable and can definitvely see these two mechs as firepowers while Monsh escort them to guard their flank and back. Add some of our other fast shock troops like shadow ops in Swealah vehicle, void spheres some sonic swatters and Grenda and some sonich swatter to destroy buildngs and I thin w could get a pretty devastating raid to eliminate the enemy air force before it even went off the ground.

8) New Saramis governement

Thing are spirraling out of control fast but that was to be expected.

If we are going to be invding Region 1 on foot, "Hold the line" seems the best choice as it multiply our infantry forces wrth gaans Smith abomnation.

"Instant Recovery" is a close second but we'll need to have our the mobile hospitals escorted

"Mech frontier'" look interesting but unless Region 1 changed, it's still a big flat terran where those building climbing mechs won't do use much good a main tank wouldn't.

"Sky Supremacy" I would have voted for with both hands in he air about a week in game ago but now, it's not as useful as it once was, same with Seek and destroy.
RE: Art of Domination Thread 04
coughRegarding "To Serve Man", would creation of synthetic human flesh be possible? Assuming we fail to prevent the project, it would be much preferred for afflicted to go for a synthetic substitute over the real deal. Hardly a long-term solution, (nevermind the PR damage) but hopefully it would serve a sufficient stopgap until a cure/counter can be devised. Ideally it would be laced with sedatives to suppress the hunting instinct, but that may have to be reserved for soldiers we can afford to remove from the field...

Ugh. If it comes to this, we need the synth-flesh process to be heavily documented. Showing that no, the substance isn't made from humans in any way shape or form. Everything needs to check out, every question citizens (and the press, especially the press) might ask would have to have a good answer. The situation would be a PR nightmare no matter what we do, but some pre-emptive damage control would go a good ways here. Plus if we found a cure, we might be able to spin the whole incident to have better PR than before the mess.

Regardless, preventive measures would be much preferred. To this end, having our A.I.'s spend some time on determining what things they can't detect would help. Perhaps have them test to see what the other A.I. miss?...
...Actually, rereading it I wonder. Would the creation of a biological computer be doable with what we know? It sounds like such a thing may be capable of detecting this file, giving us a tool to hunt down and destroy any copies that may exist.
Quiet. Good for an unusual opinion. Doesn't talk much.
RE: Art of Domination Thread 04
Quote:Regarding "To Serve Man", would creation of synthetic human flesh be possible?

Well even if it wasnt, we know that clone bodies are a thing, used for replacement body part and even with cerebral tranfer to degre (since that's what was used to save the mutilated Sarasmis woman found in Barbarossa) so even brainless pited clones would do.

The main problem tho comes from the fact hat affected Saramis gain an obsesson with 'hunting' as well.

Quote:. Mech Frontier is useful... especially because it could further expand our options by being another platform on to which we can mount other weapons. For example, a Mech that utilizes an EPB and possesses lasers and dual Spectrum-Shifting Shields (since an EPB can act based on thought, it may be possible to layer shielding) would be fairly difficult to assault. Especially if we designed the chassis to be psionic-resistant. There is so much possibility with Mech Frontier that will pay off later that I almost want to get it early for the investment.

The thing is yso far we haven't really been able to do things like that much, tweaking and changing weapons loadout with our units. (except for infantry mostly) Even on already already existing chassis types so far.

I we can switch armement around, maybe add some flammehrower for medium to close range encounters nd some big APB pulse lasers against aircrafts and arore targets. Yeah, that would make the mechs ah hella lot more usefull as frontline units. (especaly in region 2,not so much in regon 1 tho, I fear.)

Although we do already have mech designs with the sonic mehs (okay so they ar more drone mechs than piloted mchs), we could make some new designs on those. Or on our tanks for that matter. The Apb opens the tantalizing options for heavy lasers canon for tanks use.

Oh speaking of sonic mechs and vehicles, none of those were lost in the last attacks ?
RE: Art of Domination Thread 04
>Instant Recovery

>Could we use cryo-artillery on the vent points of Region 1, and back that up with weather machine (rain) usage to make the resulting blockages even more sizable. Gradually choke them out before mounting the strike force.

>Can we get Battalions 30-34 on rotations to patrol Region 5? Have each patron group backed up by a SASAPC-12 and a Sonic Swatter on standby.

>Spec Ops 3 + 6 and Maj Haras' Vanguard run sabotage on Region 2's Seaports, or more specifically the ships in transit to and from them.

>I want us to begin looking at which Factory will be the best target to begin out assault of Region 2. That region is more staunchly in favor of the author administration and is liable to completely self-destruct if defeat seems nigh. As such I want us to be able to use mercenary and saramis forces to completely crush the opposition, with spec ops working to prevent sabotage of the factory where necessary when the time comes.
When we do I want Carpenter infiltrating as middle management or higher. If he can puzzle out the command structure of the factories, their protocols, and even 'evacuate' to a factory we won't be assaulting until later we may be able to plant them into Region 1. Additionally I want Scooby, Michael, and Edita to begin infiltration.
  • MillaTech Slender
  • Solaria Monago & Yonko
  • Aflong Gerund & Popcorn
  • BOTA-4 Crackerbox & Thunderpain
  • Silent Dad + Death Egg & Single Point + Night Owl + Cervantes
  • 2 Volcano Tanks, 8 Sonic Swatters, 10 SASAPC-12's, 5 Battalions,
  • As many drones as deemed necessary by Rainhar
  • All amphibious carriers and submersibles.
  • Skyshadows and air support
Lastly I want Linesman and Kuroda to begin running interference in civilian comms in Region 2. Disseminate anti-propaganda, and expose weaknesses that can be used to collpase the system during our assaults.

>What is our RP at? I'm thinking of Spectrum-Shifting Shields, but the artillery might be better.
>Evaluate who is our best spy for placement in Region 1, and if we might want to have them in the Region 2 group, or have them go with Carpenter for the purpose of being sent to Region 1 as "a promising worker".
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RE: Art of Domination Thread 04
Ecue me but which cryo artillery do you keep talking about ? did I miss smethin ?

Because if you mean the long range missiles (who happen to have crio warheads among others), as far as I understand, they're free (since they are bild and bought entirey with civilian support or almost ?) but they're only built only one at a time, one per week. and we won't have the first one ready till next week at best.

Quote:>What is our RP at? I'm thinking of Spectrum-Shifting Shields, but the artillery might be better.

18 900 RP left.

Here are the details:

We spent 267 900 RP worthof troops first




75 900- 30 000-27 000= 18 900

Yeah, it's not much left from 363,670 RP at the start of the day . My my that was an expensive day.
We bought a lot of troops and the use of the weather machine and building SID on the fly for Cadrow killed what funds had been intend to be left in reserve for research. I sorta take responsability for that
(No regrets, tho, both the SIDS and weather machine did their job great and all those troops we bough before the battle are still standing, leaving us a large reserve for our invasions)

That said:

Quote:4) A donation drive campaign and war bonds will be offered to civilians after this operation. Good thing Vora now has a reputation for fighting atrocities.
Quote:(Sparing the historic stadium will increase civilian financial support to your cause)
Quote:and financial support to your cause will be increased if the hotels remain standing

We have raised the possibility of a civilian finacial suport campaign. So some additional RPs should be comming in in te next days i game. Since you saved both Cadrow hotel district and the Stadium we can expect some bonuses.


I'd jsut lke to remind also that thre ere some reserch options presented before the battle as well.

(01-01-2018, 09:37 AM)Mayu_Zane Wrote: »RESEARCH PROJECTS YOU CAN BEGIN:


Since we're increasigly talking of land inasion of egion 1 and 2 with all their underground facilities and indoor stuff, can'thep but feel th laser urchinsoe improved SIDs looks pretty good and cheap.

And the titanium ally is both a good infantry suport (and a gloomy has said we are a very infantry based force) and a nice field artillery option, we don't have a huge lot of those.
(artillery vehicles with the black hole artillry from the author forge, some heavy balsitics with the needefishes missiles and those long range missiles artillery and of course lots of air support, airstrikes and even orbital bombardement but mortars and light movable artillery options are somewhat lacking)


Aslso last but not least, Rp arent our only resource.

We have 16 Author forge points let from the 400 before the battle. We wer still waiting for 500 more from all the clean up at chaos bed.... And now Cadrow is littered with dead Petenders and bodyjackers on top of it.

How many more author forge points can we expect from that clean up ?
And how long will it take ?
Can we speed the proces ? Maybe send all uor sonich mechsfor a da ? (you may remember we had rudimetary arme intaled on all of them as an upgrade) and a few batallions who earned a borring erepeitive relativly safe task ? Use some civillian auxiliairies ?)
RE: Art of Domination Thread 04
(05-19-2018, 04:17 PM)Arcanuse Wrote: »...Actually, rereading it I wonder. Would the creation of a biological computer be doable with what we know? It sounds like such a thing may be capable of detecting this file, giving us a tool to hunt down and destroy any copies that may exist.

Francoise: The Author’s Forge might be able to create something like that for you, considering its capabilities.

HQ: Commanders? The Author’s Forge just spat something out.

You acquired a Scanning Meatware!

You: What in the world is this?

Francoise: It seems the Author’s Forge is indeed sentient and capable of understanding what we want.

Then you hear the Forge itself speak, not through audio but directly into your mind.

Author’s Forge: Use Scanning Meatware on electronics. Place device on monitor. Tell it to search for ‘To Serve Man’ malware. It cannot destroy malware but your servants can.

You: Well, this is convenient. Thank you.

Author’s Forge: I exist to serve, Commander.

Lagantis: We’ll have to keep that thing attached to our computers in case the enemy keeps trying to insert that mental virus in. Does it need sustenance?

Author’s Forge: One meal per day is enough, General. Meat equal to its size.

Feathers: Is the Author’s Forge speaking?

You explain to the AIs what just happened. It seems non-organics can’t hear what the Author’s Forge is saying. HQ makes a note to write transcripts for your allies’ benefit.

(05-19-2018, 10:59 PM)smuchmuch Wrote: »Oh speaking of sonic mechs and vehicles, none of those were lost in the last attacks ?

The enemy’s creatures were more focused on killing infantry and civilians, and avoided vehicles whenever they saw any.

(05-23-2018, 08:22 AM)LoverIan Wrote: »>Could we use cryo-artillery on the vent points of Region 1, and back that up with weather machine (rain) usage to make the resulting blockages even more sizable. Gradually choke them out before mounting the strike force.

With the help of the Deathman’s Freezer Bombs, yes.

(05-24-2018, 03:34 AM)smuchmuch Wrote: »How many more author forge points can we expect from that clean up ?
And how long will it take ?
Can we speed the proces ?

Considering the sheer number of monsters involved in the attack on Cadrow City, you’ll be looking at about 800 Author’s Signatures. It will take 5 days to completely scrape every nook and cranny for it.

More units aren’t necessary; the city’s inhabitants are already doing the dirty work themselves, eager to get rid of it and turn it into something you can throw back at the enemy.

Next update’s in June 2018. Will be asking about which one to attack: Region 1 or 2? And what’s the strategy for tackling them?
RE: Art of Domination Thread 04
Wait wait wait
Hold the presses here.

Quote:Francoise: It seems the Author’s Forge is indeed sentient and capable of understanding what we want.

That is huge news of its own right.
And I mean strategically so on op f all the implicaton
So far while the author forge could be usefull to create shock troops and specialty units, but ultimately would be a crutch, due to only having a fixed list of production at the diffrence of our omni factory that can recieve new plans and units as research and upgrades march on.

But if it's sentient and can deign new stuffon demand that kiiiiind of changes everything.
I mean I'm not saying our omani factory is not important it' still our main rrop production if just in number alone (cause for as oweful as the thing the uthor fore cn create, they are only but a few of them) but stil it changes thing quite a bit, makes the author forge hella more versatile as an asset.

We should send a team to 'talk' to it and see if it has rules and limits to what it can come up with.

Like could it, uh come with 'scavengers monsters' who could actualy do the whole recupratingRegion 1 monster corpses ad throw them into the Forge to gather author point way more faster ?

(And man, 800 As on top of the 500 were alreay waiting for ? At 1300 totaltha should make a ice shopping spree of our own abominations.)

Also speaking of Author forge abominations, we had a good chance to get void spheres, safety orbs, usurper knights with phantomic repeaters and void artillery in action. Just how well did they perform ? (just to getan idea of how performant/usefull they are in battle for futuer reference.)
RE: Art of Domination Thread 04
Regardless of our military strategy, we need a public relations offensive in Region 2. And we need to start it ASAP.

Right now, the humans who are buying into North's propaganda are most likely terrified. To them we're looking like an unstoppable force.

We need to look at who we can potentially contact in the region. We don't have many supporters, but 5% of the population can still accomplish quite a bit if we organize them. And there may be people in that other 95% who are willing to listen to us, even if they don't really trust us.

Actually, if not for the fact that there are highly advanced aliens interfering in this mess, it wouldn't be crazy to just send a message to Region 2's commanders and tell them "we're only after Region 1, if you stay out of our way we'll stay out of your way". With the president clearly being nuts, and Region 1 only containing research labs that produce monstrosities, it's not impossible the offer would be accepted. But I suspect the Authors are more or less directly controlling anyone in a position to consider it.
RE: Art of Domination Thread 04
On the topic of our weather machine, its effective range is limited by the prohibitively expensive costs of supplying power to the facility while it influences distant regions. It seems plausible that we could solve this problem altogether by connecting it to an EPB power source. How much time and money would such a project cost?
RE: Art of Domination Thread 04
Since the AF can just do certain things should we consider creating another Omni-Factory, or some sort of point usage that increases research speeds/creates shortcuts?

Hell what if we just use it to create a bypass for things like the weather machine, like a living powerplant to fuel it? And furthermore bio-organic drones that scour region 5 like a cleanup crew, converting the waste and toxic material into usable fuel for the factory.

Create stealth ships that operate via psionics to incapacitate the hostiles in an area. We're talking the equivalent of giving a city a sleeping pill in brainwave form. If we do it covertly enough we could outright sweep through most of Region 2 couldn't we?

Should we create an author-tech division. I can't imagine we'll be able to have these powers forever, and I fully well expect a major issue or two to be thrown at us. While we have said power we should probably look for ways to bolster what we already have, or defend this with tooth and nail.

Another concept, if we can make bio-organic computers we could probably create something like a bio-organic supercomputer, and the resources necessary to network it with Francoise & Co.

And lastly what if we just try to skip some steps on Billion Effing Nightmare research and production.
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RE: Art of Domination Thread 04
(05-25-2018, 03:31 AM)smuchmuch Wrote: »
Quote:Francoise: It seems the Author’s Forge is indeed sentient and capable of understanding what we want.
That is huge news of its own right.


But if it's sentient and can deign new stuffon demand that kiiiiind of changes everything.
(06-17-2018, 08:35 AM)LoverIan Wrote: »Since the AF can just do certain things should we consider creating another Omni-Factory, or some sort of point usage that increases research speeds/creates shortcuts?

No, that's not exactly true. It's apparently not limited to only producing items on the list we were given before, but remember:
(08-08-2017, 08:35 AM)Mayu_Zane Wrote: »You order HQ to begin inspecting he Author’s Forge as soon as possible. With instructions left behind by Intruder, they manage to operate it with ease, though no one in your R&D teams quite understands how it works. There are no buttons or switches; it reads your thoughts and

will only build what has already been pre-programmed by Intruder.

So it doesn't necessarily have the ability to invent things. Either the scanning meatware is something Intruder pre-programmed that just wasn't fancy enough to be on the list, or maybe the Author Forge just rearranged pieces it already had programmed. Like, maybe the scanning meatware is mostly just a control panel off of the Void Sphere, or something. So we can make organic gadgets, but we probably can't get new really magical stuff if it isn't on the list.

Makes me wonder if an adaptation of the Overmind Armor has any applications for the psionic training program? The Psi training has a risk of burning out the neurons that are stimulated. If the overmind armor counters psychic attacks on its own then it probably wouldn't have an application, but if it does so by enhancing the wearer's brain or something, then maybe it would.

Other adaptation: I assume the Phantomic repeater is normally designed for someone with hands, but I'd bet it could easily be a mounted weapon incorporated onto Grenda's arsenal. Probably the best person around to have at least one, I see no reason we shouldn't spend some AS on that. Maybe politics? Arming the human federation with wacky guns....ahhh it's probably fine.

As for the arms manufacturing decision, I vote for
>: Seek and Destroy.
I think the second half of it is the more special part, it synergizes well with the author forge. Combined with Phantomic Repeaters, CWS could both see through walls and shoot through walls. Or maybe drive an APC up to a gang of bodyjackers and shoot them without leaving the APC. Hopefully the Commander's Vanguards could also get to see through walls, add on the Overmind Armor and we'd be getting serious about monster-hunting.

EDIT: Ahhh, nevermind. It's a neat combo, but it's a solution without a problem. Everybody notes Instant Recovery, that makes sense to me. It's a war against bioweapons, after all. All kinds of nasty crap. I'd say Sky Supremacy is still pretty valuable, though. Just because we fought hovertanks once in Region 4 doesn't mean we won't again. And it also synergizes well with our infantry-focused army, because it armors up the Skyshadows. Can't portal on to Region 1 with the brains, gonna have to use Skyshadows, and tumorhide armor is too heavy for aircraft. Also, those triple cores are gonna pop up pretty soon, right? And it supposedly takes like 1000 troops to be equivalent to 10 of 'em? Screw that, let's use something that won't just get lasered to death. So actually my vote is for
>: Sky Supremacy
, with Instant Recovery in second place.

MORE EDIT: I got frustrated trying to find descriptions of the PMC units, so when I eventually found them in the dropbox I figured maybe other people would get frustrated too, so I put them on ye olde mostly unused out of date wiki.

EVEN MORE EDIT: Oh, and uh...does Lagantis being here mean he's going to manage most of the troop deployment and stuff? We were here first, but he DOES outrank us.