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Art of Domination Thread 04
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 RE: Art of Domination Thread 04
That Grouchy Ol' Curmudgeon

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I mean, sieging them out is an option. It is one I considered but I feel like that'll just force whatever hand they have to play. Remember "Operation Godzilla"? Smith's troops just.. threw down their weapons and walked towards us. They're pretty indoctrinated. It is likely that if we attempt to starve them out, they'd just leave the base to attack us directly which also works to our benefit really, but I'm trying to limit the amount of bloodshed here. It is easy to surrender when you've been clearly shown you are outmatched than if you are starving and not making rational decisions.

So... our options are currently: Assault the base fast and hard or Take out their supplies and siege.

Frankly, I think either path would be interesting so... I'm fine with either, even if I'm slightly more partial to my own idea. <.<

Edit: Maybe we can run our ideas by Lagaan? He's the strategic mastermind general, after all.
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10-08-2017, 05:02 PM
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 RE: Art of Domination Thread 04
A Huge Nerd

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Adding to the siege idea - Drop some radios in the building and have some AI's do some counter-propaganda once the siege starts. Tell them that surrender is an option and we'll treat them with dignity and understanding. We know the grunts never read the AoD.
We'll need to get rid of the Red Note first so that this would be an effective tactic, though.
10-09-2017, 05:51 PM
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 RE: Art of Domination Thread 04

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I love the siege idea, and it would be an interesting change of pace - I feel like this is something Lagantis would suggest as well.

My only issue is if big bulbous flesh man is another giant brain psychic or something that he could just make a portal out of there, or that wherever the base goes when it shifts dimensions has reinforcements or supplies.

I still think rednote has a huge room for a piece of paper, it seems entirely unnecessary unless there's something strange about it or the room.

EDIT: That said, maybe we could use Keymaster to teleport most/all of the food rather than destroy it? Or maybe get him a large quantity of meat he can consume?

It's all composed of various cells and likely covered in various micororganisms - if that's considered living enough to teleport.
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10-10-2017, 12:08 PM
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