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Attention to detail - Eagle-Time Gaming
(03-13-2017, 03:43 PM)Reyweld Wrote: »More quality content. Keep up the good work gaming.

Thank you Reyweld!

Next up is...

[Image: cyCGfec.png]

More running around in circles!
And now a new thing!

[Image: M3hqCAk.png]

I'm proud of what we have accomplished.
And for the [strk]triumphant[/strk] end of our antichamber run!

in 2 parts!

Part 5: Cooperation
[Image: IrWNHBt.png]


Part 6: Block Party
[Image: 32piz1B.png]


[Image: LtHGZoK.png]

And on a school night no less!

bob goes directly to copyright jail i remain 100% blameless in this endeavour
fyck phytybyckyt
Here we really get our adventure on they way.

If you don't want to watch 30 minutes of character creation, then start here!

[Image: 64qNUfa.png]

I think we can do this.
Hey all!

No new video yet! (Part 3 of Mass effect is still in the works) but I am posting a link to the discord server we use to plan episodes in case you want to provide some input over a new game or series, or would like to toss in a recording of your own!

Here it is!
Why it's part 3 of HeLLaN Ryder's journey though the Andromeda Galaxy!

Let's learn some science and also not kill anybody!

[Image: ErgeLbR.jpg]
It's Eagle-Time Gaming's Biggest (and arguably most expensive) episode yet!

[Image: t6D1AUb.png]

Much thanks to Papers for being an excellent co-host!

Click the pic to watch us ramble about card games and dinosaurs!

This means more time for more ETG episodes and a higher chance for YOU to be on the stream!

Have a game you'd like to play and put on the channel? Suggest it here or check out the ETG Discord channel to see what games are coming up!
I can't go this alone!

[Image: 1Ts4nRH.png]

Maybe I can find someone to join me?
Okay this is actually pretty fun.

[Image: NQQV9CY.jpg]
btp and I explore this new IP, full of original characters with no discernible inspirations!

[Image: H80VrbR.jpg]
I continue to make friends with inanimate objects.
[Image: bJE5bse.png]

Hey guys!

Did you know???

Fact Seagull If you send in a gaming video we'll put it on the channel!

At the moment, I'm trying to have a video ready every Tuesday. With the scheduling feature on youtube, that means you can expect to see a new ETG on the channel drop once a week at 1:00pm Central Time every Tuesday.

I really want to see more though!

If you have a game you'd like to play or want to share some footage, send it to us! If you're not sure how to do that, check out the How do make videos? thread or hop on the ETG discord.
The blast boys are back and ready to challenge THE GLORY ZONE!

[Image: uIyxV9G.jpg]

Also some kind of angry owl bush.

In this week's Eagle Time Movie Reviews, the Spider-Man film franchise! btp may incidentally be playing a computer game.

[Image: mtXrxCF.jpg]
More movies! Less Puzzles!

[Image: 2hSouPE.jpg]

just look at all those spiderguys!
Hey team!

I'm in the middle of a big move, which means it's time for some ETG FILLER EPISODES!

I sat down with my wife Jackie, and she and I started playing through The Letter, a spooky visual novel game. We got a LOT of episodes out of it so I will be posting these periodically while we get things settled.

We might switch to a 2 episode a week system, with an occasional bonus episode if we get something new.

I expect "The Letter" will be different from our usual eagle-time fare, a little slower paced, maybe even a more typical "Let's Play" format with fewer edits made to make my life a little easier during the move and such.

Keep in mind too, that if you want to submit content to ETG you can join us on discord, message me, or post things here! We'd love to see what you've been playing!

Anyway here is the first episdoe of THE LETTER

[Image: 0F6nLYK.jpg]

There is a new episode up!

[Image: SXW2iiN.jpg]

We, and several fun voice actors, talk about and look at a house.
There's a new part of The Letter!

Still can't post images at the moment but imagine some nasty toes. Bad ones.

Edit: here it is!
[Image: GBjMRPp.jpg]

This one is a little short, so maybe we'll get a bonus episode this week??
No bonus episode then but you get one today!

Or maybe 3 bonus episodes if you are going off the thread!

Also we have images up!! Hurray!

[Image: wlPrmvu.jpg]

[Image: L2tOqWM.jpg]

We have an extra episode going up today around noon Central time!

There is whining and then someone makes a phone call.

Edit: here we go!

[Image: 6bh8F2e.jpg]
Missed a couple of weeks! Oh no!

Basically school started and I have been a panicked mess. But that is NO EXCUSE. So this week expect the two episodes we missed and one bonus one! Oh also the normal one which is up...


[Image: VNdj5Ja.jpg]

See you tomorrow for part 8!
Here's the next part:

[Image: BHIS1PZ.jpg]

We meet the whole gang! And then they meet the terrible curse-note.

We'll round out the week with two new episodes on Friday and Saturday!
And rounding out the week:

We go into a movie theater and talk a bunch.

[Image: ULorPBG.jpg]

And get a call from family
[Image: jAMMvlN.jpg]

We're getting close to the end of what we recorded before we moved! I'm excited to get some new stuff out there! (But until then I hope you enjoy our visual novel ramblings!)