The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
RE: The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

Quote:>PJ: Point out that you've met that unusually large Ixie before, only she wasn't an Ixie. She's the one who gave you that mustache. Everyone ignores you.
>Adler: Fine, give your propaganda officer a shining armor instead.
>PJ: "H-help! I can't move!"
make one for P.J. as well. Any royal minister deserves a grand uniform.


"So, um, do those talking bugs work for you?" P.J. asked. "I'm pretty sure I have seen that big one before - only she wasn't a bug. I bought my fake mustache from her."

"Minister of Disinformation!" I exclaimed, ignoring whatever it was he was babbling about. "You need a suit of armor as well! A resplendent outfit to proclaim your status as an official Cabinet Minister on the battlefield! Hold still."

"You're welcome to try," P.J. scoffed. "But I am warded against all forms of elf magi-AWK!"


"See there, my dear?" I asked Ethel as I proudly pointed at my handiwork. Estvan had been right; magick WAS a lot easier to do in the lowfolk world! "A complete and truly fine-looking suit of armor, perfectly fitted and made instantly, at no cost to you."

"I can't move," P.J. groaned.

Quote:>Ethel: Explain to Adler, despite his insistence to the contrary, that plate armor is a liability now. Bullets punch though it like it's nothing. Modern combat wear must allow for freedom of movement. The only way to survive a bullet is to not get hit by it.
>Adler: BAH! Still, if it's what your love wants, it is what she shall get. Whip her up a uniform befitting her rank, but more in line with the times.
Adler, experiment with the uniform designs. Try both the heavy plate veriant, as well as the Vulpitanian style.
> That might apply to mundane uniforms, but this is magic!
Adler: Create the most modern and free flowing uniform you can think of, which to your perverted mind is a bra and panties

"That's precisely the problem," Ethel pointed out. "Plate armor is useless now that we have portable guns that fire with more force than a longbow, and can be reloaded in less than a minute. A bullet will punch right through this junk. And if we're fighting trees, being able to move faster than they can will be our biggest advantage. It would be best to have light armor that allows full freedom of movement and won't weigh you down."

"I know just the thing!" I exclaimed with sudden inspiration.


"WHAT THE HELL??" Ethel screeched when she realized what I had transmogrified her clothes into.

"That's a style of armor with a long, proud history," I explained. "It was worn by a legendary warrior -"

"I CAN'T GO AROUND IN PUBLIC LIKE THIS!" Ethel yelled. "I'm practically NAKED! People will think I'm one of those bawdy-house dancers here to delight them, not fight them!"

"Use that to lull them into a false sense of security, and catch them off guard," I advised.

"NO!" she bellowed. "Change it! NOW!!!"

Quote:>Adler: Give Ethel a fancy vulpitanian uniform instead of the armor.
Ethel: Smack Adler until he gives you a proper uniform
Adler: "OW OW OW FINE!"
Ethel: "A bit too tacky for my tastes"
Adler: Everyone's a damn critic


"All right, all right, all right!" I exclaimed. "Stop whacking me upside the head! I get the message! You don't want armor, okay, that's fine. How about some nice quasi-military uniforms? Here's a serviceable design from the most militaristic society I know.."

I waved my fingers and conjured up simple Vulpitanian-style uniforms for Ethel and P.J.

"Are all elves perverts?" Ethel demanded. "Is this your idea of a uniform? The neckline is too low, the hemline is too high, and the skirt is much too tight to walk around in! Again I feel more like a tavern dancer than an officer."

"Well, I gave you an outfit that allowed complete freedom of movement, and you didn't like it," I retorted.

"Just give me back the clothes I was wearing when I arrived here," she sighed. "We have more important things to deal with."

Quote:>Ladybird Vindicatrix: The time you've spent amongst these Ixies have been some of the best days of your life. The kinship they have is unequaled. Not to mention they treat you much better than anyone ever did back home. And the food is better than what they have back home too. Decide that from this day forward, you shall be an Ixie forever. Go native and become a turncoat.
Large Ixie: Climb up a tree and fly, fly forever with your ixie sisters! Wait why do your bones hurt so much, all of a sudden

"YOU!" Ethel barked at the Special Abilities Ladybird Vendicatrix, who was trying (and failing) to climb a tree. "COME HERE!"


"Yes ma'am, War Marshal, ma'am," the very large Ixie chirped as she snapped to attention and saluted us.

"What's your name, Ixie?" Ethel asked.

"They call me Angela Weakflit, LOL," the Ixie replied.

"Have you always been a member of His Lordship's elite bug troops?"

"Oh no ma'am. Teh Ominous Orse has strict membership requirements. I wanted 2 join 4 teh longest time, but only recently did I prove my worth & finally get in."

"And did you ever sell a false mustache to that useless bird over there?" Ethel asked, pointing at P.J.

"He mite B mistaken N his recollection," Angela replied with a shrug. "Elfs dont lye .. & Ixies dont either I guess."

"And so your loyalty to His Lordship is beyond question then, is it?"

"Oh ma'am, if U onely knew," Angela sighed. "Never N my life have I felt so welcomed as I have since joining teh Ominous Orse. There since of comraderie, there complete acceptance of me as I am .. for teh 1st time evar, I feel like I belong. I want 2 stay hear 4evar! I dont even want 2 relay teh tactical secrets to Vulpitania, LOL."

"Your story truly warms my heart, Angela," I said as I tried to hold back tears. "I'm so proud of my Ixies right now."
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RE: The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
Angela, beg Adler to turn her more like the other ixies.
Adler, oblige. But fail in your atrempt (as your spell was calibrated for a deformed Ixie), turning her into a grotesque vulpine/insect hybrid instead.
Angela, like your new form so much that you refuse to change back, even when it's causing everyone who sees you to gasp in shock.
RE: The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
>Adler: Let your underlings carry out your plans while you retire to the scrying tower to scry.
>Underlings: What plans?
>Adler: Refuse to micromanage them, you're busy with the big picture stuff! Like this scrying orb, it's very big.
>Adler: Be approached by a familiar face from the past you thought you'd never see again...
Vivian Quest
Tale of a small lizard, crime, and weird biology!
RE: The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
>Adler: Alright fine! We'll put the uniforms on hold for now. As a future project, have Ethel and PJ bring you some images of designs that they want. *Sigh* you are so unappreciated in your time, having to work with such clay as this.
>PJ: "Actually, if I'm your Minister of Misinformation, wouldn't it make more sense if I went incognito? Wear my regular clothes so no one suspects anything?"
>Adler: "Negative, soldier! It is required that you wear a uniform at all times while on duty, which is also at all times."
>Ethel: Bring everyone's attention back to the task at hand. Formulate the battle plan. It would be better if all the actual fighting was left to the Duchess's forces. Have the ixies dump the bugs and flee. If you want the Duchess to think it's all the Vulpitanians, it's best if we have as little presence as possible. Plus Adler currently has so few forces, it would be foolish to waste any of them.
>Angela: Begin listing a barrage of suggestions on how to lead the Duchess to believe the Vulpitanians are behind this. Goodness, her encyclopedic knowledge of Vulpitanian military and espionage tactics are very, very impressive.
>Adler: By Fuma, Angela's knowledge of absolutely every detail about the Vulpitanians is astounding. Almost as if she's had prior experience. But then, that would mean... She's been doing reconnaissance of her own initiative! Such dedication! Looks like someone definitely earned her promotion. Congratulate Angela on going above and beyond the call of duty, she's got a long and not-tragic-at-all future ahead of her.
RE: The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
Angela: You feel so free! Free like never before! No one will stop you from realizing your dreams of becoming an Ixie! Begin divulging ever possible secret about the Duchess and Vulpitania that you know!
Adler: This is very suspicious, you begin to realize that maybe... yes... PJ could be a Vulpitanian spy! Begin pummeling the traitor
Ethel: Drag Adler off the minister of disinformation, slap him a couple times to get him to come back to reality
Adler: You don't know what madness could have come over you! Believe it is some sort of plot by the duchess to warp your mind
Ethel: Your new boss is becoming overly paranoid, maybe he should stop eating roots that are potentially poisonous.
RE: The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
Had a good laugh at Ethel's bikini armour.

Jeez...I've really had nothing to contribute....still ooooo there's another Vulpitian lass....this has possibilities...