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The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
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 RE: The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
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Spoiler :
Spoiler :
Update was a bit late this week due to a busy "work" schedule, and computer-based irregularities. Also some Mass Effect might have been involved.

Quote:the Salv ambassador from the kingdom or at lest get her on your side. shes enthalled to you now
>SALV Silverbrush: Start gekkering about what a horrible day you've been having.
(SALV Silverbrush) Throw a complete tantrum over what you think is Auntie Alberta's disgrace.
(SALV Chesswick) Have an absolutely head-ringing hangover from the effects of the Touch.

[Image: 0920gekker_zpsne78hswg.gif]

"U would not believe teh day I've been having," SALV Silverbrush shrieked. "Our mechanical agent breaks down and U go AWOL; I go 2 find you and get totes accosted by a family of weirdos; then I discover U half-dressed & completely in thrall 2 our sworn enemy!"

"Don't gekker at me, liebchen," SALV Chesswick scolded gently. "Remember I am still your Superior Officer. Und mine head is schplittink."

"Bcause UR enthralled by teh Prince's sleazy MOJO!!1!" Sofia gekkered. "Oh, teh shame of it!"

"I am not enthralled," the Ambassador protested. "Merely intrigued. Ve must return to der Embassy und re-evaluate our schtrategy."

The two SALVs ambled out of the office.

Quote:Mara's scuti > finally take control and be slightly effected by mara exposure to the touch. Go find sweetcheeks

[Image: 0920shambler_zpsm2yvcwlg.gif]

A few minutes later, Mara Supial grunted and heaved herself up onto her feet. Clutching her tattered dress about her, she shambled sleepily out of the office.

"Aaalllliccce," she groaned.

Quote:(Avogadro) Show off your office at GHQ, which had once belonged to a Blood Seal Bearer.
(HRH Prince Adler) Find that Avogadro's office is a bit dark. Bump into...well, something.
Avogadro's office > be bigger then it looks from the outside. (like a old janitor room) also be a huge room with loads of awesome stuff in it. (tho not well lit)

[Image: 0920wigs_zpsoi4j1frx.gif]

Arriving at Avogadro's office, I stumbled over several boxes and trunks, and knocked over a powdered wig on a stand.

"Is this an office or a storage room?" I asked. "It's huge! And why so dark?"

"The office, I am told, once belonged to one of King Gawain's Blood-Seal Bearers; a notorious master of disguise from all accounts," the Sergeant explained. "The Elf-light in here burned out a while ago and I never replaced it because .. honestly, I don't see very well and I can't find the burned-out sconce."

"Why in the Netherhells did the former occupant leave all of his equipment here?" I wondered.

"That, I could not tell you."

Quote:> Repair SALV sweetcheek's automation and get SALV Sweetcheek tell you the Vulpitanian plot

"Well, no matter," I continued. "We need to come up with a plan of action. In the main Detention Center is a former Vulpitanian agent in the form of a Scuti which pilots an elaborate and lifelike mechanical vixen."

"Remarkable!" Avogadro interjected.

"Her mechanical body is malfunctioning," I pointed out. "However, if we can get it working, she has offered to tell me secret details of the Vulpitanians' plot."

"That could be useful indeed," Avogadro mused.

Quote:> Spy on the queen, find out if she working with anyone else apart from the ixies.
>Consider sending the spying queen a message. A rude, petulant, immature message.
>Ixies: Take it all in.

"We also know that Queen Edessa has been using the Ominous Orse to spy on me - for reasons as yet unknown - and has also attacked me .. well, you disguised as me .. for reasons that are still more opaque."

"It is puzzling," Avogadro agreed.

"I'm tempted to send her a taunting message, but it may be unwise to play my hand so soon," I theorized.

"I am in agreement," the Ixie interjected. "Never let thy opponent know how much thou knowest."

"I want you and your sisters to carry on as normal; keep giving her the information she wants, but also report the Queen's activities to me," I ordered. "I want to know where she goes and who she talks to."

Spoiler :

Quote:Vulpitanian scientist's experiment. If they have eaten the food made with the pre gamerayed 7 herb and spices
(Rotnev & Co.) In the course of having refreshments

[Image: 0920vulplove_zpsznkq471e.gif]

Meanwhile, the two Vulpitanian thaumaturgists had paused to enjoy their supper.

"I must commend the chef," Nexivydah remarked. "This sauce is exquisite."

"Mmmm, it certainly is," Rotnev concurred, as he slurped up a noodle. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Oh Rotnev, darling, what about our work?"

"It can wait a while," he purred, with a glint in his eye.

Quote:>Agent Grainmaster: You're still wanted
Grainmaster isn't seen for a while. unfortunately Adler is so preoccupied hes completely forgotten to check up on her
I wonder if they succeeded at all, or just are reading the results wrong because Old Crow was made an honorary elf?

[Image: 0920spyglass_zpsgwx81tzj.gif]
Meanwhile, on a nearby parapet, forgotten perhaps by the Vulpitanians but not by me, Meadow Grainmaster observed the two agents through a special reconnaissance gadget provided by the Grand Marshal. This was the latest piece of spy gadgetry, nearly undetectable because it used no magick! Meadow had been training in its use for weeks, and all that work was beginning to pay off.

"Hmm," she pondered, scribbling notes on a tablet as she watched the Vulpitanians on their break. "Either he has made a mistake, or Rotnev Nidab is responsible for making the Old Crow an honorary elf in the past."

Spoiler :
Let's try to focus more on Adler since this is HIS story. I feel silly having to put most of the update in spoilers like this.

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