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The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
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 RE: The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

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Percy, be far better prepared to deal with elves this time. Be warded against every elvish trick you could find in stories, as well as a couple you think they might pull on you.

Adler's party, be mistaken for supernatural entities from another world. Percy, be the only one of the lowfolk to recognize the elves for what they truly are. Do not be believed.

Easter Maiden, consider it to be a great honour to be sacrificed by an actual deity from beyond the Gate, since due to the local beliefs, her spirit will be taken by the deity to the Spring Goddess's own palace where she will be then get to frolic with other spirits for all eternity as a reward for her devotion. Absolutely refuse to be left unsacrificed, having already relinquished all of your worldly possessions and spent the past month rehearsing your death.
Adler's party, debate whether you should take her with you through the gate in order to appease her and the other lowfolk here.
Burnside, suggest rabbit stew as a lunch option.

Ceremonial dagger, be presented. Adler, realize to your surprise that it's of elfish manufacture.

Priest, hand the dagger over to... Thomson, whom the lowfolk rabbits believe to be the actual Spring Goddess. Adler and Fifi, due to your almost completely white fur, be believed to be evil winter deities in thrall to her, or, more specifically, Fifi is believed to be the goddess of avalanches, while Adler is believed to be the god of foul odours.
Burnside, be believed to be a trickster imp due to your small size and childlike appearance.
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