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4tuna Mafia Game
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 RE: 4tuna Mafia Game

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Spoiler :
Shasta Rose - Yesterday at 7:37 PM
!roll 20 20
LarryBotBOT - Yesterday at 7:37 PM
@Shasta Rose rolled a 20 sided dice 20 times for a total of 184 (average: 9.2):
Shasta Rose - Yesterday at 8:40 PM
n1 priority
23 Kang/aC
19 Koile/Blizz
18 Porypan/pan
15 Preeeeepo/spish
14 Kunksham/granolaman
14 Nike v.w_e gimeurcookie
8 Yinreit/Kleenfarsight
7 Jimena/Laser
!roll 20 10
!roll 10 20
LarryBotBOT - Yesterday at 8:40 PM
@Shasta Rose rolled a 20 sided dice 10 times for a total of 106 (average: 10.6):
Shasta Rose - Yesterday at 8:56 PM
23 Kang/aC 14 COMMUNICATE Jimena
19 Koile/Blizz 17 vague investigate nike
18 Porypan/pan 8 cook pancakes
15 Preeeeepo/spish 6 communicate koile
14 Kunksham/granolaman 7 communicate koile
14 Nike v.w_e gimeurcookie 18 look for items in koile's field
8 Yinreit/Kleenfarsight 15 communicate with koile
7 Jimena/Laser 9 reinforce all the entrances to the barn
Klovair - Yesterday at 9:17 PM
hi great
Shasta Rose - Yesterday at 9:19 PM
what's up with taxes and shit
Klovair - Yesterday at 9:22 PM
not much
hows the maf go
Shasta Rose - Yesterday at 9:22 PM
we are doing our best to fend off taxes
Klovair - Yesterday at 9:22 PM
*laughs in hidden* - Yesterday at 9:35 PM
The memer is back at homebase
@Shasta Rose Ping me if we need a replacement, otherwise I'll be fine with just watching!
Klovair - Yesterday at 9:37 PM
the memes are here
greetings, kang
Kang - Yesterday at 9:54 PM
kang's bad mouth got the better of them >:3c
Klovair - Yesterday at 9:56 PM
Shasta Rose - Yesterday at 9:58 PM
rip in piece.
Klovair - Yesterday at 10:00 PM
methinks its gime
Shasta Rose - Yesterday at 10:00 PM
20 Koile/Blizz
18 Porypan/pan
13 Jimena/Laser
13 Preeeeepo/spish
12 Kunksham/granolaman
8 Yinreit/Kleenfarsight
8 Nike v.w_e gimeurcookie
n2 priorities
!roll 10 20
LarryBotBOT - Yesterday at 10:01 PM
@Shasta Rose rolled a 20 sided dice 10 times for a total of 125 (average: 12.5):
Shasta Rose - Yesterday at 10:08 PM
there is a 'roll lol' tonight
Klovair - Yesterday at 10:08 PM
Shasta Rose - Yesterday at 10:08 PM
one of those rolls where somebody misses a thing that would drastically change the game by 1
Klovair - Yesterday at 10:08 PM
like what, revealing gime is a mafia?
Kang - Yesterday at 10:09 PM
[rubs hands] lessee it
Shasta Rose - Yesterday at 10:11 PM
depends if the people playing at home want to still keep guessing along
Kang - Yesterday at 10:11 PM
i'll guess along
@Shasta Rose you might wanna disable reactions for "out" people
Shasta Rose - Yesterday at 10:29 PM
Kang - Yesterday at 10:35 PM
jimena ... she....
Jimena - Yesterday at 10:36 PM
eating pancakes
Kang - Yesterday at 10:36 PM
eating pancakes...
Shasta Rose - Yesterday at 10:39 PM
Don't worry you're in the real world now.
The farmvoid is the fake world.
you've been liberated
Jimena - Yesterday at 10:39 PM
yeah cool does that mean my payment was also fake
Kang - Yesterday at 10:39 PM
now we can ride off into the realworld sunset
Shasta Rose - Yesterday at 10:42 PM
Yes. it was.
you didn't agree to cryptocurrency microtransactions when you got illegally downloaded into farmvoid.
Jimena - Yesterday at 10:43 PM
my lawyer said i should make sure i get that added to work contracts but i didn't take it seriously
Shasta Rose - Yesterday at 10:43 PM
don't worry they would have shafted you anyway
this is not a legitimate farmvoid, like some farmvoid servers.
Jimena - Yesterday at 10:44 PM
in other news i was not the only one trying to peek in on peepo it turns out
let us see what happens
Shasta Rose - Yesterday at 10:46 PM
kunksham tried to block peepo and missed by one
though actually it was two because i forgot about the later priority penalty
kunksham threatening to eat somebody matches up nicely with being a heredoggo, even if they don't know it
Kang - Yesterday at 10:50 PM
i have my suspicious on nie kay
Jimena - Yesterday at 10:50 PM
my current bet is placed on preepo and pan
Shasta Rose - Yesterday at 10:52 PM
kunksham is also making a good bluff.
which turned out to be right
Klovair - Yesterday at 10:55 PM
i still think its gime xD
Jimena - Yesterday at 10:56 PM
yeah nah, nike was totally correct in that pan was reaaaaaal quick on trying to stop any blame from being put on preepo
well poop
oh god why
how did we end up in this direction
Shasta Rose - Yesterday at 10:57 PM
Preeeeepo, as an eeeman, is correct in saying that no one touches the stick.
as it is levitated with brain magyycs
Klovair - Yesterday at 11:00 PM
Jimena - Yesterday at 11:01 PM
also also the correct point from nike here
a bluff was made
preepo reacted to it as if they were telling the truth
because they totally believed that yes that information could have been obtained
starts trying to work with it instead of denying it
Klovair - Yesterday at 11:03 PM
just lynch everyone
no more maf if everyone is lynched
leave the town to the sheeps
Jimena - Yesterday at 11:04 PM
god why the hell
would you vote for the guy
who successfully outed somebody as having done something bad
Kang - Yesterday at 11:05 PM
[pounding fists on table rhytmically] something
Klovair - Yesterday at 11:05 PM
so noone got lynched b/c the town ran outta time?
Shasta Rose - Yesterday at 11:06 PM
priorities for n3
23 Porypan/pan
23 Preeeeepo/spish
22 Koile/Blizz
11 Yinreit/Kleenfarsight
10 Nike v.w_e gimeurcookie
6 Kunksham/granolaman
!roll 20 10
!roll 10 20
LarryBotBOT - Yesterday at 11:12 PM
@Shasta Rose rolled a 20 sided dice 10 times for a total of 112 (average: 11.2):
Jimena - Yesterday at 11:58 PM
okay now i believe its nike
Kang - Yesterday at 11:58 PM
三 :baseball: fastball!!!
Jimena - Yesterday at 11:58 PM
okay what is kunk saying now???????
i am so confused
Klovair - Yesterday at 11:59 PM
preepo and pory are innocent apparently
Jimena - Yesterday at 11:59 PM
preepo can't be innocent
because i got removed by preepo

Klovair - Yesterday at 11:59 PM
being that there can be at max 2 mafs I think its preepo and nike
Kang - Yesterday at 11:59 PM
some body is ly ing
Klovair - Yesterday at 11:59 PM
Its possible his invest failed
Kang - Yesterday at 11:59 PM
oh, that's true
June 11, 2017
Kang - Today at 12:00 AM
:baseball: :leftwards_arrow_with_hook: curveball!!!
Shasta Rose - Today at 12:00 AM
actually kunksham failed to attack
Klovair - Today at 12:00 AM
i must say Gime is really good a-
Jimena - Today at 12:00 AM
god but nike giving the exact reasoning for preepo to be scum yesterday like
Klovair - Today at 12:00 AM
wait wha
Jimena - Today at 12:00 AM
that is not a scum thing to do!!
i'm so confused by everything!!!!!
Shasta Rose - Today at 12:00 AM
blizz doctored gime too
Kang - Today at 12:00 AM
:arrow_right_hook: :baseball: double curveball?!?!?
Klovair - Today at 12:00 AM
Jimena - Today at 12:00 AM
oh i see!
Shasta Rose - Today at 12:00 AM
and mafia targeted gime
Klovair - Today at 12:00 AM
so gime is inno
Jimena - Today at 12:00 AM
which means i called it earlier
Kang - Today at 12:01 AM
三 :baseball::raised_hand: out!
Klovair - Today at 12:01 AM
so its preepo/pan and kunk then?
since kunk said both pan and preepo were inno
Jimena - Today at 12:01 AM
it's not kunk
Klovair - Today at 12:01 AM
i mean what are the odds of him failing an invest twice?
Jimena - Today at 12:02 AM
because kunk would have zero reason to try to out preepo the day prior
Shasta Rose - Today at 12:02 AM
no, uh gime investgaed kunk
Jimena - Today at 12:02 AM
he failed a kill tonight
Shasta Rose - Today at 12:02 AM
and was successful
kunk targeted gime.
Jimena - Today at 12:02 AM
which is a really really hard roll
Klovair - Today at 12:02 AM
Alright so kunk is a maf then?
Shasta Rose - Today at 12:02 AM
gime tracked kunk.
Klovair - Today at 12:02 AM
Shasta Rose - Today at 12:02 AM
kunk tried to do a hawkmoth
Klovair - Today at 12:02 AM
ah i see
Kang - Today at 12:02 AM
it's over
the pheronomes
Jimena - Today at 12:02 AM
i mean unless we can get a block on maf
Kang - Today at 12:02 AM
the self-avoiding oddysey
Jimena - Today at 12:03 AM
yeah it's over
Kang - Today at 12:03 AM
consuuuming the colony
the circle rules your life...
(fun fact that phrase in the song came on exactly as i was typing that)
:trumpet: :trumpet: :trumpet:
Jimena - Today at 12:06 AM
Kang - Today at 12:06 AM
:weary: :ok_hand:
Jimena - Today at 12:06 AM
Kang - Today at 12:06 AM
[silent uproar outside of #general]
Shasta Rose - Today at 12:08 AM
n3 was
23 Porypan/pan 3 make some damn pancakes
23 Preeeeepo/spish 7 protect Kunksham
22 Koile/Blizz 16 Protect Nike
11 Yinreit/Kleenfarsight 18 Remove Nike
10 Nike v.w_e gimeurcookie 18 Track Kunk
6 Kunksham/granolaman 4 Remove Nik
preeeeepo's protect was a falsify investiveation, but it failed.
if it worked, nike would have gotten a false result.
instead they found out that kunksham tried to visit them.
kunksham's remove attempt triggered the item gime got on n1
Kang - Today at 12:10 AM
goddamn, thats like, three curveballs at once
:arrows_clockwise: :arrows_clockwise: :arrows_clockwise: :baseball:
Shasta Rose - Today at 12:10 AM
they had a choice of a speed sheep or a watchdog sheep
Kunksham O'Floggins - Today at 12:12 AM
I need to roll a luck character next time
Shasta Rose - Today at 12:12 AM
and chose the watchdog sheep which was a one night use item that adds 5 end to vig kills and also has a 2/20 chance to stop a maf kill
oh boy game might not even be over!!!!
Jimena - Today at 12:13 AM
o shit
Shasta Rose - Today at 12:13 AM
best pope
Kang - Today at 12:13 AM
o shit
Jimena - Today at 12:13 AM
a chance to think about what they've done
Kang - Today at 12:14 AM
well, i know what might happen, like, immediately next d
Jimena - Today at 12:14 AM
anyways i feel like if nike survives nike'll get lynched anyways because life is unfair
Kunksham O'Floggins - Today at 12:15 AM
dammit of all the people for me to pretend a guilty on, it had to be the actual scum
Kang - Today at 12:15 AM
Kunksham O'Floggins - Today at 12:15 AM
everyone was so eager to pile on! I assumed scum wanted the easy lynch!
Jimena - Today at 12:15 AM
you: "their stick is bloody"
them: "uh uh uh yeah it is what of it" sweating
and then nike is all specifically pointing out that even though your claim is fake they fell for it and revealed that it was true anyways
Kunksham O'Floggins - Today at 12:16 AM
it's my curse
I make great gambits

Jimena - Today at 12:17 AM
and then neither of you decided to go for it!!
Shasta Rose - Today at 12:17 AM
nobody has been killed. everyone has been freed into reality from this awful matrix knockoff simulation
Kunksham O'Floggins - Today at 12:17 AM
then utterly fail to capitalize
Jimena - Today at 12:17 AM
and instead decided to become suspicious of each other!
Shasta Rose - Today at 12:17 AM
which harvests the energy of tax discontent for power
n4 priority
18 Koile/Blizz
16 Yinreit/Kleenfarsight
16 Nike v.w_e gimeurcookie
12 Preeeeepo/spish
8 Porypan/pan
Kang - Today at 12:18 AM
i wonder what will happen tomorrow
Shasta Rose - Today at 12:18 AM
me friggin too
this is all types of exciting
Kunksham O'Floggins - Today at 12:18 AM
I literally just got done telling the fantasy strike team that I'm an enormous liability to my faction and I'm glad to see I didn't lie
Jimena - Today at 12:18 AM
and like the way pan like, as soon as you threw suspicion on preepo, IMMEDIATELY went "well let's just forget that claim"
and everybody took this advice to heart
Kunksham O'Floggins - Today at 12:19 AM
yeah my teams were either pan/preepo or nike/yin, but I got distracted when poking for nike-yin connections
Jimena - Today at 12:21 AM
the way i see it, if preepo manages to get lynched, pan should be the obvious followup, but pan has a solid history of looking like they're just kinda hanging out man
Kunksham O'Floggins - Today at 12:22 AM
why did neither of them jump on my mislynch yesterday
was it literally just the clock?
that's ultimately what spun me off that pairing
Shasta Rose - Today at 12:22 AM
preeeeepo was gonna but ran out of time at the last second
Kunksham O'Floggins - Today at 12:23 AM
I'm too used to "stray votes at mylo" being a death sentence
Jimena - Today at 12:23 AM
i think this game in particular has like
mylo be less of a certainty
this game being fortuna mafia overall
what with anybody being a potential blocker/protector
Kang - Today at 12:24 AM
anthyding can hadplen(edited)
Kunksham O'Floggins - Today at 12:25 AM
ah well
gonna take a shower and train some magikarp
Shasta Rose - Today at 12:26 AM
rolls from providence
!roll 10 20
LarryBotBOT - Today at 12:26 AM
@Shasta Rose rolled a 20 sided dice 10 times for a total of 106 (average: 10.6):
Klovair - Today at 12:41 AM
i wonder who will die
My money is on pan
Kang - Today at 12:42 AM
Klovair - Today at 12:42 AM
nah tommorrow
during the lynchings
Kunksham O'Floggins - Today at 12:42 AM
sounds like Koile's doing mad stunts and saving dudes
probably preeeepo if they remember to follow up
Kang - Today at 12:47 AM
yin was too busy :shower:
Klovair - Today at 12:49 AM
if the mafia just goes to nike they win
Kunksham O'Floggins - Today at 12:50 AM
being eaten by me is a great honor
Klovair - Today at 12:50 AM
they dont even need the 3rd vote nike is already voting for herself
Kang - Today at 12:50 AM
:baseball: out of bounds
Klovair - Today at 12:50 AM
cmon maf why are you drawing this out you can win right now
Kunksham O'Floggins - Today at 12:51 AM
oh man the choices
Kang - Today at 12:51 AM
since when did nike become southern
Klovair - Today at 12:52 AM
Maf didnt vote fast enough
Kang - Today at 12:53 AM
:baseball: :runner: SINGLE!(edited)
Shasta Rose - Today at 12:55 AM
yinreit got trapped by their own trap because they rolled a 1 on a self-protect roll
Klovair - Today at 12:56 AM

Shasta Rose - Today at 1:02 AM
pan is not mafia
Kang - Today at 1:02 AM
:arrows_clockwise: :curly_loop: SUPER DUPER ULTRA EXTREME CURVEBALL :baseball:
aaaand the baseball references are done
Shasta Rose - Today at 1:03 AM
pan got saved by koile tonight from the maf hit
pan is close to the truth
Kang - Today at 1:04 AM
what happens if pan actually guesses the truth
i don't even know what to say to this(edited)
Klovair - Today at 1:06 AM
Kang - Today at 1:06 AM
i guess the baseball just explodes
Klovair - Today at 1:06 AM
if it really is the tentacle person then holy crap
Kang - Today at 1:06 AM
it's not
lmao even wheat
placeholder nickname - Today at 1:07 AM
but pan got saved by koile... ?????
Kang - Today at 1:07 AM
is like "ㄱ_ㄱ????"
maybe it's koile & pan then
but i have high doubt
Klovair - Today at 1:07 AM
pan isnt maf
Kang - Today at 1:07 AM
oh right
this game is confusing me
Klovair - Today at 1:07 AM
gotta be preepo
Jimena - Today at 1:07 AM
Preepo is certain
placeholder nickname - Today at 1:07 AM
did wheat say gime isnt maf?
Kang - Today at 1:07 AM
in conclusion: ㄱ_ㄱ????
Klovair - Today at 1:08 AM
im p sure they did
wait wha
Kang - Today at 1:08 AM
shen me
Klovair - Today at 1:08 AM
Kang - Today at 1:08 AM
Klovair - Today at 1:08 AM
Kang - Today at 1:09 AM
wheat i thought we were done w/ curveballs
Klovair - Today at 1:09 AM
placeholder nickname - Today at 1:09 AM
[Town has gained the [Doomed] trait.]
Kang - Today at 1:09 AM
FTNMAF III: cursed game
FTNMAF IV: bad decision marathon
Jimena - Today at 1:09 AM
If nike is scum that would explain the not following up on evidence
But not the actual finding of evidence
Kang - Today at 1:10 AM
i knew it
her pippy attitude was never trustworthy
placeholder nickname - Today at 1:10 AM
no wait wheat said mafia targetted nike
Jimena - Today at 1:10 AM
Kang - Today at 1:11 AM
oh hi nike
NikeV - Today at 1:11 AM
I would like to sum up this mafia game
Jimena - Today at 1:11 AM
Preep and yin
Klovair - Today at 1:11 AM

NikeV - Today at 1:11 AM
[Image: Screenshot_2017-06-11_01.06.49.png]
[Image: Screenshot_2017-06-11_01.09.42.png]

Kang - Today at 1:11 AM
bad decision marathon
Klovair - Today at 1:11 AM
Porypan - Today at 1:11 AM
Klovair - Today at 1:11 AM
pretty much
Jimena - Today at 1:11 AM
You may read every criticism I have of your logic now
Koile (Blizz) - Today at 1:11 AM
My last minute Innocense gambit did not work apparantly.
Jimena - Today at 1:11 AM
Ignore me blaming pan for everything
Preeeeepo - Today at 1:12 AM
bad decision marathon
Pretty much
Kunksham O'Floggins - Today at 1:12 AM
what a ride
NikeV - Today at 1:12 AM
bad decision marathon
Crused farm
Preeeeepo - Today at 1:12 AM
I was prepared to take the fall for Yin when Kunk brought up the bloody stick
Porypan - Today at 1:12 AM
fun times
Preeeeepo - Today at 1:13 AM
But I was not prepared for what happened next
Klovair - Today at 1:13 AM
tyhe bloody stick was just a ruse
NikeV - Today at 1:13 AM
Freaking bloody stick I thought proved preeepo was the killer.
Yinreit - Today at 1:13 AM
NikeV - Today at 1:13 AM
And then I was like
Jimena - Today at 1:13 AM
NikeV - Today at 1:13 AM
"Oh it's getting retcon"
Yinreit - Today at 1:13 AM
Koile (Blizz) - Today at 1:13 AM
I thought it was Nike the entire time.
NikeV - Today at 1:13 AM
I thought it was an honest to god
Jimena - Today at 1:13 AM
NikeV - Today at 1:13 AM
Koile (Blizz) - Today at 1:13 AM
Two times in a row, I thought it couldn't be a coincidence.
Jimena - Today at 1:13 AM
Yeah it was a fake stick but they WENT FOR IT
Kunksham O'Floggins - Today at 1:14 AM
no regrets trying to eat you nike
NikeV - Today at 1:14 AM
And I thought it HAD to be kunk.
I was like "Nice someone walked in to my trap"
Preeeeepo - Today at 1:14 AM
And then we failed on the murder two times in a row
Kleen actually tried to kill you the same night as Kunk
Porypan - Today at 1:14 AM
I think it was pretty obviously someone playing the vigilante
Yinreit - Today at 1:14 AM
Preeeeepo - Today at 1:14 AM
So they both triggered the trap
NikeV - Today at 1:14 AM
Yinreit - Today at 1:15 AM
I was too slow, so I arrived after the trap went off.
NikeV - Today at 1:15 AM

Yinreit - Today at 1:15 AM
Lucky me.
Kang - Today at 1:15 AM
bad luck / decision marathon
Preeeeepo - Today at 1:15 AM
I let Kleen pick the murder that night, turned out we should've went with Porypan like I originally suggested
Yinreit - Today at 1:15 AM
I have no idea how the two new people won, but we did.
Preeeeepo - Today at 1:15 AM
And then the next night Koile protected Pan, which stopped me from killing them
NikeV - Today at 1:16 AM
Here I am doing a little dance of "I can't believe someone fell for my bull trap" and it turns out 2 people tried to kill me.
And I lived
Yinreit - Today at 1:16 AM
Porypan - Today at 1:16 AM
oh man all the skeletons are out of the closet now
Kunksham O'Floggins - Today at 1:16 AM
I just wanted to eat a person
NikeV - Today at 1:16 AM
I spent the whole game wondering what the HECK could have happened.
Kunksham O'Floggins - Today at 1:16 AM
is that too much to ask??
Yinreit - Today at 1:16 AM
I was smart and knew it was a trap.
Koile (Blizz) - Today at 1:16 AM
At that point Pan was the only person I was pretty sure wasn't bad.
Yinreit - Today at 1:16 AM
Yay for smarts
NikeV - Today at 1:16 AM
I knew pan couldn't be it
Kang - Today at 1:16 AM
:arrows_clockwise: :baseball: curveballs for days, yo
Koile (Blizz) - Today at 1:16 AM
And I was considering killing Nike at that point instead.
NikeV - Today at 1:17 AM
Pan did nothing, but he did too much nothing
Yinreit - Today at 1:17 AM
Jimena - Today at 1:17 AM
As soon as pan immediately jumped to the preepo defense I was certain of his guilt
Porypan - Today at 1:17 AM
night 2 I visited koile just to rp, nothing else
Jimena - Today at 1:17 AM
Kunksham O'Floggins - Today at 1:17 AM
that was how I spent n1
Koile (Blizz) - Today at 1:17 AM
He did so much nothing I was starting to think maybe he was bad.
NikeV - Today at 1:17 AM
Maybe if Kunk killed Nike we could have had a less cursed farm.
Kunksham O'Floggins - Today at 1:17 AM
trying to steal koile's hats
NikeV - Today at 1:17 AM
But sadly my luck was 10
Jimena - Today at 1:17 AM
N1 I reinforced my house
NikeV - Today at 1:17 AM
And also I had an item
Kunksham O'Floggins - Today at 1:17 AM
my luck is 1 I am megacursed
Porypan - Today at 1:17 AM
honestly all my night actions were rp
Jimena - Today at 1:18 AM
Making it immune to psychic attacks
Kang - Today at 1:18 AM
looks like it was all a dream simulation
Porypan - Today at 1:18 AM
but man, I was just as useless last game
well I managed to toss one guy I guess
Jimena - Today at 1:19 AM
I consistently have the wrong read on you
NikeV - Today at 1:19 AM
You were really good bait last game though!
Jimena - Today at 1:19 AM
Last game I was certain you were innocent
Kunksham O'Floggins - Today at 1:19 AM
next time I frame someone for murder I'm just gonna follow through on it
NikeV - Today at 1:19 AM
I would have won if I didn't play it stupid last round.
Yinreit - Today at 1:19 AM
The only thing I managed to do with success was talk to Joile.
Jimena - Today at 1:19 AM
This game I was certain you were scum
Yinreit - Today at 1:19 AM
NikeV - Today at 1:19 AM
Me voting for you made everyone think I had to be innocent last game.
But nooooo I had to try and kill someone last night.
Kang - Today at 1:19 AM
the only thing i managed to do with success is die X)
Jimena - Today at 1:20 AM
Who talked to me n1 anyways
Kang - Today at 1:20 AM
that would be me, which failed i think
Jimena - Today at 1:20 AM
I mean I got your message
NikeV - Today at 1:20 AM
I honestly should have guessed it was Yinreit.
Yinreit played so perfectally I thought they were innocent the whole time
Yinreit - Today at 1:21 AM
I'm just cunning when I want to be.
NikeV - Today at 1:21 AM
Think about that
I accused everyone else
Jimena - Today at 1:21 AM
But at the time I couldn't remember who else was meat and metal
NikeV - Today at 1:21 AM
That should have been my red flag.
Jimena - Today at 1:21 AM
Forgetting that goop and metal is also valid
Kang - Today at 1:21 AM
yin was too cunning(edited)
Yinreit - Today at 1:21 AM
I am a cute little gigne, after all.

Porypan - Today at 1:21 AM
now that I look at it closer, yinreit was the cutest
should have gone for that
NikeV - Today at 1:21 AM
Should have killed Yinreit.
Kang - Today at 1:21 AM
this ending... is.... :thinking:
NikeV - Today at 1:21 AM
Too perfect.
Kang - Today at 1:22 AM
yes, that's the word(edited)
[uplifting music fades in]
Yinreit - Today at 1:22 AM
Free data for all!
Preeeeepo - Today at 1:22 AM
Porypan - Today at 1:22 AM
love it
so um what happened to us
Kang - Today at 1:22 AM
back into the real world
Preeeeepo - Today at 1:22 AM
We were all freed from the Matrix
Jimena - Today at 1:22 AM
In a :curly_loop: :baseball: the mafia were the good guys
Kunksham O'Floggins - Today at 1:22 AM
we're forver trapped in observer chat
Klovair - Today at 1:23 AM
Yinreit - Today at 1:23 AM
And you wanted us dead...
Klovair - Today at 1:23 AM
beutiful twist
Porypan - Today at 1:23 AM
holy shit
Kang - Today at 1:23 AM
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cXjcKTRWcg ending credits(edited)
Preeeeepo - Today at 1:23 AM
I almost thought we screwed up trying to kill Nike on Night 3
Yinreit - Today at 1:23 AM
Yeah, that could have gone bad...
Preeeeepo - Today at 1:24 AM
But then they didn't die
Yinreit - Today at 1:24 AM
Exactly, and everything played out perfectly into our hands.
or paws
NikeV - Today at 1:24 AM
I think this is the second time my character has been attacked by a normal non mafia.
Yinreit - Today at 1:24 AM
Kang - Today at 1:24 AM
is this a thing now
NikeV - Today at 1:24 AM
I need to stop playing agressive characters.
Preeeeepo - Today at 1:24 AM
Only this time you were prepared
Kang - Today at 1:25 AM
"Pull a Hawkmoth"
NikeV - Today at 1:25 AM
The hawkmoth incident was so perfect
And this incident was even better
But like in a horrible horrible way.
Yinreit - Today at 1:25 AM
I know. It was so lovely.
Kang - Today at 1:25 AM
it was ultimately the downfall of the game
Yinreit - Today at 1:25 AM
But I was panicing, like, half the game.
Jimena - Today at 1:25 AM
Hawkmoth set a precedent that everybody wants to emulate
Klovair - Today at 1:26 AM
you should play as a helios next time, gime
Preeeeepo - Today at 1:26 AM
No one would ever hurt Helios
NikeV - Today at 1:26 AM
Yes oh god the Nike trap incident was the downfall of the game.
Porypan - Today at 1:26 AM
I'm gonna keep reusing the same guy, and eventually he's gonna be all like "what the fucking shit is all this"
NikeV - Today at 1:26 AM
I cannot believe a trap backfired that badly.
Jimena - Today at 1:27 AM
I cannot believe that two separate verbal traps were laid for speepo, both were fallen for, and both times the results were ignored
Yinreit - Today at 1:28 AM
I'll leave you all to your own devices. It was nice playing with you all, but it is getting late, and I need to be up early, so bye until later!

Kang - Today at 1:28 AM
Shasta Rose - Today at 1:28 AM
Thanks for playing!
NikeV - Today at 1:28 AM
I honestly would have voted speepo if it wasn't for me thinking the first one was a real retcon.
Porypan - Today at 1:28 AM
ye fun times
NikeV - Today at 1:28 AM
Like when Kunk said "Oh I was lying" I was like ??????????????????????
Yinreit - Today at 1:28 AM
It's surprising what people with trust issues will believe in a kidnapping incident.
NikeV - Today at 1:28 AM
I should have asked if it was a retcon or not.
That also made me think Kunk was the killer.
Then layered on by the attempted murder
Cursed farm
Koile (Blizz) - Today at 1:30 AM
He really implicated himself very well.
Shasta Rose - Today at 1:30 AM
i still think that blizz gets the mvp for two successful doctings in a row
NikeV - Today at 1:30 AM
Kunk was implicated so well
Kang - Today at 1:30 AM
NikeV - Today at 1:30 AM
Blizz is the real MVP here.
Kunksham O'Floggins - Today at 1:30 AM
I thought I was being pretty up front that I was a murderous townie
NikeV - Today at 1:30 AM
Preeeeepo - Today at 1:30 AM
That would've been over a lot sooner
Shasta Rose - Today at 1:30 AM
even if they didn't result in a town win, they resulted in the game being Off The Chain
Kang - Today at 1:31 AM
yeah this game was definitely... something
NikeV - Today at 1:31 AM
Also they caused the bloody confusion of
"Why the heck aren't they killing us"
Shasta Rose - Today at 1:31 AM
Unfortunately, they lose the pop hat.
NikeV - Today at 1:31 AM
"What is happening that's 3 days without a kill"
Shasta Rose - Today at 1:31 AM
The mafia wins the pop hat.
Koile (Blizz) - Today at 1:31 AM
Shasta Rose - Today at 1:31 AM
they may divide it as they please, or set up a shared custody schedule
Kang - Today at 1:32 AM
at least we all learned a valuable lesson today
Shasta Rose - Today at 1:32 AM
and what was that
Kunksham O'Floggins - Today at 1:32 AM
people are really hard to eat
Kang - Today at 1:32 AM
Preeeeepo - Today at 1:32 AM
Jimena - Today at 1:32 AM
Read contracts carefully
Make note of oversights
Shasta Rose - Today at 1:33 AM
i was gonna say granola, you roleplayed the species you were really well for not knowing what a heredoggo is
Jimena - Today at 1:33 AM
Get paid
Porypan - Today at 1:33 AM
moral of the story: drug is good
Shasta Rose - Today at 1:33 AM
wanting to eat everyone and everything.
and genearlly wanting to fight everything
Kunksham O'Floggins - Today at 1:33 AM
I didn't get to squeeze in the libertarian outlaw bit as much as I'd like
NikeV - Today at 1:34 AM
Oh yeah. You were pretty much a heredoggo
Preeeeepo - Today at 1:34 AM
Yeah Kunk was very entertaining
Kang - Today at 1:34 AM
goddamn this game was long tho
it was what , six hours
Porypan - Today at 1:34 AM
Shasta Rose - Today at 1:34 AM
yeah sorry about the length of games, as they usually are long
NikeV - Today at 1:34 AM
It wasn't as long as cursed game thankfully.
placeholder nickname - Today at 1:34 AM
how long was that
Kang - Today at 1:34 AM
is all good :thumbsup:
NikeV - Today at 1:34 AM
This one was acutally pretty short compared to this one I think.
Preeeeepo - Today at 1:34 AM
This one started quite a bit later than the other ones
NikeV - Today at 1:35 AM
I pretty sure cursed game was like 7 hours?
Shasta Rose - Today at 1:35 AM
cursed game may have been around the same length but seeemed longer

placeholder nickname - Today at 1:35 AM
Kang - Today at 1:35 AM
which one compared to what one
NikeV - Today at 1:35 AM
I'd have to check.
You know AC, cursed game
The game where we had to keep stopping.
Preeeeepo - Today at 1:35 AM
Cursed game we spent quite a bit of time waiting for replacements
Kang - Today at 1:35 AM
oh lolll
NikeV - Today at 1:35 AM
Cause people left mid game
Kang - Today at 1:35 AM
that game
NikeV - Today at 1:35 AM
This is the first time someone hasn't left mid game in fortuna mafia I think.
Not counting fourm one I think.
Shasta Rose - Today at 1:36 AM
And we had a replacement lined up too!
Actually maybe two
Kang - Today at 1:36 AM
FTNMAF I: cursed ship
FTNMAF II: cursed attack
FTNMAF III: cursed game
FTNMAF IV: cursed farm
Shasta Rose - Today at 1:36 AM
ds sent a role pm like 10 minutes after we started
athenike got here right when day 2 started
Kang - Today at 1:36 AM
NikeV - Today at 1:37 AM
FTNMAF V: Cursed Robots strike back
Porypan - Today at 1:37 AM
the curse wars
Koile (Blizz) - Today at 1:37 AM
Cursed Curse
NikeV - Today at 1:38 AM
In FTNMAF V I clearly will be playing both Mors vDog and Nike vJerkwad.
At the same time.
The amount of people trying to kill me night one will cause everyone to die day 1
Porypan - Today at 1:38 AM
I love how these games have a twist at the end
Kunksham O'Floggins - Today at 1:38 AM
I think I'll grab another random character out of the wheatpile
Kang - Today at 1:38 AM
i enjoy playing jerky characters >:3c(edited)
Preeeeepo - Today at 1:38 AM
Poor Kang
Kang - Today at 1:38 AM
i was too nice in ftnmaf i(edited)
Shasta Rose - Today at 1:38 AM
this game only ended up a matrix simulation because kleen's character was a gigne who wanted to help people and they rolled mafia
Preeeeepo - Today at 1:38 AM
Voted off just for having a contrary opinion
Shasta Rose - Today at 1:39 AM
you won g1 aC
Kang - Today at 1:39 AM
yeah bc i was too nice
Shasta Rose - Today at 1:39 AM
you got voted a Probably Extra Life as the cop and then copped all three mafia 3 nights in a row
Porypan - Today at 1:39 AM
I only voted so we could have a bob and not pay taxes
Kang - Today at 1:39 AM
whoa :0
& most impressively i survived This Guy
Jimena - Today at 1:40 AM
Next character I'm using is egg with gun
Shasta Rose - Today at 1:40 AM
It's This Guy was the unstoppable force, you were the immovable object
NikeV - Today at 1:41 AM
I think I'm going to just go by the theme I got going now.
Which is
Shasta Rose - Today at 1:41 AM
lucky to survive
NikeV - Today at 1:41 AM
Nice guy
Horrible guy
Nice guy
So I'll play a non agressive character next time
Shasta Rose - Today at 1:41 AM
"Robot Who Starts Fights And Has A Townie Try to Kill Them"
NikeV - Today at 1:41 AM
Kang - Today at 1:41 AM
[always sunny sfx]
NikeV - Today at 1:41 AM
That's my theme
" Good robot, kind robot "
"Robot Who Starts Fights And Has A Townie Try to Kill Them"
Kang - Today at 1:42 AM
ooo you know what would be fun, if i played a smug prankster selectively mute person next time(edited)
Shasta Rose - Today at 1:42 AM
dee was not a robot. they were an unbelievable dork
Jimena - Today at 1:42 AM
Hey I actually had an accurate read on you for once
I just
Kang - Today at 1:43 AM
mysterious & sometimes hilarious
Jimena - Today at 1:43 AM
Wasn't around to use it
NikeV - Today at 1:43 AM
Yeah, at least it was obvs that I couldn't be mafia cause of how bad Nike was :eyes: :tea:(edited)
Shasta Rose - Today at 1:43 AM
butterflies/clover did the selectively mute thing once
NikeV - Today at 1:43 AM
You know what
:eyes: :tea:
Shasta Rose - Today at 1:43 AM
by speaking only in mors' code
NikeV - Today at 1:43 AM
I'll take it
Shasta Rose - Today at 1:44 AM
it's mors code, not morse code by the way
Porypan - Today at 1:44 AM
:tea: :eyes: :smoking:
Kang - Today at 1:44 AM
oh i wasn't around for fm 2
Shasta Rose - Today at 1:45 AM
pan if you would have done one more drug thing or asked the right question, you would have discovered that everything was bullshit
Kang - Today at 1:45 AM
if i can make the next game my character's whole purpose will be to fuck w/ people
Shasta Rose - Today at 1:45 AM
it was hinted at but you would have been like "i have to free everybody!!!!"
i think everyone in here got trapped in the F A R M V O I D because of malware
NikeV - Today at 1:48 AM
Nike got here because bad anime off of pirate bay
Shasta Rose - Today at 1:49 AM
like jimena had a bad firmware update from a discount distributor
almost all of the farmers were ai
or cyborgs
are heredoggo part machine?
NikeV - Today at 1:50 AM
No but he prob just ate a bad pc.
Turns out he was a clockwork the whole time

nite priority and actions
Spoiler :
Night action list

23 Kang/aC 14 COMMUNICATE Jimena
19 Koile/Blizz 17 vague investigate nike
18 Porypan/pan 8 cook pancakes
15 Preeeeepo/spish 6 npc
14 Kunksham/granolaman 7 communicate koile
14 Nike v.w_e gimeurcookie 18 look for items in koile's field
8 Yinreit/Kleenfarsight 15 communicate with koile
7 Jimena/Laser 9 reinforce all the entrances to the barn


20 Koile/Blizz protect porypan 18
18 Porypan/pan 11 communicate koile
13 Jimena/Laser 12 track preeeeepo
13 Preeeeepo/spish 9 remove laser
12 Kunksham/granolaman 9 block preeeeepo (-1 priority pen.) [note: missed blocking night hit by 2]
8 Yinreit/Kleenfarsight 9 watch kunk (-2 priority pen.)
8 Nike v.w_e gimeurcookie 3 reroll attempt 17 reroll 18 track porypan (-4 prio pen)


23 Porypan/pan 3 make some damn pancakes
23 Preeeeepo/spish 7 protect Kunksham
22 Koile/Blizz 16 Protect Nike
11 Yinreit/Kleenfarsight 18 Remove Nike*
10 Nike v.w_e gimeurcookie 18 Track Kunk
6 Kunksham/granolaman 4 Remove Nike*

*both of these triggered the item Nike got n1, but didn't make a difference. The Koile doctor protect saved Nike.

18 Koile/Blizz protect porypan 7
16 Yinreit/Kleenfarsight protect oneself 1 reroll attempt 13
16 Nike v.w_e gimeurcookie protect yinreit 12
12 Preeeeepo/spish remove porypan 14
8 Porypan/pan call uncle hermes 19

the stats spreadsheet
Spoiler :
[Image: DhCSQM.png]
thank you for playing!

[Image: RjvYOd.png]
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06-11-2017, 03:06 PM
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 RE: 4tuna Mafia Game

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Joined: Jul 2011
online game saturday at 4:30 pm edt! That's less than 47 hours from now.
It will take place here:

Please send in your characters early or send in a request for me writing you a character now to prevent the game being delayed.

The theme will be:
Spoiler :
Welcome! The lower lakes region's Notail Science Center is opening a grand exhibit soon! I'm Z-171, and i'm the Personnel Intake Representative. Some call me Zini, like the flower zinnia, but that is inappropriate for a workplace setting.

The Science Center has hired several people as Museum Guest Beta Testers. You may be one of these. This convenient accommodation allows a subject free room and board inside the museum for a week in exchange for regular checkup on vitals and mood. you know, nothing strange. just check in with myself or one of the other notails running the experiment setting up the exhibit so we can know if you're enjoying it. Data regarding how those in the vicinity of the exhibit react is important for setting the exact parameters of the final exhibit and what we end up showing to the public. (^ε^)

You may also be one of the workers (janitor, cafeteria worker, security guard etc.) tasked with keeping the Science Center running, tidy and secure in the lead-up to the grand opening. Company policy also has you checking in with a Personnel representative daily. (^ε^)

Please do not attempt to get a sneak peak at the exhibit before it opens. Let's do all we can to ensure a memorable grand opening! (^ε^)

signup list (and character):
1. Carlisle/Kirderf
2. Orthos + Plagio/Robust Laser
3. Schlrr/Allator
4. Porypan/BowserAA
5. Kratos v13/Gimeurcookie
6. X-607/cmdrcade
7. Paterina 'Patty' Ametrine/SirBlizz
8. H1c-13/Hichico
9. DS piron
10. jack/Oh Fortuna
11. Yorick/spish
12. Cinquo/Dorisdwarf

things needed for a character:
Spoiler :
a. name
b. species or AI type
c. a few sentences of characterization
d. stats, adding up to 26 and a max of 10 in any category, distributed into the following categories:
strength [] intelligence [] charisma [] endurance [] agility [] luck []

[Image: RjvYOd.png]
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07-20-2017, 10:00 PM
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 RE: 4tuna Mafia Game
York Upyup

Posts: 316
Joined: Jan 2016
The Year 2003

[Image: FTNMAFV.png]

aC strikes once more with a groupdraw. Definitely my favorite game of the bunch!

Please clicc picc for a clearer, hi-res view.

[Image: gmzzj.png]
07-23-2017, 06:54 AM
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 RE: 4tuna Mafia Game
One Punch Kill

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Big Apple or Bright Orange
[Image: 3iYPCAP.png]

[Image: RhyLb1v.gif] [Image: Ap86zVU.png][Image: rUjQHSK.png][Image: eKvqgTn.png]
07-23-2017, 09:26 AM
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 RE: 4tuna Mafia Game

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Game 5: Notail Science Center! (^ε^)

cast list:

Spoiler :

Name: Carlisle
Species: Pagepoh
Bio: A Pagepoh journalist with a failing career. He is looking for something to turn said carrier around. Calm and cooperative, but will generally dislike those who are seen as hiding something, sneaky or manipulative.
They sometimes spoil a lead into an investigation by getting carried away with gotcha questions at the wrong time if they feel the person they are interviewing is too morally repugnant; otherwise, they are generally capable of standing back and getting others to spin tales which can be picked apart later. A follower of The Helper; regularly attends monthly Yelling Sessions against the helper.
Stats: Strength [4] Intelligence [9] Charisma [5] Endurance [3] Agility [2] Luck [3]
[Image: Zn3uSX.png]


Orthos/Plagio, Viedafo/Sea Angel, Geologist/Biologist (STR: 6, INT: 8, CHA: 2, END: 7, AGI: 1, LUK: 2)
Partners in science for a few years now, Orthos and Plagio are good friends, and you have to be good friends with somebody to be willing to live inside them I suppose. They're here out of scientific curiosity, and because if a fight breaks out (and with notails, it might), they can handle it.
[Image: OsHQvS.png]


Name: Schlrr (nickname Scar)
Species: Kheiron, female
Sentences: Scar is a very aggressive creature, of course, who was dishonorably discharged from the kheiron military for a false claim of 'not being aggressive enough'. While obviously not true, she attempts to brand herself as even more aggressive in the hopes of re-joining and becoming a great general, and goes to great lengths to be as rude, aggressive, offensive, and violent as possible.
Stats: strength[8] intelligence [4] charisma [1] endurance [6] agility [4] luck [3]
[Image: W4RyW5.png]

Pan v474
Generally tries to be friendly towards everyone no matter what. Easily startled, but not very shy. Primary function is playing background music, but is often hired to play party music at the disco.
After being busted out of a magical freezer, and then The Matrix, Porypan won the lottery and went on a vacation in an alternate reality. But then an unexpected extradimensional anomaly picked him up and whisked him away to a notail museum looking for beta-testers. They all assumed he was there to apply. Too high to explain the misunderstanding, Pan just went with it.
strength [4] intelligence [7] charisma [8] endurance [1] agility [5] luck [1]
[Image: A51uo3.png]


a. Kratos v13
b. Kratos
c. Basically like canon kratos. A good police officer, is here to do good, but always lives by the system. Lives by the system even if the system is corrupt. Knows that the system is corrupt, just, tries his best to help it.
d. strength [10] intelligence [1] charisma [1] endurance [5] agility [5] luck [4]
[Image: 0PHGIk.png]


Name: X-607 (Actually Kail)
species: Notail (But is actually a Kaikian)
Str: 1 Int: 7 Char: 7 End: 1 Agil: 5 Luck: 5

An undercover Kaikian agent infiltrating the Notails for reasons unknown. For some reason, most believe their discuise and think they are actually a notail, despite the fact that they have 3 eyes poking out from their mask and are blue.
[Image: pQQm9Q.jpg]

-Paterina 'Patty' Ametrine
-An ex-aristocrat who's facing some hard times and really needs some cash. She refuses to let go of her pride and demands to be pampered and adored. She's really not happy to be here.
strength [2] intelligence [4] charisma [8] endurance [4] agility [6] luck [2]
[Image: O4n8GK.png]


Name: H1c-13
Race: Notail
Strength- 3 Intelligence- 5 Charisma- 7 Agility- 2 Endurance- 3 Luck- 6

An exiled notail who's always tired and just wants a chance to be lazy and not have anything expected of him. Visiting the museum because he's bored and it's free. Probably carying around a sketchbook and pens/pencils.

Blue Traits:
[Artist] [Tall] [Dirty Memer]

Green Traits:
[Cooperative] [Humorous] [Observant]

[Lazy] [Food Aggressive]
[Image: c2xnvw.png]
DS piron
Name: Cody Fleming
Species or AI type: Budryft
A few sentences of characterization: A Team Player who prefers to resolve things without anyone getting hurt. Appears to have friends in high places. Death and misery follow him wherever he goes.
Stats: strength [4] intelligence [4] charisma [5] endurance [6] agility [5] luck [2]
[Image: PLaPnP.png]

Oh Fortuna
Ai: monty V2
Bio: optimistic and energetic. Oblivious to negativity. Loves to play music.
S: 4 I: 6 C: 8 E: 2 A: 3 L: 3
[Image: ZyyBXq.jpg]


a. Yorick
b. Hokkan
c. Yorick is successful and very stylish hokkan merchant. Yorick sells only the finest junk. Yorick wants to see grand exhibit. What, you want life story? Go away!
d. strength [10] - intelligence [2] - charisma [1] - endurance [7] - agility [2] - luck [4]
[Image: 7Xxi6H.png]

Name: Cinquo
Species: Aftik
Cincquo, the ungraceful but dance-loving doctor, is between crews at the moment after he was unable to treat the wounds of the last captain and was summarily fired by her replacement. He took it in his stride however, and gave a cheering speech to the rest of the crew on his way out, reminding them to brush their teeth, report coworker sickness, and "Not hug a notail or something ok?". He saw the sign advertising the museum and thought, "Hey, what could go wrong?"
S 4 I 4 C 7 E 3 A 1 L 7
[Image: 09plSL.png]

(npc) aC
stats: all 4s
[Image: qdCWme.png]

(npc) great
stats: (^ε^)
[Image: XesPWL.png]

Day 1
Spoiler :
Spoiler :
Z-171 - 4:52 PM
setup notice-because it's a larger game: there may be multiple non town factions/groupings (whether multiple mafias or a third party)
cops and doctors are not necessarily town or guaranteed to get their intended result all the time
Porypan - 4:53 PM
Jack v2 - 4:53 PM
X-607 - 4:53 PM
yessss third parties possibly! :D
Yorick - 4:53 PM
Ooh, sounds fun
Z-171 - 4:54 PM
if not multiple anti-town factions, there may be a "double day" where we vote two off at a time as well as there being two mafia hits in a night
Z-171 - 4:55 PM
a "double day" would be triggered by a randomly selected player (the "leader") being removed from the game.

Z-171 - 5:45 PM
Hello assorted staff and beta-testers! I'm Z-171. (^ε^)
Today is the first day of our week before the grand exhibit's opening! We at the lower lakes Notail Science Center are glad you are all here. You will all be very important for the opening of the exhibit.
If you'd like, you can refer any questions to my assistant, B.W.
B.W. - 5:45 PM
Cody Fleming - 5:46 PM
X-607 - 5:46 PM
Greetings :::>
Patty - 5:46 PM
Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh Hello.
Schlrr - 5:46 PM
Yorick - 5:46 PM
Greetings small ones
Carlisle - 5:46 PM
H1C-13 - 5:46 PM
yawns hey there. Nice to see people. ( O)
Cinquo - 5:46 PM
Hey there miss'r BW
Porypan - 5:46 PM
eyyyyy bros
Kratos v13 - 5:46 PM
Greetings to you all!
Cinquo - 5:47 PM
And hi everyone! I be called Cinquo, yeah!
Kratos v13 - 5:47 PM
I am delighted to be a tester today for such a great cause!
Yorick - 5:47 PM
Yorick not here to make friends, Yorick wants to see GRAND EXHIBIT
Porypan - 5:47 PM
science is super cool
Yorick - 5:47 PM
Kratos v13 - 5:47 PM
This science center will be brining much joy to everyone who enters it.
Cinquo - 5:47 PM
I gotta say i'm chuffed about this free room a- this exhibit business
B.W. - 5:47 PM
hello, hello, hi there, good morning
Patty - 5:47 PM
I'm only here because I have rent checks due.
Orthos and Plagio - 5:47 PM
O: "Hey. I'm Orthos."
Z-171 - 5:47 PM
What a talkative one B.W. is! Anyway, the first order of business in this test is to order a leader out of the 12 of you. If you'd like, you can explore the museum while you do so... just don't get too close to the room where we are keeping the exhibit! It's heavily guarded.
Patty - 5:47 PM
My extravagent lifestyle won't pay for itself.
Cinquo - 5:48 PM
Preach it sister.
Orthos and Plagio - 5:48 PM
a sea angel emerges from the viedafo's torso
P: "I'm Plagio! Nice to meet you all!!!"
Porypan - 5:48 PM
woah cool
H1C-13 - 5:48 PM
What even is this grand exhibit? I kind of only came to this because it said "Free food" on the poster.
Jack v2 - 5:48 PM
Hello! This place looks awesome!
Kratos v13 - 5:48 PM
I will explore every inch of this place, and detail everything about it.
X-607 - 5:49 PM
Whatever is in that room must be amazing if you have it under such heavy gaurd. :::>
Porypan - 5:49 PM
I should have brought a camera
Kratos v13 - 5:49 PM
Hmmm should I use a 1 - 10 rating system or a 1-5 rating system?
Cody Fleming - 5:49 PM
Yeah, I'm kinda wonderin' about what's inside too(edited)
Z-171 - 5:49 PM
Managerial studies show a leader selected among peers allows for a more decentralized experience, and we honestly don't want to spend more emotional and intellectual resources on you than we already are (^ε^)
Kratos v13 - 5:49 PM
Or oooh, a 1-100 rating system?
Cinquo - 5:49 PM
Go the whole hog birdman, pecentile forever
Z-171 - 5:49 PM
Anyway, get to it, and share your results with me when you're done! (^ε^)
H1C-13 - 5:49 PM
Why not rate it on an 8/8 scale? ( O)
Z-171 - 5:49 PM
[Image: LlcQTe.png]
B.W. - 5:50 PM
definitely a 1-10 rating system. not too big so it's concise and not too small to allow a broad spectrum.
Orthos and Plagio - 5:50 PM
O: "1-10 with one decimal place. Easier to digest than to 100 but with the same fidelity.
Carlisle - 5:50 PM
A leader? I guess I'll put myself up for offer
X-607 - 5:50 PM
In any event, I don't believe any of us are particularly qualified to be a leader here. Do we have anyone that wishes to step up for the position? :::>
Z-171 - 5:50 PM
(day 1 begin, it takes 7 to elect a Beta-Alpha. deadline in 15 minutes)(edited)
Yorick - 5:50 PM
Yorick is successful and very stylish hokkan and you should elect him leader
Patty - 5:50 PM
I should be the leader because I'm the only one of sufficient social status to be a leader.
Yorick - 5:50 PM
Vote Yorick if you want strong and fashionable leader!
Kratos v13 - 5:50 PM
Hmmm that sounds about right, I quite enjoy a good 1-10 system with a ecimal place.
Patty - 5:50 PM
It only makes sense.
Z-171 - 5:50 PM
eh actually 15 minutes
Kratos v13 - 5:50 PM
If you do not mind I would be glad to take leadership.
H1C-13 - 5:50 PM
Oh we're doing this now....yawn uh......If you elect me leader I shall only guarantee one thing. I
Orthos and Plagio - 5:50 PM
P: "Hey we are literally scientists! I nominate my good friend Orthos!!"
Cinquo - 5:51 PM
I'll put my weight behind miss.... um, klannec?
H1C-13 - 5:51 PM
will probably take a nap
Schlrr - 5:51 PM
You're as small as a twig and I could snap you in a second, klannec. Why should you be leader.
Kratos v13 - 5:51 PM
But if not I will stand by the leader no matter what!
Z-171 - 5:51 PM
remember to vote bold or with an [Image: DStrW8.png]
Porypan - 5:51 PM
I think Carlisle would be a cool leader [Image: DStrW8.png]
B.W. - 5:51 PM
napping is prohibited in the museum sir
Kratos v13 - 5:51 PM
So for now
[Image: DStrW8.png] Vote Kratos
X-607 - 5:51 PM
Are we allowed to vote against a leader? This klannec seems too snooty for my taste :::>
Patty - 5:51 PM
Because I'm beautiful and talented, that's why.
Cody Fleming - 5:51 PM
Patty - 5:51 PM
I obviously deserve it.
Jack v2 - 5:51 PM
Orthos and Plagio - 5:51 PM
O: "I don't buy it."
Cody Fleming - 5:51 PM
You need more than THAT. :frowning2::(edited)
Jack v2 - 5:52 PM
I love having a leader!
Z-171 - 5:52 PM
carlisle 1 (porypan)
kratos 1 (kratos)
7 needed, 13 min
Porypan - 5:52 PM
hm, it's a pretty convincing argument though
Schlrr - 5:52 PM
Kratos units... not the best, but other than an Apollo the best choice here. Kratos it is. [Image: DStrW8.png]
Kratos v13 - 5:52 PM
Don't be so rude, I suggest asking the klannec why they act like this, and also telling people your feelings about it.
Cinquo - 5:52 PM
I'm gonna go wander around, check out the other rooms
Yorick - 5:52 PM
The most important vote, Yorick's vote, goes to Yorick [Image: DStrW8.png] :
Orthos and Plagio - 5:52 PM
O: "And while I appreciate the nomination from my friend here, I've seen enough Kratos units to trust in their leadership." [Image: DStrW8.png] Kratos
Kratos v13 - 5:52 PM
Explain your feelings to the klannec using nice soft words.
Patty - 5:52 PM
If you pick me as leader I will allow you the privelege of being my underlings.
Cinquo - 5:53 PM
but whatever Vote For Klannec (Patty)
Kratos v13 - 5:53 PM
It could just be a misunderstanding!
Patty - 5:53 PM
It's quite the privelege I assure you.
H1C-13 - 5:53 PM
What is your stance on naps
B.W. - 5:53 PM
would you like a guide to help you around cinquo
Kratos v13 - 5:53 PM
Naps are needed!
Schlrr - 5:53 PM
Nice and soft? HAAH! Kratos unit, you obviously know nothing about me.
Cody Fleming - 5:53 PM
*shrugs* I'd say let's give the Kratos a chance.
Carlisle - 5:53 PM
I think we are overthinking this leader thing
Kratos v13 - 5:53 PM
Not everyone can get the correct amount of sleep every night.
Cinquo - 5:53 PM
Sure thing, uh
Yorick - 5:53 PM
I approve of naps
Jack v2 - 5:53 PM
I cant seem to choose someone for my vote...
B.W. - 5:53 PM
Patty - 5:53 PM
Napping will be allowed so long as you do it outside of my visual range.
Kratos v13 - 5:53 PM
A good 15 minute power nap can jumpstart you for the rest of the day!
Cody Fleming - 5:53 PM
It's not like he will be in charge of anything important.(edited)
X-607 - 5:53 PM
I shall be voting for Kratos, as the only other canidate with any backing is a complete snob. [Image: DStrW8.png]
Patty - 5:54 PM
And not within 15 feet of me.
In fact if you could just stay at least that far away from me anyway, that would be great.
Schlrr - 5:54 PM
Hell yes, strange blue notail.
H1C-13 - 5:54 PM
Hm. I like this stance on naps. I'll vote for Kratos the klannecs a bit hoity toidey for my tasts
B.W. - 5:54 PM
just so you know, please read the brochure, napping is prohibited on museum grounds
Patty - 5:54 PM
It's nothing personal you're all just so...
Porypan - 5:54 PM
what's the vote count so far
Patty - 5:54 PM
Kratos v13 - 5:54 PM
I would like to thank each and every single one of you who votes for me.
Jack v2 - 5:54 PM
I think ill go with kratos[Image: DStrW8.png], what could go wrong!?
Z-171 - 5:54 PM
carlisle 1 (porypan)
kratos 6 (kratos, schll, orthpla, x607, H1c-13, jackv2)
yorick 1 (yorick)
patty 1 (cinquo)
7 needed, 11 min(edited)
H1C-13 - 5:55 PM
now if you'll excuse me, Iiiiiiiiiiiii'm gonna go take a nap on that bench. Just a quick 5 minute lightning nap. yawns
Cody Fleming - 5:55 PM
And you are so.. stuck up :slight_smile: :(edited)
Kratos v13 - 5:55 PM
But I would like to do it on a personal level.
Porypan - 5:55 PM
aight changing vote to Kratos [Image: DStrW8.png]
Kratos v13 - 5:55 PM
Enjoy your nap H1C-13.
Z-171 - 5:55 PM
B.W. - 5:55 PM
[taps h1c-13] hey did you hear what i said
Kratos v13 - 5:55 PM
Schll, you're awesome. I can see the POWER IN YOUR EYE.
Z-171 - 5:56 PM
Hmm, you're done already? That was actually quite quick! I'll have to mark this down on my CLIPBLOARD.
Congratulations KRATOS, you are the official unofficial leader of the Beta Testing group, even though you work here as a security guard. How proper for the group to select a natural leader to subjugate lead them!
Anyway, you have the rest of the day to yourselves. That was all that was required of you. Dinner is served at 6, and your sleeping arrangements are provided. They're cardboard boxes.
What are you waiting for?
Z-171 - 6:00 PM
That's all I had to say (^ε^)
[Image: ZmJpqn.png]
(send in your actions in by 15 past the hour. cops and doctors don't get alignment checks tonight. no aggressive actions, do friendly or silly actions only)

Day 2
Spoiler :
Z-171 - 7:03 PM
Oh, this is interesting (^ε^)
It appears a guard to the grand exhibit disappeared last night!
There's no video footage, because of certain precautions around the exhibit......... but audio picked up a brief altercation. By the time we could reach the guard, they had disappeared, without a trace! Hmmm!
I think that means one of you wanted to access the exhibit.
I did say not to try accessiing it... that was the one requirement I had to the terms of your service....
Then again, I don't see why I shouldn't open up the privilege to seeing it! Though it will have to be one at a time.
You all may vote amongst yourselves who you think really, really wanted to see the exhibit.
There's also been some random burglary going on. By a few of you. It seems like it might be organized!!!!
Let's try not doing that!!!!!!
Perhaps you could send one of the burglars to the exhibit. That might straighten them right up.
Kratos v13 - 7:11 PM
I am sorry everyone! I had to stay silent for the talk, and then it was time for dinner and sleeping. Early to bed early to rise as you all know! CA-CAW!!!

Z-171 - 7:11 PM
[Image: LlcQTe.png]
Cody Fleming - 7:11 PM
The Klannec
Z-171 - 7:11 PM
day 2 begin
Kratos v13 - 7:11 PM
Anyway I must now finish my thank yous to everyone who voted for me.
Patty - 7:11 PM
What, eugh, I don't want to see that stupid thing.
Cinquo - 7:11 PM
Look it was clearly whats his name
big and ugly in the hat
Porypan - 7:11 PM
aw man I don't feel so good
Kratos v13 - 7:11 PM
@Orthos and Plagio . I enjoy the companionship system you both have. I can only wish that one day I will also have a friend who could share space with me as well as you two do!
Yorick - 7:11 PM
Something fishy here
Patty - 7:11 PM
I don't even like whatever it is.
Cinquo - 7:12 PM
He was all like "I gotta see the main exhibit, I just gotta"
X-607 - 7:12 PM
Well the say you said that isnt ominous at all ::>
Cinquo - 7:12 PM
Like, BAM straight outta the gates
Jack v2 - 7:12 PM
Hi everone! How was your sleep?
Z-171 - 7:12 PM
It takes 12 to give someone the privilege of seeing the main exhibit. Deadline is in 18 minutes
Patty - 7:12 PM
My sleep was awful
B.W. - 7:12 PM
please don't mess up the exhibit
Orthos and Plagio - 7:12 PM
P: twitching slightly "I convinced Orthos to drink coffee and swimming in coffee is an EXPERIENCE!!"
Carlisle - 7:12 PM
I... have a bad feeling about the exhibit after that
Kratos v13 - 7:12 PM
@X-607 , you may be a strange notail, with 3 eyes, on stalks, and are also blue, but I respect that everyone comes in different shapes and sizes and that doesn’t devalue you as a person. We can all use our differences to our advantages, just think of the things you can see with your 3rd eye that others cannot.
B.W. - 7:12 PM
it requires a lot of paper work
Patty - 7:12 PM
The cardboard was...w ell it was CARDBOARD.
Also I stepped in a puddle, it was so... gross.
Kratos v13 - 7:12 PM
@Helios Ono , I am not sure what type of AI you are, but I would like to inform you that every AI is important, even if some people try to devalue us. You’re important Jackv2. Never forget that.
Cody Fleming - 7:12 PM
*snorts driescively*(edited)
Yorick - 7:12 PM
Patty - 7:12 PM
My favorite stocking got damp.
Kratos v13 - 7:13 PM
@Porypan , as a pan unit, I’m sure this situation is stressful,but just know that you can do it if you try, but if you feel stressed out and scared, always feel free to contact me. I will give you the boost you need to WIN!
Yorick - 7:13 PM
Who you calling ugly?
H1C-13 - 7:13 PM
All I did last night was sleep. Not the worst place I've slept in honestly
Patty - 7:13 PM
It'll take forever to clean.
Kratos v13 - 7:13 PM
That should be everyone!
Porypan - 7:13 PM
ye everyone's important!
Yorick - 7:13 PM
Yorick want to see exhibit, but not that bad
X-607 - 7:13 PM
I agree, security robot. Thank you for not deciding to kill me for my differences like several other people, none of which are here, would do.
B.W. - 7:13 PM
which has to be done by me.
Kratos v13 - 7:13 PM
If I missed someone who voted for me, please do tell me!
Porypan - 7:13 PM
oh don't worry I'll be fine
I just got a massive stomach ache
Kratos v13 - 7:13 PM
You may also ask for a compliment if you just want one.
Jack v2 - 7:13 PM
Thank you kratos! Most people don't usually know what my model is so dont worry!
Kratos v13 - 7:13 PM
I think everyone should be highly valued.
Z-171 - 7:13 PM
Oh wait it takes 6 to vote off.
H1C-13 - 7:13 PM
Oh, yeah hey I voted for you kratos. Y'gotta good nap stance.
X-607 - 7:14 PM
The box was cramped and sub-optimal. I am slightly sleep deprived because of this :::>
Z-171 - 7:14 PM
Allator is currently AFK.
Cinquo - 7:14 PM
I just think its pretty suspiscious that today you were champin' at the bit to see the exhibition and today you're just, like "nah not really haha just a prank"
Orthos and Plagio - 7:14 PM
O: "I had planned a whole itinerary of things for me in Plag to do but apparently nearly half the things on here are either not applicable at all, or not at the times I planned -- but viewing the exhibit itself wasn't scheduled until closer to the public opening"
Z-171 - 7:14 PM
11 left, 6 to vote. something came up for them
and they may be back soon but might miss this round(edited)
Kratos v13 - 7:14 PM
Yes I'm glad you enjoy my nap stance!
Yorick - 7:14 PM
Why you trying to pin this on poor, innocent Yorick?
Jack v2 - 7:14 PM
My cardboard box was roomy!
Yorick - 7:15 PM
Suspicious if you ask me
X-607 - 7:15 PM
Cinquo, exactly who are you accusing here?
Kratos v13 - 7:15 PM
I think it's a fine one. Now before we vote on anyone. first we have to ask.
Porypan - 7:15 PM
my cardboard box needs cleaning
Cody Fleming - 7:15 PM
Why didn't they just give all one room to sleep in, wouldn't that have been cheaper?
Cinquo - 7:15 PM
And he's already trying to tug at the heartstrings.
Porypan - 7:15 PM
or maybe I just need a new cardboard box
Kratos v13 - 7:15 PM
Cinquo - 7:15 PM
Could this big boy get any scummier?
H1C-13 - 7:15 PM
Do you really wanna sleep with a notail? I mean I can arrange that... ( O)
Jack v2 - 7:15 PM
Patty - 7:15 PM
I don't.
Kratos v13 - 7:15 PM
You want to go Jack?
Cody Fleming - 7:15 PM
X-607 - 7:15 PM
I think it is rather suspicious that you immediatly start throwing arround accusations, Cinquo, though at least you have a small, insignifigant, but valid reason to do so.
Jack v2 - 7:15 PM
I wanna look at science!
X-607 - 7:15 PM
Cinquo - 7:16 PM
Kratos v13 - 7:16 PM
Jack wants to look at science!
Cinquo - 7:16 PM
I mean its the only reason so far
Kratos v13 - 7:16 PM
Cody Fleming - 7:16 PM
I get the feeling it might not be pleasant, that there exibit..
H1C-13 - 7:16 PM
Honestly, I don't really care about this exhibit. I just came here because it was free. And a lot better than sleeping on the street.
Orthos and Plagio - 7:16 PM
O: "Seems like Jack wants to go look at science."
Cinquo - 7:16 PM
he's the only person here who even mentioned it yesterday
Kratos v13 - 7:16 PM
We should see if anyone is a burgler first.
Z-171 - 7:16 PM
<note: seeing the exhibit will mean getting voted off>
Cinquo - 7:16 PM
Why you so buddy-buddy with him?
X-607 - 7:16 PM
Such is the reason why I am not voting to toss you in the exibit here, Cinquo :::>
Cody Fleming - 7:16 PM
...I'll just pull by vote no that one Klannec back.
H1C-13 - 7:16 PM
Did you know we notails put sharp spikes on our window ledges to keep people from sleeping there? It's true. ( O)
Kratos v13 - 7:16 PM
If we can't find the burgler then I suppose Jack can go unless he changes his mind.
Z-171 - 7:17 PM
Once you see the exhibit, well you can't really take part in the beta test anymore, now can you? (^ε^)
Kratos v13 - 7:17 PM
So I'm going to start out simple.
Jack v2 - 7:17 PM
Porypan - 7:17 PM
honestly I think it's best we wait to see the exhibit until they actually let us
Yorick - 7:17 PM
Beginning to feel iffy about this whole situation

X-607 - 7:18 PM
Yes, I conquor with the Kratos unit. We should wait to see if we can find who is the actual murderer here before we toss people into the exhibit room!
Cinquo - 7:18 PM
Hi mister kratos.
H1C-13 - 7:18 PM
Ow. My ears.
Porypan - 7:18 PM
hi kratos
X-607 - 7:18 PM
Theif''' not murderer!
Jack v2 - 7:18 PM
sits to listen to kratos
Kratos v13 - 7:18 PM
I WOULD LIKE TO START OUT BY ASKING, JUST SIMPLY.... are any of you burglers?
Carlisle - 7:18 PM
Of course not
Patty - 7:18 PM
Who's murdering, has someone been murderd!?
Jack v2 - 7:18 PM
Im no robber!
Cinquo - 7:18 PM
sounds like someone has a guilty conscience huh X-607
got murder on the brain?
Kratos v13 - 7:18 PM
I would like to ask this question to give people room to admit to their crimes early.
Orthos and Plagio - 7:18 PM
P: "I don't think there was a murder and what happened to the receptionist the day before the beta test can technically not be classified as a murder because they survived."
Cody Fleming - 7:18 PM
That would be awful nice if someone actually fessed up.
But, I doubt that will ever hold
Z-171 - 7:19 PM
My assistant, BW, is still here??(edited)
Orthos and Plagio - 7:19 PM
P: "And also it was an accident!!"
X-607 - 7:19 PM
(Look im used to regular maf games in which people are murdered not tossed into exhibit rooms I misspoke :P)
Jack v2 - 7:19 PM
Hello Z!
Kratos v13 - 7:19 PM
If you don't admit to your crimes early, well. I'm sad to say you will break my heart.
Porypan - 7:19 PM
oh ye them crooks aren't gonna give up until you catch them
Jack v2 - 7:19 PM
is your science place in trouble?
Kratos v13 - 7:19 PM
I will be keeping a list of everyone who says they didn't commit a crime.
Cody Fleming - 7:20 PM
And that there is just sad, breaking a Kratos's heart all like that
Patty - 7:20 PM
Yes, if anyone has done anything illegal, than they should definitely confess now.
Yorick - 7:20 PM
Yorick is honest merchant and would never steal
B.W. - 7:20 PM
Patty - 7:20 PM
It would be more dignified.
Jack v2 - 7:20 PM
I did no crimes
Cinquo - 7:20 PM
I don't pay taxes, does that count.
H1C-13 - 7:20 PM
Why would anyone want to steal our notail junk anyway? It's not like this is a weapons museum, right?
Z-171 - 7:20 PM
Oh no, things are wonderful here. I am so excited for the grand opening (^ε^)
Porypan - 7:20 PM
okay um I got a confession then
Kratos v13 - 7:20 PM
If I find out you told me you didn't commit a crime, and then did so.
Jack v2 - 7:20 PM
Porypan - 7:20 PM
I kinda... um... borrowed the kitchen.... without asking
Z-171 - 7:20 PM
I don't think the public will be ready for it(^ε^)
Patty - 7:20 PM
I have of course, done nothing illegal or untoward in any way.
X-607 - 7:20 PM
Yes, while I admire your attempt, Kratos, I find it very unlikely that any criminals would simply fess up to their crimes unless they were complete fools :::>
Patty - 7:21 PM
I'm so great, aren't I.
Porypan - 7:21 PM
didn't turn out well though
Kratos v13 - 7:21 PM
<Punches hand in to open palm.>
Cry I guess.
Cody Fleming - 7:21 PM
I'm so great, aren't I.

... :eyes:
Jack v2 - 7:21 PM
Its ok pan!
Z-171 - 7:21 PM
9 minutes, no votes
H1C-13 - 7:21 PM
Oh, wait, is the fridge out in the hall off limits? Because I may have gotten a biiiiiiiiiiiit hungry last night
I was mistakenly lead to believe this event was catered.
Orthos and Plagio - 7:21 PM
O: "I have committed no crimes within this building in the previous day."
Z-171 - 7:22 PM
Dinner was provided at 6. The portions were calibrated to each of your dietary needs.
Jack v2 - 7:22 PM
Well i think we should all just calm done with some music!
Patty - 7:22 PM
I'd like to complain, my meal was not satisfactory.
Orthos and Plagio - 7:22 PM
O: "And any other incidents have been amicably settled."
Porypan - 7:22 PM
I got this!
plays smooth jazz
Kratos v13 - 7:22 PM
Please, if you need any extra snacks, speak with me!
Patty - 7:22 PM
The portions were far too small.
Porypan - 7:22 PM
will do, boss
Patty - 7:22 PM
And I didn't have the right silverware.
Kratos v13 - 7:22 PM
I can try my best to provide for you.
H1C-13 - 7:22 PM
That's nonsense and you know it. You expect me to survive on a balanced portion dinner? Please ( O)
Z-171 - 7:22 PM
Well patty, if you did not like it, it's because someone spit in it (^ε^)
Patty - 7:22 PM
I don't even think any of it was silver..
Cinquo - 7:22 PM
ooh thats nasty
Patty - 7:22 PM
Oh that's disgusting.
X-607 - 7:23 PM
Being as we have nothing to go off of here, I vote we send noone into the exhibit room for the time being. I feel it would be best to wait until we have at least something small to go off of before we start tossing people in willy-nilly here :::> [Image: DStrW8.png]
Kratos v13 - 7:23 PM
I am so sorry Patty, this place should be more upstanding!
Patty - 7:23 PM
I think I'm going to go... somewhere.
Cinquo - 7:23 PM
I'm pretty sure its unhygienic too yeah
H1C-13 - 7:23 PM
Well, anyway, the point is I got hungry last night so I may have gone snack hunting. But that's all
Patty - 7:23 PM
To gag.
Kratos v13 - 7:23 PM
Do you need me to speak with the chef, Patty?(edited)
Patty - 7:23 PM
Don't look at me
Cody Fleming - 7:23 PM
Cody mutters "Well, if you'd stop making such a fuss over everything and what not..."(edited)
Patty - 7:24 PM
And oh goodness, you're all Notails.
Kratos v13 - 7:24 PM
I will speak with the chef and nicely ask them to not spit in to your food.
Carlisle - 7:24 PM
Voting [Image: DStrW8.png] no one does seem to be the best option, until we have any leads(edited)
Z-171 - 7:24 PM
It was very unhigeinic. we have dealt with the cook staff who risked destabilizing the beta test in such a way.
Patty - 7:24 PM
If I get some weird disease I'm sueing.
H1C-13 - 7:24 PM
Touches face wow! I'm a notail!? I never would have guessed
( O)
Z-171 - 7:24 PM
Luckily, they were a mite.
Porypan - 7:24 PM
I'm not a notail
Z-171 - 7:24 PM
Easily disposed of.
Cinquo - 7:24 PM
how does...
Kratos v13 - 7:24 PM
Just say the word Patty, as your friend leader I will do the best I can to help.
Orthos and Plagio - 7:25 PM
P: "It would be pretty unfair to let somebody in so early without a good reason!!!"
O: "But Jack was real eager."
Patty - 7:25 PM
Oh well, at least there's that I guess.
Cody Fleming - 7:25 PM
...So, tell me honest; Do the people survive if they see the main exhibit?(edited)
Kratos v13 - 7:25 PM
Sure they do!
Right boss?
(RIGHT BOSS??????)
Z-171 - 7:25 PM
6 to exile to the exhibit
no one 2 (x-607, carlisle)(edited)
Kratos v13 - 7:25 PM
((Not ooc))
Porypan - 7:25 PM
Z-171 - 7:26 PM
It's a possibility, Cole.
Porypan - 7:26 PM
I mean, how bad could it possibly be
X-607 - 7:26 PM
Its a possibility? :::>
Kratos v13 - 7:26 PM
Yes that's right <nods>
Cody Fleming - 7:26 PM
... *squints*
X-607 - 7:26 PM
Complicates our decisions. :::>
H1C-13 - 7:26 PM
Well this is a notail museum...so who knows really ( O)
Orthos and Plagio - 7:26 PM
P: "It's not fair to send anybody this early!!" [Image: DStrW8.png]
Jack v2 - 7:26 PM
So... what exactly is the exhibit about anyways?
Yorick - 7:26 PM
Hmm, HMM
Kratos v13 - 7:26 PM
It's always possible someone could miss the wet floor sign and bust their head on the floor!!!!
X-607 - 7:26 PM
It being a mere possibility implies that it is also a possibility they could die :::>
Jack v2 - 7:26 PM
No no!
Kratos v13 - 7:26 PM
But the exbitit itself is likely safe. Maybe.
B.W. - 7:27 PM
toilets are down the hall, patty
Z-171 - 7:27 PM
That's under wraps, Jack.
Porypan - 7:27 PM
Cody Fleming - 7:27 PM
Not chancin' it. [Image: DStrW8.png] Not one person is gonna be voted.(edited)
Cinquo - 7:27 PM
I dont think we're going anywhere, let's defer the decision [Image: DStrW8.png]
Kratos v13 - 7:27 PM
Cody Fleming - 7:27 PM
Not by me
Kratos v13 - 7:27 PM
Unless you miss the weat floor sign.
Jack v2 - 7:27 PM
Dying is not fun...
Yorick - 7:27 PM
Yorick did not notice anyone particularly suspicious, but would be happy to send Cinquao regardless [Image: DStrW8.png]
Porypan - 7:27 PM
I will keep an eye out for wet floor signs
Kratos v13 - 7:27 PM
Or if there's something else in there that could kill you.
Z-171 - 7:27 PM
there's 5 votes 1 more is hammer
Kratos v13 - 7:27 PM
But I'm sure it's just the wet floor.
X-607 - 7:27 PM
Kratos, your continued denial of the possibilty of death is doing nothing but drawing attention to yourself. I would advize you stop denying it.
Orthos and Plagio - 7:28 PM
O: "I really don't think you need to worry about dying. I've been to a few exhibits advertised similarly to this before, and at most there's just severe bodily harm."
Jack v2 - 7:28 PM
And i want everyone to have fun!
Kratos v13 - 7:28 PM
Why do you think we'll die?
Patty - 7:28 PM
I suppose I'll also vote no one.
Porypan - 7:28 PM
hey let's all trust in our leader
Kratos v13 - 7:28 PM
This is a fine bisness
H1C-13 - 7:28 PM
Why dont we all just sit down, have some second breakfast, and just talk out everything ( O)
Cody Fleming - 7:28 PM
That's still too much bodily harm
Kratos v13 - 7:28 PM
No one will die.
Patty - 7:28 PM
Nobody goes in the exhibit
Porypan - 7:28 PM
he's all we've got
Jack v2 - 7:28 PM
Is everything alright kratos?
Cinquo - 7:28 PM
Hang on, I wasn't paying attention there, did Yorick just vote to send me into the Room Of Probbably Weird Notail Shit?
Kratos v13 - 7:28 PM
X-607 - 7:28 PM
You're acting paniced and like you are hiding something here, Kratos. It is rather suspicous, though for now I shall continue to trust in you :::>
Cinquo - 7:28 PM
Yeah fuck you asshole?
Kratos v13 - 7:28 PM
If anyone dies tell me.
Patty - 7:29 PM
After yesterday's dinner I don't really trust the food here to be honest...
Kratos v13 - 7:29 PM
I'll handle it.
Z-171 - 7:29 PM
6 to exile to the exhibit
no one6 (x-607, carlisle, O+P, cole, cinquo, patty)
cinquao 1 (yorick)
that's ⚒:
Yorick - 7:29 PM
Yes big ugly in the hat sure did
Carlisle - 7:29 PM
Scribbling notes on a paper
Jack v2 - 7:29 PM
I think it will be best if we all went together!
B.W. - 7:29 PM
please mind the wet floor sigj
Cinquo - 7:29 PM
Go choke on your shitty fez, limp-brain
Porypan - 7:30 PM
guys kratos is just trying to calm us down and ensure us no one is going to die, nothing suspicious about that it's what a good leader would do!
Jack v2 - 7:30 PM
I vote no one to go early[Image: DStrW8.png]
X-607 - 7:30 PM
Both of you, calm down. :::>
Z-171 - 7:30 PM
Oh, so no one wants to see the exhibit now? That's wonderful. And it looks like you all are getting to know each other very well!
Well, hopefully you can spend the night peacefully.
[Image: ZmJpqn.png]
<get in actions by 45 past the hour.>(edited)


B.W. - 7:46 PM
Z-171 - 7:51 PM
<note: Allator is back>

[Image: RjvYOd.png]
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 RE: 4tuna Mafia Game

Posts: 5,108
Joined: Jul 2011
Day 3
Spoiler :

Z-171 - 8:37 PM
Oh, bad news, friends. it appears my assistant had a breakdown last night. They are now on leave. (^ε^)
But i'm still here!
Oh also it looks like two of the beta group also decided to leave or otherwise disappear.
First of all, was Cinquo, whose room was found with piles of misplaced loot around their sleeping area and a note that said "'i stole these but got knocked out by the ghosts curse!'"(edited)
I, however, am not as stupid as whoever wrote the note (^ε^)
Their prints look nothing like what was on the dubloons. They were just an innocent volunteer here for our important project. <cinquo was regular town>
Second, was Yorick. Who knows what happened to them? (^ε^)
Maybe they got to resolve their differences with their friend. Whatever the case, they were another volunteer for which we at the notail science center a grateful for (^ε^)
<Yorick was regular town>
It seems like some interesting things are going down! I am making sure to keep checking on them with my clipboard.
[Image: LlcQTe.png] d3 begin
X-607 - 8:45 PM
Well, this is certainly interesting.
The two that were arguing yesterday have both turned up dead...
Orthos and Plagio - 8:45 PM
P: zzz
Carlisle - 8:45 PM
Two people gone?
Kratos v13 - 8:46 PM
What do you mean dead?
Porypan - 8:46 PM
Kratos v13 - 8:46 PM
Yorick is just gone!
Porypan - 8:46 PM
no man they just like, left
Z-171 - 8:46 PM
with 10 remaining, it takes 6 to do a thing. deadline in 19 minutes
Patty - 8:46 PM
Alas poor yorick I... Didn't really know them that well.
Helios Ono - 8:46 PM
I heard some scary stuff last night.
Kratos v13 - 8:46 PM
Why are you concluding that everyone is dead?
Schlrr - 8:46 PM
That's a shame. Yorick was probably the only one of you who was decent.
Patty - 8:46 PM
I honestly don't feel that bad.
X-607 - 8:46 PM
Well, missing
H1C-13 - 8:46 PM
Well that's certainly morbid isn't it.
Kratos v13 - 8:46 PM
Also boss, please tell me about Cinquo.
Are they alive or injuried?
Orthos and Plagio - 8:47 PM
O: "I tried looking into Yorick last night. Well. Plagio did. But I think they kind of crashed from yesterday's caffeine buzz."
Helios Ono - 8:47 PM
I hope Yorick returns..
Orthos and Plagio - 8:47 PM
O: "And then they left"
O: "Apparently."
X-607 - 8:47 PM
Does anyone have any leads? We need something to go off of here :::>
Carlisle - 8:47 PM
I tried observing cinquo, but they was already gone by the time I got there...(edited)
H1C-13 - 8:48 PM
Yorick and Ciniq really semed to dislike each other yesterday, maybe they both tried to "Make friends" ( O)
Helios Ono - 8:48 PM
Cinquo is ok i bet!
Kratos v13 - 8:48 PM
If Cinquo is dead then we have BIGGER problems than stealing and tossing people in the exibit early.
It means we have a MURDERER IN OUR GROUP!
Porypan - 8:48 PM
on the birhgt side, I got a new box to sleep in
Helios Ono - 8:48 PM
Thought he was kinda mean...
Porypan - 8:48 PM
the other one got all dirty with puke
X-607 - 8:48 PM
Then, lets hope for all of our sakes that they are ok :::>
Z-171 - 8:48 PM
Cinquo, well, they aren't here now.
Carlisle - 8:49 PM
Porypan what if they come back
Z-171 - 8:49 PM
I should make it clear. We found the note in the place where it looked like they were.
Schlrr - 8:49 PM
I slept most of the day and missed everything. What the heck did you all do? And why wasn't I told about the kiling time!
H1C-13 - 8:49 PM
A murderer? Gasp! Oh, wait, this is a notail museum I'm not actually surprised. ( O)
Carlisle - 8:49 PM
Don't just take their boxes just because they're gone
Kratos v13 - 8:49 PM
Oh ok!
So Cinquo is likely alive!
Porypan - 8:49 PM
wait who comes back
no I got this one from the staff
X-607 - 8:49 PM
How polite of the staff to replace your box :::>
Orthos and Plagio - 8:49 PM
O: "Oh, the Kheiron is here. I thought you had gone, too."
Patty - 8:49 PM
I didn't get a new box, why haven't I got a new box.
Porypan - 8:50 PM
ye I'm certainly giving good reviews
Kratos v13 - 8:50 PM
They must be all be getting put in the exhibit room.....
Z-171 - 8:50 PM
and then there were a few bits of fabric in the direction towards the exhibit.
Schlrr - 8:50 PM
Of course not! I'm not weak like the rest of you.
Z-171 - 8:50 PM
which is strange!
Kratos v13 - 8:50 PM
Well that settles it!
Helios Ono - 8:50 PM
So how was sleep kratos?
Kratos v13 - 8:50 PM
Vote Kratos! :apple:
Z-171 - 8:50 PM
Maybe they were curious.
Porypan - 8:50 PM
Carlisle - 8:50 PM
Did anyone see anything yesterday?
X-607 - 8:50 PM
Kratos why are you voting for yourself?
Kratos v13 - 8:50 PM
I will go in the room and I will find out what is going on!
Orthos and Plagio - 8:50 PM
O: "Are you fucking kidding me"
Porypan - 8:50 PM
you don't have to
H1C-13 - 8:50 PM
Not to disregard the doom and gloom, but would we happen to be getting any breakfast options any time soon? I'm quite hungry...again.
Kratos v13 - 8:51 PM
Yes please fed H1C-13!
H1C-13 is sick!
Porypan - 8:51 PM
aw man
Z-171 - 8:51 PM
Kratos 1 (Kratos)

with 10 remaining, it takes 6 to do a thing. deadline in 14(edited)
Schlrr - 8:51 PM
I could go for food.
X-607 - 8:51 PM
Kratos I fear those that are wishing to see the exibit early may take the oppertunity to banish you in there.
Orthos and Plagio - 8:51 PM
P: wakes up "eh what WHO'S MESSING WITH MY FRIEND??"
O: "Oh er uh no, no it's nothing."
X-607 - 8:51 PM
Patty - 8:51 PM
I blame the food, They should in fact eat less of the food.
Cody Fleming - 8:51 PM
*Cody wakes up, having nodded off. It looks like he hadn'd gotten much sleep the last two nights*
Porypan - 8:51 PM
didn't we already eat breakfast
Cody Fleming - 8:51 PM
Huh, wha, who?
H1C-13 - 8:51 PM
yeah, I ate something the other day that really didn't agree with even my biology. ( O)
Helios Ono - 8:52 PM
Are you sure you want to go in there alone kratos?
X-607 - 8:52 PM
Such is true. One may remember them complaining about it the entire day yesterday :::>
Patty - 8:52 PM
The food here is terrible, I'm going to make sure everyone knows that.
Cody Fleming - 8:52 PM
(...Also I just realized that the nickname is off, can I fix it?)
H1C-13 - 8:52 PM
It really is.
Kratos v13 - 8:52 PM
I'm sorry it is terrible, the chef tries hard!(edited)
Helios Ono - 8:52 PM
I dont mind the food
Schlrr - 8:52 PM
I vote X-6, he's terribly suspicious! :apple:
Orthos and Plagio - 8:52 PM
O: "I don't think you really know what bad food is."
X-607 - 8:52 PM
H1C-13 - 8:52 PM
It's almost as bad as that time I spent on generic planet 1448. That food was so bland and...well, generic
Porypan - 8:52 PM
I think it's fine
like, I've had better but it's at least edible
Patty - 8:53 PM
X-6 doesn't seem any more suspicious than a typical notail..
X-607 - 8:53 PM
Do you have any proof here, Schl... sch... schll.... whatever the heck your name is?
Orthos and Plagio - 8:53 PM
P: yawn "Do you even eat???"
Helios Ono - 8:53 PM
The food is alright actually
Kratos v13 - 8:53 PM
Has anyone noticed anything strange last night?
Z-171 - 8:53 PM
Kratos 1 (Kratos)
x-607 1 (Schlrr)

with 10 remaining, it takes 6 to do a thing. deadline in 12
Kratos v13 - 8:53 PM
I was contacted by 3 people.
Schlrr - 8:53 PM
I tried to find you last night, you were missing.
Kratos v13 - 8:53 PM
1 who failed.
Carlisle - 8:53 PM
So unless someone has any clues, I don't want to risk voting on the wrong person
Schlrr - 8:54 PM
No, X-6.
Patty - 8:54 PM
I noticed the bathroom was much more beautiful than usual.
Helios Ono - 8:54 PM
Yes i heard something at night
X-607 - 8:54 PM
Not that I saw last night, robot :::>
Kratos v13 - 8:54 PM
Oh yes I went to protect Patty!
Patty - 8:54 PM
Because I was in it of course.
Cody Fleming - 8:54 PM
"I heard stuff, but I think everyone heard that ruckus..."
Kratos v13 - 8:54 PM
And I was standing outside of the bathroom!
Helios Ono - 8:54 PM
The screaming.
Cody Fleming - 8:54 PM
"suddup petty" Cody mumbles(edited)
Patty - 8:54 PM
You did a very good job of standing there.
I didn't even know you were there.
Kratos v13 - 8:55 PM
Thank you!
H1C-13 - 8:55 PM
I spent last night asking kratos if they had anything to settle my stomach. Otherwise I slept like a drakon. ( O)
Kratos v13 - 8:55 PM
I am good at pretending to be a statue!
I'm built like a statue too.
Patty - 8:55 PM
H1C-13 - 8:55 PM
You really are.
Kratos v13 - 8:55 PM
But yes, no other oddities?
Orthos and Plagio - 8:55 PM
P: "Definitely very statuesque!!"
Schlrr - 8:55 PM
That's horrifying. You pretend to be a statue next to me and I'll bite you.
Orthos and Plagio - 8:55 PM
P: "Wow rude!!!"
Kratos v13 - 8:56 PM
Ok Schlrr! I will make sure to avoid watching you at night to make sure no one hurts you.
Helios Ono - 8:56 PM
Thats not very nice to say that to our leader Schlrr
Kratos v13 - 8:56 PM
If anyone will like to request help please tell me!
Today I will be looking for supplies as it seems some people are getting hurt or sick.

Jack v2 - 8:57 PM
Schlrr - 8:57 PM
Statues are horrifying Jack. I dislike them.
Kratos v13 - 8:57 PM
Feel free to tag along. If we work as a team we can get more supplies!
Schlrr - 8:57 PM
They're always watching, waiting.
Patty - 8:57 PM
You know, I would like an actual bed maybe.
Orthos and Plagio - 8:57 PM
Orthos looks insulted
Patty - 8:57 PM
Or at least one of those poor people bed-things.
Porypan - 8:57 PM
eyy aight, I got nothing better to do
Patty - 8:57 PM
What are those called.
Kratos v13 - 8:57 PM
Sleeping bags!
H1C-13 - 8:57 PM
On that note, do not eat anything out of that fridge. My hands feel like they're on fire Which incidentally if they were that would be awesome ( O) would make drawing hard though.....
Patty - 8:57 PM
They're thin and terrible, but probably better than cardboard.
X-607 - 8:57 PM
I shall tag along with you, Kratos. Its better than standing here bickering with eachother :::>
Jack v2 - 8:57 PM
Are you sure you want to go in the exhibit alone kratos?
Kratos v13 - 8:57 PM
But I wouldn't call them poor people beds.....
They have nowhere else to sleep and they really need those...
If they could afford a bed I'm sure they'd do so.
Carlisle - 8:58 PM
[Image: DStrW8.png] Nobody because I have no clue who could be the culprit
Z-171 - 8:58 PM
(note corrected day flavor to read:
First of all, was Cinquo, whose room was found with piles of misplaced loot around their sleeping area and a note that said "'i stole these but got knocked out by the ghosts curse!'")
Cody Fleming - 8:58 PM
ᴬᶰᵈ ᴵ'ᵈ ᶫᶦᵏᵉ ᵗᵒ ˢᶫᵉᵉᵖ ʷᶦᵗʰ ᵐʸ ᶜʳᵉʷ, ᵇᵘᵗ ᵗʰᵃᵗ ᵃᶦᶰ'ᵗ ʰᵃᵖᵖᵉᶰᵉᶰᵉᶰᶰᶰ⋅⋅⋅⋅
X-607 - 8:58 PM
In any event since we once again have no proof to go off of I shall once again vote that we send noone into the room [Image: DStrW8.png]
Cody Fleming - 8:58 PM
Z-171 - 8:58 PM
(they were not in the room)
Kratos v13 - 8:59 PM
If no one votes for me I'll put my vote on X-607 for now. [Image: DStrW8.png]
Orthos and Plagio - 8:59 PM
O: "I definitely feel like sending a certain someone who wouldn't know good art forms if it smacked them in the face to go appreciate the exhibit"
Jack v2 - 8:59 PM
Who here likes ghosts?
Z-171 - 8:59 PM
Kratos 1 (Kratos)
x-607 1 (Schlrr)
none 2 (carlisle, x-607)
with 10 remaining, it takes 6 to do a thing. deadline in 6
Orthos and Plagio - 8:59 PM
P: shakes head
X-607 - 9:00 PM
<I am going AFK for a moment>
Schlrr - 9:00 PM
Hah! Ghosts, no such thing!
Jack v2 - 9:00 PM
Ghosts are fun though!
Orthos and Plagio - 9:00 PM
P: "When's dinner? I kind of slept through breakfast!! Like five minutes????"
P: "We should make a decision before then!!!"
Z-171 - 9:00 PM
do you guys want 5 extra minutes, to make up for that mistake
Kratos v13 - 9:00 PM
But yes, if you guys feel as if you finally need to send in someone who you think could piledrive and figure out what's going on. I will be fine with being sent in.
H1C-13 - 9:00 PM
Screw dinner I want second dinner
Porypan - 9:01 PM
hey if we just let the burglars kick us all out one by one, they're eventually gonna outnumber us and kick all our butts
H1C-13 - 9:01 PM
and Dinkfast.
Z-171 - 9:01 PM
if not deadline in 4 min
Porypan - 9:01 PM
I think we should send someone into the exhibit
Patty - 9:01 PM
I want food that actually qualifies as food.
Preferably with a nice presntation.
Kratos v13 - 9:01 PM
((Extra 5 yeah))
Patty - 9:01 PM
Some class.
X-607 - 9:01 PM
<I have returned>
Carlisle - 9:01 PM
But who
Z-171 - 9:01 PM
okay 9 min to deadling
Porypan - 9:01 PM
so wait how's the vote looking rn
H1C-13 - 9:02 PM
I can't pin a vote on anyone, so i vote for no one for the time being
Orthos and Plagio - 9:02 PM
P: "I think if nobody has any better ideas X guy seems like a totes decent contender for going to see the exhibit!!"
P: "Unless we're voting nobody again"
P: "Which I mean I guess that's fine too!"
Kratos v13 - 9:02 PM
I do feel like we have to vote for someone.
Who would make such a foolish note?
Z-171 - 9:02 PM
x-607 2 (Kratos)
none 2 (carlisle, x-607)

with 10 remaining, it takes 6 to do a thing. deadline in 6
Orthos and Plagio - 9:02 PM
O: "I guess I'll get behind a vote for X-607, then" [Image: DStrW8.png]
X-607 - 9:02 PM
You all seem very eager to toss me in the exhibit. If you do, I would simply like to know why :::>
Porypan - 9:03 PM
aight then might as well
X-607 [Image: DStrW8.png] have fun dude
Kratos v13 - 9:03 PM
X-607, as an X class you are one of the most crafty of notails.
Cody Fleming - 9:03 PM
Eh, [Image: DStrW8.png] Send the Kaikan (X-607)...(edited)
Carlisle - 9:03 PM
Fine, I hope you know what you're doing
Voting X-607 [Image: DStrW8.png]
Kratos v13 - 9:03 PM
I want you to-
Jack v2 - 9:03 PM
I bet X would like to go in the exibit! He is a notail after all, and everyone knows notails love science!
Kratos v13 - 9:03 PM
Porypan - 9:03 PM
oh nah man that's a notail for sure
Kratos v13 - 9:03 PM
We don't have a Kaikan?
X-607 - 9:03 PM
If me being a notail is the reason you'r sending me in then fine.
Patty - 9:03 PM
Kaikian, what kaikian?
Orthos and Plagio - 9:03 PM
O + P: "???"
Cody Fleming - 9:04 PM
H1C-13 - 9:04 PM
He looks like a pretty normal notail to me
X-607 - 9:04 PM
<X-607 would take off their mask and slam it into the ground>
Patty - 9:04 PM
I think I would know if there were any kaikians about.
Z-171 - 9:04 PM
x-607 5 (schlrr, Kratos, o+p, porypan, carlisle)
none 2 (carlisle, x-607)
Porypan - 9:04 PM
Kratos v13 - 9:04 PM
Cole, would you like to expl- WOOH
H1C-13 - 9:04 PM
Kaile - 9:04 PM
There we go.
Porypan - 9:04 PM
what a twist
Orthos and Plagio - 9:04 PM
P: "what!!!"
H1C-13 - 9:04 PM
Kratos v13 - 9:04 PM
H1C-13 - 9:04 PM
I dont know what to say
Patty - 9:04 PM
Jack v2 - 9:04 PM
Z-171 - 9:04 PM
don't edit please just make new vote
Patty - 9:04 PM
How exquisitely discombobulating
Kaile - 9:04 PM
Woo hoo, the jig is up! I'm not a notails! What a twist!!!
Orthos and Plagio - 9:05 PM
O: "What other reason could there be for hiding something other than to try and get away with something?"
Kratos v13 - 9:05 PM
But X-6 something! I thought-
Porypan - 9:05 PM
cat's outta the bag
and into the exhibit
Kratos v13 - 9:05 PM
Why were you pretending to be a notail?
Orthos and Plagio - 9:05 PM
Jack v2 - 9:05 PM
Why did you lie X?
Schlrr - 9:05 PM
HAH! I knew you were suspicious~!(edited)
Carlisle - 9:05 PM
Why a mask?!?
Patty - 9:05 PM
Well is there anyone else that has any secrets to reveal.(edited)
Cody Fleming - 9:05 PM
*Cody snap awake a bit* What, wha I mis'?(edited)
Porypan - 9:05 PM
oh ye
I smoke
Z-171 - 9:05 PM
cole vote again so it can be official.
instead of editing
H1C-13 - 9:05 PM
I'm....very conflicted on this revelation. or maybe that's just my stomach settling.... either way. I cant believe it
Z-171 - 9:05 PM
or don't.
Cody Fleming - 9:06 PM
[Image: DStrW8.png] (X-6)
Kaile - 9:06 PM
Anyways, since my disquise has been broken by myself, my name is actually Kaile. I don't trust notails very much so I decided to make a mask to hide my identity. So, if this is enough to send me to certain death in the exhibit room, go ahead.
Z-171 - 9:06 PM
Carlisle - 9:06 PM
If this is incorrect I'm throwing away my hat
Kaile - 9:06 PM
See y'all on the other side :::>
Kratos v13 - 9:06 PM
You will not die Kaile!
I believe in you!
H1C-13 - 9:06 PM
Porypan - 9:06 PM
ye see ya later man
Kratos v13 - 9:06 PM
I hope you don't die at least.
Patty - 9:06 PM
Well Kaile, I hope you enjoy the weird science thing.
Jack v2 - 9:06 PM
[Image: DStrW8.png] none
Kaile - 9:06 PM
Oh dont worry foolish Kratos unit, I'm completely fucking screwed.
Schlrr - 9:06 PM
I want to see death though!
Z-171 - 9:08 PM
checks clipboard with the signups on it, written in everyone's handwriting Yeah I think I agree with you guys on this. Let's take this friend notail - oh! - they're a kaiken? hmm - to the exhibit. X-607, please come with me (^ε^)
<gold dubloons from the science center's alchemy experiment rattle in the pocket of Kaile as they are escorted away. only some kind of HEIST GUY would have such dubloons.>
<normal mafia>
Hi, I'm back, what are you all doing standing around?
[Image: ZmJpqn.png]
get things in by 30 past the hour

Day 4 (note: I miscounted how many people there were left and said there were 8 instead of 7. the vote should have taken one less for majority.)
Spoiler :
Z-171 - 10:09 PM
Good morning to the eight of you!
Sure, there were ten, but two people are gone now.
The first is Kratos. A night assistant checked their box; there were some bits and pieces that looked like it came from their face area, but nothing else.(edited)
There wasn't any evidence of them being involved with the robbers that I could tell.
<kratos was normal town>
Second was Cody, who, well, we won't talk about what happened to them. (^ε^)
Because we don't know.(^ε^)
We don't have enough information at the time to give an accurate report of what happened to them.
What we can say, is that there is no sign of criminal ties we could find in their box. (^ε^)
<Cody was normal town>
Anyway, that's all very boring. Enjoy your day here, and remember to check in this afternoon for daily evaluations!
[Image: LlcQTe.png]
d4 begin
Porypan - 10:16 PM
so um
Patty - 10:16 PM
Eh I can't say I'm all that bothered that... Cody his name was, is gone.
Z-171 - 10:16 PM
With 8 left, it takes 5 to vote off. Deadline in 24 minutes.
Jack v2 - 10:16 PM
:'( poor kratos...
Schlrr - 10:16 PM
I think this little 'visit' is all an excuse to murder people. And quite frankly I'm upset I can't be a part of the murder.
Porypan - 10:16 PM
I guess we're gonna need a new leader?
Patty - 10:16 PM
He didn't like me, and I didn't care for him.
H1C-13 - 10:16 PM
I cant believe that our leader is gone... he was so nice! He actually tried to help me when I got sick....
Orthos and Plagio - 10:16 PM
O: "I kinda liked that Kratos."
Porypan - 10:17 PM
ye he was cool
Schlrr - 10:17 PM
But yes, it is a shame the Kratos unit is gone.
Patty - 10:17 PM
Kratos was the only person here I found tolerable...
Jack v2 - 10:17 PM
He was so nice!
Patty - 10:17 PM
He was so... not common.
Carlisle - 10:17 PM
Porypan - 10:17 PM
he was a loud but nice boy
Jack v2 - 10:17 PM
So true
H1C-13 - 10:18 PM
Who would have wanted to kill him......let's think....
Porypan - 10:18 PM
I'm sure he just got lost somewhere
Schlrr - 10:18 PM
Anyway! It's obvious someone is trying to kill us all and I think we should kill them back.
Orthos and Plagio - 10:18 PM
O: "We still have no direct evidence that anybody here has died."
Schlrr - 10:18 PM
And I feel like that someone is Patty.
Patty - 10:18 PM
Not to be rude, but they found part of His face.
Orthos and Plagio - 10:18 PM
P: "It is a notail facility!! Somebody's probably died here at some point!"
Schlrr - 10:18 PM
Who else wanted Kratos gone more?
H1C-13 - 10:18 PM
Schlrlr....Schill.....Schadenfreude, you weren't getting along with kratos yesterday if I recall
Patty - 10:19 PM
There are kidnappers and possibly murderers in here.
Porypan - 10:19 PM
I think the culprit would hide it well
Jack v2 - 10:19 PM
Im pretty sure kratos is dead orthos
Orthos and Plagio - 10:19 PM
O: "Oh right."
Patty - 10:19 PM
I am very concerned.
Schlrr - 10:19 PM
HAH! No you mistake my general anger for specific anger.
Porypan - 10:19 PM
man I am not cool with all this talk of people dying
Patty - 10:19 PM
I am particularly concerned that I might be next.
I am very valuable after all.
Orthos and Plagio - 10:19 PM
O: "I'm sorry, Plagios snores very loud sometimes."
Carlisle - 10:19 PM
If I had to guess at anybody, it would have to be patty
Orthos and Plagio - 10:19 PM
P: "Rude!!"
Patty - 10:19 PM
I am shocked nobody has gone for me yet.
H1C-13 - 10:20 PM
Imeanyourgemsmightbebutyouaren't Anyway.
Porypan - 10:20 PM
I don't really have anything to contribute so I'll just go back to my box if that's alright with you guys, call me if you need me
Patty - 10:20 PM
How dare you you-you YOU!
Orthos and Plagio - 10:20 PM
P: "Hey hold up this is a GROUP DISCUSSION"
Schlrr - 10:20 PM
Where are you going?!
Jack v2 - 10:20 PM
Can i come over to your box pan?
Carlisle - 10:20 PM
I want to hear if anyone made any discoveries last night before casting any votes
H1C-13 - 10:20 PM
Alright...uh...shit what would kratos do in this situation....
Porypan - 10:20 PM
um if you want to, sure
Orthos and Plagio - 10:20 PM
O: "Yell and reassure people that everything is fine."
Jack v2 - 10:20 PM
H1C-13 - 10:21 PM
Schlrr - 10:21 PM
Probably try to calm everyone down. A good leader but the pathetic way to get things done if you ask me.
H1C-13 - 10:21 PM
Porypan - 10:21 PM
oh I was just in my box texting my friend all night
Patty - 10:21 PM
I was spying on that hooligan cody.
Schlrr - 10:21 PM
I tried to find some evidence, but got tired and went to bed.
Patty - 10:21 PM
Because A hooligan like cody with such poor taste just had to be a criminal.
Carlisle - 10:21 PM
During the night, I was myself distracted, so sadly I have nothing to add
Patty - 10:21 PM
But I didn't find him...
Carlisle - 10:21 PM
I tried observing patty
H1C-13 - 10:22 PM
I see...I see...
Porypan - 10:22 PM
oh ye sorry about that man
Jack v2 - 10:22 PM
Orthos and Plagio - 10:22 PM
O: "I couldn't sleep so I was actually looking into Patty, and I, well, couldn't find you."
Carlisle - 10:22 PM
Someone sent me this clickbait thing, it was so irresistable...
H1C-13 - 10:22 PM
I...was unfortunately distracted last night as well. I had planned to speak to kratos about finding some medicine to treat the pain in my hands but I could not find him...
Schlrr - 10:23 PM
Very suspicious! Patty, what do you have to say about that?
Orthos and Plagio - 10:23 PM
O: "Plagio was sleeping and I kinda didn't want to move too quickly and wake him up."
H1C-13 - 10:23 PM
which...incidentally...horrible pain right now
Jack v2 - 10:23 PM
i was tracking porypan...
Patty - 10:23 PM
I was out, looking for Cody!
Schlrr - 10:23 PM
A likely story!
Patty - 10:23 PM
I mean really are you accusing me of being a criminal.
Orthos and Plagio - 10:23 PM
P: "Thanks for that btw, Orth!!"
Schlrr - 10:23 PM
Maybe you killed him! I am indeed!
Patty - 10:23 PM
I'd never sully my hands with such dirty work.
It's so beneath me.
H1C-13 - 10:24 PM
It's true! Klannecs are incapable of doing anything themselves!
Carlisle - 10:24 PM
Alright, so that's all we've got to work with?
Patty - 10:24 PM
Yes we are, we are far too dainty and delicate.
Schlrr - 10:24 PM
Then perhaps she had some help?
Patty - 10:24 PM
Especially me.
H1C-13 - 10:24 PM
Carlisle - 10:24 PM
Then I am still set on voting Patty [Image: DStrW8.png]
Jack v2 - 10:25 PM
quietly backs off from group
Schlrr - 10:25 PM
I vote Patty as well! [Image: DStrW8.png]
Z-171 - 10:25 PM
takes 5 to do a thing. deadline in 15 minutes
patty 2 (carlisle, schlrr)
H1C-13 - 10:25 PM
Jack? Where are you going?
Orthos and Plagio - 10:25 PM
O: "So there's no other evidence in play, other than my missed connection?"
Patty - 10:26 PM
Hey now, let's not be hasty here, what about the ruffian who's been angling to kill people.
Jack v2 - 10:26 PM
This whole place is given me the creeps
Porypan - 10:26 PM
aw man I spaced out what were we talking about again
Patty - 10:26 PM
How do we know They didn't in fact, kill somebody.
Porypan - 10:26 PM
why are we suspecting patty
Orthos and Plagio - 10:26 PM
O: "I tried and failed to find her last night"
H1C-13 - 10:26 PM
True....I do hate to point fingers but Schadenfreude has been very itching for death.....
Jack v2 - 10:27 PM
But schlrr seems innocent also he was talking with pory so he couldn't have killed anyone
Carlisle - 10:27 PM
I am suspecting her on last days behaivor, which is sadly a bit vauge for an accussation, but it is all I have to go on
H1C-13 - 10:27 PM
that's true. He has an alibi
Porypan - 10:27 PM
wait who was talking with me
Orthos and Plagio - 10:27 PM
P: "The plot thickens??"
Jack v2 - 10:27 PM
Dont ask how i know
Patty - 10:28 PM
How do you know.
Porypan - 10:28 PM
I have not had any meaningful conversations with schlrr
H1C-13 - 10:28 PM
or, wait....agh. I'm confused....Ijustwannasleep.....
Schlrr - 10:28 PM
Jack... were you following me?
Jack v2 - 10:28 PM
Well you were WITH him last night.
Porypan - 10:28 PM
I think he yelled at me like a few minutes ago but that's it
look, I was just sitting in my box all night texting my friend
Patty - 10:29 PM
Could it possibly be that Pan and Schiriiiririir are in Cahoots with each-other!
Jack v2 - 10:29 PM
I wasn't following you schlrr. i was tracking pory
Porypan - 10:29 PM
maybe he was spying on me
Orthos and Plagio - 10:29 PM
P: "What whaaaaat??? This sounds juicy what happened!??"
Porypan - 10:29 PM
I hope he didn't see any of the stuff I texted to my friend, that stuff was very personal
Schlrr - 10:29 PM
I was SLEEPING all night!
H1C-13 - 10:29 PM
so...Jack was spying on mister pan....the klannec was being....A Klannec and schadenfreude was....doing something?
Patty - 10:29 PM
I vote Schlrr because they're just so obvious. I mean come on.
Orthos and Plagio - 10:30 PM
P: "Pan what did you do!!"
Porypan - 10:30 PM
I didn't do anything
Jack v2 - 10:30 PM
Well i just think schlrr and pory are innocent, ok?
Orthos and Plagio - 10:30 PM
O: "I really don't follow."
H1C-13 - 10:31 PM
I'm going to be honest, normall in notail judiciary systems anyone who points fingers as much as Patty usually has something to hide.
Of course I'm an exiled notail, so take my words with a grain of salt
Orthos and Plagio - 10:31 PM
P: "Patty you are either behind or deflecting and I don't like it!!"
Z-171 - 10:31 PM
patty 2 (carlisle, schlrr)
Schlrr 1 (patty)
takes 5 to do a thing. deadline in 15 minutes
Carlisle - 10:31 PM
I am not sure either way
Orthos and Plagio - 10:32 PM
O: "I'm not sure about any of this."
Patty - 10:32 PM
I'm not behind anything!
H1C-13 - 10:32 PM
Either way, we're going around and around in circles. Kind of like my face ( O)
Jack v2 - 10:32 PM
Im very uncomfortable with the whole situation to be honest
Orthos and Plagio - 10:32 PM
P: "But if one of these no good robbers is already gone, it's unlikely there'd be a conspiracy of three, right???"
Jack v2 - 10:32 PM
That is true
Porypan - 10:33 PM
so um
Orthos and Plagio - 10:33 PM
P: "Patty I think you should watch the exhibit and then go home!!!" [Image: DStrW8.png]
Porypan - 10:33 PM
who was it that said Schlrr was talking to me
I think that person might be suspicious
either that or Schlrr is suspicious
H1C-13 - 10:33 PM
I'm torn, Jack and patty are both very suspicious
Schlrr - 10:34 PM
I just slept! Jack is the one who suggested!
H1C-13 - 10:34 PM
schadenfreude is a little suspicious, but I'm not all that familiar with your race. So.... ( O)
Jack v2 - 10:34 PM
Hey! I might be following people but im no killer!
H1C-13 - 10:34 PM
Stalking is normally a crime in other societies, right?
Jack v2 - 10:34 PM
Not for mine
Porypan - 10:34 PM
jack did you see Schlrr spying on me last night
Carlisle - 10:34 PM
looks around in confusion trying to make sense of it all
Patty - 10:34 PM
I mean technically yes.
Z-171 - 10:35 PM
patty 3 (carlisle, schlrr, o+p)
Schlrr 1 (patty)

takes 5 to do a thing. deadline in 5 minutes
Porypan - 10:35 PM
yes or no
Jack v2 - 10:35 PM
Pory i tracked you and saw schlrr pop up, but i think both of you are innocent
Porypan - 10:36 PM
aight then
vote jack [Image: DStrW8.png]
H1C-13 - 10:36 PM
Ahhhh, well. Sometimes you have to flip a coin and hope for the best. Like when you eat out of the trash. I'm voting for patty [Image: DStrW8.png]
Jack v2 - 10:36 PM
Despite schlrr sounding like a killer
H1C-13 - 10:36 PM
Schlrr - 10:36 PM
I AM a killer, I just haven't killed any of you. I fought in a war.
Z-171 - 10:36 PM
patty 4 (carlisle, schlrr, o+p, h1c)
Schlrr 1 (patty)
jack 1 (porypan)

takes 5 to do a thing. deadline in 4 minutes
Porypan - 10:37 PM
changing vote to patty [Image: DStrW8.png]
Patty - 10:37 PM
Oh dear...
Z-171 - 10:37 PM
Porypan - 10:37 PM
I mean someone's gotta do it
Z-171 - 10:37 PM
do you have any last words patty
Jack v2 - 10:37 PM
Ill just not vote then...
Patty - 10:38 PM
I find all of you disgusting and less important than me.
Z-171 - 10:38 PM
Patty - 10:38 PM
Especially the notail.
Jack v2 - 10:38 PM
Z-171 - 10:38 PM
:clap: :clap:
Patty - 10:38 PM
Pan you were okay I guess.
Jack v2 - 10:39 PM
Well im goin to smoke a joint, need to calm down...
Porypan - 10:39 PM
Z-171 - 10:39 PM
Well, enough of that, let's show you the exhibit! I hope you're ready! It's real "high class" entertainment (^ε^)
<patty is whisked away. you hear a distant MY WORD! and then nothing>
Yeah, they were good? I guess? They told me so before they decided to leave.
<patty was normal town>
Remember to fill out your evaluation forms with fully proper punctuation.
n4 begin
[Image: ZmJpqn.png]
get actions in by :00

Day 5
Spoiler :
Z-171 - 11:34 PM
Oh wow there's only four of you left.
That's real neat. (^ε^)
The ones who are missing... <pulls out clipboard>
First, there's schlrr. There's some blood outside their box, but other than that, nothing.
I don't think they had much going on. They weren't even all that rude for a kherion (^ε^)
<schlrr was normal town>
Oh, then there was.... jack? Jack. V2. The one who had a guitar. It's gone now. They're gone too! They sure were energetic, weren't they? Maybe a little too much. I saw them trying to like, "solve the crimes" and such, but I could tell from a mile away that they weren't very good at it.
<Jack was a town-aligned Wrong-About-Everything Cop, who would always get wrong results>
And that's that. Can you believe it? only 2 more days until the science center opens!
Porypan - 11:40 PM
H1C-13 - 11:40 PM
There's so few of us left....this is getting scary
Porypan - 11:41 PM
that does explain some things I guess
Orthos and Plagio - 11:41 PM
O: "How many people were here yesterday?"
Carlisle - 11:41 PM
I... do not know what to believe anymore
Z-171 - 11:41 PM
It takes 3 to do a thing. deadline is in 24 minutes.(edited)
Porypan - 11:41 PM
hey, you know how we all thought there were two groups of bad guys?
I think that cop was one of them
but it was a one person thing
H1C-13 - 11:42 PM
Bad cops are pretty common for us at least, I'd believe it
Orthos and Plagio - 11:42 PM
P: "Hey that 'cop' who is bad at his job also thought Pan was a good guy."
O: "Yeah but did yesterday start with 8 people here?"
Porypan - 11:42 PM
maybe he just had a lucky guess?
H1C-13 - 11:42 PM
Who knows what to believe anymore...
Carlisle - 11:43 PM
I am trying to make sense of it all
Orthos and Plagio - 11:43 PM
O: "I specifically remember the host saying Good morning to the eight of you!, and one got sent away yesterday, and two went away overnight"
Porypan - 11:44 PM
what are you saying
Orthos and Plagio - 11:44 PM
H1C-13 - 11:44 PM
I think our host is just counting you both as one person
Z-171 - 11:45 PM
You count as two halves, instead of two complete people. (^ε^)
H1C-13 - 11:45 PM
Yep, seems about right to me ( O)
Orthos and Plagio - 11:45 PM
O: "But only yesterday?"
O: "Or rather only today?"
Porypan - 11:46 PM
maybe you just misheard
Carlisle - 11:46 PM
So what will we all do now?
Orthos and Plagio - 11:47 PM
O: "Well, whatever, I think Plag has something to say."
H1C-13 - 11:47 PM
This is a rough situation
Orthos and Plagio - 11:47 PM
Porypan - 11:47 PM
I'm completely harmless though
I haven't hurt a fly
H1C-13 - 11:48 PM
He's a pan unit, they're only good for music
Porypan - 11:48 PM
H1C-13 - 11:48 PM
well...music and non recreational uses
Porypan - 11:48 PM
Z-171 - 11:48 PM
porypan 1 (O+P)

takes 3 to do thing. deadline in 17 min
Orthos and Plagio - 11:48 PM
P: "This is a notail building! Ain't nobody gotta dirty themselves to rid themselves of somebody!"
H1C-13 - 11:49 PM
I just doubt that a pan would have the nerves for this. You could spook them by TALKING LOUDLY
Porypan - 11:49 PM
Orthos and Plagio - 11:49 PM
O: "I also think anybody shown the exhibit is escorted out of the building for one reason or another, no matter what time it occurs."
Z-171 - 11:49 PM
<oh huh i guess i miscounted it was 7 yesterday, patty should have taken one less to be voted off>
H1C-13 - 11:50 PM
If anyone is suspicious to me, it's you two. I mean, you went and pointed fingers pretty fast there
And, honestly, you may be considered two halves but that's still a pretty decent advantage if you were to go after someone
Orthos and Plagio - 11:51 PM
P: "Oh, what, was I supposed to respectfully wait until the last two minutes for us to decide there's no other evidence to go on and make a random vote?"
Carlisle - 11:51 PM
By this point, I can only believe that I am the only one left, so I will fail no matter what I do
Vote [Image: DStrW8.png] Orthos and Plagio
H1C-13 - 11:51 PM
Hey, I'm just going with my gut here. My guts usually not wrong
Porypan - 11:52 PM
H1C-13 - 11:52 PM
I vote orthos and plagio [Image: DStrW8.png]
Porypan - 11:52 PM
guys let's calm down
nobody here is a bad guy
Orthos and Plagio - 11:52 PM
O: "Alright let's make this a test."
O: "On behalf of both of us, I change our vote to H1C-13."
Z-171 - 11:53 PM
H1C 1 (O+P)
O+P 2 (Carlisle, H1C)
takes 3 to do thing. deadline in 17 min
H1C-13 - 11:53 PM
shrugs I'm a notail who was exiled for being to lazy. Vote me if you want I suppose.
Orthos and Plagio - 11:53 PM
O: "Either we have a no vote, or nobody remains to keep us safe."
Carlisle - 11:53 PM
One bulgular has been found so far
There seems to be two teams of them
Porypan - 11:54 PM
nah man
Orthos and Plagio - 11:54 PM
P: "We never found out how many burglars overall there were, did we???"
Porypan - 11:54 PM
the bad cop was why we had two people disappearing each day
there's only one team of bad guys
Carlisle - 11:54 PM
Wait what?
Orthos and Plagio - 11:54 PM
P: "Y'know what I don't think you're actually a bad guy any more."
Carlisle - 11:54 PM
[Image: DStrW8.png] Retract vote for now
Porypan - 11:54 PM
ye like I don't even know what to do anymore
Z-171 - 11:55 PM
H1C 1 (O+P)
O+P 1 (H1C)
takes 3 to do thing. deadline in 10 min
Orthos and Plagio - 11:55 PM
P: "I did, however, at least have some sort of reasoning behind my suspicion!"
P: "Unlike H1C here who is like "Oh no a vote in this thing we're supposed to vote in????" Like come on!!!"
P: "First to vote you're the bad guy!!!! THat's what that means!"
H1C-13 - 11:56 PM
Such sound logic.
Porypan - 11:56 PM
I think we shouldn't vote
H1C-13 - 11:57 PM
I'm honestly just going on what I've encountered in life. People love to get the advantage by going first. But hey, whatever I get what you're feeling.
Carlisle - 11:57 PM
There are three others left and I have no idea what the situation is
Orthos and Plagio - 11:57 PM
O: "If it takes three to make a decision, if you think we shouldn't vote, Pan, then that means a vote won't happen."
H1C-13 - 11:57 PM
I'm a notail. We're terrible and untrustworthy
Orthos and Plagio - 11:57 PM
H1C-13 - 11:57 PM
but hey if it'll make you feel better, I retract my vote for now
Orthos and Plagio - 11:58 PM
O: "Well, if Pan doesn't vote a vote against Pan would work, but I don't see anybody being up for that."
Carlisle - 11:58 PM
So a cop managed to take out someone each night???
Orthos and Plagio - 11:58 PM
O: "So I'll vote for nobody. I guess." [Image: DStrW8.png]
P: "but the notail....!!"
Porypan - 11:58 PM
ye and he kept getting the wrong guy
H1C-13 - 11:59 PM
I mean, again it's not that uncommon. Give someone a taste of power and it goes to their head
Porypan - 11:59 PM
I vote nobody [Image: DStrW8.png]
July 23, 2017
H1C-13 - 12:00 AM
I guess we just don't have anything to go on... I vote for nobody [Image: DStrW8.png](edited)
Z-171 - 12:00 AM
nobody 2 (o+p, porypan)

takes 3 to do thing. deadline in 10 min
oh that's hammer
nobody 3 (o+p, porypan, H1C)
Well! That was unexpected!
But I guess if there's nothing else...
H1C-13, all day, had been convulsing slightly, trying to mask their pain.
Suddenly, they cannot take it anymore, as they shout out in pain and their long sleeves unfurl to reveal what appears to be two twisted alligator mouths.
The mouths, attached at the wrist, begin to lead H1C-13's arms around wildly as the notail tries to contain them. They, however, fail. H1C shouts louder and louder as mouths that grew out of H1C-13's hands begin to rip and tear at tendons and ligaments. H1C falls on the ground with tears in their eyes, as they can't stand the pain any more.
The handmouths finally tear free from H1C's arms. And they begin floating their way through the air towards the exhibit room. "More hands, I need to know.... what they all..." you hear in a warped voice from one of the mouths as it leaves.
H1C's tears of pain soon turn to joy as they realize: the pain is gone! It's finally gone! Thank god those hands are gone!
event over
makes a single stroke of the pen on the clipboard
Very good. (^ε^)(edited)
[Image: ZmJpqn.png]
everyone get actions in asap, bc the game may be ending.(edited)

Day 6
Spoiler :
Z-171 - 1:01 AM
There are three of you left. Two and a half, I guess, if you count Plagio as a half. Or three if you count them as a whole person now that Orthos is gone.
H1C is gone. They are not here anymore.
That's all I have to say.
day 6 begin(edited)
[Image: LlcQTe.png]
Plagio - 1:02 AM
Porypan - 1:02 AM
Plagio - 1:02 AM
Plagio drags themselves forwards in a small fishtank
Porypan - 1:02 AM
oh wow
that sucks
Z-171 - 1:02 AM
There are 3 left. It takes two to do a thing. This is the last day.
There is no deadline.
Plagio - 1:03 AM
"PAN, VISIT THE EXHIBIT" [Image: DStrW8.png]
Porypan - 1:03 AM
I'm not worthy of this hat
Carlisle - 1:03 AM
Yes, I know the sad truth
Z-171 - 1:04 AM
Pan 1 (Plagio)
Porypan - 1:04 AM
what is there to gain from more death
Plagio - 1:04 AM
"Last guy deffo didn't die to be fair."
"I mean also if you just like, remove your hands, I'm pretty sure you'll be good. You're a robot."
Carlisle - 1:05 AM
I guess this is it, good luck in there, pan [Image: DStrW8.png]
I don't see what else I could do
Z-171 - 1:06 AM
Porypan - 1:07 AM
condemned by my own friend... how sad
Z-171 - 1:07 AM
I know the exhibit is supposed to open tomorrow, but what would you all say if we were to give you all an early look?
Porypan - 1:08 AM
Plagio - 1:08 AM
"Oh, I have to, like, leave a bit early, visit my friend in the hospital."
Porypan - 1:08 AM
do we have to?
Z-171 - 1:08 AM
You're going anyway, Pan, but, Carlisle, would you like to come along with Plagio and I?
Porypan - 1:08 AM
oh ok
Z-171 - 1:08 AM
It sure would be lonely waiting around a whole other day with no one else around.
Carlisle - 1:09 AM
Alright, I will not leave you behind pan
Porypan - 1:09 AM
Z-171 - 1:09 AM
Okay, let's go (^ε^)
[The walk is long. Z-171 leads the rear of the party, pushing Plagio on a cart. Only the sound of footsteps and the sound of water falling upwards breaks the silence.]
[The party reaches the roped-off area which holds the entrance to the exhibit.](edited)
[Plagio reaches a fin out to part a few puddles that you hadn't noticed which were guarding the entrances. They take their true form of fanged water-demons of the fifth type and allow you through.]
[Z-171 steps to the front of the party, and puts a hand on the door.]
Well, subjects, we at the Notail Science Center have gotten lots of valuable data from you. We thank you for your cooperation. (^ε^)
We are so excited to have finally answered the question that has haunted our division for so long.... "Why?"
Powerpoint slide after powerpoint slide with the same confounding question.
We now know.
[Z-171 turns the knob of the door.]
Here it is... the Grand Exhibit. You must be so honored to see it! (^ε^)
[The door is pushed open. The room is boundless, yet the central figure fills it.
Before the party stands a massive, towering crocodilian beast whose appearance fills each one of you with the deepest fears from your personal memories. It has 53 distinct mouths, and hundreds of other sub-mouths which have not quite developed yet. Teeth jut from every part of its being.]
[If one were to try concentrating on a fraction of it, they might see something like this.]
Spoiler :
[Image: mMvPDA.gif]
[Every one of its mouths now points to the party, specifically Carlisle and Pan.]
From 16 different directions, the beast roars:
Porypan - 1:25 AM
X-171 - 1:26 AM
A voice from the intercom sounds out before you can make a decision.
""You might as well do it. No use dying."
"The hands of the beast need to be placated with your offer."
"And to be honest, we've already gotten the key data we needed to go public with the exhibit, thanks to that last guy."

Carlisle - 1:30 AM
What do you mean no use dying??
Plagio - 1:30 AM
It isn't happy when people don't go with its offer
X-171 - 1:31 AM
"Simple. The hands in this chamber are easily enraged and will kill you, as they have a few of the other subjects, unfortunately."
Porypan - 1:31 AM
yea the thing can have my hands I don't need them
should I put an apple on that
X-171 - 1:32 AM
[Porypan offers their hands to the beast.]
[One of the beast's twisted mouths sniffs out the hands, opens its mouth, and
at the moment the mouth closes around porypan's hands, pan's eyes bug out.]
"Damn!" pan shouts. "I can feel my mind shattering! It's pretty great!"
[Pan sits down and looks at their stumps.] "Neat."
"Another first!" I say.
Carlisle - 1:35 AM
Uh, but what is your answer? Are you willing to give your hands X-171?
Plagio - 1:35 AM
"I think you misunderstand the situation."
X-171 - 1:35 AM
I work here honey (^ε^)
Carlisle - 1:36 AM
Yes, but the beast obviously asked all of us?
Would you say no to it?
X-171 - 1:36 AM
[The moment Carlisle says yes, a mouth appears from underneath them.]
[It reaches up. The teeth are inches away from their hands, when little tentacles shoot out of each of the teeth and wrap like vines around Carlisle's hands. The hands are ripped off and descend into one of the beast's maws as quickly as a fishing line retracting.]
Carlisle collapses the second the tentacles touch.
"Don't worry," the voice over the intercom says, "That's only passing out from one's mind being overloaded with billions of different sensory experiences from another world all at once."
"The real fun part is what comes next!"

[At this, the gator begins gagging a bit, as if something is caught in its throat.]
"The crop of this creature contains a kind of goopy substance from all of the hands it has recently digested."
[The gator begins to emit a foul black-bluish sludge from its mouth.](edited)
[The sludge pools up and coalesces into a hard form... that of a giant hand.]
"Be glad that you are all able to witness the miracle of birth!"
"When I lost my hands,"
you hear the voice of the director say, "I fell into a deep depression. So worthless! How could I ever doct again?"
"But then, one of my hands became the person before you today!"
"The head of a whole district notail science bureau, pioneering amazing advances in biology and xenobiology!"
"In fact, I'd like to come down right now and shake all of your hands for providing such a contribution to the name of science!"

[Steps are heard from the observation office.]
[The door opens.]
[An obelin in a crisp squidsuit with the name Doobel stitched on the pocket greets Pan.]
("I forgot the other one passed out.")
"Thank you for your contribution to our understanding of the universe! Though your hands may be gone, your future is bright!"
Porypan - 1:51 AM
[COLOR=#884444]X-171 -
1:51 AM
Plagio and X-171 clap.
Doobel gives you a hug.
Porypan - 1:51 AM
wow everything makes so much sense now
the only question left is...
X-171 - 1:52 AM
And just then, @B.W. came in the office to say:
B.W. - 1:52 AM
X-171 - 1:52 AM
*The end*

Day 7 (post script)

Spoiler :
Congrats to Orthos + Paglio (RobustLaser) for winning as a [Lone Wolf]! (otherwise known as a serial killer in regular mafia terms: a lone third party anti-town faction who has a removal power)
Also congrats to bw/ac for also kinda winning despite being npc

X-171 - 1:59 AM
Okay since I didn't say it in the game end:
<pan was vanilla mafia>
<carlisle was a town cop - underpowered but got accurate results>
<Ortho and Plagio was a doctor SK, able to stand up to one night hit>

Porypan - 1:52 AM
Kaile - 1:52 AM
[Image: IMG_20170723_012518.jpg]

Kratos v13 - 1:52 AM
[Image: Screenshot_2017-07-22_22.57.13.png]
Please look.

B.W. - 1:52 AM
gg :clap::clap::clap:(edited)
Kaile - 1:52 AM
gg everyone
Yorick - 1:52 AM
Good game!
Porypan - 1:52 AM
holy shit this game was insane
X-171 - 1:52 AM
Schlrr - 1:53 AM
this was great
Cody Fleming - 1:53 AM
Does my Avatar count?

Kaile - 1:53 AM
i survived a day longer than i did last time i played
X-171 - 1:53 AM
And now, the post script:
B.W. - 1:53 AM
this game was my favorite out of all five, well done wheat!!
Jack v2 - 1:53 AM
Gg guys!
Kratos v13 - 1:53 AM
Orthos and Plagio - 1:53 AM
Cody Fleming - 1:53 AM
So glad I decided to join(edited)
Kratos v13 - 1:53 AM
Porypan - 1:53 AM
wait what
Jack v2 - 1:53 AM
Wheat, that game was amazing
Yorick - 1:54 AM
Yorick - 1:54 AM
B.W. - 1:54 AM
am i allowed to drop bombshells now
Jack v2 - 1:54 AM
X-171 - 1:55 AM
B.W. - 1:55 AM
[Image: maf.PNG]
[Image: maf2.PNG]

:smirk: :clap:

X-171 - 1:55 AM
this was all foretold
Quote:aC - 06/12/2017
that is true
but by deserved better i think i might have also meant "needed more screen time"
doobel spinoff when? :thinking:
great - 06/12/2017
fortuna mafia 5
in The Hospital of Fun
i have just decided that as of 30 seconds ago
Quote: Gime [GOT FOOD SQUAD] - 06/26/2017
Seeing as we're talking about flavors.
Ominous Floating (hands) are rare, but.
Like. They're hands.
Allator [MorsBestCuddleFriend] - 06/26/2017
... yes they are
Gime [GOT FOOD SQUAD] - 06/26/2017
Think of being trapped without food and an Ominous Floating (hand) comes down from the heavens.
"We're saved."
Allator [MorsBestCuddleFriend] - 06/26/2017
i... why
Keep Hugging Slimes [Blizz] - 06/26/2017
But they're hands.
great - 06/26/2017
that is the LASt thing i think when i see a hand.
Keep Hugging Slimes [Blizz] - 06/26/2017
There's not a lot of meat in hands.
G-133 (Cookie) - 06/26/2017
Allator [MorsBestCuddleFriend] - 06/26/2017
what are you even trying to get at
G-133 (Cookie) - 06/26/2017
G-133 (Cookie) - 06/26/2017
But that's at least 1 ration.
G-133 (Cookie) - 06/26/2017
I want to hear the story of the fortuna lets player whose run was saved by hands.
G-133 (Cookie) - 06/26/2017
But what does the hands look like.
Allator [MorsBestCuddleFriend] - 06/26/2017
why do we need to eat everything
G-133 (Cookie) - 06/26/2017
Like is it any hand.
NOW I WAnt to ask the imprtant questions.
Whose hands
Quote: G-133 (Cookie) - 06/26/2017
great - 06/26/2017
great - 06/26/2017
G-133 (Cookie) - 06/26/2017
great - 06/26/2017
great - 06/26/2017
Quote: great - 06/26/2017
this conversation is remindintg me of the bob sheep farmer one
great - 06/26/2017
next fortuna mafia will be hand themed

Kratos v13 - 1:55 AM
X-171 - 1:55 AM
also thanks!
Jack v2 - 1:55 AM
Cody Fleming - 1:55 AM
Kratos v13 - 1:55 AM

[Image: RjvYOd.png]
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 RE: 4tuna Mafia Game

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Spoiler :
@X-171 rolled a 20 sided dice 20 times for a total of 207 (average: 10.35):
X-171 - 7:15 PM
hichico rolled a 16, which is a good roll.
however, they were given 5 choices of things to eat. 1 of them was bad.
they chose that one and now things will happen to their hands.
bad things.
19 DS piron
15 Kratos v13/Gime
13 Orthos + Plagio/Robust
13 Carlisle/Kirderf
13 Patty' Ametrine/SirBlizz
13 H1c-13/Hichico
12 jack/Oh Fortuna
11 X-607/cmdrcade
10 Yorick/spish
9 Porypan/BowserAA
9 Cinquo/Dorisdwarf
8 Schlrr/Allator
@X-171 rolled a 20 sided dice 20 times for a total of 205 (average: 10.25):

LarryBotBOT - 8:34 PM
@X-171 rolled a 20 sided dice 20 times for a total of 195 (average: 9.75):

Cinquo - 8:43 PM
I don't think I've ever been in a casual game with a framer, especially an rp heavy content-light one
Yorick - 8:43 PM
Looks like my luck finally ran out, haha
Cinquo - 8:44 PM
I at least feel satisfied that I rattled someone enough that they wasted their shot on someone who was quitting. What happened to you?
Yorick - 8:45 PM
I got yoinked by a betentacled sea angel and then a giant thorny hand ripped a hole through my body
I think you just died to a regular townie
Either that or there are two murdering factions
X-171 - 8:47 PM
oh no it wasn't a framer
that was just the flavor.
of the person who killed you
since they're part of the heist crew and want to throw heat off themselves(edited)
Yorick - 8:47 PM
At least I won't have to explain the petrified corpse in my room!
Cinquo - 8:49 PM
Also great confirmed it but I had my hands burned off and covered in freaky gel, so not a town"kill"
Amusingly I was watching you last night
Yorick - 8:50 PM
Ah so did you say Y to the voices?(edited)
Cinquo - 8:51 PM
No I was nightkilled
No message
Just "you come to in a hospital much much later"
Yorick - 8:51 PM
Well then you had it a lot better than I did!
They wanted my hands and I was like, these hands ain't for sale!
X-171 - 8:51 PM
You should have given up your hands.
Cinquo - 8:52 PM
What is with the hands this shift anyway
Hich had something with hands
X-171 - 8:52 PM
it sure is ominous.
Yorick - 8:52 PM
I also found a shriveled blue hand in the storage closet
Cinquo - 8:52 PM
I got noghtkilled with hands
Robustlaser is collecting hands
X-171 - 8:52 PM
Robustlaser just works for the director.
Cinquo - 8:55 PM
Also the fluff was very confusing for daystart
I was found surrounded by stolen things with a fake note saying I did it, except not really?
It's hard to keep up with gm info in a 10 person rapid fire rp chat
X-171 - 8:57 PM
right i corrected that later
when i run these things i have a hard time keeping up with a bunch of different windows and chats at once
Yorick - 8:58 PM
I was tempting fate with a name like Yorick anyway
Cinquo - 9:00 PM
Cant help that you gotta calculate and write up all the interactions for twelve people on the fly, haha(edited)
Also your vote count is inaccurate, Kratos was voting for X 607
Yorick - 9:02 PM
People still trying to delay the vote
After two people went missing
Suspicious, don't you think?
Cinquo - 9:03 PM
That's the issue with not setting the scenario at the start, it gives the scum free nights to play until it starts going down
Cade has been acting super Suspect so far tho
Although ooooo drama
Yorick - 9:05 PM
grabs ghost popcorn
Cinquo - 9:08 PM
Carlisle might be scum
That was a classic bandwagon hammer
Kaile - 9:08 PM
that was hillarious actually
I have absolutely no idea what the fuck triggered that
Cinquo - 9:08 PM
Wish washy and trying to fob the responsibility off on all the other voters
I got scumkilled and Robustlaser who is probbably the SK killed yorick
Kaile - 9:09 PM
if it makes you feel better it was me that killed you.
was trying to set up Yorick
Yorick - 9:11 PM
Protip: If an eldritch horror asks for hands, say yes
Cinquo - 9:11 PM
Yeah the framing was never gonna work :p
Kaile - 9:11 PM
we had nothing else to go off of
no doctors or anything
Yorick - 9:12 PM
Incidentally I had a petrified corpse in my room
Found it in the storage closet on the first night
Cinquo - 9:12 PM
What's up with that
Oh yeah my action N1 got missed or possibly just ignored by the recipient
Yorick - 9:13 PM
I saw "DECORATED STAFF" and I was like oooo
It was just a decorated military officer who apparently worked in the science center at some point
Cinquo - 9:13 PM
Anyway I stayed up way too long already (Jesus fucking Christ live mafia takes forever) so I'm gonna go now
Yorick - 9:14 PM
Alright, g'night dorf
Also what happened to you, Kaile?
Kaile - 9:14 PM
ban train
Cinquo - 9:14 PM
Kaille got voted for some reason
Kaile - 9:14 PM
no evidence or anything
Yorick - 9:14 PM
I mean after that
Kaile - 9:14 PM
"nah yer dead"
oh im fine
Yorick - 9:15 PM
Tbf, trying to delay the vote after two people just went missing was at least a little bit suspicious
Kaile - 9:15 PM
im perfectly alive and ok, minus hands. But this STOLEN NOTAIL LOOT WOOHOOO should pay for new ones
Yorick - 9:15 PM
Haha, I said no to the voices
and they ripped a hole through my body
Kaile - 9:15 PM
rest in rip
Cinquo - 9:16 PM
What did you even do like
What's the scums real flavour because
They sure as hell don't act like robbers
Kaile - 9:16 PM
what do you mean
Cinquo - 9:16 PM
You nightkilled me by attacking me in a hallway and blowing off my arms
Kaile - 9:16 PM
Cinquo - 9:16 PM
That was the fluff I was sent
X-171 - 9:17 PM
oh yeah cinquo your n1 action failed
Cinquo - 9:17 PM
Wait communicate can fail?
X-171 - 9:17 PM
no, kaile didn't kill anybody.
yeah you rolled a 2.
Kaile - 9:17 PM
i killed you by setting you up in an attempt to get the gaurds to toss you in the exhibit
Cinquo - 9:17 PM
Why would you ever use it if it can fail :/ it's already the absolute worst action possible in the game
X-171 - 9:17 PM
kaile only knocked you out to frame you.
then, well, notail science center.
Cinquo - 9:18 PM
The fluff was pretty vague on that
Kaile - 9:18 PM
in any event i was being shifty because i was rping a shifty character lmao
kaikian infiltrating the notails, as the litteral worst notail class
Cinquo - 9:18 PM
You made it sound like I was attacked, passed out, woke up injured, passed out again, was taken to hospital?
Kaile - 9:19 PM
i can assume the first attack was me
then you woke up in the exhibit
and was attacked
then sent to hospital
we're hospital buddies now btw, fun fun
Cinquo - 9:21 PM
I'm gonna put soda in your IV drip >:))
Kaile - 9:21 PM
you have no hands
Cinquo - 9:21 PM
That's the beauty of it
Nobody suspects the nohand bandit
Kaile - 9:22 PM
im gonna frame you then
X-171 - 9:22 PM
you were attacked, passed out, woke up injured, passed out again, and taken to the hospital
that is what happened
wait no
you didn't wake up the second time
you were knocked out cold. at some point you were dragged by dark forces to the exhibit.
you woke up in the hospital.
tended to by a kind oblein
Cinquo - 9:24 PM
An oblein? At least I'll have packed lunches aplenty :p
Net gain!
Yorick - 9:24 PM
Meanwhile Yorick is freaking dead
X-171 - 9:24 PM
rip in pieace
Cinquo - 9:24 PM
Alas, poor Yorick, a man of quite attatch'ed hands
X-171 - 9:24 PM
your ghost has hands.
Yorick - 9:25 PM
B.W. - 9:25 PM
:raised_hand: :ghost: :raised_back_of_hand:
Cinquo - 9:25 PM
It would suck to be a ghost without hands how you gonna haunt without hands
Yorick - 9:25 PM
Cinquo - 9:25 PM
Hey beedubs
Kaile - 9:25 PM
bw what happened to you
Yorick - 9:25 PM
Welcome to the club!
B.W. - 9:26 PM
what did happen to ol bw :eyes:

X-171 - 9:26 PM
you're on leave.
nothing bad happened.
you can show up at the end if you want.
right after the big reveal of the director. just be like "hey guys."
B.W. - 9:27 PM
sick, he deserves a vacation
Kaile - 9:27 PM
the director???
X-171 - 9:27 PM
the director. of the exhibit.
Kaile - 9:27 PM
X-171 - 9:27 PM
the exhibit and the director are two different things.(edited)
B.W. - 9:27 PM
this game is going swimmingly, which is pretty good!(edited)
Cinquo - 9:27 PM
Yeah he's in league with the Dark Alliance of Hand Precurement
B.W. - 9:28 PM
i might draw a thing for FTNMAF V
i'll call it "pictures at an exhibition"
Yorick - 9:28 PM
Yesss do it
Cinquo - 9:29 PM
Draw a group shot but fade people out/remove hands as appropriate as the game goes on
Soviet Union-style
Yorick - 9:29 PM
Except Yorick also has a giant hole through his chest
Cinquo - 9:30 PM
I didn't have any fun this game but the afterparty has been excellent catch you tomorrow I've already stayed up too long
X-171 - 9:30 PM
sorry about that!
B.W. - 9:30 PM
aw :[
Yorick - 9:30 PM
Alright sleep tight
X-171 - 9:30 PM
B.W. - 9:30 PM
Cinquo - 9:31 PM
it's just the Fortuna mafiat format TBH I try but it's just too alien
X-171 - 9:32 PM
22 DS piron
19 Patty' Ametrine/SirBlizz
17 H1c-13/Hichico
16 jack/Oh Fortuna
14 Schlrr/Allator
13 Porypan/BowserAA
13 Carlisle/Kirderf
10 Kratos v13/Gime
10 Orthos + Plagio/Robust
!roll 20 20
LarryBotBOT - 9:32 PM
@X-171 rolled a 20 sided dice 20 times for a total of 227 (average: 11.35):
X-171 - 9:56 PM
!roll 5 12
LarryBotBOT - 9:56 PM
@X-171 rolled a 12 sided dice 5 times for a total of 26 (average: 5.2):
Kratos v13 - 10:13 PM
<Moves mouth up to the mic.>
Yorick - 10:14 PM
Kratos v13 - 10:14 PM
Kaile - 10:14 PM
Yorick - 10:14 PM
I'm super duper dead by the way
Kaile - 10:14 PM
what happened that gave me away gim
Cody Fleming - 10:14 PM
Kaile - 10:14 PM
or was it just ban train
Kratos v13 - 10:14 PM
Oh yeah it was that you accused Kratos first thing.
You threw random shade.
Yorick - 10:15 PM
Honestly I would've voted for you because you tried to delay the vote
Kratos v13 - 10:15 PM
Like tooooooo random.
Yorick - 10:15 PM
after two people went missing
Kratos v13 - 10:15 PM
But then voted for no one.
Also you kept saying people were dying.
Kaile - 10:15 PM
?????? i never accused you? I was just saying that it was probably a bad idea to vote for yourself?
Ok that was
Kratos v13 - 10:15 PM
Nope you accused me day 1.
Kaile - 10:15 PM
me going back to normal maf
where people die
Kratos v13 - 10:16 PM
Day one you randomly was trying to do the suspect thing "Oh kratos you're acting a little weird" ect.
So I was like <Swints>
Yorick - 10:16 PM
By the way, how did you enjoy the exhibit Kratos?
Kratos v13 - 10:17 PM
I cant believe that our leader is gone... he was so nice! He actually tried to help me when I got sick....
Kaile - 10:17 PM
Kratos v13 - 10:18 PM
Also I didn't get to see the exhibit sadly.
X-171 - 10:18 PM
the exhibit saw you.
Kratos v13 - 10:18 PM
I was knocked out and then someone stole my hands.
X-171 - 10:18 PM
that was the exhibit
Kaile - 10:18 PM
i dont know how much spoiler we're allowed to post here so ill just keep this to myself
X-171 - 10:18 PM
did you like it?
Kratos v13 - 10:19 PM
Yes I liked it.
Yorick - 10:19 PM
Lucky you, I got a hole punched in my chest because I refused to give up my hands
X-171 - 10:19 PM
i don't think i gave too much spoilers to you kaile so you can share
Kratos v13 - 10:19 PM
And I plan to make part of this at least semi canon in my kartos' backstory.
Cause I love this.
Yorick - 10:19 PM
But at least my ghost has hands! Woooo!
Kratos v13 - 10:19 PM
This was flat out top ten anime betrayals
Like I SEMI KNEW Hic was mafia.
Cause no effect lasts more than one day.
And Hic's effect magically was suppose to last more than one day.
Cody Fleming - 10:20 PM
Lucky you, I got a hole punched in my chest because I refused to give up my hands

"...Welp. The boss was right (it was safe).

All but the 'Welp' was crossed off later.(edited)
Kratos v13 - 10:20 PM
But like.
I kind of wanted to see if I could pull a friendship ending in a way.
Or more like.
I expected Hic to get the meds.
Then kill me next round.
Yorick - 10:21 PM
Poor Kratos
X-171 - 10:21 PM
sometimes effects last more than a day
like someone stole a coffee machine so now they have a +1 boost to agility
but hichico's effect
not good.
their hands are growing teeth and a jaw.
soon they will leave and join the exhibit.
that's why you don't eat unlabeled alligator meat at a notail science center
Yorick - 10:23 PM
Kratos v13 - 10:24 PM
I...was unfortunately distracted last night as well. I had planned to speak to kratos about finding some medicine to treat the pain in my hands but I could not find him...
<Puts up big neon sign>
Yorick - 10:24 PM
Wonder if anyone suspects Ortho and Plagio
Kratos v13 - 10:25 PM
I have no idea who the 3rd mafia is.
Whoever they are they're doing a dang good job.
Yorick - 10:25 PM
3rd person is serial killer I think
I know who they are because they killed me :>
Kratos v13 - 10:26 PM
I'm tempted to guess patty because Patty has been pretty good on the "Look you all suspect me, but also that seems too obvs so you all go right past me"
X-171 - 10:26 PM
There is a serial killer and a mafia.
the serial killer is working with me and aC's character.
~notail science center yall~
Yorick - 10:28 PM
Aw man, I think Schlrr might be next
X-171 - 10:28 PM
oh yeah jack is a cop who gets everything wrong
bad roll
Kratos v13 - 10:29 PM
Ooooooh no.
X-171 - 10:29 PM
luckily they've watched and tracked instead of going for investigations
Kaile - 10:30 PM
yeah the last maf is being really good at hiding it
no clue who the CK is
X-171 - 10:30 PM
they didn't notice that first investigation they watched somebody and got three results
none of which were them.
Yorick - 10:30 PM
I'll give you a hint, it's not anyone they suspect :>
X-171 - 10:30 PM
which would show up if they were a sane cop
Kaile - 10:31 PM
tbh i thought it was kratos for a bit.
but i thought it was a full blown second mad
not just a single SK
B.W. - 10:31 PM
im back whatd i miss??
Kratos v13 - 10:31 PM
I was acutally planning on going vigilante at first.
Like, using my high str to "kill" people.
X-171 - 10:32 PM
you should have with that 11 strength on night 2
Kratos v13 - 10:32 PM
Aka just toss them out.
Kaile - 10:32 PM
vigilanti is fun
Kratos v13 - 10:32 PM
I KNOW but I was so worried someone would have looked at me.
Kaile - 10:32 PM
Jailers are also lots of fun
Kratos v13 - 10:32 PM
Kaile - 10:32 PM

Cody Fleming - 10:37 PM

Kaile - 10:38 PM
die, innocent civilian, die!!!
Yorick - 10:38 PM
They look pretty doomed to me
The question is, will the serial killer come out on top, or the heist guy?
Actually no the heist guy is totally doomed isn't he?
Kratos v13 - 10:38 PM
So there's one mafia and one killer left right?
Kaile - 10:38 PM
2 mafs.
Kratos v13 - 10:38 PM
Hic is totally doomed.
B.W. - 10:38 PM
Yorick - 10:39 PM
I could see them going for Laser though because that's the one person nobody suspects
Hichico that is
Kratos v13 - 10:39 PM
I hope Patta just gets her hands cut off.
And joins Kratos in the hospital
Cody Fleming - 10:39 PM
What are the odds?
Yorick - 10:39 PM
Patta seems like the kind of person to say "no"
Kaile - 10:39 PM
im also in the hospital
Cody Fleming - 10:39 PM
Kaile - 10:39 PM
Kratos v13 - 10:40 PM
Kratos is going to KILL.
Yorick - 10:40 PM
Come join Yorick in the spirit plane
Kaile - 10:40 PM
you have no hands.
i have no hands.
we both have no hands.
Kratos v13 - 10:40 PM
Kaile - 10:40 PM
i can run
i guess
whats kratos's agility
Yorick - 10:40 PM
Yorick may be dead but at least Yorick's ghost has hands! Har har!
Cody Fleming - 10:41 PM
Can the Notail Science Center be sued to provide prothetic hands in compensation?
Kratos v13 - 10:42 PM
X-171 - 10:42 PM
i haven't given patty the choice yet so don't spoil
Patty - 10:42 PM
Kratos v13 - 10:42 PM
Don't read up yet.
Patty - 10:42 PM
B.W. - 10:47 PM
what is... The Choice
X-171 - 10:47 PM
give up your hands or death(edited)
B.W. - 10:48 PM
aaaha ok
Cody Fleming - 10:48 PM
So Patty was given The Choice?(edited)
B.W. - 10:48 PM
Kratos v13 - 10:48 PM
I want Kratos and Patty to get matching hands.
X-171 - 10:48 PM
patty's a ghost now
Kratos v13 - 10:48 PM
Cody Fleming - 10:48 PM
Damn (edited)
Yorick - 10:49 PM
Haha, I knew it
B.W. - 10:49 PM
a life without nail polish was too much for her
X-171 - 10:49 PM
they join yorick in being ghosts with hands
Kratos v13 - 10:49 PM
The only reason Kratos didn't get that choice is because Kratos would have fought the great hand stealing monster and!!!! Lost of course.
Cody Fleming - 10:50 PM
I don't think she knew, beyond the fact that it said something along the lines of "Give us your hands"
At least, that's my experience.
Yorick - 10:50 PM
I think the heist guys are a little more ethical in dealing with their victims
Kratos v13 - 10:51 PM
Acutally not giving Kratos the choice of hands or no hands is totally worse.(edited)
He will be forever scarred by the like
Double dose of betral.
Seeing as he believed in the notails (Not a smart idea)
X-171 - 10:52 PM
here's the notail science center jingle
Notail science center!
--So Fun!!--
Notail science center!
let's go there!
Notail science center!
We all learned so much!!!!
Kaile - 10:53 PM
yeah the heist guys havent actually killed anyone i think?
X-171 - 10:53 PM
they just knocked people out.
Kaile - 10:53 PM
X-171 - 10:53 PM
and then the exhibit does cleanup duty.
19 Carlisle/Kirderf
12 Orthos + Plagio/Robust
15 Schlrr/Allator
19 Porypan/BowserAA
13 H1c-13/Hichico
13 jack/Oh Fortuna
Yorick - 10:56 PM
So two more days at the most?
X-171 - 10:56 PM
Yorick - 10:57 PM
I guess it'll be longer if one of the killers gets whacked
X-171 - 10:57 PM
i mean i'd say "depends on who kills who and if there are blocks"
no doctorings, becaause the sk is a docotr
Kratos v13 - 10:57 PM
[Image: Screenshot_2017-07-22_22.57.13.png]

X-171 - 10:57 PM
!roll 10 20
LarryBotBOT - 10:58 PM
@X-171 rolled a 20 sided dice 10 times for a total of 129 (average: 12.9):
Kratos v13 - 10:58 PM
rip person who got a 1
X-171 - 10:58 PM
nobody so far because i read right to left
Kratos v13 - 10:59 PM
Also grats to the two people who got 20s holy heck.
X-171 - 10:59 PM
lol night 1, pan rolled a 1.
they had a luck reroll succeed
and got a 2
Kratos v13 - 10:59 PM
*laughs in hidden* - 10:59 PM
I'm fighting who killed my bird
Yorick - 10:59 PM
Well, it's better than a 1 I guess
Kaile - 11:00 PM
it was Kratos
Kratos v13 - 11:00 PM
X-171 - 11:00 PM
pan is now wearing a hat
Kaile - 11:00 PM
Kratos kiled your bird
*laughs in hidden* - 11:02 PM
Kratos is my bird you idiotic blueberry
Kaile - 11:06 PM
Cody Fleming - 11:09 PM
⋅⋅⋅ᴰᶦᵈ ᵃᶰʸᵒᶰᵉ ᶰᵒᵗᶦᶜᵉ ᵗʰᵃᵗ ᵐʸ ᵃᵛᵃᵗᵃʳ ᵏᶦᶰᵈᵒᶠ ᶜʰᵃᶰᵍᵉᵈ ᵐᶦᵈ⁻ᵍᵃᵐᵉ﹖(edited)
Kaile - 11:10 PM
not me
Jack v2 - 11:24 PM
Cody Fleming - 11:25 PM
What'cha in for?
Jack v2 - 11:25 PM
Killed by a monster
Yorick - 11:25 PM
Yorick was also killed by monster
And Patty
Jack v2 - 11:25 PM
Got turned in to a mr potato head
Kratos v13 - 11:25 PM
Jack v2 - 11:26 PM
What happened to you?
Yorick - 11:26 PM
Who do ya think did it?
Jack v2 - 11:27 PM
Seemed pretty suspicious
Schlrr - 11:27 PM
X-171 - 11:27 PM
Jack didn't Actually die!
Jack v2 - 11:27 PM
Oh yea
I almost died
X-171 - 11:27 PM
they only became like 1 in all stats as their previous body was smacked at high velocities against a wall and put in a mr potato head body.
but hey we're learning
Kaile - 11:28 PM
jazz hands
Schlrr - 11:28 PM
oh my god what
Yorick - 11:28 PM
Too late you already lost
Jack v2 - 11:28 PM
Im in a potato! Im next to dead
X-171 - 11:28 PM
how to NOT instantly die when refusing the exhibit's request to eat your hands.
Schlrr - 11:28 PM
mr potato head
X-171 - 11:28 PM
play music and try to be its friend.
Jack v2 - 11:29 PM
I did a friendly
X-171 - 11:29 PM
it will hesitate enough for its attack to possibly not be lethal.(edited)
Yorick - 11:29 PM
Good thinking!
Jack v2 - 11:29 PM
What did yorick try to do?
Yorick - 11:30 PM
I was pretty much like, no these hands ain't for sale
And the monster punched a hole through my chest
Only fitting I got to be the first one to see the exhibit!
Schlrr - 11:30 PM
haha schlrr was just like 'why not now i can get cool metal feet'
Jack v2 - 11:31 PM
What happens when you let it eat your hands?
Yorick - 11:31 PM
You lose your hands and you get to live
Jack v2 - 11:32 PM
Cody Fleming - 11:32 PM
Yep, you just wake up days later with stumps covered in a blue-black substance.
...Can that be washed off, Great?
Yorick - 11:32 PM
B.W. - 11:33 PM
Jack v2 - 11:33 PM
So who do you think is the killer?
Yorick - 11:33 PM
I know who it is
But nobody seems to suspect them
B.W. - 11:33 PM
i know for sure but im not saying
Schlrr - 11:33 PM
i have my suspicions
Yorick - 11:33 PM
There's a Serial Killer and a Heist Dude remaining
Those are the two bads
Jack v2 - 11:34 PM
I think its H1C and im starting to suspect pan.
B.W. - 11:34 PM
Jack v2 - 11:35 PM
Yorick - 11:35 PM
Heist dude ate alligator meat from a notail lab, what's going to happen to him won't be pretty
B.W. - 11:35 PM
look in #general :eyes:
Patty - 11:35 PM
Jack v2 - 11:36 PM
Can great be the killer?
Yorick - 11:36 PM
Now the moment of truth. Will Heist Dude or Serial Killer come out on top?
Patty - 11:36 PM
That would be quite a twist
Jack v2 - 11:37 PM
I knew you were innocent!
Schlrr - 11:37 PM
yep, just aggressive XD
Yorick - 11:37 PM
Boy the townies are dropping like flies aren't they?
Schlrr - 11:37 PM
i like this chara tho, i may keep her around
B.W. - 11:38 PM
she dead tho
Jack v2 - 11:38 PM
Then im gonna pop up next
B.W. - 11:38 PM
haha, i joke
Schlrr - 11:38 PM
no just handless
B.W. - 11:38 PM
oh! right
Yorick - 11:38 PM
Nah, Schlrr accepted the monster's offer
B.W. - 11:38 PM
what do they want with all these hands anyway
Yorick - 11:38 PM
Yorick and Patty are super duper dead though
Jack v2 - 11:38 PM
B.W. - 11:39 PM
new art exhibit: pile of hands
Patty - 11:39 PM
But at least Patty has hands.
Jack v2 - 11:39 PM
Kratos v13 - 11:39 PM
I'm making this part of canon v1 Kieros's backstory.
Jack v2 - 11:39 PM
Im bad at my job
B.W. - 11:39 PM
wrong-about-everything cop?
Jack v2 - 11:40 PM
B.W. - 11:40 PM
i can't believe that's a real role lmao
Jack v2 - 11:40 PM
Its perfect
B.W. - 11:40 PM
cody fleming
jack v2
kratos v13
othros & plagio

misc: X-171 & BW
this everyone?
X-171 - 11:40 PM
...Can that be washed off, Great?
probably not.
Kaile - 11:40 PM
i think the maf has this won
Jack v2 - 11:41 PM
Kaile - 11:41 PM
it takes or 3 to lynch?
2 or 3?
Cody Fleming - 11:41 PM
And you can't connect prothetics through The Stuff, right?(edited)
Kaile - 11:41 PM
3 to do a think maf is won
2 maf unless a teammate votes
Patty - 11:41 PM
Listen, when you sacrifice your hands, You sacrifice your hands.
Kaile - 11:42 PM
they can stalemate it until they get to kill
Schlrr - 11:42 PM
solution: chop of even more leg/arm to have better connection
Yorick - 11:42 PM
Uh no Pory, the cop was a normal townie :eyes:
X-171 - 11:42 PM
that's probably the best solution
there are two cops.
One was an insane cop (wrong about everything) the other was an underpowered cop (+10 penalty to all investigation rolls)
B.W. - 11:43 PM
oh shit
Jack v2 - 11:43 PM
Which one was i?

Kratos v13 - 11:43 PM
Quote:hey, you know how we all thought there were two groups of bad guys?
I think that cop was one of them

P: "Hey that 'cop' who is bad at his job also thought Pan was a good guy."

B.W. - 11:43 PM
fucking caught out, holy shit
Kratos v13 - 11:43 PM
Pan accidently outs self.
Schlrr - 11:43 PM
Jack v2 - 11:44 PM
Pan is gonna die
X-171 - 11:44 PM
pan outed themselves in a friendship chat.
with the last remaining townie.
Kratos v13 - 11:44 PM
Jack v2 - 11:44 PM
Yorick - 11:44 PM
It is literally impossible for townies to win at this point
B.W. - 11:44 PM
Jack v2 - 11:45 PM
This will be fun to watch
Kaile - 11:45 PM
yeah the townie can probably side with the maf and kill the SK
Kratos v13 - 11:45 PM
...Can that be washed off, Great?
probably not.
Time to cut off the rest of his forearm, get new arms, and become one of those cops with a bad history.
Yes but that means the townie loses.
Kaile - 11:45 PM
town has already lost
Kratos v13 - 11:45 PM
So townies are doomed. It's down to maf and SK
Yorick - 11:45 PM
Pan is not the SK
X-171 - 11:46 PM
sk has a single night bulletproof
Kaile - 11:46 PM
have they used it
X-171 - 11:46 PM
2 kills every night after all
Kaile - 11:46 PM
Kratos v13 - 11:46 PM
Ooooooooh shoot.
Jack v2 - 11:46 PM
Oh no
Kaile - 11:46 PM
looks like the sk might win this if the town doesnt join forces and kill the sk
Yorick - 11:46 PM
Problem is
Kaile - 11:47 PM
otherwise itll stalemate tonight, nothing will happen tonight, stalemate the next day and then a race of agility to kill eachother, really\
Yorick - 11:47 PM
Absolutely no one suspects the SK
Jack v2 - 11:47 PM
There fighting about the amount of people left
Kaile - 11:47 PM
looks like orthos and them are about to die?
i dont think the maf realizes the position they're in
Kratos v13 - 11:48 PM
Jack v2 - 11:48 PM
P: "PORYPAN THE FAKE COP SAID YOU WERE SAFE." apple but i was just bad at my job
Yorick - 11:48 PM
Or maybe Hic is teamed up with Pan
Kaile - 11:48 PM
exactyly, jack
you said they were safe
Kratos v13 - 11:48 PM
They don't relize that they have to kill the SK today.
Or they stalmate.
And from the hints. SK is Carlisle.
Jack v2 - 11:49 PM
Kratos v13 - 11:49 PM
Which I didn't expect cause I forgot Carlisle existed.
Like flat out.
B.W. - 11:49 PM
playin it quiet... sneaky bastard!!
Schlrr - 11:49 PM
aa omg
Jack v2 - 11:49 PM
They never talked! We should have know!
Yorick - 11:49 PM
Will they figure it out!?
Schlrr - 11:50 PM
i thought carlisle was gone though
Kaile - 11:50 PM
im betting it stalemates.
SK is gonna vote for pan, too, and the two mafs are gonna vote for whoever
Yorick - 11:50 PM
H1C is on the right track
Jack v2 - 11:51 PM
Is H1C innocent?
Kratos v13 - 11:51 PM
Kaile - 11:51 PM
X-171 - 11:51 PM
B.W. - 11:51 PM
Kratos v13 - 11:51 PM

Kaile - 11:51 PM
H1C is my bud, my good pal TM
Yorick - 11:51 PM
If H1C can figure this out he might be able to steal the victory
Kaile - 11:51 PM
i hope he does
Kratos v13 - 11:51 PM
Steal the victory and then become a clockwork.
Tsk tsk tsk
Yorick - 11:51 PM
They're doing it
Kratos v13 - 11:52 PM
Should have waited for Kratos to get you the meds Hic.
Kaile - 11:52 PM
he might just get his hands lobbed off and save himself from clockworkism
Jack v2 - 11:52 PM
Theres some wicked drama going down in there
Yorick - 11:52 PM
One more vote guys :V
Kratos v13 - 11:52 PM
It's too late.
His hands were TEETH when Kratos talked to him last.
Kaile - 11:52 PM
its stalemating unless the sk jumps in.
Kratos v13 - 11:53 PM
Oh come on pan you can do it.
Vote orthos and plagio
Kaile - 11:53 PM
no dont
unless they're the ck witch i dont think they are
B.W. - 11:53 PM
X-171 - 11:53 PM
oh no.
not a clockwork.
Jack v2 - 11:54 PM
Car is the sk i bet
Kaile - 11:54 PM
pan is over here completely lost lmfao
Yorick - 11:54 PM
Pory you have nothing to lose by voting!
Kratos v13 - 11:54 PM
Pan keeps trying to do the bad cop was a killer thing.
The bad cop was just bad at his job.
Jack v2 - 11:55 PM
I would never kill!
X-171 - 11:55 PM
yeah it even said <town aligned>
Kratos v13 - 11:55 PM
Jack v2 - 11:55 PM
Pan is drunk
Kratos v13 - 11:55 PM
Yorick - 11:55 PM
Can you like, straighten that out for him?
Kratos v13 - 11:56 PM
I thought someone already did.
Jack v2 - 11:56 PM
You should tell pan that im a good boi
Yorick - 11:57 PM
Jack v2 - 11:57 PM
Pan is certainly dead now
B.W. - 11:57 PM
[Image: unknown.png]

Jack v2 - 12:14 AM
O+P is the sk?!
Kratos v13 - 12:14 AM
SK is going to win. That's it.
Jack v2 - 12:14 AM
I did not see that coming
Kratos v13 - 12:14 AM
Unless Mafia has a hidden item.
Which I doubt.
Yorick - 12:14 AM
Not really, if they both go for the same person
Or Hic goes for the SK with the extra life
The game could go another night
Jack v2 - 12:14 AM
Im really bad at my job...
Worst cop in history
Kratos v13 - 12:15 AM
I don't think HIC can kill, but he might be able to even without hands.
Just gotta use his mout- oh right(edited)
HIC needs to kill the SK with his feet.
Sc0rPiO - 12:15 AM
The Handless Strangler(edited)
Kratos v13 - 12:15 AM
God speed HIC.
Schlrr - 12:16 AM
oh my god
Yorick - 12:16 AM
But if Pan and Carlisle get whacked then it's game over
Actually that's kind of a long-shot
B.W. - 12:16 AM
i may or may not have a bombshell to drop at the end of the game
Jack v2 - 12:16 AM
If maf wins i will be surprised
Yorick - 12:17 AM
Or if Hic gets taken out
B.W. - 12:17 AM
Jack v2 - 12:18 AM
Bw is gonna drop a nuke on us
X-171 - 12:18 AM
!roll 10 20
LarryBotBOT - 12:18 AM
@X-171 rolled a 20 sided dice 10 times for a total of 104 (average: 10.4):
Kratos v13 - 12:19 AM
Schlrr - 12:19 AM
ohhhhh god
Jack v2 - 12:19 AM
Fear and horror?
Kratos v13 - 12:19 AM
I think I can only see Mafia winning 1 way in this game.
And I don't think they're going to do it.
Jack v2 - 12:20 AM
Pan will brainwash them to win the game
Yorick - 12:20 AM
OH wait
maybe Pan is a survivor
Sc0rPiO - 12:20 AM
I wish we had an ai as good as Larry Bot
Jack v2 - 12:20 AM
How would pan be a survivor?
Yorick - 12:21 AM
That means they win if either mafia or town wins
Jack v2 - 12:21 AM
He wins?
Kratos v13 - 12:21 AM
I.....I think Pan is mafia.
Oh god. If pan is mafia this might be a genius plan.
Yorick - 12:23 AM
I am questioning everything I believe right now
Is Pan Mafia? Is Carlisle Mafia? Am I Mafia!? :eyes:(edited)
Sc0rPiO - 12:23 AM
Europe - The Final Countdown(with lyrics)

X-171 - 12:23 AM
It's Larry!
Kratos v13 - 12:24 AM
B.W. - 12:24 AM
It's Larry!
Kratos v13 - 12:24 AM
Schlrr - 12:24 AM
Kratos v13 - 12:25 AM
Jack v2 - 12:25 AM
Mind games
Sc0rPiO - 12:25 AM
B.W. - 12:25 AM
it's like jiujitsu
you always gotta be five steps ahead of your opponent
Jack v2 - 12:26 AM
Pan is either really crafty or really just cant read
Patty - 12:26 AM
m I n D g A m E s
Jack v2 - 12:26 AM
Best quote
Kratos v13 - 12:27 AM

Patty - 12:28 AM
Some sort of stoner savant
He doesn't even know the layers of deception he's weaving
Jack v2 - 12:29 AM
React cigarette if you think pan is just high
And react think emoji if you think hes a master mind
Kaile - 12:30 AM
i think he's both.
Jack v2 - 12:30 AM
B.W. - 12:30 AM
he's breached nirvana
he's so high he's unlocked his full intellectual potential(edited)
Jack v2 - 12:30 AM
Why did pan steal cars hat?
B.W. - 12:33 AM
cause he's a bad man
Jack v2 - 12:33 AM
Bad boi
Kratos v13 - 12:34 AM
『 Lettuce Sauce 』
Rivers in the Desert ( With Lyrics ) - Persona 5

Yorick - 12:35 AM
This is the first time I've been taken out midgame
Now I know how it feels
To sit in observerchat and watch the players making all these baffling decisions(edited)
Kratos v13 - 12:35 AM
This is also I think the first time for me too.
Schlrr - 12:35 AM
i'm surprised i made it so far tbh
Yorick - 12:35 AM
Nah you got killed by Hawkmoth, remember?
Kratos v13 - 12:35 AM
Normally I'm in till nearly end of game or at least second to last round.
Patty - 12:35 AM
This is the first time for me too.
Jack v2 - 12:35 AM
Im surprise i didn't actually die
Kratos v13 - 12:35 AM
Game ended after that round.
Patty - 12:35 AM
admittedly out of two games.
Kratos v13 - 12:36 AM
At least I remember it ending after that round.
Lets see all my games.
Jack v2 - 12:36 AM
I thought i was going to die in the first couple of rounds tbh
Kratos v13 - 12:37 AM
Mors died the night before the final round.
Pluto died the last round.
Nike died, acutally when the heck did Nike die.
Last round right?
Jack v2 - 12:37 AM
When was this?
Kratos v13 - 12:38 AM
And my tourist the night before the final round, wait no.
I think my first game I died 2 rounds before last round.
Maybe night before last round if you don't count the extra round.
B.W. - 12:40 AM
was there an observer chat for the first game??
Kratos v13 - 12:40 AM
Like, forum mafia?
If so yes.
B.W. - 12:40 AM
whoa i wanna see logs to that :eyes:
Kratos v13 - 12:40 AM
Also there was a chat for first discord mafia.
B.W. - 12:41 AM
@DS Piron what species is ya boy

Yorick - 1:00 AM
Hic did you
Kaile - 1:00 AM
ah shit
Yorick - 1:00 AM
Actually believe Pan when he said Jack was a killer?
Jack v2 - 1:00 AM
Yorick - 1:00 AM
Why didn't you point out how wrong he was?
Jack v2 - 1:00 AM
I want to know
Yorick - 1:01 AM
You were this close to voting the Serial Killer off(edited)
Schlrr - 1:01 AM
i still have no clue who's who tbh
B.W. - 1:01 AM
Schlrr - 1:01 AM
B.W. - 1:01 AM
Kratos v13 - 1:01 AM
B.W. - 1:01 AM
Kratos v13 - 1:01 AM
Yorick - 1:01 AM
Holy heck
H1C-13 - 1:01 AM
Kaile - 1:01 AM
mafia is dead.
Yorick - 1:01 AM
Town could actually
Schlrr - 1:01 AM
Yorick - 1:01 AM
Kaile - 1:01 AM
rip in rip.
Yorick - 1:01 AM
I can't believe it
Kratos v13 - 1:02 AM
H1C-13 - 1:02 AM
Smooth Criminals in the Desert (Persona 5 X Michael Jackson)

Yorick - 1:02 AM
Pan's plan actually stopped them from losing
B.W. - 1:02 AM
you'll never see it coming--
Jack v2 - 1:02 AM
H1C-13 - 1:02 AM
Jack v2 - 1:02 AM
Is pan's plan working?
Kratos v13 - 1:02 AM
H1C-13 - 1:03 AM
Kratos v13 - 1:03 AM
H1C-13 - 1:03 AM
Patty - 1:03 AM
So is Plagio just in a fish bowl now orrrrrr....
Kratos v13 - 1:03 AM
If the townie doesn't vote.
Patty - 1:03 AM
I'm trying to figure out the lore here.
Kaile - 1:03 AM
an agility roll happens.
Kratos v13 - 1:03 AM
I mean, there will be two killers.
Yorick - 1:03 AM
Pan, defend your honor!
B.W. - 1:04 AM

Kaile - 1:04 AM
meanwhile pan just
highs it up i guess
Kratos v13 - 1:04 AM
Kaile - 1:04 AM
hes trying for the townie.
Jack v2 - 1:04 AM
X-171 - 1:04 AM
H1C survived.
B.W. - 1:04 AM
X-171 - 1:04 AM
just so you all know.
Kaile - 1:04 AM
Schlrr - 1:04 AM
oh my god
Kaile - 1:04 AM
Kratos v13 - 1:04 AM
Kaile - 1:04 AM
Kratos v13 - 1:04 AM
Kaile - 1:04 AM
Kratos v13 - 1:04 AM
Kaile - 1:04 AM
Kratos v13 - 1:05 AM
Schlrr - 1:05 AM
Patty - 1:05 AM
He's going for the moral victory.
Kratos v13 - 1:05 AM
Schlrr - 1:05 AM
B.W. - 1:05 AM
what is there to gain from more death
Kratos v13 - 1:05 AM
H1C-13 - 1:05 AM
Kratos v13 - 1:05 AM
B.W. - 1:05 AM
Kratos v13 - 1:05 AM
Jack v2 - 1:06 AM
Kratos v13 - 1:06 AM
Schlrr - 1:06 AM
H1C-13 - 1:06 AM
Patty - 1:06 AM
In my heart Pan is the true victor
B.W. - 1:06 AM

H1C-13 - 1:06 AM
Jack v2 - 1:06 AM
Kratos v13 - 1:06 AM
Jack v2 - 1:06 AM
Schlrr - 1:06 AM
Kaile - 1:06 AM
Kratos v13 - 1:06 AM
Jack v2 - 1:06 AM
H1C-13 - 1:07 AM
Kratos v13 - 1:07 AM
H1C-13 - 1:07 AM
Kratos v13 - 1:07 AM
Kaile - 1:07 AM
you misunderstand
Kratos v13 - 1:07 AM
I misunderstand nothing.
Kaile - 1:07 AM
Jack v2 - 1:07 AM
Maf was the lesser of two evil
Kaile - 1:08 AM
Kratos v13 - 1:08 AM
The mafia killed people.
Kaile - 1:08 AM
we never killed.
Kratos v13 - 1:08 AM
Mafia was bad.
Kaile - 1:08 AM
we dont have a single ounce of blood on our hands, do we?
Kratos v13 - 1:08 AM
Mafia tossed people in to a room where they got killed so I mean
That's pretty evil like.
Kaile - 1:08 AM
Cody Fleming - 1:08 AM
The Exhibit?
Kratos v13 - 1:08 AM
If you toss a person in front of a bus.
It's still murder.
Kaile - 1:08 AM
they're not dead they just lost hands
Yorick - 1:08 AM
Supposedly Laser picked up an extra life
Schlrr - 1:08 AM
Cody Fleming - 1:08 AM
It was a choice
Kratos v13 - 1:09 AM
It was a choice but it was still murder.
Jack v2 - 1:09 AM
Who tried to kill me anyways?
Cody Fleming - 1:09 AM
Either hands or death. Either way, it's mafia's fault(edited)
Kratos v13 - 1:09 AM
Like if you give someone a choice "get hurt or get murdered" doesn't make it less of a murder.
Jack v2 - 1:10 AM
Car is going with pan?
Cody Fleming - 1:10 AM
Also the murder part isn't exactly stated.
Kratos v13 - 1:10 AM
People are kind of dead due to mafia.
Cody Fleming - 1:10 AM
So someone could totally pick death without knowing
Kratos v13 - 1:10 AM
They're both evil.
Yorick - 1:10 AM
People are dead due to the serial killer
no one died due to the mafia
Jack v2 - 1:11 AM
But who tried to kill me?
Pan might have
Cody Fleming - 1:11 AM
...Did Mafia get me?
Jack v2 - 1:11 AM
Or it could have been sk...
Kaile - 1:12 AM
nah that was sk i believe
Cody Fleming - 1:12 AM
My last action was investigating H1C-13(edited)
Kaile - 1:12 AM
tho yoou'll have to get hic or great on i guess
H1C-13 - 1:12 AM
i only killed schlrr and kratos
which, the kratos one
So satisfying
Kratos v13 - 1:13 AM
Yeah see Schlrr is dead.
Mafia killed people.
Or "Tossed them in the way of a moving bus"
Yorick - 1:13 AM
Schlrr is not dead, they gave up their hands
Kratos v13 - 1:13 AM
Oh wait right.
Jack v2 - 1:13 AM
My last action was investigate kratos's box
H1C-13 - 1:13 AM
No, one of my rounds was Remove Schlrr
Kratos v13 - 1:14 AM
Mafia is still evil though.
Yorick - 1:14 AM
I knew something was fishy about Plagio
Schlrr - 1:14 AM
how did i die
Kratos v13 - 1:14 AM
You know, whole hand rip off thing is still evil stuff.
No we just said you didn't.
Schlrr - 1:14 AM
oh i wasn't removed
H1C-13 - 1:15 AM
You did it.
hit em with a crowbar a bunch until they stopped moving.
too bad your hands won't stop moving.

thats what great said right after I removed schlrr
Schlrr - 1:15 AM
yea i got knocked out and shoved in the handpit
Kratos v13 - 1:16 AM
Yep, basically mafia was attempting murder. So no "But they were the good guys" here unless wheat pulls another "It was a video game/digital world" move.
Schlrr - 1:16 AM
which is what i'm calling that room. it's the handpit
Jack v2 - 1:16 AM
I was sucked into a room by a squid
Yorick - 1:16 AM
Same ^
Schlrr - 1:16 AM
Kratos v13 - 1:16 AM
Schlrr - 1:16 AM
Jack v2 - 1:17 AM
Floating hands?
Schlrr - 1:17 AM
Kratos v13 - 1:17 AM
Schlrr - 1:17 AM
there's a fauna in the dex called the ominous floating hands
Jack v2 - 1:17 AM
Schlrr - 1:17 AM
we didn't know where the hands came from
but now we do
B.W. - 1:17 AM
what could it be? :eyes:
Jack v2 - 1:17 AM
Oh no
Schlrr - 1:18 AM
the flavor text on it is the notail just going 'why' with powerpoint slides
Cody Fleming - 1:18 AM
Can we have one mysterios silly thing, without it becoming some sort of horror?(edited)
Kratos v13 - 1:18 AM
I love this stuff though.
Jack v2 - 1:18 AM
This game is now canon?
Kratos v13 - 1:18 AM
It's just an rp.
Jack v2 - 1:18 AM
Kratos v13 - 1:18 AM
It's fun rp stuff.
Jack v2 - 1:19 AM
There should be a species made purely by playing this
Kratos v13 - 1:19 AM
I'm not sure why a species would be linked to an rp.
Or how a species would come from one. It sounds a little confusing.
I rather not dangle some wierd canon title in other people's games.
B.W. - 1:21 AM
Schlrr - 1:21 AM
this is so lovecraft and i love it
Kratos v13 - 1:21 AM
Some people do get inspired from the game and put things about it in their oc.
Like I will for Kratos.
The lovecraft stuff in these mafia games is amazing.
Jack v2 - 1:23 AM
Is great searching stuff up rn?(edited)
Yorick - 1:23 AM
Poor Kratos, being betrayed like that
Jack v2 - 1:23 AM
Kratos v13 - 1:24 AM
At least I'm not getting eaten by a 100 mouthed gator.
Jack v2 - 1:24 AM
Well thats sounds like the worst way to die
Kratos v13 - 1:25 AM
Jack v2 - 1:25 AM
This is it!
Yorick - 1:25 AM
Jack v2 - 1:25 AM
H1C-13 - 1:25 AM
[Image: 34d1b2ae8a83d8da44e96d598783d6bc.png]
Jack v2 - 1:26 AM
Pan why?
Yorick - 1:26 AM
Not Yorick or Patty
They didn't give up their hands
Jack v2 - 1:30 AM
I forgot who the "last guy" was
Yorick - 1:32 AM
Jack v2 - 1:32 AM
I love this theatrical ending!
best rp 2017
Cody Fleming - 1:50 AM
Schlrr - 1:50 AM
oh my god
Cody Fleming - 1:50 AM
That happened
Yorick - 1:50 AM
Doobel gets a new keytar playing hand!
Sc0rPiO - 1:50 AM
not master hand- dissapointed...
Jack v2 - 1:51 AM
Glowymushroom - 1:52 AM
That was amazing
Jack v2 - 1:52 AM
:clap: :clap:
Yorick - 2:03 AM
Wait I'm confused, was H1C not mafia?
Porypan - 2:03 AM
he was
Yorick - 2:03 AM
So... why didn't you vote with him? :eyes:
Porypan - 2:04 AM
no comment
X-171 - 2:05 AM
Uncle hermes sends porypan to ultra-rehab for failing to nab the big exhibit.
Porypan - 2:05 AM
X-171 - 2:05 AM
that's how disappointed they are.
you say "But unca hermo! I am part of the exhibit now!"
"Can I put you being part of the exhibit on my rich and luxurious mantle? I didn't think so."
Porypan - 2:07 AM
and of course ultra-rehab ends up being another mafia game

More postgame in the main chat (unformatted):
Spoiler :
Porypan - 1:56 AM
I don't think I can ever sleep again
this game was just too crazy
Helios Ono - 1:56 AM
Pan why did you think i was a bad guy?
Or was it m i n d g a m e s
Porypan - 1:57 AM
I don't do mindgames
I just do a bunch of really stupid things
Helios Ono - 1:57 AM
Kaile - 1:57 AM
H1C-13 - 1:57 AM
Schlrr (Scar) - 1:57 AM
that's wonderful
Porypan - 1:58 AM
like the time I lynched my own teammate
Kaile - 1:58 AM
H1C-13 - 1:58 AM
Helios Ono - 1:58 AM
We all thought you were doing mind games
B.W. - 1:58 AM
Orthos and Plagio - 1:58 AM
I mean
Porypan - 1:58 AM
Orthos and Plagio - 1:58 AM
To be fair, I didn't think pan was mafia at the end of that day!
Porypan - 1:58 AM
I was just kinda flustered that there didn't turn out to be two seperate mafias
so like I guess my bad
Yorick - 1:59 AM
There was two separate mafias? that's why there were two deaths every night!
Porypan - 1:59 AM
but also I was worried that if we lynched ortho and plagio, hic would murder carl the next night
Z-171 - 1:59 AM
Okay since I didn't say it in the game end:
Porypan - 2:00 AM
so like I figured I'd just kill ortho and plagio at night
Orthos and Plagio - 2:00 AM
But you just killed Orthos
Orthos might not be dead tbh
Porypan - 2:00 AM
ye I poisoned his breakfast
Orthos and Plagio - 2:00 AM
He's in the hospital
Porypan - 2:00 AM
I hope he gets better
Orthos and Plagio - 2:00 AM
me too
Porypan - 2:01 AM
cause I really did feel genuinely bad about killing him
Patty (Blizz) - 2:01 AM
He may never walk again
Porypan - 2:01 AM
gave up my friendship hat and everything
Patty (Blizz) - 2:01 AM
He will never be the same.
Helios Ono - 2:01 AM
Well this was a really fun game!
Z-171 - 2:01 AM
<pan was vanilla mafia>
<carlisle was a town cop - underpowered but got accurate results>
<Ortho and Plagio was a doctor SK, able to stand up to one night hit>
Porypan - 2:02 AM
honestly I think it's brilliant how pan actually enjoyed getting his hands eaten
Z-171 - 2:02 AM
it's hard enough to win as an SK, it sucks to get maf killed as SK so one extra life
Porypan - 2:02 AM
considering some of the stuff I said to carl
Z-171 - 2:03 AM
yeah porypan's mind is pretty much already shot by so many different substances that the transdimensional insanity gator can't do that much
same went for H1C, their peace of mind had just recently been shattered by part of them becoming part of the gator
H1C-13 - 2:05 AM
Post game, H1C is now belligerently screaming to give him some new fucking hands
Helios Ono - 2:06 AM
At least your not a potato
Patty (Blizz) - 2:06 AM
But he shall never find new hands.
Z-171 - 2:06 AM
also gained an insatiable love of chicken wings
Patty (Blizz) - 2:06 AM
Always shall he be longing.
Yorick - 2:06 AM
At least you're alive
Yorick is dead as heck
Patty (Blizz) - 2:06 AM
But never shall he gain his heart's desire.
Yorick - 2:06 AM
And so is Patty
Z-171 - 2:07 AM
at least the dead people died with dignity.
Patty (Blizz) - 2:07 AM
Patty's chilling with the high society ghosts now.
Helios Ono - 2:07 AM
Then again, they said the potato was temporary
Patty (Blizz) - 2:07 AM
They appreciate her finely sculpted fingers
Schlrr (Scar) - 2:08 AM
could they just... chop off above the black gross stuff to get prosthetics?
Z-171 - 2:08 AM
Oh yeah the hospital oblein that tended to each of you was a doobel.
could they just... chop off above the black gross stuff to get prosthetics?
Helios Ono - 2:08 AM
Most likely
Z-171 - 2:08 AM
Would you like to be part of an experiement to find out? (^ε^)
Patty (Blizz) - 2:09 AM
It was actually his cousin.
Helios Ono - 2:09 AM
Or his sister
DS Piron - 2:09 AM
Cody goes back to his home colony to write a book about how the upper class races all suck.
Or, erm...
Z-171 - 2:10 AM
There were several doobels who came from the main doobel after all.
Everything. Is. Doobel.
Patty (Blizz) - 2:10 AM
Together they form a band: 30 tentacles and the truth
Helios Ono - 2:10 AM
and cody then gets rich as the book is a best seller
Kratos v13 - 2:11 AM
Kratos is a robot so got off easy.
He'll just replace the hands.
His trust is forever shattered.
Patty (Blizz) - 2:11 AM
Eventually Martin finds out his sister was killed by some sort of hand allagater monster, and he gets real sad for a while.
Porypan - 2:11 AM
he can come with pan to ultra-rehab
Kratos v13 - 2:11 AM
Kratos as a cop will have to come back and arrest everyone.
Patty (Blizz) - 2:12 AM
But then He gets over it, and continues being a sassy manservant
Helios Ono - 2:12 AM
Jack eventually gets his body back, but he is now deathly afraid of gators and potatoes
Carlisle - 2:13 AM
Time to go watch "How to train a drakon", porypan?
Z-171 - 2:14 AM
yall without hands gotta deal with Advanced Phantom Limb Syndrome
Porypan - 2:14 AM
ye let's do it
anyone wanna join?
Z-171 - 2:15 AM
not only are you afflicted with neurons sending messages for limbs that aren't there anymore, but you're also afflicted with actual phantoms of your limbs.
Porypan - 2:15 AM
I'm sure you can get a surgery to deal with the neurons
Carlisle - 7:54 AM
Heh, the only reason I voted off porypan is that I trusted porypans comments about jack, leading me to believe that there was a two town one mafia situation
But these are things you have to learn about how the game works, I guess
Porypan - 8:07 AM
I was being a goof
I saw jack's role as cop and thought "oh so he's the one who was behind the second kill each night, he's a vigilante guy who always hits the wrong guy"
but then I probably misread it
and even then I forgot that jack had spent a night spying on me on a night two people had died
so yea a real goof there
Carlisle - 8:08 AM
and I believed in you
Anyways, that was a really good game for my first time with fortuna-mafia
Porypan - 8:10 AM
it really was absolutely bananas
Helios Ono - 1:04 PM
Yes you were
"I just really sucked at my job"
Yorick - 1:06 PM
It... it said he was town-aligned though o_o
Helios Ono - 1:07 PM
Carlisle - 1:08 PM
All I have to say, things were confusing, it was early in the morning the next day realtime, and I'm fairly new to this
But that should be enough with excuses
Yorick - 1:09 PM
Yeah tbf you were new at this
Helios Ono - 1:09 PM
This was my first game aswell
Yorick - 1:14 PM
I was similarly thrown off when Hawkmoth and the mafia both killed someone at the same time
In Discord Mafia 1(edited)
Helios Ono - 1:19 PM
Btw, thanks you showing me this splish!
Yorick - 1:19 PM
No prob
Z-171 - 7:26 PM
The only actual Roles there are which are assigned and allow people different powers are 0-2 cops or doctors, who can be either alignment.
The cop role gets a +10 bonus to watch and track rolls, and is allowed to make investigate alignment checks. The doctor role gets one surefire protect (unless blocked) and a bonus to investigation obfuscation actions (in case you're mafia).
There's a chance for cops to be underpowered or defective. underpowered is no bonus to watch/track and -10 to alignment investigate chances, which are usually just "roll above a 2-6 depending on int". Defective cops can either get all investigation alignments wrong, or they can get all results (including alignment) wrong
Then any killing factions (like mafia, or SK which is basically just a one-person mafia) picks one person to be the hitman nightly, which is a role that gets a surefire Remove (unless blocked or target is protected).
Helios Ono - 7:29 PM
Z-171 - 7:29 PM
so those are the three roles. doctor and cop show up in death reveals. if neither of those, a person shows up as "normal" or "vanilla."(edited)
Helios Ono - 7:31 PM
Sounds right

DMs, group chats and mechanics will come later.

[Image: RjvYOd.png]
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 RE: 4tuna Mafia Game

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Joined: Jul 2011

science center staff (orthos +plagio, B.W.)
Spoiler :
Orthos and Plagio: hello friendo
B.W.: hoillo
Z-171: hello staff. let's make the director proud (^ε^)
B.W.: (do i get an action)
great changed the channel icon.Last Saturday at 6:02 PM
B.W.: what happened to :thinking: :[
Orthos and Plagio: it sanj
B.W.: i see...
Z-171: both of you can do a night action tonight.
Orthos and Plagio: Orthos is gonna go hunting for shortcuts or maybe secret passages or something. And Plagio is there too, just... being an extra set of eyes, I suppose. Three extra sets, really.
Orthos and Plagio: because my agility is bad and i want to attempt to gain some kinda crutch
B.W.: BW does a lot of paperwork and signs a lot of waivers (probably to prepare for the upcoming experiment) and also moves the coffee machine out of the museum hallway and into the office
B.W.: no coffee for the participants
Orthos and Plagio: if you find any blueprints pass them to me
B.W.: sorry... big man says i shouldnt pass on confidential information to the participants(edited)
B.W.: they say it might, er, "affect their performance"
B.W.: (wait am i misunderstanding your role in this)
Orthos and Plagio: P: "Hey, I'm staff too!"
B.W.: (i knew it)
Orthos and Plagio: O: "I'm staff by association, mostly."
B.W.: ah, you must be the, "control group" then. sorry, i didn't know. apologies(edited)
B.W.: i'm sure i have a floor map around here somewhere(edited)
B.W.: [distant ruffling of papers]
B.W.: so... how long have you two been... together
Orthos and Plagio: O: "Met Plag like, 3-4 years ago. We work different fields but ended up working at the same places often enough that we just kinda ended up sticking around each other a lot."
P: "I liked the fact that he's wayyyyy more of a pushover than he looks and just goes wherever I want him to!"
B.W.: ah, i see. nice to meet you, mr...?
Orthos and Plagio: O: "It's Orthos."
P: "Plagio! Pretty sure we introduced ourselves in the lobby earlier, y'know!!!"
B.W.: mh. i wasn't really paying attention during that
B.W.: but regardless it's nice to meet you orhos and plagio
B.W.:[Image: unknown.png]
B.W.: [comes back with this in hand, passes it to orthos]
B.W.: i found this floor map of the floor we're doing the exhibit on.
B.W.: we might have done renovations since this map was made so it might not be 100% accurate, but it's the best i got.
B.W.: the grey bit in the middle is a janitor's closet / storage room deal, normally visitors don't go through there.
B.W.: red room is the "exhibit", and the blue thing is a vent
B.W.: earlier we debated getting rid of the vent but i mean it's definitely too small to have anyone get through it, haha.(edited)
Orthos and Plagio: Orthos has to duck to go through some of the doorways
Orthos and Plagio: Plagio can handily fit inside another person, if they are largely liquid
Orthos and Plagio: what could it mean

B.W.: that was, something.
B.W.: you know what got stolen, guys?
Orthos and Plagio: P: still shaking from caffeination
B.W.: ...maybe letting you taste some was a bad idea.
B.W.: anyway, i might go take a look at the exhibit to see what the sitch is like in there
Orthos and Plagio: O: "You're planning on visiting the exhibit yourself???"
B.W.: yeah??
B.W.: i mean... i have the clearance.
B.W.: plus im kind of responsible if something gets stolen so i should check.
B.W.: don't want to lose track of inventory either, given my perfect track record for the past year
Orthos and Plagio: P: "Have fun try not to die!!!"
B.W.: uh.... yeah. thanks, i'll try...

Heist crew (x-607, porypan, h1c)

Spoiler :

Z-171: museum heist crew
X-607: does this mean what i think it does
X-607: amazing
Porypan: yeee
H1c-13: hhaahaha oh man
Z-171: you don't know what the exhibit is but you're gonna steal it
X-607: i cant believe how fitting my char is for this
Porypan: gonna be great
Porypan: so basically let's say you guys just talked me into this
Porypan: I'm an easy bot to convince
X-607: H1C-13 is our insider, being a notail, I guess
Porypan: oh ye is one of us staff at the museum
H1c-13: That works, I just recently got a job at the museum
X-607: If Hich doesnt want that I could probably fien my way in
H1c-13: its a job doing basically nothing, its perfect for my [lazy] character
X-607: Also I am not a doctor or a cop, just an average joe
Porypan: I got a best bud I can talk to
X-607: im just a specialist, i am good with the techs and shit from a RP standpoint
X-607: gonna fry the alarms and shiz, cant have SWAT teams rolling up on us :::>
H1c-13: I have decent charisma, so I can probably be the group "Face" as it were ( O)
X-607: go for it
X-607: Im a smooth talker as well
X-607: its how your idiotic notail friends havent suspected me yet :::>
Porypan: well it's not like my charisma check was that difficult anyway(edited)
X-607: anyways because wheat has given me permission to share this I have above average speaking and intelligence skills (7), pretty average luck and agility (5) but I cant lift things for shit and if someone stabs me im insta dead (1)
Porypan: oh ye my endurance is 1 as well
Porypan: it's a fragile mafia
H1c-13: hey same basically
CmdrCade changed the channel icon.Last Saturday at 5:41 PM
X-607: neat
X-607: i can do that apparently
Porypan: you are the face of evil
Z-171: change it to something different from your icon, i'll get confused
X-607: alright.
CmdrCade changed the channel icon.Last Saturday at 5:42 PM
X-607: skawaka
Z-171: wonderful


Z-171: all yall pick one of you to do the night hit on an npc.
X-607: I feel like I may have accidentally screwed us over but at least they wont suspect us for voting for the good leader.
Porypan: ey so like
Porypan: what do we do
Porypan: there are all these guys
H1c-13: better than all of us forcing ourselves into leadership.
Porypan: how are we gonna steal stuff with them in the way
X-607: A well executed trap is how. The gaurds rotated out when we went to dinner and I saw which hallway they traveled down. Perhapes one of us could booby-trap the hallway and take out a few of them?
H1c-13: Sounds like a decent enough plan.
Porypan: they'll just get more guards
Porypan: the notail pool of starving students desperate for a job is bottomless
X-607: Fair enough.
H1c-13: Yeah, that's not wrong
Porypan: so we'll have to like, just sneak past them
Porypan: but that leaves all the others
X-607: True.
Porypan: who are just napping in cardboard boxes everywhere
X-607: Hang on a moment, let me think...(edited)
H1c-13: Our best bet seems like a slow burn. Slowly get rid of everyone until we outnumber them. Y'know? ( O)
H1c-13: then just utilize a little notail misdirection...
Porypan: ummm get... rid of them?
Porypan: oh dear this all seems kinda familiar
X-607: Thats a wonderful plan.
H1c-13: Well if you don't have the stomach for it we could always just "Lure" them out of the museum. They probably wont be able to get back in
X-607: If we go for an outright fight they outnumber us, we'll lose.
Porypan: ye let's do the pacifist thing
X-607: We could also just set them up. Make it look like they are theives trying to get the artifact. The gaurd'll handle the rest.
X-607: Why do the dirty work outselves, after all?
H1c-13: Paranoia is a powerful tool
H1c-13: ( O)
H1c-13: Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut I think one of us is gonna have to get their hands dirty tonight if we do this. NOT IT
X-607: I'll do it.
Porypan: someone's gotta take one for the team
X-607: But now, who do we kill? we've gotta amp up the gaurds if they're gonna kill who we want them to.
H1c-13: Welllll let's see
H1c-13: I wont lie, the klannec is tempting.
H1c-13: buuuuuuut
X-607: Better not to tip them off that we're killing off the group so early.
H1c-13: It would be SO satisfying if we made the others think the klannec did it.
X-607: Yep.
X-607: I'll go down that staff only hall and kill whoever looks the most important, I suppose.
X-607: That'll be sure to cause some havoc and up paranoia.
Porypan: wait wait I thought we didn't need to kill
X-607: Uuuuuuuh
X-607: We're not, little robot :::>
Porypan: oh ok
H1c-13: Its notail customs, dont worry
X-607: I'm just gonna deliver some milk and cookies to em :::>
Porypan: got me worried for a moment there
X-607: Anyways, I'll Do the hit :apple:
H1c-13: Great. We have that out of the way
X-607: See you all tomorrow morning, then :::>
X-607: Though actually
X-607: whats our game plan?
X-607: Are we going to lay low and only exxagerate choas, or sow the seeds of it and start arguments?
Porypan: I'm just gonna be chill
H1c-13: Sowing the seeds is more fun, and a great slow burn
X-607: Might draw more attention to ourselves, though.
X-607: Tell you what
X-607: you sow seeds of rightious fury
X-607: and ill exxagerate it :::>
H1c-13: Sounds good to me.
H1c-13: I'll pull the old "Gasp, horror, shock" act
X-607: Alright, then. I best be off if I'm going to be able to ki-errrr, give gifts to anyone
Porypan: good luck
X-607: See you all tomorrow -the Kaikian pulls their mask over their face-
X-607: :::>
H1c-13: ( O)


X-607: I feel like we may have a second crew on the scene.
X-607: This complicates things further,
Porypan: wuh
X-607: The notail in charge mentioned random burglaries.
X-607: I know none of us were behind those.
H1c-13: Eugh. Note to all parties, do not eat anything in that fridge.... blegh
Porypan: oh ye weren't we going to frame people for stealing though
Porypan: maybe that's it
X-607: We were, but we werent doing so last night.
Porypan: oh ok
Porypan: oh ye we were just giving gifts to people
X-607: I was behind the missing guard, not the burglaries. I sho- feeeed him too many cookies and he passed out
Porypan: aw man
X-607: Anyways, this leader.
X-607: They are bringing about too much order. Shutting down attempts to start fires. We already have one goign but the leader may shut it down.
X-607: I feel like we need to get them out of the picture.
Porypan: aw I think the leader is cool though
H1c-13: They seemed preeeeeeetttty flustered though
H1c-13: we might be able to use that to our advantage
Z-171: Your new objective is to get rid of enough people to ensure that you can safely rob the grand exhibit.
X-607: They did, its possible that we'll use them. I think I have them on my side for the time being, though I am unsure.
Z-171: since obviously you bit off more than you could chew. this is a LONG TERM con now.
X-607: Does anyone else have any ideas who we should kill?
Z-171: not just a one-night job.
X-607: Er, frame?
H1c-13: How about we get rid of Cinq?
H1c-13: they seemed to have been targeted by a certain someone
X-607: Cinq is our primary source of con- you're tricky, H1C-13.
H1c-13: ( O)
H1c-13: I mean, yorick and Cinq are great targets
X-607: Yes, we should get rid of cinq and blame the other party :::>
X-607: Either or, really.
H1c-13: Yorick could be difficult, he's a limpo I think
X-607: Yorik seems more agressive than Cinq, which could be useful.
X-607: He randomly voted to lkynch, after all.
H1c-13: that's true
X-607: Cinq seems more, deductive. Logical.
X-607: Which only causes issues for us.
Porypan: hey guys
Porypan: how about the leader
Porypan: he's the one shottung down the chaos, right?
H1c-13: He is, but he was extremely flustered
Porypan: so to create chaos, eliminate the peace
H1c-13: imagine, someone else dies under his watch
X-607: Thats what I suggested earlier, but they seemed to not have much control over the situatioon.
H1c-13: he may just get even more flustered*
X-607: We should go after them tomorrow if they continue to cause issues.
Porypan: I dunno man, he seemed pretty stable to me
X-607: @great are individual maf members allowed to make different actions? ect one of us invests while another does the hit?
H1c-13: I suppose I could distract him tonight. The gator meat I ate is NOT agreeing with me
H1c-13: go to him under the guise of "Oh man my hands hurt, you got any ointment pal?"
X-607: Good idea.
X-607: I'll focus on framing Cinq, then.
Z-171: yes
X-607: Pan, you'r welcome to go try to start friendships with others. Get us contacts. Earn trust.
Z-171: you get to plan what actions you do
Z-171: then you can share the results the following night, or if you code it you can reveal it in broad daylight
Porypan: oh ye well I already got one bud
Porypan: that Carl guy
H1c-13: In that case, I'll head to Kratos's room and talk with him. Give the old "I'm so sorry, I feel bad blah blah" about eating the meat. And you folks can do as you like.
H1c-13: ( O) should be fun.......
X-607: Alright so, H1C-13, if your plan suceeeds, state that you ate something in the morning.
X-607: I'll be off, then.


H1c-13: Well kaikian, you shall be missed.
Porypan: eyy
Porypan: I'm sure he's fine
X-607: <Kaile has been slain (or at least missing!>(edited)
Porypan: totally fine
H1c-13: So this is interesting, I do believe he was onto something on the "Second group" theory
CmdrCade left the group.Last Saturday at 9:12 PM
Porypan: really?
Porypan: so wait which guy were we behind
H1c-13: Well, I believe we targeted ciniq
H1c-13: and yet both ciniq and yorik dissappeared
H1c-13: so this leaves us in a pickle....
H1c-13: I believe we may be able to target schlrrr for blame tomorrow
H1c-13: but it requires we target mister Kratos
H1c-13: ( O) I cannot show it, but I am rather sad about that.
H1c-13: I believe our most vital targets are currently the duo Ortho and Plagio, Kratos, and Schlrr
H1c-13: so my proposed plan is to target Kratos tonight, and blame it on schlrr
H1c-13: any thoughts mister pan?
Porypan: oh ye sure
Porypan: sorry I'm just a little distracted chatting with my bud
H1c-13: its fine
Porypan: ye you got this, right?
H1c-13: I shall target kratos, in the meantime I would suggest for you to possibly investigate someone
H1c-13: your own discretion
Porypan: aight


H1c-13: That was stressful
Porypan: I think we might be in trouble
H1c-13: incidentally, pan, please stay away from me. I'm....sick
H1c-13: we'll leave it at that
Porypan: if there is another group of bad guys, that probably means there's only one good guy left
Porypan: we must not target that one
H1c-13: I concur, I have a dreadful feeling about Carlisle and Jack to be honest
H1c-13: jack was following you evidently
H1c-13: and carlisle has been...quiet.
H1c-13: call it notail instinct
Porypan: Carl is my bud...
Porypan: you know I wouldn't be surprised if he was a bad guy
H1c-13: has he said anything.....odd
Porypan: like a sort of double backstabbing thing
Porypan: no he's just been his usual self
H1c-13: hmm
H1c-13: Well, either way. I'm certain that you'll be followed or investigated again tonight
H1c-13: you were brought up many times, it's inevitable
Porypan: I think Schlrr might be a bad guy
H1c-13: I believe I am still in the clear for the most part
Porypan: like, maybe jack wasn't lying and schlrr really was spying on me
H1c-13: Schlrr could be a good target...hmm
H1c-13: Well, do or be damed I suppose. My time is running out anyway so....
Porypan: what is happening to you anyway
H1c-13: ohgod Err....
Porypan: how bad was that food anyway
H1c-13: well....it uh...
H1c-13: I
H1c-13: ...think I may be becoming.....a clockwork
H1c-13: My hands are. oh that's new
Porypan: o h
Porypan: oh dear
Porypan: takes a step back
H1c-13: shows his hands My hands are becoming...mouths.. very reptilian mouths...
H1c-13: like small alligators? I guess?
Porypan: that's...
Porypan: wow I am sorry for you dude
H1c-13: hey, I mean. Who cares
H1c-13: I'm just.....just an exile
H1c-13: worthless
Porypan: no man
Porypan: you're a nice guy
Porypan: okay technically you're a bad guy, but aside from that
Porypan: it's the personality that matters in the end!
H1c-13: I'm a lazy food aggresive artist of a notail
H1c-13: I'm the most defective
Porypan: heeeeey defective isn't a bad thing
Porypan: usually
H1c-13: Anyway! My time will be ending soon anyway, so I may as well go out in a bang! I leave the rest to your discretion mister pan!
Porypan: wah
Porypan: don't leave meee
Porypan: I can't do this alone
H1c-13: Listen buddy, if I survive this, I'm just gonna become a clockwork in the end
H1c-13: and then I'll have to be put down
H1c-13: it's a shitty situation
H1c-13: unless a miracle occurrs and I'm a safe clockwork
H1c-13: which I cant test without...trying to infect you
Porypan: oh...
Porypan: um
Porypan: no thanks???
H1c-13: Shrugs with aligator hands


H1c-13: P-pan
Porypan: what... what was that holy shit
H1c-13: p-please. You h-have to finish this
H1c-13: I....I dont have hands....but I'm no longer in pain!
Porypan: wha
H1c-13: hhahhahhhhh
H1c-13: HHAHHAhhhhHAH.
Porypan: are you okay
H1c-13: i'm free
H1c-13: Sorry...I just....hhah.....
H1c-13: pan. I cant do this...not in this state. I know you dont want to
H1c-13: but you have to step up to the plate
H1c-13: I need you to do the hit
Z-171: But H1C-13! You're free from your hands!
Z-171: (^ε^)
Porypan: I...
H1c-13: how in the world will I hold A KILLING INSTRUMENT GREAT
H1c-13: and I mean, we cant both do the hit, right?
Porypan: um
H1c-13: So pan. I need you to do this
H1c-13: Carl has to be the one Ortho and dum dumb are probably protecting themselves
H1c-13: if they can
H1c-13: Please pan
Porypan: oh dear
Porypan: I can't kill carl
H1c-13: you have to
Porypan: ...
H1c-13: Carl has been planning to kill you this entire time pan
Porypan: ...
H1c-13: remember? The double backstab?
Porypan: I'm gonna kill orthos and plagio :apple:
H1c-13: Alright. I leave it to you
Porypan: ... man I do not like this at all
Porypan: how delightful
H1c-13: it's a terrible situation, but we have to do it

N1 FRIENDSHIP: Cody and Orthos + Plagio
Spoiler :
Z-171: Hey, what's up? Nice day so far, right?" is apparently a good enough message to cause friendships
Orthos and Plagio: P: "It's not necessarily the message, so much as the way it's said!!!"


Cody Fleming: So, what do you think?
Orthos and Plagio: O: "Dunno. What's your plan for the night?"
Orthos and Plagio: O: "Didn't really feel like much was learned other than nobody knows what's going on here."
Cody Fleming: C: "I'm gonna talk to our leader."
Cody Fleming: C: "If nothing else, I think he should really take the fact they listing surviving a possibility seriously."
Orthos and Plagio: P: "Cool cool cool!! I'mma try and see what up with the one different voter!"


Cody Fleming: C: So, wait, one of our tour group was actually a Kaikian?(edited)
Orthos and Plagio: O: "Apparently."
Orthos and Plagio: P: "The new rule, don't trust people hiding their true face with a mask, unless that's normal for them, in which case, do trust them?????"
Orthos and Plagio: P: "Notails, amirite???"
Cody Fleming: C: Yyep. *nods*
Orthos and Plagio: P: "So hey were you the one that failed to talk to robocop?"
Cody Fleming: C: Nah, I got to 'im.
Cody Fleming: C: He thinks whoever disappear'd the gaurd might be a spy or somethin'
Orthos and Plagio: O: Okay so, you didn't hear this from us, but I heard that he might have wanted to try and investigate the exhibit area himself. Like, of his own free will.
Cody Fleming: C: Huh.
Cody Fleming: C: Must'n been really interested,
Cody Fleming: C: Interested enough to take th' pay cut for skipping out early 'n all
Orthos and Plagio: P: "I told him not to but he was determined!!"
Orthos and Plagio: O: "plagio i was kind of going for an indirect source sounding kinda thing here"
Orthos and Plagio: P: "You aren't my boss."
Orthos and Plagio: P: "If anything I'm your boss here."
Cody Fleming: C: I mean, when I was talkin' to him, He sounded like really needed that full check.

N1 convo: Jack and Yorick
(note: Carlisle started the game with a high enough roll to have a friendship with somebody. I accidentally assigned Carlisle’s FRIENDSHIP to Jack who ended up friends with yorick. When I realized the mistake I was like “well might as well get a consolation night of convo”)
Spoiler :
Z-171: haven't gotten done setting up roles yet but you guys are FRIENDS. you have FRIENDSHIP (masons in mafgaming terms)
Jack: Hello again splish!
Yorick: Greetings
Jack: We are frens now!
Yorick: Shouldn't be too hard to cover eachothers backs then
Jack: Yes!
Yorick: Just don't make it look like we're working together too much, or people might think we're mafia
Jack: Oke
Jack: First night. Hit the bar?
Yorick: Rest assured, you are safe with Yorick
Yorick: First night usually good for preparation
Jack: Should we show each other's character sheets?
Yorick: Yorick is a powerhouse, all you need to know about Yorick
Yorick: Smarter than the average hokkan too, but that's not saying much!
Jack: Jack is very charismatic
Jack: And he has the brain to (roughly) match!
Yorick: Good, we complement eachother well
Jack changed the channel name: great, YorickLast Saturday at 5:11 PM
Jack changed the channel icon.Last Saturday at 5:11 PM
Jack: shhh
Jack: you saw nothing
Yorick: Ah, lovely
Jack: Pfffff
Yorick: We'll be right back
Jack: Oke
Jack: Borscht should be our in game code word to pm.
Yorick: Right-o
Z-171: you can't pm during the day.
Jack: Oke
Z-171: oh btw i kinda messed up a roll, this chat shouldn't exist.
Yorick: Doh
Z-171: i'll let it be here for n1 tho.
Yorick: Well it was nice knowin' ya
Z-171: you're.... acquaintences.
Z-171: you get to talk to each other night 1
Jack: Aww..
Oke then...
Jack: Communicate with yorick
Z-171: oh you can do that for free
Yorick: What you want?
Z-171: since i screwed up the rolls you guys can talk to night
Yorick: Not much to talk about is there? Grand exhibit is not for a while!
Jack: Yea!
Yorick: But Yorick will help you if you promise not to betray him
Jack: So, you wanna hit the bar, or...?
Yorick: Can never be too careful in this business
Jack: Thats so true!
Yorick: Yorick is busy tonight, maybe later
Jack: Big chance for robbery
Jack: Hope no one steals anything
Yorick: Stay safe little one, you know how notails can be
Jack: I hope you stay safe too!

N1 + friendship: Carlisle and Porypan
Spoiler :
Z-171: Hey guess what you two are FRIENDS.
Porypan: yay
Z-171: you two can talk during night phases.
Porypan: best buds
Carlisle: :thumbsup:
Porypan: so do we have any history together
Porypan: like did we go to highschool together or something
Carlisle: Something, at least
Carlisle: How about...
Carlisle: ...uh no idea
Porypan: ok so we became friends on an internet forum a long time ago and this is our first time meeting in person
Porypan: but like we didn't apply to beta testing together, it happened by chance
Carlisle: Okay, should be good enough
Carlisle: That was quite a lot of people there
Porypan: yea it's real cool
Carlisle: Going to see if I can get an interview with one of the workers here
Porypan: oh nice!
Porypan: got anyone in mind?
Carlisle: Kratos was obviously a security guard, and other than that I don't know who's a beta tester and who's working here
Porypan: hm, maybe you should ask in the morning
Carlisle: Yeah, it would be a good idea to know who's who
Carlisle: So what are you up to tonight?
Porypan: not much, really
Porypan: like, there's not really anything to do other than sleep
Porypan: I doubt they'll let me in the kitchen
Carlisle: Oh well. It's just a week here
Porypan: aw man
Porypan: I didn't bring any pancakes
Porypan: I'm gonna go sneak in the kitchen and make some, they won't notice me hopefully
Carlisle: I wish I had brought a blanket or something
Carlisle: Never knew we would just get cardboards to sleep on
Carlisle: Anyways, good luck getting in the kitchen!
Porypan: :thumbsup:


Carlisle: Quite the activity today
Carlisle: With the bulgulars and whatnot
Porypan: eh, it'll be fine
Porypan: they got good security here
Carlisle: Tried to listen in for anyone suspicious, but sadly didn't spot anything beyond Yoricks vote
Porypan: aight listen, this is my third time doing this kind of thing, and what you do is not get too suspicious
Porypan: cause if you end up voting for the wrong guy, the bad guys are gonna outnumber the good guys
Porypan: so like, don't be overthinking things
Porypan: one guy voting for a guy isn't really that suspicious
Carlisle: Yeah, I understand that
Carlisle: People tend to do irrational moves just to spice things up
Porypan: oh yea you also shouldn't stand out, or the paranoid ones will vote you out
Porypan: that's how I got locked in that freezer for a month
Carlisle: That's tough
Carlisle: Good thing you made it through that freezer
Carlisle: Anyways, let's hope anything else comes up after this night
Porypan: ye I really hope this was just a false alarm thing
Carlisle: Yeah, but if the guards can't handle it, we just have to be on watch
Porypan: we should trust the guards in any case
Carlisle: While they are notail guards (with exceptions), that would probably be for the best
Carlisle: Anyways, nice having you by here
Porypan: ye man it's real cool to get to meet you in person
Carlisle: Okay, gotta go and see if I can find anything
Have a good night!
Porypan: night night


Carlisle: Looks like I'll get to keep my hat on for now
Porypan: hey man um, am I interrupting something
Carlisle: Not really
Carlisle: Just glad we managed to pick one of the bulgulars like that
Porypan: right
Porypan: um hey um
Porypan: I kinda had a really weird trip recently and honestly I just kinda wanna get some stuff off my chest
Carlisle: Oh?
Porypan: ye there were like, notails but without the mask
Porypan: and they gave me this weird drug called "Despair"
Porypan: and it was real weird, it was somehow fun to be hurt and stuff
Porypan: so then they put me to sleep and I woke up again in a different place with more of the maskless notails
Porypan: and there was this whole thing where we were supposed to kill each other... kinda similar to what's happening here but without the voting
Porypan: so I decided to poison someone with pancakes, and that worked but they kinda found me out right away
Porypan: and I had to face some weird punishment where they played me like a tuba
Porypan: and that's where it ended. I dunno it was weird
Porypan: I dunno if that Despair drug is a real thing
Porypan: but it was freaky and it kinda felt real
Carlisle: Wow
Porypan: but ye that's it... thanks for listening man
Carlisle: I think you should try to be more careful around drugs
Porypan: ye especially ones named after emotions
Carlisle: Are drugs even supposed to work on robots?
Porypan: oh I'm like built to be drugged
Porypan: that's basically like the gimmick with pan units
Porypan: most drugs don't have any effect on other robots, other than short-circuiting them
Porypan: or scrambling their memory
Carlisle: Alright alright, just... make sure to not go overboard with it
Carlisle: I don't want bad things to happen to you
Porypan: don't worry I've been doing this sort of stuff for years
Carlisle: ...that explains some things in the past
Porypan: really when trying out a new drug it's always important to do research on it
Porypan: but like this time I was forcibly drugged
Porypan: which is kinda not cool but eh, what can you do
Carlisle: So you were forcibly drugged?
Porypan: ye
Porypan: those dudes were just talking to me telling me to put away my smoke but I said no, so they drugged me and then I just sort of automatically put it away
Carlisle: That's bad, but as you said I guess we can't do anything about that right now
Porypan: ye
Porypan: thanks for listening to me though
Porypan: you're a real bro :thumbsup:
Porypan: when we get out of here, we should go see a movie together or something
Carlisle: Of course
Carlisle: ...assuming I manage to write up something about this that's worth anything
Carlisle: Tough life being a journalist when you don't quite have the charm of other journalists
Porypan: aw
Porypan: hey I think you'll do fine
Porypan: don't worry about it
Carlisle: Thanks for the encouragement
Porypan: hey how about that How To Train Your Drakon movie, I've heard good things about that one
Carlisle: Yeah, I've been meaning to see it
Porypan: if you can get past the racism
Porypan: nice


Carlisle: ...I am not worthy of this hat
Carlisle: There
Porypan: what do you mean
Porypan: oh dude
Porypan: isn't that thing important to you
Carlisle: There. You can take it or whatever
[Image: Hat.png]
Porypan: aw ok
Porypan: I will take good care of it
Carlisle: Patty was innoccent and I did not realise that
Carlisle: I am not worthy of this hat
Porypan: man don't beat yourself up about it
Porypan: it wasn't your fault
Porypan: I'm the one who threw that final vote
Porypan: just so we could at least send in someone
Porypan: I dunno, I feel kinda bad about that
Carlisle: Let's just look at what we can do from now on
Porypan: yeah
Porypan: who do you think the bad guys might be
Carlisle: Jack and Schlrr were both in the spotlight today, but what do we really know?
Porypan: my eye is on schlrr actually
Porypan: I don't think jack was lying
Carlisle: Okay, I could see if anything comes up with them
Carlisle: You think you could keep an eye on one of the others?
Carlisle: We need to broaden our view as much as possible
Porypan: hm
Porypan: weird question
Porypan: but are you one of the bad guys
Carlisle: No
Porypan: aight then
Carlisle: I am quite the opposite
Porypan: I'm on your side then
Carlisle: ...honestly, I think you would've said that in any case
Porypan: haha ye
Carlisle: But on the other hand, I have no one else to place my trust in, and we need to cooperate if we're going to get through this
Porypan: ye
Porypan: apparently there's two different groups of bad guys
Porypan: let's be the secret third faction of friends(edited)
Carlisle: I can tell with the double-kidnappings going on...
Porypan: does this hat make me look fat
Carlisle: Not at all
Carlisle: It gives you quite the style
Porypan: yee
Porypan: it's a nice hat
Carlisle: Even if it's a little rough around the edges, it still is a nice hat
Carlisle: Pan and Pagepoh pals?
Porypan: ye
Porypan: let's get out of here together
Carlisle: Yes
Carlisle: And rule over the museum
Porypan: wuh
Carlisle: And hopefully not get thrown out
Porypan: um
Porypan: wait I'm confused
Carlisle: What I'm saying is that we should be better than the other groups in here with us
Porypan: oh you mean rule in a metaphorical way?
Carlisle: Yes
Porypan: nice
Carlisle: If there are two groups of two, then half of the people left might sadly be bulgulars, but if we are lucky, they might start taking out eachother now that there are so few left
Porypan: ...
Porypan: I think...
Porypan: I think you're lying
Porypan: there's only one good guy left
Porypan: two groups of three, one down, six people left
Porypan: I think you're on the other team
Carlisle: Groups of three?
Carlisle: That would be even more disastrous
Carlisle: ...and would mean that you couldn't also be a good guy
Porypan: if you really are innocent, that means both jack and schlrr were lying
Carlisle: There are two different teams, still
Porypan: look, my team's in real trouble, I don't think it's gonna make it
Porypan: so um, if you really are a bad guy
Porypan: can I join
Carlisle: Sorry, I am not a bad guy
Carlisle: ...but you have a team?
Porypan: aw man I did the reveal and it was for nothing(edited)
Porypan: oh well, ye my team is the one with 2 left
Porypan: I don't think it's gonna work out
Porypan: I think my partner's gonna kick the bucket, and when they do I am abandoning the mission
Porypan: I don't think impressing uncle hermes is worth this
Carlisle: But but-
Carlisle: You were HIDING this from me?
Carlisle: And what for???
Porypan: well
Porypan: um
Porypan: I didn't really think it would come to this
Porypan: I also had no idea you would be here
Porypan: so like I'm sorry I guess
Porypan: I was just worried that if I told you you would tell the others
Carlisle: ...fine, let's just let everything play out here
But please do not hide your motives after this event!
Porypan: aight
Porypan: but we gotta work together
Carlisle: What can we do
Porypan: tomorrow night you gotta block one of the guys from the other team
Porypan: hopefully it'll be the guy who does the hit
Porypan: that's the only way we can both get out of here alive
Porypan: if my partner lives I'll tell them to hit the other one
Carlisle: Who
Carlisle: Who should I target when the time comes
Porypan: orphos and plagio
Porypan: if they disappear tomorrow, do jack instead
Carlisle: Okay
Porypan: I really hope you're not playing me here
Carlisle: If it is what you say, I have no one left to work with
Carlisle: Let the hat be a symbol for our friendship
Porypan: ye
Porypan: should probably take it off though so no one gets suspicious


Porypan: dude you need to get out of here
Carlisle: How?
Porypan: I dunno
Porypan: it's just, it's a 50/50 split now
Porypan: if you escape then we take out the last good guy it ends well!
Carlisle: I'm not sure that's even an option
Porypan: or perhaps...
Porypan: if we outnumber you we won't have to hurt you?
Carlisle: I guess that is our best choice...
Porypan: feel bad for orthos and plagio though
Porypan: if I die... you know what to do
Carlisle: ...I think so

N1: Schlrr and Yorick conversation
Spoiler :
Z-171: okay you can talk tonight.
Yorick: Ahh, so that was your note
Yorick: How goes it kheiron?
Schlrr: Fairly well, if a bit tedious and boring.
Yorick: Too long to wait for grand exhibit, Yorick hopes something interesting happens
Schlrr: Me as well. I could use some good ol' violence or killing right about now. Hopefully the exhibit will have lots of information on war, I plan to become a high general.
Yorick: You seem strong like Yorick, perhaps we can work together
Schlrr: Perhaps. You do seem like one of the only capable ones here.
Yorick: Not much to talk about with grand exhibit so far away, but if Yorick will be watching your back from now on
Yorick: Stay safe, you will be first to know if Yorick finds anything interesting
Schlrr: Thank you, and I extend the same courtesy. Stay safe

N2: Cody and Kratos
Spoiler :
Z-171: you guys may speak for tonight.
Kratos v13: I know the tour guide said it was possible, but as a notail the tour guide is quite blunt!
Kratos v13: Dying while eating is possible but improbable!(edited)
Kratos v13: I don't know what's behind those doors....but as a worker of this place I have full honor in my work place, I believe in them! And...I don't think they would hurt anyone!
Kratos v13: I will be attempting to help as many people as possible so that we can all go in together.
Cody Fleming: ...Yeah, Well, I hope you're right. For anyone who be goin' in's sake.
Cody Fleming: ...Who do you think would want to get a sneek peek so much that they somehow get rid o' the guard in all?
Cody Fleming: -I'm not sayin' it be murder now, but it is a disappearance.
Kratos v13: You heard the boss! If you see the big exbit you can't be a beta tester anymore. It's fully possible that after seeing it you must be forced to take your paycheck and leave out the back door.
Kratos v13: But that means a lower pay check.......
Kratos v13: I can't quite afford to have a lower paycheck.
Kratos v13: As for what is it in, I do not know! I wasn't told by my boss.
Cody Fleming: Yeah, I believe you, but I was askin' who do you think would want to see it so badly hey'd dissappear th' guard?(edited)
Kratos v13: Well that is a good question.
Kratos v13: I would suspect a spy hoping that the exibit is some new tech they can steal in advance!
Cody Fleming: One o' us beta guests?(edited)
Kratos v13: Yes!
Cody Fleming: Yeah, I figure that too.
Kratos v13: I mean the only other people around is workers.
Kratos v13: And most of them would go to prison planet if they did anything else!

N2 (and N3*) H1C-13 and Kratos
(Note: there should not have been any talking n3, bc the n2 roll was only good enough for conversation, not friendship. I didn’t notice/check because it was just one among many different chat windows)
Spoiler :
Z-171: welcome!
Kratos v13: Hello there notail!
H1c-13: Hey there Leader guy ( O)
Kratos v13: Do you have any worries or concerns?
H1c-13: Sorry to bother you in the middle of the night, I just wanted to ask if you have any sort of medicine or topical cream or anything? I kind of sort of ate some stuff that really...didn't agree with me... ( O)
H1c-13: My hands are like needles right now. On fire. Under a ten ton weight.
Kratos v13: Oh no! There might be medication somewhere.
Kratos v13: Sadly I don't have any on me.
Kratos v13: If it's still affecting you tomorrow please tell me. I'll go find you medication!
Kratos v13: You don't think it will consume you tonight?
H1c-13: I think it should be fine for tonight, I've eaten some weird stuff in my time.
Kratos v13: Hopefully your notail immue system can fight it back.
H1c-13: that's probably part of why I got exiled now that I think about it ( O)
H1c-13: Thanks for at least being willing to help though. Oh, and before I head back to my box
H1c-13: You seemed a bit flustered out there today leader, so uh...I'm not great at the compliment speech thing but uh...
H1c-13: Chin...up?
H1c-13: I think that's a saying other races use? Idk, normally we'd just say "Do your job right next time ( O)"
H1c-13: But you know, if you wanna talk about I'll...listen. No guarantee I wont take a nap ( O)
Kratos v13: I want to protect everyone but it's quite hard when you can't be everywhere at once.
H1c-13: Ohhhh, ok! I'm terrible at reading people, and crowds are so loud and eugh I must have misread the situation. ( O)
H1c-13: But hey, it still stands what I said, I think, I'm here for ya buddy. Especially if you have food. I am always there for food.
H1c-13: Well, I'm gonna head back to my cube. Nice talking to you leader! Remember, chin....somewhere or other!
Kratos v13: It was nice talking to you. I'm sorry the Notails kicked you out of their socity, they are very flawed to let nice people like you out, but I understand that their system works in certain ways and people must be tossed to the side because of it.

.....It isn't right, but I hope they will improve their additudes to the point that all people may be accepted one day. But yes, goodbye to you. I'll attempt to find you supplies tomorrow!
H1c-13: Hahhaha, oh man, notail society is DESIGNED to get rid of guys like me. But hey no worries ( O)
If you find any supplies, let me know. Hopefully I wont have to get robot hands. although.......

anyway, good night!
H1c-13: -H1 has left-


Kratos v13: Greetings! How is your illness treating you?
H1c-13: Ah, hello! It's a bit better but not by much ( O)
H1c-13: I'm not certain what was on that meat I ate, but surely it must have been something horrid for the pain to last this long
H1c-13: Oh! Haha, well would you look at that
H1c-13: the pain just got worse! hhahhhahhohgods
H1c-13: oh my god are those t-teeth
H1c-13: I appear to have teeth growing out of my hand! Hhhhhhhhohgodsithurtshahaaha...... ( O) y-yes. Perfectly...fine
Kratos v13: Uh. Are you sure that's....... Not a clockwork infection?
Kratos v13: You....might want to get your hand cut off, unless you're sure it's a notail mutation.
Kratos v13: I don't like the fact that it was meat that made you sick.....
H1c-13: W-well I suppose I could always get robotic hands....hhhhah....hahh.... ( O)
H1c-13: I'm sure it will be...fine for the time being
Kratos v13: Are you sure you're not feeling an unstoppable lust for flesh or metal, right?
H1c-13: Not...not yet? Just a lot of pain
H1c-13: clockwork infection takes...multiple days, sometimes weeks...I think?
Kratos v13: Well....they could be faster. But hahahahah!... I'm sure it's not that.
Kratos v13: I hope.
H1c-13: And, hey, who knows? Maybe I'm becoming a safe clockwork! ( O) I can hope....
Kratos v13: But I mean, surely the need to feast on flesh or metal would have appeared in your mind by now.
Kratos v13: If you were becoming a clockwork.
H1c-13: Hey yeah, that's true
Kratos v13: At least. Hopefully.

N5: Carlisle and H1C-13
Spoiler :
H1c-13: Yes, hi, hello. Newly handless wonder notail here. Would you like something? ( O)
Carlisle: I am under assumption that you're working with pan in this?
H1c-13: working with pan in what
H1c-13: it seems like you have something you want to tell me?
Carlisle: Since far before this, I had a friendship with pan
Carlisle: Very recently he happen to give that he was one of the bulgulars
H1c-13: Gasp that's shocking. I can only imagine how you feel
Carlisle: And what I could puzzle together led me to believe that you're one of the accomplices
Carlisle: If that is the case, I assume that orthos and Plagio is going down now
Carlisle: I assume I've got that right?
H1c-13: Seems like a fair deduction so far, but I do question why you're asking me about all of this.
Carlisle: Since it would be a two on one then tomorrow morning, please be gentle
Carlisle: Goodbye
H1c-13: Ah, well. I'm certain that pan would never let his friend be hurt. So I wouldnt worry about that, even if he is a burgurler
H1c-13: You have...a good friend.
H1c-13: Something I never had. Treasure it ( O)
H1c-13: goodnight

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 RE: 4tuna Mafia Game

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Night Flavor (in order of disappearance)

Spoiler :
B.W.- i would like to nominate myself as the screamso the corn guardian of this game, aka the filler character who dies first and has no real effect on the game(edited)
Z-171: congratulations you are now......
Z-171: the character i will make up for that.
B.W.- hahaha, ok thank you
Z-171: do you want to make up a quick character name/species
Z-171: your stats are all 4s.
B.W.- B.W. / jerce
Z-171: Congratulations on being hired to the Notail Science Center! you are an assistant. you will also be working with Robust Laser, who has Plans for the exhibit, until you are Called Home.
B.W.- ooh, sweet
Z-171: what is your action
B.W.- BW does a lot of paperwork and signs a lot of waivers (probably to prepare for the upcoming experiment) and also moves the coffee machine out of the museum hallway and into the office
no coffee for the participants
Z-171: tks
B.W.- np
Z-171: BW: blockwork
B.W.- is this foreshadowing to my demise
Z-171: oh. you're playing until you decide to leave.
Z-171: you aren't working for any clockworks.
Z-171: you're working for Doobel and the Hand Eating Abomination Gator.
B.W.- oh so i can just up and leave any time i want
Z-171: yyyyup
B.W.- HAH, that's pretty perfect
Z-171: you steal the coffee.
Z-171: its all yours.
Z-171: both you and laser now have +1 to agility because you can drink coffee every night.
B.W.- sweet sweet caffeine!!
B.W.- explore the exhibit, check if everything's as it should be, and maybe see what got stolen
Z-171: (don't you have to go at 8)
B.W.- yeah
B.W.- :wink:
Z-171: ahhhh i see
Z-171: do you publicly want to shriek "ahhhh it's got me! oh no!"
B.W.- mmmm.......
B.W.- sure!
Z-171: okay, i opened it up to messages
Z-171: the game room
B.W.- i have to choose my screams carefully
B.W.- do you have any recommendations
Z-171: no
B.W.- nvm i got it
B.W.- done

Spoiler :
:3 Cinquo- Name: Cinquo
Cinquo- Species: Aftik
Cinquo- Cincquo, the ungraceful but dance-loving doctor, is between crews at the moment after he was unable to treat the wounds of the last captain and was summarily fired by her replacement. He took it in his stride however, and gave a cheering speech to the rest of the crew on his way out, reminding them to brush their teeth, report coworker sickness, and "Not hug a notail or something ok?". He saw the sign advertising the museum and thought, "Hey, what could go wrong?"
Cinquo- S 4
I 4
C 7
E 3
A 1
L 7
Z-171: Hell yeah you're the one and only cinquo. You're on leave though, so you won't be doing any doctor stuff.
Z-171: You're a plain normal townie.
Z-171: you win when all threats to town are gone
Cinquo- >Communicate with BW, attempt to form friendship/conversation:
Cinquo- "Hey, let's get back to checking the place out yo? I could sure use a hand around here, lead the way mate?"
Z-171: you try to send a message to them but hear no reply, you don't know if they received it.
Cinquo- im gonna go watch Yorick (and if he leaves his cardboard box unattended i'm gonna stamp on it so its all broken and nasty)
Z-171: you attempt to watch yorick........................................ but before you can leave, you hear a bunch of treasure rattling. you are knocked on the head unconscious.
Z-171: It is a long time before you wake up.
Z-171: When you do, your hands are gone, seemingly burned? off. a hard, dark blue substance coats the stumps.
Z-171: You come to in a hospital bed.
"At least you weren't awake to see the exhibit." says a cheeky oblein.(edited)
Z-171: you are out :cry:

Spoiler :
Yorick- And here's my app:
a. Yorick
b. Hokkan
c. Yorick is successful and very stylish hokkan merchant. Yorick sells only the finest junk. Yorick wants to see grand exhibit. What, you want life story? Go away!
d. strength [10] - intelligence [2] - charisma [1] - endurance [7] - agility [2] - luck [4]
Z-171: AAaaaand you're a boring normal townie. you win when threats to town are gone.
Z-171: hopefully the exhibit will be as grand as they say it'll be!
Yorick- Oh well, two games in a row would've been silly anyway
Yorick- > I will spend the night scrounging for helpful artifacts/junk
Z-171: here's a message:
Z-171: Hey Yorick. You seem interesting, and not a total loser like most of the rest of these guys. Sorry about that vote thing, but Kratos units are excellent, based on experience. We should hang out later.
Z-171: Do you want to initiate a CONVERSATION?
Yorick- Sure, let's do it
Z-171: You scrounge for useful artifacts, despite the risks of scrounging through a museum that is probably surveilled. Skipping all the exhibits, you find a closet of discarded artifacts. There is: a large creature's egg, a gnarled dried out blue hand, and a DECORATED STAFF. which will you take
Yorick- Hmm, DECORATED STAFF seems like it would be worth the most
Z-171: You now have the petrified corpse of a decorated war hero who worked as a staff member in the NOTAIL SCIENCE CENTER years ago.
Z-171: you drag it back to your box.
Yorick- Pfft, excellent
Yorick- Yorick will deal with Cinquo later, but for now
> Strip corpse of shiny things and anything else that might be useful(edited)
Z-171: You start to take the shiny bits off the decorated corpse.
Z-171: Oh, what's this from the tiny airhole in your box? It's a dark blue tentacle, beckoning you to come out!
Z-171: Aww, that's cute. a nice little sea angel. with an inexplicable tentacle. As you are somehow pulled through the hole in your box, you hear songs from thousands of years ago.
Z-171: You are drawn into a chamber, then dumped out unceremoniously before..........
Z-171: well, you would guess that this is the exhibit.
Z-171: Your mind cannot handle what you are seeing. There are.... too many mouths.............
Z-171: all at once, they ask you, "HANDS. CAN I HAVE THEM?"
Z-171: >_ y/n
Yorick- > N, get your own
Z-171: A giant, floating thorn-covered hand flies out in anger and punches a hole straight through you. You hear before the life falls out of you, "now now, they're no good if they're-" but then you are dead and a ghost
Z-171: you're out :cry:
Yorick- RIP
Yorick- Looks like my luck finally ran out, haha

Spoiler :
X-607- species: Notail (But is actually a Kaikian)
Str: 1
End: 1
Char: 7
Int: 7
Agil: 5
Luck: 5
X-607- Name: X-607 (Actually Kail)
X-607- An undercover Kaikian agent infiltrating the Notails for reasons unknown. For some reason, most believe their discuise and think they are actually a notail, despite the fact that they have 3 eyes poking out from their mask and are blue.
X-607- thars the maf char
Z-171: good thanks!
Z-171: You are a normal MAFIA member. you win when you can safely outnumber town. gonna steal you some shit.,
X-607- can i share this with the maf group
X-607- or do they have to think i may be a doc or a cop
Z-171: you can say whatever you want
X-607- stats too? i just want to make sure last game i typed the results of an invest and that was a bad
Z-171: yeah you can share whatever
Z-171: as long as it's not directly copy pasted from me.
Z-171: if you've typed it, it's good.
X-607- alright. dont share what you said, got it.
Z-171: if i typed it, you can paraphrase it and retype what you want. just don't copy paste.
X-607- allowed to talk with maf group during day? sorry iuf this is a dumb question i havent played in ages
Z-171: no.
X-607- :thumbsup:
X-607- your assistant character
X-607- they an NPC or a player
Z-171: hmm
X-607- if they're an NPC im going to suggest thats who we kill
X-607- i got 5 minutes to suggest this is who we kill lol please gimme somethin xD
Z-171: you guys don't get to pick who dies, just who does the hit
X-607- oh derp
X-607- lol i missed that
Z-171: action?
X-607- I'll be doing the mafia hit.
X-607- Otherwise, no other action.
Z-171: you do it.
X-607- No remorse was felt.
Z-171: And by that, I mean you attempt to get into the exhibit room.
X-607- Oh.
Z-171: to steal.
Z-171: this'll be a quick job, right!!!!!
Z-171: You offer the catlas guard your credentials.
Z-171: "Why," it says.
Z-171: "I'm.... i work here. I need access."
Z-171: "I know damn well you don't work here. My question is why do you want to get in? I'm not here on guard duty by choice...."
Z-171: "Oh, what do you mean?"
X-607- "Well obviously I just want to see what it is. Have you seen it? If you haven't I'm sure you feel the same way I do here"
Z-171: "If the door gets opened, I'm dead. I'll have to ask my supervisor..."
Z-171: And that's when you do something to them, knocking them unconscious or something
Z-171: and you panic and run back to your box because you folks will probably have to plan for this more.
X-607- it went exactly as we planned, muhahahaha.
The seeds of choas and discord have been sown
X-607- -insert evil laughtrack here-
X-607- I, on the behalf of the Mafia, shall be eliminating Cinq tonight. (Flavor: Framing them to make gaurds think they are burglars and getting them tossed in the exhibit)
X-607- hey uh
X-607- i can type in genchat
X-607- which
X-607- is bad?
Z-171: no it was deliberate
Z-171: for BW
X-607- i take it they had to go?
Z-171: You did the thing to Cinq. Dragging some treasures from the real alchemy exhibit, you thwack them on the head with the money bag, then dump all the dubloons out on them.
Z-171: Then you leave a note that says 'i stole these but got knocked out by the ghosts curse!'
Z-171: that's it that's your night
X-607- nice
Z-171: You are taken to the exhibit
Z-171: There, you see a towering beast-mess that threatens to shatter your mind's comprehension of things sensory.
Z-171: "GIMME A HAND." it roars from 50 mouths at once.
X-607- Uh, Okay...?
Z-171: Will you give the beast your hands?
X-607- <Holds out hands>
Z-171: The beast opens its mouth to eat your hands.
Z-171: tentacles withdraw from each of its teeth.
Z-171: They extend toward your hands and right as they make contact, your mind shatters. You wake up days later in a hospital. An oblein asks you how you are doing.
Z-171: you are out :cry:
X-607- what would have happened if i said no
Z-171: hahahaha.
Z-171: instant death
X-607- fun.
X-607- oh no i was gon share who one of the other mafs are in obs chat because its p funny
X-607- but i think that falls under too much spoiler
Z-171: oh no need to share that, it's fun for everyone to guess
X-607- yep but hic killed gim which is hillarious lmao so i wanted to share. but yeah more fun for peeps to guess

Cody Fleming
Spoiler :
Cody Fleming: Feel free to ignore this if it'd hold up the game. I should've written this up earlier.
=Mafia Entry
Name: Cody Fleming
Species or AI type: Budryft
A few sentences of characterization: A Team Player who prefers to resolve things without anyone getting hurt. Appears to have friends in high places. Death and misery follow him wherever he goes.
Stats: strength [4] intelligence [4] charisma [5] endurance [6] agility [5] luck [2](edited)
Z-171: :thumbsup:
Z-171: You are a normal boring townie. you win when all threats to town are gone. hopefully the exhibit will be good when it opens up!
Cody Fleming: After double-checking that he had to stay in the center for the night, alone, Cody grumbles about Notails and the poor decision-making that put him in a cardboard box for a room, with no roommates.
> COMMUNICATE (Orthos and Plagio) Hey, what's up? Nice day so far, right?"(edited)
Z-171: you did it.
Cody Fleming: Cody wasn't looking forward to bed, like last night, and likely every night to come, it'll just be another restless night. Nothing but him, and the oppressive solitude.
> COMMUNICATE (Kratos) Most of the letter space was filled with crossed out drafts that were either too vitrolic toward kratos, or too lenient. The message itself said "Look, I know you don't want to cause a panic, but THE ToUR GUID THEMSELF said that surviving was a possibility. Not getting hurt was a possibility, Survival. Kinda hard to go around claiming it's perfectly safe.|: ("
Cody Fleming: >INVESTIGATE (H1C).
Afterward, Cody heads back to his box, determined to get some rest for tomarrow.
Cody Fleming: (..Also, I, typed 'Cole Fleming' insted of 'Cody Fleming'. Can I fix that?)
Z-171: yeah go ahea
Z-171: d
Z-171: You try to get a handle on H1c, snooping around their box. They seem like a lousy smelly notail. pretty standard for a notail.
Z-171: there's food all over the place.
Z-171: oh wait, there's something out of place....
Z-171: you catch a peak of them scratching and gnawing at their own hands.
Z-171: they are frantic.
Z-171: disturbed, you head to sleep.
Z-171: and your sleep is interrupted by.... well, you feel something rough, and then you are trapped iin a watery chamber.
Z-171: a voice says, "did you blindfold them this time? that's part of the experiment. the director wants to see if a subject's mind won't shatter if they don't see the exhibit while being there."
Z-171: "yeah, yeah," says another voice, much closer to you, seemingly from inside the chamber.
Z-171: You are spit out of the chamber.
Z-171: A terrible voice from 50 different directions roars at you. "HANDS... MORE HANDS. NEED. WILL YOU GIVE?"
Z-171: >y/n
Cody Fleming: *shrugs*" ...This is a bad idea, but sure."(edited)
Z-171: You feel the vapor from... something.... breath? sweeping all around you.
Z-171: You hold out your hands, anticipating the worst.
Cody Fleming: ("Probaby gonna lose my hands, minimum.")(edited)
Z-171: For a split second, you feel everything at once in your mind. Then you wake up days later in a hospital. Your hands are missing, the stumps covered with a hideous blue-black substance. An oblein offers you applesauce.(edited)
Z-171: you are out :cry:
Cody Fleming: "...Welp. The boss was right (it was safe). Wonder what happened while I was out and all?"
(EDIT: Missed the part where my hands are gone.)(edited)

Kratos v13
Spoiler :
2:5 Kratos v13- a. Kratos v13
b. Kratos
c. Basically like canon kratos. A good police officer, is here to do good, but always lives by the system. Lives by the system even if the system is corrupt. Knows that the system is corrupt, just, tries his best to help it.
d. strength [10] intelligence [1] charisma [1] endurance [5] agility [5] luck [4]
Z-171: cool thanks!
Z-171: congratulations, you're a NORMAL BORING TOWNIE.
Z-171: you win when all threats to town are eliminated.
Kratos v13- Time to use my 10 strength to get BUFF then.(edited)
Z-171: -chance of having a second life
-always have first priority
-all around stat boost
-friendship/masoning somebody
-extra luck rolls
pleas pick one(edited)
Kratos v13- How much is the all around stat boost?
Z-171: +1 to each
Kratos v13- I'll take chance at a 2nd life. For my movement tonight I just do cool flexing and keep close watch, normal guard duties cause it's day one and also my str stat is only for <flex> attempts at civilian arrests.

Obv Kratos is the worst guard and can succeed at nothing, someone could just wheel a wheelbarrow of a dead body / kidnapped person right in front of him, they tell him it's for science and he's like "Carry on with your day!" and dumps his memory of the event out because it's not important.
Z-171: You are given a can of Leader Juice by the science center workers. "it might make you real fit. try it!"
Z-171: you drink it.
Z-171: You receive a message:
Z-171: "Would you have time for an interview about the establishment?"
Kratos v13- Yes I do!
Z-171: the hyperlink to return their message is all garbled though.
Z-171: so that's all the message you get.
Kratos v13- Awwwww
Z-171: You also flex. it's an allright flex. you have +1 strength for tomorrow.
Kratos v13- Is protect str based or end based. I need to know if I'm going to go with the protect everyone stance or attempt to toss people in to the exbitit early because I think they would have fun in there stance.
Z-171: strength comes into play only if your priority is later, then you can fight people off. or if you self-protect.
Z-171: in terms of protecting.
Kratos v13- And I'm assuming Remove is str based.
Z-171: yes
Z-171: str helps with remove, block and some parts of protect
Kratos v13- Ok no need to attempt a remove yet, so Protect self today.
Kratos v13- No wait.
Kratos v13- Protect patty
Z-171: You receive a message:
<Most of the letter space was filled with crossed out drafts that were either too vitrolic toward kratos, or too lenient. The message itself said >"Look, I know you don't want to cause a panic, but THE ToUR GUID THEMSELF said that surviving was a possibility. Not getting hurt was a possibility, Survival. Kinda hard to go around claiming it's perfectly safe.|: ("
Z-171: there is a valid hyperlink on the letter.
Z-171: it's one of those letters.
Z-171: an electronic mail.
Z-171: would you like to communicate
Kratos v13- Yes!
Z-171: You receive another message.
Z-171: "Hey, can I speak with you for a minute leader?"
Z-171: <communicate?>
Kratos v13- Yes!
Z-171: yr popular
Z-171: You look to protect patty. They seem to be in a place where they do not want to be disturbed so you just stand farish away to keep on eye that nothing happens to them.
Kratos v13- USING MY RADICAL STR I WOULD LIKE TO ACCIDENT GO AND ASK THE BOSS IF WE HAVE ANY MEDICATION, PLUSH SLEEPING BAGS, AND FOOD. IN THAT ORDER. As I feel betrayed by a friend I seem quite imposing, but hopefully not too imposing.

If not normal check to find the supplies listed.
Kratos v13- From like, legal, open to guards sources.
Z-171: could you rephrase that
Kratos v13- Attempt an intimidation check to look for supplies. (Medication, sleeping bag, food, in that order. Aka if I can only get one, attempt for medication.)
Kratos v13- If intimidation check not allowed just do a normal "Look around and attempt to find supplies of this type" check.
Z-171: okay
Z-171: You would go ask for supplies. but you are stopped by your friend, H1C, who says they have something important. The important thing is a crowbar. You are hit several times in the face before something in you shuts off.
Z-171: You are still fractionally conscious though as you lie on the floor.
Z-171: After an hour, you feel a slight tugging. and then you are moving somewhere.
Z-171: The moving stops. About a minut later, something touches you and your consciousness instantaneously ceases.
Z-171: You wake up in a hospital days later. You are missing your hands. The place where they were has been soldered shut with some black-blue substance. As you come to, an oblein asks how you are doing.
Z-171: you are out
Z-171: (oh yeah your extra life was a dud sorry)(edited)

Patty Ametrine
Spoiler :
Z-171: sirblizz
-Paterina 'Patty' Ametrine
-An ex-aristocrat who's facing some hard times and really needs some cash. She refuses to let go of her pride and demands to be pampered and adored. She's really not happy to be here.
strength [2] intelligence [4] charisma [8] endurance [4] agility [6] luck [2]
for ref
Z-171: You are a normal boring townie. This will be a long week. hopefully nothing bad happens and if it does you win when all threats to town are gone.
Patty- I would like to Meander about the halls in a state of petulant, yet dignified, annoyance.
Z-171: You do this. you encounter a few puddles on the ground and even step in one. it's pretty gross so you decide to take as many paper towels as you can from the bathroom in case you step in any more water.
Z-171: you have obtained ROLL OF PAPER TOWELS.
Patty- I would like to Loiter in the bathroom attempting not to vomit.
Z-171: do you want that to be just a generic action, or do you want it to be like INVESTIGATE the bathroom or PROTECT SELF in bathroom
Patty- I'm gonna go with Protect Self
Z-171: you do very well to not vomit. congratulations. you deserve a ribbon for it.
Z-171: nothing else happens.
Patty- I would like to Watch Cole
Z-171: You attempt to watch cole. Unfortunately, when you get there, Cole is nowhere to be found.
Z-171: You are brought before a giant beast, reptillian in nature, with more mouths than you can count. You shout "MY WORD!"
Z-171: The beast shouts back, "YOUR HANDS."
Z-171: and then makes a motion that they want your hands.
Z-171: Will you give up your hands?
Z-171: >y/n
Patty- >No of course not.
Z-171: A voice from the intercom rings out "No, now hands, don't--"
Z-171: but it is too late. An angered hand, made of clotted blood, rises from the floor, and, with a simple flicking motion, flicks patty in half.
Z-171: You are now a ghost! But a ghost with both of their hands.
Z-171: you are out :cry:

Jack (monty v2)
Spoiler :
Jack- It didn't send
Jack- Name:jack
Ai: monty V2
Bio: optimistic and energetic. Oblivious to negativity. Loves to play music.
S: 4
I: 6
C: 8
E: 2
A: 3
L: 3
Jack- There you go!
Z-171: wooo good
Jack- Danka
Jack- I think i did it correctly?
Z-171: yep.
Z-171: pick one other player
Z-171: or if you want I can randomize it.
Jack- Other player?
Z-171: yep
Jack- Umm
Z-171: one of the other 11 players.
Z-171: i can roll if you want
Jack- Splish
Z-171: you will have FRIENDSHIP (masons in mafgaming terms) with splish at night, meaning you can talk to them freely
Jack- Yay!
Jack- Is this talk through the dms?
Z-171: yep i'll set up a group dm
Jack- Thank u!
Z-171: You are going to get to the bottom of things! You're a town aligned cop.
Jack- Yes sir!
Z-171: pleas send action
Jack- To who?
Z-171: you send in a night aciton for night 1
Z-171: and say who you are targeting or what you are doing
Jack- So like COMMUNICATE TO yorick?
Z-171: sure
Jack- Ok
Z-171: that's a free action, you can pick something else
Jack- Communicate w/ Z-171
Jack- That will be my action
Z-171: hi it's me.
Z-171: i'm Z-171.
Jack- Hello!
Z-171: how did you get my home phone number
Jack- I never got the chance to introduce myself to you!
Jack- It was written on the front desk
Z-171: you hear a bass-boosted, ethereal dial tone
Z-171: youve been hung up on
Jack- :(
Jack- (Sorry that i picked late btw, discord was being dumb)
Jack- WATCH kratos
Jack- Stuffs going down in that there exhibit!
Z-171: You attempt to watch Kratos. Your ID software tells you the following:
Z-171: - the person(s) who visited Kratos were/was:
>Orthos and Plagio
Z-171: thank you for using WATCHDOG .exe. number one software since nineteen xty x
Jack- XD
Jack- Thank you!
Jack- TRACK porypan
Z-171: You place a track bug on Porypan. your ID software tells you the following:
-the person(s) who Porypan visited were/was:
thank you for using WATCHDOG .exe. number one software since nineteen xty x
Jack- Investigate kratos's room
Z-171: kratos is no longer playing, would you like to try investigating anyway?
Jack- Yes
Jack- I wanna see if the killer left clues
Z-171: do you want a cop alignment check or a standard flavor investigation
Jack- Cop please
Z-171: You investigate Kratos's room and do a sweep with your software. your ID software tells you the following
-the alignment of the person in this b ox was:
thank you for using WATCHDOG .exe. number one software since nineteen xty x
Jack- So kratos was guilty?!
Z-171: it flickers that for a second, then cuts to to N/A
Jack- Oh
Jack- Well then...
Z-171: then what?
Z-171: I'll tell you what!
Z-171: Tentacles!
Z-171: Black-blue tentacles!
Jack- Oh no!
Jack- Not the face!
Z-171: They poke their way into your box. You are quickly sucked into a chamber.
Z-171: The chamber carries you a short distance. Then you are dumped out in front of a sight which overclocks your processor.
Jack- O-o
Z-171: A towering reptilian beast with dozens upon dozens of mouths jutting out every which way.
Z-171: it roars.
Z-171: >y/n
Jack- Can i just give one hand?
Jack- Or is this all or nothing
Jack- N
Z-171: it has already started towards you, when you say no.
Jack- Ill play song instead
Z-171: A gigantic magnetic hand emerges from somewhere near the gator.
Jack- O-O
Z-171: You begin to play music as the hand gets closer, scrambling your mind more and more.
Z-171: The hand seems to slow down a bit, almost soothed?
Z-171: But it is still going too fast.
Jack- Play the best i can possibly play
Jack- Maybe convince it to become a friend
Z-171: As you hit a power chord, you are slapped at high speeds into a wall. You explode into hundreds of pieces. Your core is almost completely shot.
Z-171: But it's still intact!
Jack- Oh my!
Z-171: You find this out days later, as you wake up in a hospital.
Z-171: You have almost no memories or processing power. you find it hard to put together complete thoughts.
Z-171: An oblein is tending to you. You ask for a mirror. you're just a core inside of a mr. potato head now. "It's temporary," the oblein says.
Z-171: you are out. :cry:
Jack- Pfffffft XD
Jack- 10/10 story telling! That was amazing!
Z-171: ty
Z-171: i dropped you in the observerchat now
Jack- Ty!

Spoiler :
Schlrr- Name: Schlrr (nickname Scar) Species: Kheiron, female Sentences: Scar is a very aggressive creature, of course, who was dishonorably discharged from the kheiron military for a false claim of 'not being aggressive enough'. While obviously not true, she attempts to brand herself as even more aggressive in the hopes of re-joining and becoming a Z-171 general, and goes to Z-171 lengths to be as rude, aggressive, offensive, and violent as possible. Stats: strength[8] intelligence [4] charisma [1] endurance [6] agility [4] luck [3]
Z-171: :thumbsup:
Z-171: You are a normal townie. No special power roles. you win when all threats to town are gone.
Schlrr- just to double-check, we just send in an action through here correct?
Schlrr- like communicate?
Z-171: yes
Schlrr- COMMUNICATE: Hey Yorick. You seem interesting, and not a total loser like most of the rest of these guys. Sorry about that vote thing, but Kratos units are excellent, based on experience. We should hang out later.
Schlrr- something came up and I have to take care of it asap. i'll try to be back before anything else happens but if you have to kick me go ahead. sorry
Z-171: ok how long will it be?
Schlrr- i'm not sure, i'ts work-related. i have to run in and talk with a manager, but work is only like 5 minutes away
Schlrr- like i said, if you have to keep going i'm fine with it
Z-171: okay!
Z-171: i mean do you want to come back, or should i make you the n1 death?
Schlrr- up to you, i did just get back
Schlrr- If i'm still in, I'll go ahead and

Z-171: heck yeah
Z-171: You take a late evening nap, then when you wake up you attempt to watch X-607. Oops, you couldn't. you missed them. :shrug:
Schlrr- WATCH Jack V2
Z-171: You attempt to watch Jack, but halfway there you get bored and decide you know what, you're tired. no thanks.
Z-171: You decide to give that pan unit the ol' one-over.
Z-171: After pouncing in a stealth position on top of a box, you sense all you can about their being.
Z-171: They seem to be pressured into being here by their uncle hermes.
Z-171: they are passing through trying not to be noticed, so they can go back to the DRUGLIFE.(edited)
Z-171: And, if you had to take a guess at their stats, it would be something like
strength [4] intelligence [7] charisma [8] endurance [1] agility [5] luck [1]
Z-171: You have gotten a very good read on them, you think. Basking in the accomplishment, you decide to enter the realm of slumber. INstead you are roughed up by an asshole with a crowbar who is asking where the riches are, and if they can buy a cure for this????
Z-171: You are eventually knocked out.
Z-171: You wake up again, and you are in a boundless room. Before you stands a large crocodilian beast.
Z-171: It has many mouths. More than you can count.
Z-171: It roars from 50 different diretions,"I NEED TO KNOW HOW ALL THE HANDS TASTE! EVEN THE HOOVES!"(edited)
Z-171: >y/n
Z-171: a voice over the intercom says, "just say" but it is interrupted by another voice saying "don't interfere!"
Z-171: >_
Schlrr- >y
Z-171: "STICK EM OUT. I"M NOT GOING LOW" says one of the gatorheads.
Z-171: However, another one of the gator heads has appeared beneath you.
Z-171: It opens its mouth around your hooves, and the second it closes the mouth, you lose all consciousness as your mind shatters.
Z-171: You come to again in a hospital, days later. Where your hooves were is a hardened black-blue callus.
You are being tended to by an oblein. They ask if you are doing okay.
Z-171: you are out :cry:

Spoiler :
Porypan- Porypan
Pan v474
Generally tries to be friendly towards everyone no matter what. Easily startled, but not very shy. Primary function is playing background music, but is often hired to play party music at the disco.
After being busted out of a magical freezer, and then The Matrix, Porypan won the lottery and went on a vacation in an alternate reality. But then an unexpected extradimensional anomaly picked him up and whisked him away to a notail museum looking for beta-testers. They all assumed he was there to apply. Too high to explain the misunderstanding, Pan just went with it.
strength [4] intelligence [7] charisma [8] endurance [1] agility [5] luck [1]
Appearance: http://i.imgur.com/ghzsvfw.png(edited)

Z-171: You are a regular MAFIA member. You are now addicted to the RICH LIFE and wish to steal the main exhibit, because it's gotta be expensive, right? If you don't your uncle hermes will be very disappointed in you.
Porypan- nice
Z-171: You are also FRIENDS with Carlisle/Carlisle.
Z-171: they are not a member of the mafia but you are friends anyway.
Porypan- aight
Porypan- aight my night action is to try and sneak into the kitchen to make some pancakes
Porypan- and if the guys catch me or the door is locked I'll just ask the guard to let me in
Z-171: you make some really questionable pancakes. They lacked baking powder, so you used baking soda. both have the words baking in them. they also did not have chocolate chips, so you used some brown dots that were near an open rat cage. the pancakes look irresisitable though. so you eat them right away.
Porypan- you mean smoke
Z-171: yes. you smoke the pancakes.
Z-171: you now are sick. next turn, you will have -2 to strength and agility.
Porypan- ok
Porypan- I'm going to go ask the staff for a new cardboard box, cause I puked oil all over the one I had and now it's ruined
Z-171: you get a new box.
Z-171: this one has an oil proof sheen.
Z-171: You now have +20 endurance to oil monsters when in box.
Porypan- haha awesome
Z-171: there probably aren't oil monsters
Porypan- that's one hazard out of the way
Porypan- can I take it with me home when this all is over
Z-171: thinkin a bit far ahead
Z-171: like if you get that far sure
Porypan- sweet
Porypan- I would like to BLOCK Carlisle by wasting his time talking with him. that't the action that interrupts a thing so it doesn't happen, right?
Z-171: yes
Z-171: you block the hell out of them by sending them a bunch of links to interesting websites
Porypan- cool
Porypan- I'll spy on jack tonight
Z-171: how
Z-171: investigate? watch? track?
Porypan- investigate
Z-171: you try to but to be honest you're really bad at it.
Z-171: they like to play music.
Z-171: tha'ts all you get
Porypan- oh man I like em already
Z-171: too bad they died later
Porypan- aw

Z-171: just to be sure you're doing the hit on O+P
Z-171: ?
Porypan- yes
Porypan- wow this game got dramatic
Z-171: notail science center
Z-171: how you want to kill em
Porypan- I'm gonna poison their breakfast
Z-171: You poison their breakfast.
Z-171: That's the flavor text. A bitter flavor. poison.
Z-171: that's it
Porypan- oh man

Spoiler :
Z-171: Name: Carlisle
Species: Pagepoh
Bio: A Pagepoh journalist with a failing career. He is looking for something to turn said carrier around. Calm and cooperative, but will generally dislike those who are seen as hiding something, sneaky or manipulative.
They sometimes spoil a lead into an investigation by getting carried away with gotcha questions at the wrong time if they feel the person they are interviewing is too morally repugnant; otherwise, they are generally capable of standing back and getting others to spin tales which can be picked apart later. A follower of The Helper; regularly attends monthly Yelling Sessions against the helper with their best friend Harrisburg.
Stats: Strength [4] Intelligence [9] Charisma [5] Endurance [3] Agility [2] Luck [3]
Z-171: confirm if this is acceptable
Carlisle- Yes, I'll accept it
Z-171: yay
Carlisle- :thumbsup:
Z-171: Hey carlisle, guess what you are? you are a town aligned cop. also you are FRIENDS with one of the players here, Porypan. (masons in mafgame talk)
Carlisle- I guess that has no bearing on what side porypan is on?
Z-171: no.
Carlisle- COMMUNICATE Kratos
Carlisle- To initiate a conversation(edited)
Z-171: just to be clear you also get to talk with porypan in addition to any night actions you do
Carlisle- Do I include an initial message for communication, or is that just for sending a single message?
Z-171: yes.
Z-171: the first one.
Carlisle- "Would you have time for an interview about the establishment?"
Carlisle- INVESTIGATE (COP): Cinquo
Z-171: You attempt to investigate Cinquo. However, your investigation fails because you are not able to find them and honestly you're just not feeling it right now.
Carlisle- INVESTIGATE (COP): Patty
Z-171: Before you decide to head out and do your job, you get a notification about some really interesting web phenomenons. You think, "hmm, what if i rebounded my career through this? I'll just click a few more to get a bettter handle on how it's done..."
Oh no! you are caught in the clickbait trap!
you have been BLOCKED
Carlisle- Oh noes
Carlisle- INVESTIGATE (COP): Jack
Carlisle- Changed target to
Z-171: You attempt to investigate schlrr, but are unable to find enough to make a decision on their alighment.
July 23, 2017
Carlisle- COMMUNICATE (conversation): H1C
"You wouldn't happen to want to talk about what's happening tomorrow?"
Z-171: "Who is this?"
Z-171: is the reply. will you tell them?
Carlisle- Yes
Carlisle- Is the night ending soon?
Z-171: almost

H1C-13 (It's Larry!)
Spoiler :
H1c-13- Ok, so sorry for the short notice but I have a basic character ready.

Race: Notail

Name: H1c-13

Strength- 3
Intelligence- 5
Charisma- 7
Agility- 2
Endurance- 3
Luck- 6

An exiled notail who's always tired and just wants a chance to be lazy and not have anything expected of him. Visiting the museum because he's bored and it's free. Probably carying around a sketchbook and pens/pencils.

Blue Traits:
[Dirty Memer]

Green Traits:


[Food Aggressive]


Z-171: :thumbsup:
H1c-13- (Do mafia still send you silly actions for this first night?)
H1c-13- this is legitamately the first time I've been mafia
Z-171: all but one of you
Z-171: you can do INVESTIGATE (flavor) but not watch or track.
H1c-13- cool, once we decide who pulls off our hit i'll throw you my silly action
H1c-13- Now that we have that out of the way, my silly action tonight is just gonna be looking around for the free food that was TOTALLY on the posters about this event~
Z-171: You find no free food. You do, however, find a fridge full of food.
Z-171: There is
-yellow colloidal cylinder
-assorted alligator meat
-a mite named bail
-fried meg head on a stick
Z-171: pick one
H1c-13- Hmm, is the alligator meat cooked or can I not tell
Z-171: It looks ready to eat.
H1c-13- then I shall take it
Z-171: You take the bag of assorted alligator meat. it can be eaten any night.
H1c-13- Gonna return to my place and snack on it
Z-171: right now?
H1c-13- [Food Agressive] Not risking anyone getting my food
Z-171: You eat the whole bag of alligator meat.
Z-171: Immediately, you feel like you have made a grave mistake.
Z-171: Your hands start to tingle.
H1c-13- shit that was spicy
Z-171: they tingle for the rest of the night, starting to cause pain by the morning.
H1c-13- Z-171
H1c-13- Alright I'm gonna try and COMMUNICATE with kratos. Knock on his...carboard box... and ask "Hey, can I speak with you for a minute leader?"
Z-171: Your hands are in incredible pain.
Z-171: You see what looks like a tooth emerging from it.
Z-171: Oh.
H1c-13- the fuck did I EAT
Z-171: there are multiple teeth.
Z-171: the only bad choice out of the five offered.
H1c-13- guess I'm becoming a fuckin clockwork. yay
H1c-13- still gotta get my night action in, yeah?
Z-171: yeah
H1c-13- you have put me in a hugely conflicting situation and I love it and hate it
H1c-13- screw it i'm sticking to the plan
H1c-13- I'm going to try and remove kratos tonight.
Z-171: You're picked to do the higt for the night.
Z-171: hit
Z-171: You won't make the mistake your associate did. No fancy tricks.
Z-171: You try to hold a crowbar steady in your pain-stricken, degenerating hands.
Z-171: You meet Kratos in their box after your talk. They ask you what's up. Then you hit their face several times with a crowbar and leave.
Z-171: Back at your box, you take a long hard look at the hands that just took another life.
Z-171: You lean into them.
Z-171: and in the spur of the moment
Z-171: give them a little nibble.
H1c-13- what the fuck
Z-171: When you wake up in the morning, the rudiments of a jawbone have formed beneath the teeth.
H1c-13- thank god I'm wearing long sleeves
Z-171: There are now fully formed mouths on both of your hands.
H1c-13- fuck
Z-171: They look reptilian in nature.
Z-171: many, many teeth.
Z-171: reminds you of a gator.
Z-171: And what's that? does it look like little eyes are starting to pop out now?
H1c-13- jeesus Z-171
H1c-13- Alright, may as well go for broke REMOVING SCHLRR
Z-171: You did it.
Z-171: hit em with a crowbar a bunch until they stopped moving.
Z-171: too bad your hands won't stop moving.
H1c-13- and my hands kill me in my sleep next round probably
Z-171: you don't get to sleep.
Z-171: the pain is too intense and constant.
Z-171: it's like your hands want to split from your body! they just won't sit still.
Z-171: you almost get to sleep once.
Z-171: but right before you do
Z-171: one of your hands leans in, and whispers, "get.... more hands"
H1c-13- what the shit
July 23, 2017
H1c-13- I have no idea what to do this round, because we cant both remove right?
Z-171: no
H1c-13- thought so
H1c-13- then, I'm Protecting pan
Z-171: You receive a message:
"You wouldn't happen to want to talk about what's happening tomorrow?"
H1c-13- "Who is this"
Z-171: would you like to conversate?
H1c-13- can I ask who it is first
H1c-13- if not, No. And my only reply will be "Sorry, but after that hand thing I need to sleep for a few hundred years"
Z-171: It's Carlisle.
Z-171: conversation?
H1c-13- Sure
H1c-13- oh god you're typing
Z-171: You try to protect pan. But what good will it do? You feel so empty, so desolate............
Z-171: why are these things happening to you? or anyone? What limbo god did you offend to cause such bad luck?
Z-171: You mope in the general vicinity of Pan.
Z-171: maybe it will protect them. who knows. probably not.
Z-171: Then, you are met by Orthos and Plagio. You know why they are here.
Z-171: "Where are you going to take me?" you ask.
Z-171: Orthos says, "Where your hands went."
Z-171: Plagio says, "You get to have a reunion!"
Z-171: You don't even have to think it over. Something in your heart tells you that you are ready. In fact, you want to go.
Z-171: Maybe instead of playing it safe and trying to hold onto the last fragments of your mind, you should embrace what is happening here.
Z-171: "Can I walk?" you ask. "When I see whatever's... there.... I want to meet the exhibit on my feet, not on my knees."(edited)
Z-171: The two look at each other, and nod.
Z-171: You march your way to the exhibit door. It is unguarded; all that blocks entry is a few puddles by the door. Plagio reaches out a fin, and the puddles rise up, showing their true forms as some sort of fanged water-demons, and move aside.
Z-171: The door opens.
Z-171: Inside, is an endless crocodilian beast with 53 mouths.
Z-171: Heads jut out of it at frightening angles. It smells of the moment before a rainstorm.
Z-171: It is currently roaring, "MORE HANDS... I NEED MORE HANDS...." - and you sight the familiar mouths that sprouted where yours once were somewhere on one of its backs - "OH!" one mouth roars as it notices you.
Z-171: "THANK YOU."
Z-171: You stand staring into the mouth of this beast. For a minute. Then three.
Z-171: Nothing is happening.
Z-171: Nothing continues to happen.
Z-171: You reach out, to touch it.
Z-171: Nothing happens.
H1c-13- "Well I'm...not sure what I expected ( O)"
Z-171: A voice comes over the intercom:
"Thank you for your cooperation."
Z-171: "We ask for one final evalution from you, and then you will be released with your payment. If you choose, we will offer further compensation for more evaluations, as.... well, this is the first time this has happened like this."
Z-171: BW shows you the door. You are free.
Z-171: you are out :cry:
Z-171: you are now in observer chat

Orthos and Plagio
Spoiler :
Orthos and Plagio- Orthos/Plagio, Viedafo/Sea Angel, Geologist/Biologist (STR: 6, INT: 8, CHA: 2, END: 7, AGI: 1, LUK: 2)
Partners in science for a few years now, Orthos and Plagio are good friends, and you have to be good friends with somebody to be willing to live inside them I suppose. They're here out of scientific curiosity, and because if a fight breaks out (and with notails, it might), they can handle it.

god that agility is going to make doing anything real hard but i can't just betray my concept for effective gameplay.(edited)
Z-171: woo thanks
July 22, 2017
Z-171: congratulations you wonderful duo! you are a DOCTOR!
Z-171: Let's use that power for good, here at the NSC, where you work, with me.
Z-171: on the exhibit.
Orthos and Plagio- well plagio is the doctor. if anybody else is made of rocks maybe orthos can help
Z-171: Plagio is in contact with the head scientist on this exhibit. they have deep sea-ted connections.
Z-171: As such, you will be offering one of the museum guests before the exhibit nightly.
Z-171: You are a serial killer.
Orthos and Plagio- hoorayyyyyy
Z-171: Because there are two of you, you will get one extra life from night hits.
Z-171: You will also be working with AC, until they leave.
Z-171: do you have an action for tonight
Orthos and Plagio- oh yes sorry. Orthos and Plagio nab some maps/blueprints to go scouting for shortcuts or hidden passages
Z-171: it's a minor spoiler but you were worried about your agility being too low
Z-171: you had the highest priority tonight
Orthos and Plagio- :open_mouth:
Z-171: you receive a message: Hey, what's up? Nice day so far, right?"
Z-171: it strikes you as a very kind message and you now have INSTANT FRIENDSHIP with Cody/Cody Fleming!
Z-171: you don't really find anything useful in your sneaking.
Z-171: BW steals a coffee machine, both of you have +1 to agility every night now.
Orthos and Plagio- sweet
Orthos and Plagio- question: as SK, what kind of doctor am i
Z-171: you have doctor powers. you can save people. You also get a +10 boost to doctoring investigative results/protecting results on other people yourself(edited)
Z-171: basically you just happened to roll the doctor role.
Orthos and Plagio- i'm on a team as an SK but does that mean we get a team kill or it's individual for me
Z-171: i mean you're basically just an SK
Z-171: ac is just a bonus to you until they leave
Orthos and Plagio- oh okay cool
Orthos and Plagio- In that case
Orthos and Plagio- Alas, poor Yorick
Orthos and Plagio- They got escorted to the exhibit
Z-171: is orthos the sea angel
Orthos and Plagio- no
Z-171: wait no Plagio is
Z-171: okay
Z-171: You head on over to Yorick's box. Orthos notices a small vent hole for air and points at it, saying "you could try through there."
Plagio says, "why? why not just flip the whole box over?"
Orthos replies, "it's a challenge?"
Z-171: Plagio proceeds to emit a few dark tentacles from some part of their being. Soon, Yorick is sucked inside Orthos. You head over to the exhibit, where Yorick is deposited. You decide to watch:
Z-171: Yorick refuses when asked to give up their hands. Unfortunately, a large floating thorncovered hand (who the director calls My Garden) is angered by the impudence and punches a hole through them.
Z-171: The director sighs over the intercom and asks for the exhibit to dispose of the dead body.
"BUT IT'S NOT HANDS," the exhibit says.
Z-171: those guys sure are wacky.
Z-171: you go to sleep
Orthos and Plagio- I have absolute confidence that my new good good friend can survive the exhibit!! (That being Cody/Cole)
Z-171: This time, your good good friend is sleeping, so there's no struggle.
Z-171: They are sucked into Orthos with Plagio's tentacles.
Z-171: on your way there, Orthos asks, "Did you blindfold them this time? that's part of the experiment. the director wants to see if a subject's mind won't shatter if they don't see the exhibit while being there."
"yeah, yeah," says Plaglios. They then get out the blindfold they were supposed to have already put on Cody and put it on.
Z-171: Cody is dumped before the exhibit.
Z-171: Their mind shatters anyway. Good to know
Orthos and Plagio- Jack is coming with me.
Orthos and Plagio- (to the exhibit)
Orthos and Plagio- ((to die))
Z-171: THey do that, and then do that.
Z-171: die, of course.
Z-171: As they refuse to give up their hands.
Z-171: You watch as they try to play guitar to soothe the hands, and it almost works!(edited)
Z-171: But a hand slaps jack into a wall. you guess there's no possible way they could have survived that.
July 23, 2017
Orthos and Plagio- h1c's still alive right
Z-171: yes.
Orthos and Plagio- i
Orthos and Plagio- i think i have to stick to my guns
Orthos and Plagio- h1c, the pain is only ALMOST over
Z-171: Pick one of the two of you.
Z-171: since there are two of you, after all.
Orthos and Plagio- let's go orthos
Z-171: So you go to suck up H1C
Z-171: But........ they are waiting for you.
Z-171: They don't attack you.
Z-171: Instead, they say they know what is coming next, and ask if they can walk to the exhibit on their own two feet.
Z-171: You allow this.
Z-171: They enter the chamber. There, they gaze upon the beast of many mouths.
Z-171: The beast, noticing the lack of hands, thanks H1C for their contribution, which is now a fixture of one of their many backs.
Z-171: Nothing happens.
Z-171: H1C touches the beast. Nothing happens. They are released with payment and asked to follow up for future evaluation.
Z-171: Both of you go back to your box in a rather contemplative mood.
Orthos and Plagio- im okay with this tbh
Z-171: You sit down to an early breakfast.
Z-171: Orthos starts coughing. Oh no! it must be poisoned!
Z-171: You contact me, Z-171, and I refer Orthos to a hospital for a mineral pump.
Z-171: You have lost your bulletproofing. Plagio still remains.
Z-171: Congrats You Won!!!!!!
Your end of the dark covenent has been fulfilled, for now. Plagio is allowed to persist for another three hundred years, in addition to the time they have already existed. Orthos may borrow some years, if Plagio allows it. After Orthos recovers, the duo, basking in their accomplishment, decides to go to the Notail Water Park to unwind. It's the park that exists at the bottom of one of the lower lakes. They get souvenirs and funnel cakes. :confetti_ball:

[Image: RjvYOd.png]
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 RE: 4tuna Mafia Game

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night actions, priorities, rolls:

Spoiler :
n0 - setup

1. Carlisle/Kirderf FRIEND, underpowered cop. (random roll for who they are friends with- 4. pan)
2. Orthos + Plagio/Robust, doctor, sk
3. Schlrr/Allator
4. Porypan/BowserAA x
5. Kratos v13/Gime
6. X-607/cmdrcade x
7.'Patty' Ametrine/SirBlizz
8. H1c-13/Hichico x
9. DS piron
10. jack/Oh Fortuna wrong cop
11. Yorick/spish spish
12. Cinquo/Dorisdwarf

D1: Kratos picks extra life. Roll 2sd, 1 is extra life, 2 is dud. 2

N1 (first number is the priority, second number is the roll)

20 Orthos + Plagio/Robust Orthos and Plagio nab some maps/blueprints to go scouting for shortcuts or hidden passages roll 7 | nothing
19 X-607/cmdrcade - mafia hit 11
18 H1c-13/Hichico - look for free food 15 | success, finds 5 different food items, picks the one really bad plot related one (flavor is bad, but since high roll no penalty)
16 jack/Oh Fortuna -Communicate w/ z-171 3 | fail
15 Cody/DS piron COMMUNICATE (Orthos and Plagio) 19 | friendship
13 Yorick/spish > I will spend the night scrounging for helpful artifacts/junk 16 | gets DECORATED STAFF
13 Schlrr/Allator COMMUNICATE yorick 16 | conversation
12 Cinquo/Dorisdwarf - communicate BW 2 reroll attempt 3 | fails
10 Carlisle/Kirderf COMMUNICATE Kratos 9 | msg only
8 Patty' Ametrine/SirBlizz - Meander about the halls in a state of petulant, yet dignified, annoyance. 10 | gets roll of paper towel
7 Porypan/BowserAA - make pancakes <1 reroll attempt 19> 2 | eats it, gets -2 to str and agl on n2
5 Kratos v13/Gime flex 10. | gets +1 to str on n2

BW does a lot of paperwork and signs a lot of waivers (probably to prepare for the upcoming experiment) and also moves the coffee machine out of the museum hallway and into the office
no coffee for the participants rolls 1 <reroll attempt 14, successful> rerolls a 13. team gets +1 to agil


19 DS piron 16 comm kratos | conversation
15 Kratos v13/Gime 13 protect patty | substitute self for patty if patty attacked
13 Orthos + Plagio/Robust 12 remove yorick
13 Carlisle/Kirderf 11 investigate cinquo | fails
13 Patty' Ametrine/SirBlizz 10 loiter in bathroom trying not to vomit protect self | fails
13 H1c-13/Hichico 15 communicate kratos | conversation
12 jack/Oh Fortuna 4 Watch kratos | success with the +10 cop bonus. since jack is a wrong-results cop and 3 people visited kratos (including jack by WATCHing them), roll for 3 random people that didn't visit kratos
11 X-607/cmdrcade 20 remove cinq. 20 means hit is untraceable (no track or watch)
10 Yorick/spish 8 > Strip corpse of shiny things and anything else that might be useful | null
9 Porypan/BowserAA 13 ask for new box | get a new box, does nothing
9 Cinquo/Dorisdwarf 6 watch yorick | fails
8 Schlrr/Allator 12 watch x-607 | fails


22 DS piron 12 flavor investigate h1c | some flavor
19 Patty' Ametrine/SirBlizz 6 watch cole | fails
17 H1c-13/Hichico 15 remove kratos
16 jack/Oh Fortuna 2 track porypan <reroll attempt 16 succeeds> reroll 18 | success, since wrong cop, roll for random person that porypan didn't visit
14 Schlrr/Allator 3 watch jack | fails
13 Porypan/BowserAA 19 block carlisle | succeeds
13 Carlisle/Kirderf 14 cop Patty | blocked
10 Kratos v13/Gime 12 look for supplies | null
10 Orthos + Plagio/Robust 2 remove cody


19 Carlisle/Kirderf roll 9 cop invest schlrr | fails (due to underpowered cop penalty)
12 Orthos + Plagio/Robust 17 remove jack
15 Schlrr/Allator 20 investigate pan | gets flavor and stats
19 Porypan/BowserAA 6 investigate jack | tiny flavor
13 H1c-13/Hichico 14 remove schlrr
13 jack/Oh Fortuna 19 investigate kratos?? | gets "guilty"

16 H1c-13/Hichico 6 protect pan | fails
13 Carlisle/Kirderf 17 comm H1C | conversation
12 Orthos + Plagio/Robust 2 reroll attempt 15 remove hic
11 Porypan/BowserAA 15 remove O+P | (OP loses extra life)

and the stats.

Spoiler :
[Image: 5YcXYF.png]

Thanks to everyone for participating! I gotta hand it to you all, you made this a real splash! (^ε^)

[Image: RjvYOd.png]
07-25-2017, 07:06 AM
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 RE: 4tuna Mafia Game

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post game flavor:

For everyone who lived but had the goo, here's a little choose your own adventure for what happened to your character. If you are an ai, replace skin with metal and bones with metal rods. Go to spoilerbox 1.

Spoiler :
As soon as you are strong enough to, you leave the oblein's clinic in haste, wondering what you should do next. As you leave, they mention not to disturb the black-bluish hardened goo substance on your stumps.

To leave the goo on your hand stumps, go to 6.
To try to remove the goo or remove part of your arms before the goo so you can get prosthetics, go to 8.

Spoiler :
"Well, that puts us in a spot. My colleague says that's the most reliable and organic way to block the sensory overload from 'the voices.' Luckily, they have developed a medication, which would allow to achieve temporary relief... You would have to take it for the rest of your life, at market cost."

>I guess take the medication, and live out the rest of your life that way. Go to 19
>Isn't there anything else you could try? Literally, anything else as long as that guy has nothing to do with it." go to 20.

Spoiler :
You think to yourself that you should probably not leave anything from the Notail Science Center on your body for your own well-being. You make arrangements to have the substance removed. How soon are your arrangements?

If the removal will occur in less than three days, then go to 8.
If it will occur in 3 days or more, go to 6.

Spoiler :
You don't want to talk to the person on the other line, and say yeah of course you got rid of that trash for a reason.

The notail doctor puts the voice on the side on speakerphone. You hear the voice say, "Doo hoo hoo! I keep forgetting to tell people that my blue flesh will grow into hands if you just leave it alone for a few weeks!"

You yell at them some more, and are sedated. You hear as you start to fade "Oh, well that'll teach me to assume people want new hands they lose them! Hoo hoo."

Your hands are replaced by cheap temporary replacements or are just wrapped up as stumps. You are released from the hospital and instructed to take a heavy medication which you are to stay on for the rest of your life. Do you take the medication?

>Hell nah, get as far away from here as possible! to 16
>You bet, live out the rest of your life on medication: go to 19

Spoiler :
Four days later (7 after departure), the tingling becomes a constant ache/cramp. In addition, the color starts to fade from the goo's blackish-blue to blend more in to the surrounding skin color...
How do you react?

To remove the goo, go to 8.
To leave the goo on and wait for how the situation develops, go to 11.

Spoiler :
Three days after your departure, you start to feel a tingling sensation on your stumps beneath the goo. The tingling is consistent. How do you react?

To remove the goo, go to 8.
To leave the goo on and wait for how the situation develops, go to 5.

Spoiler :
You decide to do the procedure yourself.

You begin removing the goo with some sort of putty scraper or knife. It's very stuck on.

As you do, you feel more and more manic, speeding up the speed of your hacking. Eventually, you are down to one small bit left. You scrape the last bit off and the shattering mind feeling you felt before returns and you collapse on the ground, babbling incoherently.

Someone eventually takes notice of the commotion you are making, and drops you off at a nearby notail clinic. They are unable to diagnose what is wrong with you, so you are put into temporary mental asylum.

On the third week, a phone call comes. The doctor, holding a phone in one hand and having a puzzled expression (since they are not sure what it means) asks if you took the new blue flesh off.

What do you manage to babble out at them in reply?

>"Hell yeah I did! Get lost!" Go to 4.
>"Sorry, I didn't know what it was for... can I get a replacement?" Go to 17.
>"Bleeeeeh. Bleh. Bllllleh" Go to 18

Spoiler :
You decide to have the substance removed immediately.

Do you do it by yourself, or visit a clinic?

To DIY, go to 7.
To have the procedure done professionally (probably by some nearby notails), go to 10.

Spoiler :
Actually go to 8.

Spoiler :
You check in for a procedure, and are transfered to a notail medical department because no one else is willing to deal with such an unknown as a mysterious black-blue goo substance. You are sedated.

When you wake up, you have your new hands, but are also absolutely manic, unable to think straight, and uncontainable, making a mess of your ward. You are sedated again, and are continuously sedated over a course of weeks. Eventually, in a haze, you hear:
"A mistake was made in removing the sealing substance on your arms. Will you authorize our colleague to remove your new prosthetics and re-affix the substance to your amputation area?"

>No. Go to 2.
>To get anesthetized and wake up with goo on your stumps, go to 13.

Spoiler :
By 5 days later (day 12), you notice small bones starting to grow in the goo. Are they... hand bones? The previous growing pains are more intense (if you take pain relievers, they alleviate the pain a bit).

How do you react?

To remove the goo, go to 8.
To leave the substance there and wait for how the situation develops, go to 12.

Spoiler :
By day 16, you notice that it is starting to look like a pair of shrunken, developing <your species> hands. What's more, any blemishes or birthmarks from your old hands are there on the hands! It hurts a lot....
You also start having a few thoughts about doing things that previously were not a part of your personality, though you aren't quite aware of those thoughts' newness yet.

How do you react?
To remove the budding hands, go to 9.
To let the hands grow in, go to 14

Spoiler :
You go under.

When you wake up, there is a similar blackish-bluish substance you had just taken off. However, there is also a post-it note on it now that says, "don't take it off this time!" and a kissy face emoji drawn on it.

The notail clinician's signature also appears beneath it, with the words, "Doctor's orders. Discharged" and the day's date.

Time to do this all again! Go to 1.

[Note: this time around, ignore the options to get hospital procedures done, as the staff will already know not to do that, and will refer you to Doobel. Replace all hospital procedure options with:
<Go to the Obelin clinic. Go to 15>]

Spoiler :
You stick with it. Eventually, the masses on your stumps grow into their own clean and fresh new hands!

By day 20, you can start to move the vestiges of your new digits, though it hurts to do so so you refrain from doing so.

By day 30, they are fully formed and ready to use.

You also gain the following personality trait:
(roll d10)
1 [Intrusive]
2 [Enjoys Swimming]
3 [Affectionate]
4 [Confident]
5 [Curious]
6 [Likes Sandwiches]
7 [Confident]
8 [Eats Only Fish Rations]
9 [Frequent Picnicker]
10 [Knowledge of the Old Gods]

Congrats! You're good as new! And good as doo(bel)!


Spoiler :
You are transferred to the Oblein's clinic. You watch a scene through a half sedated fog. You think you see the oblein Doobel draining a tentacle into a large beaker. The notail X-171 takes out a key to unlock a cabinet, and takes out a vial of some unknown fluid, which is mixed into the beaker. The beaker is placed in a large chamber with lots of valves and dials on it. You fade out.

Hours later, you wake up with a much clearer mind. You would guess that your stumps are re-goo'd, but you cannot see it because there are protective cones around your arms "so you can't pick at it."

You convalesce at the clinic for a week and a half. You feel something where your stumps are, but it's vague and dulled by all of the painkillers you are on.

After day 15 at the clinic, the Oblein says, "Well, we need this space now, and you should be home free from here! You should gain control of your hands in another week. Have a lolly." A lollipop is stuck into your mouth and you are sent on your way. Attached to the lollipop stick is a number to call in case anything goes wrong.

As you pass the intake desk, B.W. gives you one final reminder to not pick at your new hands. Keep from that and they should come in fine, just like they came in fine for themselves, and for X-171. Normal hands, just like before, doo hoo.

Go to 14.

Spoiler :
You ignore the medication and take the next flight out of here. After that, no one knows what happened to you, not even yourself because your mind is kinda broke.


Spoiler :
"My colleague says that those were supposed to grow into new hands," the notail holding the phone says. Then, speaking into the phone, they say, "Why yes, I can arrange for a transfer."

You are asked if you would like to go to the Oblein's clinic you had previously been at for the duration of the upcoming procedure's recovery, or if you would like to have the procedure done here and quickly discharged.

To go to the Oblein's clinic, go to 15.
To be anesthetized, go to 13.

Spoiler :
You don't manage to get out anything particularly coherent. You are put back in asylum, but eventually, you are visited by Doobel.

"Doo hoo-oops," Doobel says, injecting you with anesthesia. "Those were supposed to be your..." you hear as you fade out.

Go to 13.

Spoiler :
You take the pill regularly. It's kind of a hassle. One of the pill's side effects is that you gain the following personality trait:
(roll d10)
1 [Intrusive]
2 [Enjoys Swimming]
3 [Affectionate]
4 [Confident]
5 [Curious]
6 [Likes Sandwiches]
7 [Confident]
8 [Eats Only Fish Rations]
9 [Frequent Picnicker]
10 [Knowledge of the Old Gods]

One day, the medication switches, with a note saying that a synthetic alternative will now be used. It isn't as effective but you take it anyway, because times when you are less judicious with taking it can result in bouts in various hospitals and asylums.

It's kinda costly too, though the price fluctuates to whatever your income is.

You live out the rest of your days seen as "a little off".


Spoiler :
You ask for anything but that. You are sedated.

When you are woken up, you have been told you have been given an experimental procedure that merges your brain with something or other that is "compliant with your condition." The details are a bit blurry.

Your insanity has mostly faded, but you are still seen as "a little off." Your personality and memory have also drastically changed, being merged with that of someone completely different!
Replace half of your traits and stats with randomly rolled ones.

Oh yeah now you can get whatever prosthetics if you wanted it.

[Image: RjvYOd.png]
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 RE: 4tuna Mafia Game

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Ouch, a mafia AND a 2-life SK with an SK-Ally.

Also haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaands
07-30-2017, 11:18 AM
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 RE: 4tuna Mafia Game

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the action REDIRECT has been removed from available night actions, so now there's only 7. if there's a special game where everyone gets the power to redirect i'll announce that for that game.

setup talk
Spoiler :
If there's a possibility of the setup being anything different from standard, I'll say it at the start of the game*. i do that when the game has a lot of people, or the number of players is at a weird number like 12 where 3 maf alone is too town-heavy and 4 is too mafia heavy. usually it'll be: 7-8 players: 2 maf, 10-11 players: 3 maf, 13-14 players: 4 maf, 16-17 players maf etc with the borderline numbers of players being awkward and usually needing some sort of third party, which i limit to either survivor or sk/lone wolf for simplicity's sake

*(like at the start of the game i announced that there would be either more than one anti-town faction or there would be a day where two removal votes and two night removals would happen (and I rolled the former), otherwise the game would take way too long for a game that takes place in a single sitting (something people have voiced concern about before).)

usually an sk and a mafia hit each other at least once, but that didn't happen here until endgame.

the sk/lone wolf having an extra night life was bc otherwise winning as sk is way too much up to getting lucky that the mafia doesn't kill you; with an extra night life then it's more up to town and mafia to vote them away instead of hoping to get lucky.

also keep in mind above all: this is fortuna mafia, not regular mafia werewolf, which means two things: 1. there's lots of random rolls and luck involved, so rolls going one way or another can make or break a side if both sides are playing evenly well.
2. the emphasis is on rping and having a good time over mechanical perfection with this creaky ramshackle system, I generally want to avoid the kind of salt that tends to crop up when communities go too hardcore into it

Next game will be sometime near the end of next month. Will it be on forum or in discord? That's up to you all, say what your preference is. discord will require less investment from you and me, bc it's only one day. Forum means you can post whenever so time zones aren't an issue, but the problem of people not posting and having to get prodded and the risk of people gabbing out of game is a thing.

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