4tuna Mafia Game

4tuna Mafia Game
(( So if everybody votes for everybody, then we can ALL be first mate! ))
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Oh so it's not just a vote to reduce quorum
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Because a first mate is better than a no mate!
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i also vote for everyone as first mate,
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5 hours to go!

first mate:
Andromeda 5 (awkwardcarapace, hichico, BB, Apo11o, Papers)
none 1 (Gimeurcookie)
George McGee 1 (a52)
everyone 2 (earthexe, Starlit-Drakon)
takes 6 votes to nominate a first mate. (Day ends either at the deadline (10/24 1700 EDT), or when majority vote is made)
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A Pagepoh sits near the back, reading 'The [ITNTRUMENT] and playing it', quietly.
He was still paying attention, just wasn't sure who to vote and was deciding to be fashionably late voting.
It was now just plain late, and looking like no one would get voted.
"I vote for Andromeda."
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Yay! Thank you for your support and for voting me! I promise, as your first mate I will not let you down.

[Image: gnswc.jpg]

Or maybe, maybe I will let you down. I'm not too good at keeping weighty promises like that.
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Majority reached!

first mate:
Andromeda 6 (awkwardcarapace, hichico, BB, Apo11o, Papers, DS Piron)
everyone 2 (earthexe, Starlit-Drakon)
none 1 (Gimeurcookie)
George McGee 1 (a52)

(First mate: Andromeda | Runner up: everyone)
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HHHey Puggo is back from creamin' up their bum and setting the course for take-off - oh and just in time 'cause from the looks of it you guys just selected a dude to mate up? Good, good, Andromeda looks like you're the number two on here now!

I got half a tube of muscle cream left but I doubt I'll need it because Puggo is incapable of making any more mistakes ever.

*Puggo took out a set of tiny paper cups and began squeezing out a bit into each of them*.
By the way I also already set a program for our first stop, which is some isolated moon no one's ever heard of that of the planet Odous should prove a good by-point to slingshot to our first planet. Since everyone wants some muscle cream I guess I'll dole it out into little sippy cups with one for everybody but you should probably grab something or head to their rooms because I think the ship is going to fire up in a few-

The ship began jolting violently. Objects on shelves clattered to the floor.

[Image: YA9bTV.png]
Oh I should probably head for the wheel. See you in a while!

With that, the crew set off for moon 4 of the planet Bodus, with absolutely no sign of imminent trouble on the horizon none at all.

Night one start! There's no posting itt during night phases. Go to your quicktopics and pick a thing for your character to do tonight - nothing adversarial toward other players, maybe something just for flavor or something to pass the time :)

This night will be shorter than other nights so get in your actions asap.
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Please submit a night action if you haven't already.

If you don't make one in 24 hrs, you won't do anything this night phase
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note: any players mentioned in this flavor text are due to random dice rolls; I needed names so that it wasn't always "the crew said" or "a member of the crew said."


All woke up to alarms blaring.

Everyone, get to the main room! To the main room!

Within minutes, the crew had assembled in the common room.

Though most had expected the captain to be there, they were nowhere to be found. Before anyone could ask what was happening, a small, previously-unnoticed low-res screen set in one of the wall shot to life.

[Image: zEAVFR.gif]
It happened! Shhhhhoot it happened! The.... thing! The thing I said I hoped wouldn't happen! It... it did!

All in the crew looked at each other confusedly, while the captain continued tripping over their tongue. The first mate spoke up:

"What happened, cap'n?"

They're gone! The guy!

"Who gone?" asked Cryptic Stinger.

All at once, the realization dawned: there were only 11 crew members standing in the common room, when yesterday there'd been 12.

The... it's - Colonel... shrimpface! That one! They got thrown out of the ship! Puggo was getting ready to launch from this moon, and so Puggo went to ask that guy about a thing, when they noticed the colonel was nowhere to be found! And then when I went further into their room, I found... this!

A slot in the wall opened up, and a remote-controlled metal arm pinching a note whirred forward. It dropped the note.

The crew scattered over to see what it said. Eventually, Dorite bent over to pick it up and read in a quavering tone:

"The colonel is gone, forever! And the ship is ours! By the time someone finds this note, we will have already deposed the captain and this vessel will be property of the Keres Organized Racketeers' Network!

Gasps all around!

"If you're worried about your trip to Fortuna, don't you're still coming with us. If you don't want to serve under us... well, there's plenty of room beside the Colonel out in the cold vacuum of space.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!"

[Image: zEAVFR.gif]
Ah, but we're lucky I came across that note before they could get to me! Or, at least, I am...

At this, the sound of the ship's steel airlock doors clanged shut.

The way Puggo figures, at least some of you are with these guys. Puggo's not stepping out of their room until you figure it out, so none of you are leaving this ship! Sort out who among you is with these criminals, hit that button over by the buffet to inform me of your choice, and I'll activate an EJECTOR POD especially for them! Oh, but don't spill any food on the button. That might break it and also I had a bite on the way back to my room it's pretty delish so that'd be a waste. I'm gonna listen to some tunes so don't disturb me until you've made a choice.

The screen shut off, leaving squad in silence, before coming back on a moment later.

I know you all got to like each other yesterday, so this will probably take some time. I'll give you four hours today to decide on someone to jettison out into the furthest reaches of nothingness...

The cadets of Team M-547 stared blankly ahead, then at each other, at their hands, at anywhere but the task that lay before them...

Out of 11, at least one must go. Before, where there had been camradarie, trust and anticipation now awaited dissent, deceit, and an impossible choice. It was almost as if Fortuna had decided to play a game of their own.
With a slight of their hand, the immortal hourglass flipped, and the sands of time began ticking away.
Surely, this would be a...


[Image: 3OrMWs.gif]

Day 2 begins.

With 11 left, it takes 6 votes to eject a crewmember. Deadline is Friday, 11/11, at 11:11PM.
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[Image: dqqbn.jpg]

Uh oh... that went south, really fast.

Erm... well, I don't really think there is any incriminating evidence of any "criminals" on this ship... and I'd hate to accidentally vote off an innocent person... so I vote for nobody.
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[Image: bbLE7Ln.png]

"Mis dioses, de todas las cosas que han de suceder ... I know my cooking is to die for, but Estaba bromeando, I was only joking of such a thing....wait, uno momentido por favor.

[Veraxus examines the note for a moment]

Hmm...Esto se siente muy familiar, pero ...ah, sorry, this note has a very familiar feeling to it, it is como dices...on the tip of my tongue... ah well, I shall abstain from voting for now. I would offer to cook more scrumptious food for everyone, but this news appears to have eh....ruined the appetites, no? Please do try to take a moment to eat though mi amigos, I pride myself on my Técnica de cocción perfecta!
>Dorite immediately moves to eat a Fuckload of Food from the buffet. No use wasting it.

"... i vote for nobody as well."
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Ahhhh this is Pas bien, No good! There is a murderer on board. Why couldn't we attacked by something else, like a petit chien? Giant space worm? Those are simple creatures, much easier to get away from then a murderer in a locked ship!

I vote for no one! Not yet! I refuse to accidentally kill an innocent man just because we panicked, but we cannot do nothing. We must find out who is a une fleur, a killer! Maybe there's some evidence somewhere?

[Image: FxxwF5d.gif]

Speaking of which, first mate. Is there any reason for you having the number 69 and something else above that? Nombre épicé! I do not remember that being there before!
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lololol (dats lamentin out loud n case u tink i waz findin mor traditinl lols n dis sitch) its not a trip to 42na w/out al kindsa trrbl drama ya?

Ey I din ntrodoos mself ystrdy cuz everytin was rl humdrummin! An I was lyk rl lookin 4wd 2 meetin u all but now deres ppl tossin allwichways outta airlox????!? Lyk ya i waz lookin 4 a scoop but prfrbly da kind were i gotta lil mor assurans im gon live 2 see da meteorickin pagevewz on my breakin news!!!!!!!

Gues it fallz on a Tweep 2 set da story str8. Evn if i rly don wanna talk to u guys cuz deres Keres makin derrin dos n our midz! Excuuuuuuuuz me r u guys evn lisnin? I gotta get a story n by Poetnix im gonna! Not lyk if it kills me do omg datd be da worst????!?
[Image: FxxwF5d.gif]

Hey, does anyone speak tweep? I barely understand what this dude is trying to say. I believe they want to tell us a story? Well, lets hear it.
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[Image: 8ZrEwIY.png]

Dot: I speak some, actually. This fella isn't trying to tell a story, but rather to find one! Sounds like he wants to catch these lowlives just as much as the rest of us do.

Dot: Now... about this whole uh... situation. I'm sure we can work everything out as long as we keep open ears and level heads. Now I know we all introduced ourselves, but we didn't get to know each other much further.

Dot: why dont we all just have a chat about what brought us together here today? No decisions being made. No vicious intent. Just talking.
Yayaya da negotiatin offisr dere doxd my dealins rl gud! Din ntrodoos me ystrdy cuz its bad journo 4m! 2 get 2 prsnl a/s/lwayz lyk wit ur subjects. Dats u crew!

im Hoot! Actl im HootoffDpresses but u can cal me Hoot cuz da actual Hoot is not here hes bz bein da last wordz in Strix fashn trenz an omi poetnix i luv his blog. Lyk wow. Hav any u evr red it lmbo o cours not.

@da 2rist whos name idc bout yet but mayb u chanj ur mind an ask rl nice 4 an in2vw l8r? Im a journalist!! idk if u kno wat dat is, s rl important lyk i gess lyk ur travel jrnls dat sum o u lot keep mayb. but better! cuz more ppl read journalismin an its about tings hapnnin right now! Waaaaay better dan writin bout places where tings hapn'd 1ce but it was aaaaaaaaaaaaaages ago lyk lmbo
look ill evn b da better crewzer here an let u kno some hot tweep trmnlgy so u can share it w/ ur tourist frends. L M B O its short 4 laffin my beak off. wait i guess u cant use it cuz u dont have a beak! lololol

Anyhoot nuff bout me cept not rly. Officer dot can u lyk transl8 n stuff 4 the 2rist plz? ty ilu lots

Cuz ya! I do wanna tel a story! Dats wat journalismns bout cept u cant just make it up its gotta actch happn! I was gonna rite bout da lyf + times on a ship seekin 42na but den! SHOCK TWIST!? s a bit dauntin yaya cuz i neva had an assignmnt lyk dis w/ danger but im rl excited to break open dis whole story as it develops!
[Image: HaAP1Rp.png]

"Dios mio, bien...I think I understood some of that! This, lovely, tweep is a periodista, journalist. And this is going to be their best story yet, I think? Este es un lenguaje difícil de entender ...that is the jist of it, I think.
(11-05-2016, 11:26 PM)Gimeurcookie Wrote: »Speaking of which, first mate. Is there any reason for you having the number 69 and something else above that? Nombre épicé! I do not remember that being there before!

[Image: klbps.jpg]

Oh, you mean this thing? This is just a sticky note for some reminders I wanted to leave for myself regarding the planet we're going to... nothing way too important.

Veraxus, your food looks very appetizing but I can't exactly eat it, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Actually, Deed, you don't look so good yourself - you seem to be covered in some sort of soot maybe? What's up with that?
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[Image: MT3cdhv.png]
"...We need more time to figure to out who did it. If we go about throwing suspicious people out the airlock without any proof, we might as well just draw straws." Zephik said in a roundabout way of voting to not 'lynch' anyone at the moment
[Image: UJb1kJS.png]
Sorry for Gee is late. Gee was busy hiding sto- er, storing personal goods.

Yellow paper thing looks important! Get paper off tall horn man's head before Gee will decide.
If they had been a notail, their antenna surely would have been quivering, they'd have perked so high. Of course, Slider isn't - instead, their alert distress is being indicated through their grinding teeth, an uneasy step in their move as they fidget and pace.

Goodness, this wasn't what I had expected to happen when I came onto this trip... I knew death was a risk, of course; it alwaays is on Fortuna-destined flights... But I didn't think we would be picking each other off. []<

This is not the history I had hoped we woould accomplish like this.. But if it shall be made, we should do this without panicking. Logic, like everyone is saying; I vote that we lynch nobody. Let us not strike what could be the innoceent. []<
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