4tuna Mafia Game

4tuna Mafia Game
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Aaaaaah, noooo nono no NO!

This is bad, very very bad! Larry didn't think he would be meeting misfortune like this! No, bad! These are all Larry's new friends, but there was going to be murder? No! Noo!

[Image: fvxz4CA.png]

Aaah... Larry thinks this can all end peacefully. There doesn't need to be killing, no no... Larry votes that nobody is ejected. It would only make the situation worse...
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Well that was a quick majority

6: nobody (awkardcarapace, Starlit-Drakon, Gimeurcookie, DS piron, Apo11o, earthexe)


The members of M-347 quickly came to a consensus: that they would agree to not use that button. Maybe this whole thing would just blow over.

At the end of the four hours, the sun began to set on 4-Bodus. The captain came back on the screen.

[Image: zEAVFR.gif]
You guys! You didn't do the thing! You know that no matter how much you want to deny it, there's someone out there to get us, and Puggo's not touching this airlock until they're g-o-u-n-e! Gone! Bahhhhh!

Puggo cleared their throat.

Puggo's sorry about losing their composure there. Hope you all have a good night. Try to stay safe.


Day one over, night 2 Begin. Night ends on Thursday 11/10, at 10 PM EST; this night should go faster because I have all the mechanics worked out this time so send in your quicktopic actions when possible!

(note: anyone who hasn't posted yet during this day phase may make one post)
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[Image: zEAVFR.gif]

The captain had been moaning publicly for about the last 40 minutes.

noooooooooo. why them, why couldn't it have been anyone else

The crew, gathered in the main room, had to listen to this. Sure, all were bearing the news in their own way, but this was both saddening and painful to listen to.


From the crowd, Slider gathered to say, "It'll be okaay, caap..."

but Laaaaaaaary.

The sorrow felt among the crew was made fresh again with the each time the name was repeated. This morning, they had woken to the worst news they could ever expect. Then they had checked the room, hoping to find some proof that some hope still remained. But there was nothing to be found.

Laaaaarrry. Nooooooo.

Earthexe was Larry. Larry was a friend to all. Larry was sided with the crew and had no special abilities besides being Larry. Being Larry carried an extra boon with it: if Larry were to make friends with enough players to have FRIENDSHIPs with a majority of all remaining players, they would also win, and we would all win, everyone, every single one of us, with a special non-traditional end-game scenario triggered. But that's not possible now. Larry is gone.

Sorry but the narrator isn't really up to saying much else right now.


Day three begins. With 10 remaining, it takes 6 to eject a player. Day ends on Saturday, 11/19 at 1pm EST.
[Image: RjvYOd.png]
hoooooo boi now dat just x's a line + anotha line runnin perpendicular 2 da 1st line! Its a mess! Hope all u d-jenrits hu calld discussos end so erly are rly regrettin it now!

Y o Y did we gotta lose Larry of all da inocents 2 da malicius mnistrations of dese monsters????!?
dats it. DAT IS IT! Dis ship is now ofishly da scene of a CRIME! i fig its a WAR crim cuz gettin rid of Larrys lyk the super-opposit o peace yaya?

i was gonna just watch dis all unfold but now Hoot gets HOT on da trail!!
An akuzatory Vote for Zephik (DS Piron)! Mayb then u will bring more to dis table than milktoast cracktchat bout how u need more TIME or w/ev!!!

Deres an ol sayin from da ol Tweep clan o Spamers dat silens is golden but ur throat is da last place youd want molten gold. Dey could sneak up on u thru a room fulla cellafane but boi dd dey hav opinions and a halfs!

Yestrdy was rl bad, da shortnd time 2 talk hurt evryone but it hurt Larry mos so no1 gets 2 complain ya? 2day we gotta mak shur every1 speaks up + proper talks 2 each other or ur neva gettin outta dis mess thru a door dat leads 2 actchl habitabl atmosfear!
[Image: fgpyg.jpg]

Larry, we hardly knew ye.

[Image: klbps.jpg]

Oh! By the way, Hoot, sorry I never got around to answering your text. You kind of sent it really late last night and I was tired so I just kind of ignored it... again, sorry.

But I also don't think we should be casting accusatory votes either! I think this situation has become pretty serious, so I don't think a no vote will help much. Anybody got any incriminating evidence?
[Image: gmzzj.png]
hmmm well 1st m8 idk if my odiens wud b v interstd in ur histry leadin up 2 u bein da 1st m8, YKNOW W DA MURDERINS HAPNIN.

if u wantd u cud stil anser me tho? lyk iv been bz da last couple nites tryin 2 talk w some folx of intrst. Watv U been up 2, 1stm8? Huh?????
[Image: fndxz.jpg]

Okay okay I'll tell you!!

Well for the first night I was mostly sleeping ('cause I was tired) but for the second night I stayed up to try and find out who could possibly be part of this KORN organization. Didn't find anything of use though (probably because my investigation wasn't very thorough).
[Image: gmzzj.png]
1: Zephik (Schazer)

It takes 6 to lynch. Deadline 11/19 1pm est.
[Image: RjvYOd.png]
<Veraxus walks in with a smile on his face, and a serviceable dish of corn, rice, chipotle, salsa and beans made the night prior>

[Image: HaAP1Rp.png]

"Hola mi amigos! How is everyone on this fine mor-"

<Veraxus takes note of the scene, and the heavy atmosphere>

[Image: bbLE7Ln.png]
"ning....oh dear Y ahora otro pobre alma cae...another soul, fallen to the darkness. I had hoped this would not happen, but alas...Larry, you will be missed so dearly, though we only knew each other for but a mere blink of an eye."

<Veraxus places the food out on a nearby table for everyone before continuing>

"This is all...so very awful, perhaps we should all uh...Maldiga mi lengua siempre olvidada... have a heart to heart? yes? I have a lovely meal for everyone, or at least those who can eat, it is...as you say: "A full stomach makes a happy mind" i believe?"
Zephik wasn't there. He had decided to forgo talking about who might be the killer for now to tear apart Larry's room for clues. On the way He then decided to chill, and search it delicately. A crime scene is a lot like a clean room, it's best not to go about messing them up.
[Image: UJb1kJS.png]
Gee received message from Larry "Hi, friend. Do you know anything about what's going on..?" Gee did not know what was going on so Gee did not respond. Gee wishes Gee had sent response before nice robot died.

Gee still wants to read yellow paper off horn man's head.
[Image: ylvqm.jpg]

I have no idea why you're so interested in it but here.

- Mining / transportation / entertainment
- Don't bring ores in crowds

and a few gang symbols on the bottom followed by "!!".]

Nothing too special 'cause I was just taking notes on the planet we were going to.
[Image: gmzzj.png]
That one looks like it says 女
[Image: msicon1.png][Image: msicon2.png]
NonononoNO! Y is da janita da 1 pickin a part da crime seen!?!? If deir workin w/ KORN, deyre gonna jus sweep up ne evidens, if deyre not they r n IGNORAMS hus gonna leev us no hop o makin somethin outta Larry's deth!!!

Lisn gud + clean up ur act, not da CRIME SEEN. GAWD. u end up on da rite page for 1ce pagepoh k? U keep dis up or i wont be da only 1 thinkin ur betta off off da ship!!!
Dorite walks into the room, wrapped in Several blankets.

Poor Larry.
[Image: egg004.png?raw=1] [Image: arCPbnd.png][Image: egg009.png?raw=1]
Dorite settles in a corner, still dozing a bit. After a while, they speak up.
"one of my blankets went missing last night- i haven't been able to find it anywhere."
[Image: egg004.png?raw=1] [Image: arCPbnd.png][Image: egg009.png?raw=1]
1: Zephik (Schazer)

It takes 6 to lynch. Deadline is 71 hours (3 days) from now, 11/19 1pm est.

oh yeah rping isn't necessary, if you're worrying about posts not being up to snuff. it's fun and i enjoy it but if that's keeping anyone from posting feel free to just post plainlike if u prefer to.
[Image: RjvYOd.png]
Event: at a lull in the discussion, someone notices that there is a strange looking device on one of the tables, labeled "signal jammer." When no one claims it, it's suggested that maybe someone trustworthy should take it, or else it should be smashed so no one can use it.

Now in addition to the ejection vote, there's an item to be voted upon! The item will go to whoever gets a majority of Item votes.
[Image: RjvYOd.png]
[Image: bbLE7Ln.png]
<As the silence continues it's almost deafening presence, veraxus whispers to himself>
"La calma en la conversación es bastante dramática, pero siento que ha pasado demasiado tiempo"

<Taking notice of the device on the table, Veraxus speaks up>

"ahh..Disculpe...does this belong to anyone?"

<Veraxus holds up the signal jammer, looking at it questioningly>

"I...¿Qué es exactamente esto?...I am not sure what this thing is, electronica are uh..not my especialidad."
[Image: 5a0YTrTm.png]

"it is not mine... who would bring a signal jammer, of all things, onto a ship? wouldn't it mess with navigation?"
[Image: egg004.png?raw=1] [Image: arCPbnd.png][Image: egg009.png?raw=1]
[Image: UJb1kJS.png]
<Muttering under breath>
Gee does not like gray man with funny accent. Not natural. Not right at all.

Gee thinks funny doodad could be very valuable on black ma -- er, very valuable in investigation. Perhaps give to Gee for safekeeping? Gee has intelligence score of 21 so is sure to figure out what thing is and does.

<George McGee creeps toward the signal jammer>
<Veraxus raises an eyebrow before stepping back with the jammer>

[Image: bbLE7Ln.png]

"I'm... sorry but did you just mention El mercado negro? The black market? Surely you jest, yes? The black market is a hive of illegal goods, is it not? More importantly.."

<Veraxus looks to Dorite.>

"Esto parece muy peligroso, this seems very dangerous if it is a signal jammer as you say..Dorite was it? Y puede * I * decir que está brillando brillantemente como carbono presurizado ~"

"Ah, I forget myself. A signal jammer is a very dangerous instrument to have on a ship, yes? I am not ah...savvy with these things. I apologize"
[Image: fknfs.jpg]

Whoa, did you say that the thing messes with navigation? Hey! That's my job!

I say we destroy the thing not only because it makes my job harder but also because I don't want it to fall into the wrong hands either.

And does Zelphik have any evidence from searching Larry's room or is he just goofing around / tampering with the evidence?? Hmmm?
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