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We chat about videogames and videogame accessories.
I just got Codename S.T.E.A.M. at GameStop for like $5. This is definitely a good game, and it's gotten pretty good reviews. Beats me how the price is this low but it's definitely the best bargain game I've ever seen.
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I just got diaries of a spaceport janitor and it seems really cool so far? it was 75% off for the steam hell sale so i'm gonna... play it a bit and avoid spending any more money lol

In other gaming news i'm frustrated by how low i'm ranked on OW at the moment soooo i'm trying to learn other classes. At the moment i'm very much best at support (Zen/Sym main but getting a fair bit of mercy use too) and decentish at a couple of tanks. I want to learn two of each class but idk where to start.. I do know that i want to learn sombra, though.
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Sonic Mania is the fucking second coming

This is the blog for my game I'm making for real its happening
"Baba is you" is an amazing puzzle game that is free (? my bro gave it to me so I don't actually know ?) and is very very interesting.
I lost interest in cuphead after it took so long for it to release but holy fuck the excitement came right back when I played it. It's so good it makes my pee pee tingle dingle
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I play Gems of War in my free time now. If you are interested in free bejewelled/strategy/ccg action, you should play.

I have a guild people could join, even!
I bought Drawful 2!
Could anyone please do me the favor of replying to this post with their favorite roguelikes (either all-time or currently loving)

I can kick things off with my picks of:
The Binding of Isaac

Cheaper/Free ones would be best since I can more easily check them out for my Research, but anything helps. Thanks!
In no particular order (and not including FTL or Isaac because you got them already):

Caveblazers -- it's only okay, but it's cheap
Dwarf Fortress (fortress mode (a sandbox/sim mode) is a lot better than the roguey but unfinished adventure mode, but both are pretty punishing and neither allow reloads upon loss)

Rogue Legacy
Hyper Light Drifter (not really a roguelike, but similar feeling, and an excellent game)
The original Legend of Zelda, if you don't cheat and use save states on an emu

What do you need these for?
NetHack is a game I have not beaten in 11 years of attempts.
sea had swallowed all. A lazy curtain of dust was wafting out to sea
DungeonCrawlStoneSoup (free)
Dungeons of Dredmor

Hand of Fate
In terms of true roguelikes I'm still in love with Doom: The Roguelike (help me my inventory is 90% ammo and I love every bullet too much to drop any for this modpack)

I think I've only ever beaten it once, and it was only a technical win (if you bring a nuke to the Spider Mastermind and take yourself out along with the boss it awards you a win but marks it differently than a true win where you survive)

Its simpler than your Nethacks and the like, with a heavier emphasis on large scale murder but it's still tactical. I'm not great at it but learning when I need to sprint and when it's better to hide vs go loud, and like hey, if you fire a shotgun in a direction and hear a pain sound it means a monster is in that direction.

But like a lot of the time I play on the challenge modes, which get unlocked as you accomplish various achievements. I like Angel of Berserk, which is a melee only mode, and extremely hard but real fun, and man does life get better once I reach the chainsaw level on a run. Other modes are also weapon focused for the early ones, like a pistols only mode or shotguns only mode, being able to focus on just one weapon type helps me not have to worry about which ammo to keep even though I lose out on some flexibility: (funfax: lost souls are not great to take on a single pistol shot at a time, and arachnotrons don't even notice the shotgun shrapnel you're pelting at them) but then like there's also modes where, say, a nuke is armed on every single floor you enter, so get out before it goes off, or a mode where you're GIVEN a single nuke to take down the boss with and you aren't allowed to use any other weapons at all (difficult)

now i kinda just wanna play doomrl
I mostly deal in semi-roguelikes but the one actual roguelike I've heard a ton of good things about (and have in my steam inventory and haven't gotten around to) is Tales of Maj'Eyal. It's open-source, so you can actually get it for free, but if you donate on their site or buy it on Steam/GoG you get some bonus features.

Another thing I'd really qualify as closer to a solid roguelike than semi-roguelike is Dungeons of Dredmor, which is jam-packed with flavor and goofy spells and a great time. Pick it up with all the expansions if you can, they're all real good.

Coming around to semi-roguelikes:

I'll let Schaz talk further about Crypt of the Necrodancer because I'm sure they can wax lyrical about it far better than I, but yeah, it's Great and Continues To Be Great. Top Tier.

(Schaz could probably also talk more in detail about TOME which iirc they've actually played).

Enter the Gungeon is really great fun if you want a super slick semi-shmup semi-roguelike that's still getting constant updates and filled with neat things. I've sunk a ton of hours in and as soon as the next update drops I'll sink a ton more.

Sunless Sea is a roguelikelike from the Fallen London browser game devs in which you must sail the unterzee and trade various goods around it in order to upgrade your ship so you can see more of it and solve long story questlines. Really good writing and story beats (as you might expect from the people behind Fallen London), and the game looks and feels great. The gameplay is a your mileage may vary sort of deal - if you enjoy sitting down with a game to decompress and waste some time the long sea trips are great, if you want constant action you might be a bit let down. There's also a Zubmariner expansion which adds a submersible you can launch from your ship, and coming soon is SUNLESS SKIES in which you'll be crewing a SPACE TRAIN.

I haven't played CRAWL but I've heard good things about its unique take on making an asymmetric adversarial multiplayer (!) roguelite.

Dungeon of the Endless is a top-tier (preferably) co-operative roguelite. Loads of fun, and with slick design decisions courtesy of the same folks who made Endless Legend and Endless Space.

Risk of Rain is an oldie and may have a bit less content than some of the above games but it's still one of my favorite action-roguelites of all time. Due to the ever-escalating enemy strength over time co-op is a riot, but you can definitely have a good time solo as well.

Darkest Dungeon is kind of different, and honestly one of the more -like of the roguelites I'm discussing here, but certainly at least deserves an honorable mention for its incredible aesthetics/tone and pretty neat party-based combat system.

Teleglitch is weird. In the best kind of way. Oppressive, minimally helpful, and a top-down real-time combat that forces you to exhibit almost superhuman reflexes at times. Which sounds bad, and definitely if you're not in for that kind of punishment it's perfectly fine to dislike the game for it. But that combined with a neat find debris/craft it system and a discovery-based story system makes me want to recommend, even though I've never gotten past the halfway point in it.
on a similar note as gungeon*, I super love Nuclear Throne. I've never beaten this one either but i've gotten close, and it'll happen at some point, I'm just bad at video games! But getting better has been lots of fun and like, it just feels so good, tbh. It doesn't have the same variety as gungeon does, the bosses are always gonna be the same if you take the same path, guns generally come in a few specific flavors, but that's fine, because it's very much about mastering what it does have. What it does have in variety is the characters, which all have a different passive and active ability that makes how you play with them vary quite a bit, and I can't decide who I like best so I almost always just play with random character selected.

*The game structure is very different but they're both twin stick shooters, so they control similarly
Oh yeah, CRAWL is great.
Thanks everyone :) These have all been added to my list of research materials

I will also bring up Hand of Fate, which is a game I just started playing that has a good mix of luck and skill.

My current list feels pretty hefty, but please bring up more games if you feel any are missing from the discussion so far
Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup and Tales of Maj'eyal are both free and more like the original Rogue game (turn-based, tile-based dungeon crawling. In both you a pick a race and class which determines starting equipment and stats.)

Also not mentioned here yet and free are Red Rogue (sorta-platformer, option to play it "live" or time only progressing when you move) and Brogue which has the prettiest ascii art ever.

All except ToME have procedurally generated maps which include key features like sub-dungeons (branches as they're called in DCSS) as sorta-constants. ToME's as I recall are more fixed

And not free but also worth noting: caves of qud, sproggiwood
Shout-out to Nuclear Throne, Risk of Rain, Crypt of the Necrodancer; I've played those games a lot and loved them.

You should definitely check out Unexplored; it's a very interesting roguelike take, and one of my favourite games from this year. The dungeons are generated in a cyclical way, with hints to future locations and events, and branches that have challenges to unlock doors in previous levels.

A game I've been meaning to check out is HyperRogue, which is set on a hyperbolic plane. I don't know anything about the gameplay, but the concept intrigues me.
Can confirm Hyperrogue is a good time, though less Roguelike-y than some of the other entries here. There's no stats and most enemies can be killed in one shot, but you lose if you'll be hit on your next turn (i.e. if two enemies flank you).

It's purchasable on Steam but also playable for free online here.
Dead Cells is a solid action-roguelite (though still in early access if that's a concern). game takes clear inspiration from castlevania and dark souls; lots of weapons and spells and traps to toy around with, and hits that methodical-but-frantic combat style pretty well? it's been a while since I've played it, admittedly; there's been lots of updates and balancing and I'm not sure on the specifics anymore... but it is still updating frequently, so that's hopeful.

if you're enjoying Hand of Fate, definitely check out the sequel. while the core mechanics are fundamentally the same, (and thus prone to similar strengths and weaknesses,) the game both expands on those core mechanics in ways that feel natural and plays around with its game-within-a-game premise within each scenario. it feels... right, y'know?

Aside from that, seconding Enter the Gungeon and Risk of Rain on the action-y side, and Dungeons of Dredmor and Darkest Dungeon on the strateg-y side.
(11-22-2017, 10:23 AM)Not The Author Wrote: »if you're enjoying Hand of Fate, definitely check out the sequel.

That's actually why I started playing the original. I got it in a bundle a while ago, but ignored it; now I'm trying to beat it before I get the second.

Not roguelike at all, but if you want some sweet dungeon-crawling action, check out the Legend of Grimrock series.
The only roguelike I like or have played is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon so I guess that makes me a pleb but check it out if you like roguelikes?? Not sure how it compares to other roguelikes really and I only play it for the story.
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i love the roguelike about exploring a series of caves... what was it called again...?

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fyck phytybyckyt
oh wow i heard that ones getting a sequel
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Hey, does anyone have any dungeon-crawling games, non-roguelike, to recommend?