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We chat about videogames and videogame accessories.
I am on a mission to defeat Zelda 2 without game overing.

I have been on this mission for days and I have never reached halfway.
(02-26-2012, 08:37 PM)btp Wrote: »Supes you should get a keyboard for that greencast. Then that zombie typing game.

And by you I mean me.

I had a flash drive with Typing of the Dead on it that I would play in class in high school when I was done my animation stuff.

Typing games technically count as educational.
(02-26-2012, 11:10 PM)Mehgamehn Wrote: »I am on a mission to defeat Zelda 2 without game overing.

I have been on this mission for days and I have never reached halfway.
do you fancy yourself tom cruise, mehgamehn? because it seems to me that such a mission is downright

undoable Meloncooly
Mofudder I am in the fifth temple with +1 life (Picked up 2 extra lives, and have only lost 1, being cheapshotted into Lava in the 4th).

I am actually dreading picking up the controller, I'm afraid that I might have lost my groove since last night. Goddarn EMPLOYMENT why you gotta cut into video game time


My greatest nemesis (BLUE KNIGHT WHO THROWS KNIVES) took two of my lives.
(02-27-2012, 06:09 PM)Mehgamehn Wrote: »My greatest nemesis (BLUE KNIGHT WHO THROWS KNIVES) took two of my lives.

I'm pretty sure 90% of my deaths when playing Zelda II were caused by either Boomerang Dogman or some variety of knight.
Those boomerang guys are easy now that I've faced them 500 times

Also the Axe Dogs in Death Mountain

In fact every enemy in the game (Barring Valley of Death enemies) have become easier than (SOME PERSON YOU HOLD DEAR) aside from those goddamn blue knights.

I am a little discouraged from continuing on this quest after beating all six temples before dying three steps from town as I tried to heal before Valley of Death. Honestly, I didn't really stand a chance of getting through the end-game with just one life, but it was still a tough pill to swallow.

But damn it I am doing this >:c
You should take a little picture of every time you die so you can have a nice scrapbook to remember it all!
I remember every death on that last run.

Two blue knights, two cheapshots into lava, one mistimed jump into lava, and then a mixture of various monsters hitting me until PLOP I'M DEAD




[Image: Untitled.png?t=1330668971]

NOTE: That red-eye is 100% real. This game possessed my soul. Also why don't I ever shave before putting up a picture of myself on the interwebs.

THIS IS FOR THOSE NOT IN THE KNOW: The Triforce means I won, the three zeros means I have no Game Overs.
Congrats Mehgs! Your achievement has inspired us all! I'm gonna DO SOMETHING today!
Congrats Megh!
In other news, the large amount of Vidya Things I ordered have arrived~
Mole Mania, Donkey Kong, Link's Awakening DX (Game Boy or Game Boy Color Games) and a fourth Nintendo 64 Controller! (too bad I need to get a new battery for Donkey Kong :c )
Soon my dreams of a 4-Player Wario Party is within reach.
(03-07-2012, 04:09 AM)Superfrequency Wrote: »
(03-06-2012, 09:57 PM)Solaris Wrote: »Wario Party

There is no such game.

Unless you mean a mario game where the object is to fuck over your friends. I played that.

I think he's referring to playing Mario Party with rule explanations off, so you have to figure out what the hell to do without the game telling you.

Pausing to see the controls is cheating.
As most definately not requested, my collection:


Also I have no Mass Effect 3. The British Postal System has let me down again. Tomorrow I will punch a postman.
fyck phytybyckyt
Sweet collections guys, i'm a bit jealous.

I used to have a somewhat decent collection during the gamecube gen (mostly gb/gba/gamecube games) but i sold it/lost it all during my rebellious teenager phase. All what's left of my snes is the console itself :(

I should really
get a job
(and buy games)
[Image: iqVkAVO.gif]
I have a job and haven't bought a game since Mario Galaxy 2

I am an unabashed retro-gamer

One day I will have all the monies and then maybe I'll change my ways

have an old Game Boy Color and a Tetris cartridge

this is the bulk of my collection
I could have sworn I did own We <3 Katamari. I know for a fact that Me & My Katamari was not the first Katamari game I had, but it does not appear to be a thing I own any more? I don't know.

fyck phytybyckyt
Maaan I don't wanna get beat. I'm gonna have to buy more games.
fyck phytybyckyt
(03-10-2012, 04:36 AM)Superfrequency Wrote: »Holy shit PAL PS2 spines are ugly.

I'm slightly curious at what the non-PAL spines look like now. (google search gogogo)

So it seems the NTSC spines have nice art'd up writing while PAL just has the bog standard black writing on white square. How interesting.

Course when I think of PAL/NTSC ugliness I immediately think of ICO.

The PAL one:

Aaaaaaaannd the NTSC one:
I now have a Mass Effect 3.

It has no manual. This bothers me somewhat even though I never really look at manuals. I just guess I think it's a nice thing to have. There's a really generic pamphlet which apparently might contain information about features this game doesn't have and some cards with online codes but that is it. I've a friend who has just bought Reckoning: Kingdoms of Amalur (or something) and that didn't have a manual? Is this is the new standard.

Also reversible box art what the actual fuck? It's bad enough that some guy I've never seen in the game is all over the cover, the reversibleness just makes the inside look like a mess.
Wasn't until after I posted I noticed it was reversible so you could replace generic male Shepard with generic female Shepard. Fuck that. My femshep looks nothing like this bitch and the inside of the box would still look ugly as fuck no matter which way around you had it.

[Image: reversibleboxart.png]
fyck phytybyckyt
Packaging is nice and pretty and there will always be a few companies that will use that as part of the appeal, but we are going to approach an age where everything will be digital and I think that is perfectly fine.

Manuals have never really been needed, and it make sense for them to die out in print form. We'll likely see them pop up in digital form when video gaming as a whole grows past the "TUTORIAL TUTORIAL TUTORIAL" phase. And I do believe that its a phase, people are going to realize that nobody needed instruction before because Trial-and-Error has been around since babies.

Also its possible my dislike for packaging stems from the fact that I trap myself in the "PATH OF PLAYED" maze. Why is Luigi's Mansion in Wind Waker casing, Wait wind waker is in Smash Bros, where's Smash Bros.

(03-10-2012, 05:38 PM)Superfrequency Wrote: »Have you ever needed a tutorial to tell you that the A button makes you jump?

Have you?

During the Super Mario Galaxy 2 tutorial, my aunt actually managed to jump over the giant crystal you're supposed to spin to destroy to progress

She had trouble with the rest of the game for a little while
I dislike buying things digitally. I think part of it is probably paranoia (what if I uninstall it from my computer and then the business goes bust or for some reason beyond my control decides to refuse me access to my game etcetera?), part of it is owning a nice product.

Manuals can admittedly be pretty redundant, repacking the information you can get easily in game and things you can work out on your own, I still feel that a nice manual adds to a game and is part of the product.
fyck phytybyckyt
(03-10-2012, 07:07 PM)Superfrequency Wrote: »Digital only is not just unfavorable to collectors, it is also unfavorable to historians! They will have to call in hackers to get around ancient DRM. How can you put a download in a museum?

Are you afraid that every version of something that would be of historical importance would vanish without somebody making a physical copy?

Oh hey I found my gamecube:

fyck phytybyckyt
Dat european ac adapter.

Also, i found my copy of double dash! hooray!
[Image: iqVkAVO.gif]