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We chat about videogames and videogame accessories.
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Dragon Fogel
 RE: We chat about videogames and videogame accessories.
The Goddamn Pacman

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Among RPGs, there's the Etrian Odyssey series for the DS and 3DS. They have a reputation for being hard, but most encounters are manageable if you know what you're doing.

Or, there's the DROD (Deadly Rooms of Death) series, which is a turn-based puzzle dungeon game. Basically, you kill monsters to clear rooms, but sometimes killing all the monsters is tricky. Earlier entries in the series have more of a focus on combat, while the fourth and fifth games are more focused on puzzles (and the fifth game has a ridiculous number of them).
The game also features a robust level editor, and there are hundreds of additional dungeons made by members of the community.

Related to the above is DROD RPG. Aside from the very basic movements, this plays completely differently from the main series; it's based on Tower of the Sorceror. There are stat upgrades hidden all throughout the dungeon (in fixed places), and monsters don't move, instead standing around waiting for you to kill them. So it becomes a game of figuring out which stat boosts and other benefits to go for first, before tackling stronger monsters. I struggle with this kind of gameplay myself, but it might be your thing. As with regular DROD, this features an excellent level editor, though there aren't as many custom level sets for this one.
9 hours ago
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