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 RE: wonderings
the one who patented nonsense

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the woods
why does the electron field have inertial mass? if it's just bubbles and waves like the em field, why can't it travel the speed of light? is it because it sheds energy to the em field whenever it's moving?

what parts of the em field are quantized? just the values at any given point? the local extrema? the amplitudes of the fourier transform?

how can two fields interact with one another?

in the copenhagen interpretation, how are measurements defined? why don't the two slits collapse the wave, and why doesn't the measuring device cause interference?

why is the weak force considered a force, and not just a collection of interactions? it doesn't really impart much momentum, it interacts mainly through particles rather than fields, it doesn't really have its own associated property (like charge, gravitational mass, etc), and its force carrying particles have mass.

how does the pauli exclusion principle work on electrons that aren't surrounding an atom? does it have some radius of effect? how does it work when you think of electrons as field bubbles rather than particles?
09-23-2017, 08:41 PM
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