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Characoal is obtained by slow burning wood to get water out and I don't remember any mention of there being mined coal in this adventure yet (maybe I forgot tho ? Come to think of it that's really somethng you would have epected to find in the forge near the god box, I guess it must have been taken long ago but by who ?) so the problem of it consuming our stockpile of wood still inderectly remains.

Kori people are subtarenean so maybe she know someone who could sell us coal in the future.
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03-06-2018, 02:33 AM
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word juggleryer

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If only there was some sort of fire god we could appeal to
03-06-2018, 07:12 AM
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(03-04-2018, 03:29 PM)smuchmuch Wrote: >Fungal pack. The rest we can easily eventualy make or buy on our own. More self resplenible food sources are alway good idea long term, especialy since we're giving fodcto the Prejay as well now.

Your people tell Wally to return with a Fungal Pack. He happily runs off, somehow without making any noise.

Quote:>We should also smoke (and if we can salt) some of the fishes and rabbit meat for long term conservation

Your people do so immediately. 10 hunks of rabbit meat are turned into rabbit jerky, and 10 fish are dried.

Quote:>Can one of our villager read and write ? Because if so we should have them start maps and jurnals or monsters and things encountered so far.

The Scrivener comes to take her place. She takes a branch and carves into it, writing as much as she can. The writing spirals around the branch, and your people dub this innovation a ‘lore-stick’.

[Image: eGSSuEn.jpg]

She continues carving into more branches, for as long as she is able to stay awake. You hope there will be many, many more lore-sticks in the future.

(6 branches spent)

Quote:>I do wonder, does the Zalujis have guardian spirits ? Or for that matter, the Prejays ? We didn't feel any such resence when our people where at their village but ho know how it work ?)

The Rite to create a Guardian Ghost demands that a person who has lived for 100 years to starve themselves for a day, then go and travel outside alone in the middle of the night. As the sacrifice walked or crawled, they must focus on an adversary, one they wish to protect their people from. The gods themselves revealed this Rite, the Guardian’s Journey, but it is unknown to you if anyone else ever actually performed it.

You remember performing the Rite. It was pure agony, walking in that rainstorm on your fragile legs, but now you are certain it was worth it. You lived for a whole century, and you saw the Signet coming to destroy your people and their heritage. You weren’t sure if it would actually work, but when you died, you remember hearing the words:

“Only when the Signet die or admit defeat will you be born again in the Realm of the Gods.”

You don’t know who said it, but it must be true. You’re here now, in the form of an invisible ghost watching over the Verezan people. You can sense other ghosts, but you didn’t feel anything when you visited the Preeray. Nobody in their tribe managed to live to a hundred when the Signet attacked them, it seems.

The Zalugi COULD have a Guardian Ghost of their own, but that remains to be seen. If they do have one, you hope you could converse with them, from one spirit to another.

A new day arrives. Another beautiful day out of the slave pits.

You have a visitor from the Preeray village. He says his name is Emtiga, and he’ll come by every day for the deal. He picks up the amount of food both of your tribes agreed upon.

[Image: zYZDdjf.jpg]

(You lose 5 hunks of dried fish meat)

Before he leaves, your people ask him if he knows about the Zalugi. He replies:

“Zalugi? You can trust them, they helped us escape the Signet back when we were in the same slave camps. Very short people with very big heads! Their skins are as dark as your tribe’s, but their teeth are much sharper. I remember they wouldn’t eat anything uncooked, even fruits. They love Arara and were absolutely enraged when Arara lost his mind. I suppose that’s why they hate the Signet so much more than other tribes.”

With cargo in tow, Emtiga leaves for Preeray. From the sounds of it, the Zalugi would make very good allies for your people.

Soon, Wally the Pearl Lobster arrives and makes good on his promise. The Fungal Pack also comes with a piece of paper, a News Note from the Zalugi:

The Dermilyu Kingdom made another sad attempt at reclaiming their lost glory. They sent a lone warrior to Padabon, and we drove him off with our catapults. Despite being reduced to only 20 people, they are still hunting for slaves and attacking settlements. The last of their royals, King Vondar, refuses our calls for an alliance. It seems they are determined to obey their arrogant ways until extinction.

The Verezan people have a settlement called Refugeville, located along the same river as Padabon to the west. We rejoice at finding new allies against our mad oppressors, the terrible Signet.

We have reports that the Signet have created an extremely long serpent, hereby called ‘Setera’, that can burrow under sand and soil. The Setera is large enough to swallow an entire cottage. Beware when travelling, watch out for signs of tremors or moving soil. Our scholars are hard at work trying to confirm which weapons work best against it.


Quite informative. Wally tells your people the News Notes aren’t made daily, just whenever anything noteworthy comes up.

Your people open up the Care Package filled with fungal spores, and waste no time planting them in the basement.

Wally informs the village that he will return later in the afternoon just before sunset, and then they can decide which Care Package to ask for.

Wally leaves. Kori hasn’t returned yet, so your people decide to plan for the next expedition, while the rest of the village works on expanding the basement, gathering food and making tools.

Where should they send explorers today? And what items should they bring?


Big Skull:
This enormous skull with three eye sockets seems to move when nobody’s looking. Sometimes it’s half-buried in the sand. Sometimes it’s floating just a few inches above it. Sometimes it’s upside down. Sometimes, it sings.

A very tall metal object, perfectly cylindrical in shape. It has no entrance. There is no crater, no sign of any construction work, as if it just appeared here. At night, it glows and the light blinks.

The Twins:
A silent, gigantic killer. It has no eyes, but making noise near it is dangerous. If it wakes up, it will smell for flesh. Its body looks as if it’s made of snot. Fortunately, it never moves far from its nest. It is called ‘The Twins’ due to its two heads, but the head in the rear is false.

A large hole that smells of flowers. It’s so deep that if you dropped a torch into it, you would stop seeing the light before any sound is heard.

Loud Graveyard:
An unpleasant noise perpetually emanates from the graves here. It sounds like a chorus of angry children. The gravestones themselves all bear valuable gems, but touching a gem results in the noise becoming so loud your head would burst.


God Box:
Situated in a town covered by moss, now taken over by the Dermilyu Kingdom. Very dangerous.

Chicken Blood Pond:
A pond filled with dead chickens. There might be something submerged in the pond.

Skull Pile:
A pile of skulls, of unknown origin. Could be something useful in the pile.


Aniro Village:
According to the Preeray, there are only three people living here, but they are all consumed by madness and hostile. The village is far larger than it should, with many decrepit houses and shops.

Explore the EAST:

Not much is known about what’s in the east, aside from the existence of the Brain Box.


Population: 12 out of 24 shelter spaces

Preeray Village - Gains Guarded Thoughts blessing for Refugeville, traded for 5 hunks of food daily
Padabon Village - Sends daily Care Packages

Wealth: 1 crumbit

1 Dog (Relief)
2 Cows (Bilin, Daina)
1 Horse (Comet)

12 tapioca (growing, 17 days left)
10 mangould (growing, 13 days left)
20 underground mushrooms (growing, 10 days left)

Iron Knife x 1 (4 crumbits)
Stone Axe x 5 (2 crumbits)
Stone Shovel x 1 (2 crumbits)
Steel Hooked Chains x 2 (Equipped by Guards, 8 crumbits each)

Crude Wooden Raft (Kori won’t buy it)

Two Chain-Hook Users

Kori (Miscellaneous Goods) - Still not back at Refugeville
Ogot (Building Materials)

284 branches (1 crumbit for 4 branches)
5 beef jerky (5 crumbits each)
8 rabbit meat (2 crumbits each)
10 rabbit jerky (3 crumbits each)
20 fish meat (2 crumbits each)
5 dried fish filet (3 crumbits each)
6 jar of milk (4 crumbits each)
5 loincloths (1 crumbit each)
30 pieces of clay (2 crumbits each)
188 stones

1 stone house (with basement)
1 shrine
1 palisade
1 fishpond
1 rabbit hutch

2 Steel Hammers
Leather Bag
4 Treated Bandages
Construction Manual
Yaranga Phrasebook
2 Steel Pliers
2 Boxes of matches
1 Steel Chain

Fishblood Lantern - A lantern that uses fish blood as fuel. Provides light and warmth. One adult fish from the river should be enough for one night. Easy to carry, even for a dog or a wolf.

Copy of Hildevert’s Journal: Hate Box - The Signet have been hunting a man named Hildevert for the past month, and he continues to elude capture. This book is about what he saw in a place called the Hate Box, a place where powerful prisoners are tortured for amusement.

Mycah Wizard Robe - Doesn’t grant magical powers, but Mycah spells are woven into it that protect the wearer from undeath. The spells repel teeth and rotten meat, so it’s perfect for fighting ghouls.

Acid Jar - A jar full of liquid that will melt anything metal. Extremely useful against armored opponents and locks.

Divine Artifacts:

Shrunken Head of Asimuth - Screams when an agent of the Signet sees Refugeville.


Devoted Wolfpack: Rimewulf’s followers can transform into wolves at night, granting faster movement, enhanced senses and combat strength.

Call of the Wild: Once per day, you may summon one animal to appear in the village. The animal will always obey your people and never harm them.

Arara’s Shade: Your people can endure heat that would normally cause heatstrokes. A common blessing for desert-dwellers and those who wish to endure drought.

Guarded Thoughts: Your people are protected from mind-altering poisons and curses. They cannot be brainwashed or mind controlled, not even by the Signet.


Marked By The Signet: The Signet will never stop sending scouts.
03-20-2018, 07:06 AM
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finding a way to fish out whatever's in the chicken pond might be worthwhile. but for now i think exploring the east is ok.

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03-20-2018, 02:11 PM
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I concur with exploring the east. After all, Wally comes from that side of the river (I guess) and meeting with the Padabon would be great. Perhaps, we'll even meet a fellow spirit against the Signet.
03-20-2018, 02:51 PM
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Aye, I agree with heading east as well. We know very little about anything in that direction, and it'd be a good idea to scope things out, especially if we can meet more potential allies along the way.
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03-20-2018, 03:53 PM
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I'd like to,explore West actualy, in the dirretion of the Plant Box (.. I'm ...worried about the brain box to be honest.), but East's good too.

Just exploation tho, no interations yet.

Actualy if we have one very brave and very sneaky explorer, I'd like to see f they could check on the twins and what might be the remain of the giantess. No crazy risks, just a look will do if is allt hey can do. And while they're at it, stay a moment near the skull and see if thre's anything to be heard in it's ocisional babbling and chanting.

The god box village to the North being dirrectly taken by potential invaders will be a concern. sooner or laer they will send expedition futher South and find the river. From there it's only a matter of time till they find refugeville..

We should keep an eye on any potential thing that to drive them away from the god box village in the future.

(While expanding the basement furtherour people whould keep some walla and some pillars of eatrh, we want to keep the ground above firm)
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03-20-2018, 04:53 PM
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>Begin construction on the Blacksmith's workshop nextdoor to the house
>Create one table and one chair for the above
>Create two torches for the basement.
>Create as much basement flooring to make it comfortable and keep the mushroom patch separated.

>Summon a rooster to match our hen

>Sell 80 branches for 20 crumbits.

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Undying Aberration

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Mm. I feel we should belay the workshop creation until we can manage to keep a more steady supply of iron going. Though, I will agree with making torches for the basement, creating some flooring for it, and summoning a rooster to go with our hen. Those definitely sound like solid ideas. Maybe start making more rabbit jerky and dried fish, while we're at it? Best to make sure we have a steady supply of well-preserved food, after all.
Today, 02:19 AM
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