It's Ajnin Dumb Idea™ Time!

>Lure the forest face into the (probably) bottomless pit! It's following us specifically; if we get a scout over to the pit, we could float into the pit itself as far down as we can. The worst/weirdest that the trees could do is attach to the inside of the pit, climbing down, since I assume we can float through dirt/stone we don't have this limitation and can just float out of their way. Madness does not lead itself to self-preservation, thankfully. If nothing else, it buys time.

If we do this, I'd recommend just using one scout for this and using the other to send Wally the Pearl Monster to the Zalugi to burn this mfer down.

On a side note - twice now we've had allusions to the Signet's madness. Right now Holkaborg probably isn't strong enough, but in the future, I'd like to see if she can make the Signet more sane.

I'd like to experiment with the map scroll a bit - it's weird that the directions referred to in the scroll were from the tribe's position; maybe what it does is show the nearest four boxes relative to your current position. Experimentation is required.
(04-14-2018, 07:43 AM)gloomyMoron Wrote: »One of the explorers should use the wood from the crates and the rags from the slaves by the Bridge-to-Nowhere to start a fire after the other leads the forest to.

The plan is put into action, and after a harrowing ten minutes, the Chanting Forest catches fire. What follows is an ungodly scream that pierces the sky.

Unfortunately, you’ve only managed to burn the trees on the outer edge.

(04-17-2018, 11:43 AM)Wessolf27 Wrote: »Apart from Gloomy's plan, we must sacrifice something to buy us some time to enact it. We offer wine and mead to her, and a summoned animal if we must.

Nguda draws the Rune of Holkaborg in the sand…

[Image: gYKtTaN.jpg]

…and places a bottle of mead and a bottle of wine as a sacrifice.

(06-01-2018, 09:04 AM)Ajnin Wrote: »On a side note - twice now we've had allusions to the Signet's madness. Right now Holkaborg probably isn't strong enough, but in the future, I'd like to see if she can make the Signet more sane.

Holkaborg responds:

“I have tried to make the Signet sane. I have no power over them for their minds were not born under my watch.”

What? What does… what does that mean? Before you can ruminate further, she continues.

“Go east. I sense the minds of Patrollers. If you go now, you will meet them. Do not stop until you meet them.”

Heeding her advice, Nguda, Mahfo and their horse Comet rush to the east. An hour passes, and the Chanting Forest, angry and determined, still pursues you.

At last, you come across a pair of Zalugi Patrollers!

[Image: xj8B9y9.jpg]

They’re inspecting some kind of tower. By all known laws of nature, this thing shouldn’t be standing, yet it does. The whole architecture just screams ‘Signet’.

The two Patrollers notice your two explorers, along with the angry forest chasing after them. The taller Patroller shouts out: “GET INSIDE THE BUILDING!”

With no time to ask questions, they get inside the strange structure along with the two Zalugi people. Strangely, the Chanting Forest just keeps going eastwards, as if it didn’t see your people climb up the ramp.

Inside the structure, the shorter Patroller introduces herself. She is speaking your language, with a strong accent.

“Greetings. My name is Golgora, of the Zalugi Nation. I reside in Padabon. You are from the west, and… you are from Refugeville?”

Mahfo and Nguda nod.

Golgora is delighted and continues “Very good! This is my partner, Yahfi. He is from Padabon, like me.”

Yahfi waves, and notes the confused looks on your explorers. He gives an explanation as to what this strange tower is.

“We in Padabon call this thing ‘The Argument Tornado’. It is shaped like a tornado, but it’s form looks different to different people. Tell me, what do the walls of this building look like they were made of to you?”

Mahfo and Nguda say that it looks like some kind of wood. Yahfi nods and says “Yes, just as I thought. People from different places see this building in different ways. To me and Golgora, this Tornado looks as if it was built out of marble. People from the Yaranga thought this was made of steel. The Dermilians thought this was made of glass. Very fascinating, very disturbing, no? So we call it the Argument Tornado, because everyone sees this building differently and the only thing we can agree on is that it’s shaped like a tornado.”

Your two explorers are dumbfounded. Try as they might, they really cannot see the walls as anything other than wood, same as you.

Then, Golgora speaks “We discovered something else, too. This building, everything inside it is invisible to monsters, the ones made by the Signet. We don’t know why, but this place makes a good shelter from their creatures… which is probably why that weird forest that was chasing you ignored you after you went in. So, travellers, my partner and I were ordered to confirm the Argument Tornado was here and then return before the sun sets. Would you like to come with us to Padabon?”

Mahfo and Nguda look at each other. Mahfo and Nguda politely decline, explaining that they are worried about their home. Considering the sheer number of threats out there in the world, the two Patrollers understand.

Soon, your two explorers return home. Kori the merchant is back as well!

[Image: 8PbthQ2.jpg]

The following have been added to your village’s stockpile:

- Compass
- 6 crumbits
- 1 bottle of Wine
- 2 bottles of Mead
- Ceramic Dagger

You feel relief at the sight of your explorers making it home.


A vision comes before you. Were it not for the fact you are conscious, you would have considered it as a mere dream.

[Image: RY6SPJm.jpg]

The figure addresses you.

“Guardian Ghost, Sentinel Spirit, Protective Phantom. There are many gods in this cosmos. Many names, many fates. I am one of them. I am The God From Nowhere. Born without reason, free to roam, free to help, free to hurt.”

You ask if the God From Nowhere has a proper name.

“Call me whatever you wish. Make an offering to me and I care not if you insult me. I am the God From Nowhere, and what you get is what I wish to grant you. A boon? A curse? You may never know… but such is my nature.”

And in a flash, the vision ends.

You have now learned of The God From Nowhere. Though your people remain unaware of his presence, you may now sacrifice something from stockpile for an unpredictable result.

Rimewulf whispers to you: “Do not trust him. The God From Nowhere is a miserable mess. He has no purpose, born only because the chaos in our cosmos allowed it.”

Holkaborg speaks to you as well: “The God From Nowhere is desperate for purpose. He seeks followers. He might have learned of your people from your contact with the Zalugi.”

Rimewulf is taken aback: “That means at least one of the two people you met actually worships The God From Nowhere.”

Holkaborg reassures the God of Wolves: “We have nothing to fear from him. You should not regard him as an abomination, Rimewulf. You should instead regard him as an orphaned child looking for a home.”

Rimewulf scoffs, but says nothing. The two gods have ended their conversation, and you return your attention to the village under your protection.

Your people are arguing about what to do regarding the Dermilians. Some of them want to try and raid the Dermilian camp up north to steal supplies and free slaves. Some want to post a permanent lookout outside of the village to keep watch. Others think they should stock up on oil and use that to cook the Dermilians in their metal armor. A small minority believes the best option is to just hide in the basement if they see anyone from Dermilyu approach.

As Guardian Ghost, you can influence how their argument goes. What approach should they take, with regards to the giant slavers living north from your village?


Perhaps we could raid for supplies at night, rescue slaves and ask Holkaborg to madden anyone who persues us.
Beautiful. That's the exact type of information I was looking for from Holkaborg regarding the Signet. What it means, time will tell, but it gives us another tidbit about these guys.

I second btp; if we have our raid party approach as wolves, they'll be even more surprised and less prepared.
Can't say I particularly feel the idea, myself. Like, while I'd normally be down for a night raid, I'm a bit iffy towards the idea given that, for all we know, they could have stealthed scouts patrolling the area, and I'd rather we not risk bringing some phantom giant back home with us whilst thinking that we got away scot-free.

Regardless, I do feel like trying to save up oil so as to cook some giant supremacists doesn't sound like a bad idea. Building some catapults prob'ly wouldn't hurt, either. Mind, if we can find a decent way to obscure them, that'd be even better, but... I doubt we have the means available to us at the moment, so.
First things first:
I'd like to remind that all we've seen at the god box village were an avant guarde of four warriors (the invisible scout and the three wariors) but they arent installed there as a camp just yet, even if they have, according to the woman, reinforcements and scholars on the move we haven't confirmed those have arrived yet.

So there may not be slaves near to save nor supplies to raid yet and that also mean we have time to prepare and that's good.

1) While the invisible scout has been dealt with, the three solders should still be there at the godbox and know there are 'tiny people' around. If those three were to be missing all the reinforcement would know is what the scout had put n her aven messages.

2)This is still a vilage build around a signet contruction. While the giants are clearly not afraid to fight the signet as shown by the fact they fought both the god box' monster and ravaged the brain box, it sill inflicted many defeat upon them, if they were to thin it's prsene is still all over the village, I wonder how eager they'd be to colonize it..

Possible strategy: kill these three soldiers (it'll be hard), booby trap the god box vilage, make it as unhospitable as possible and make it look like a signet nightmare/curse.

The details are a tad fuzzy yet but the region is not missing in monsters we can use and we have lots of oil for much painfull firey death and creepy smoke plus possibly Holkaborg illusions.

Our people are still also marked by the Signet, so real signet monsters will keep stumbling around sooner or later... maybe we could play both sides againt each other. And we know the mark still works even after death,I wonder if there would be a way to mark them in turn although that'd likely require a sacrificial lamb among our people one or another...


In the meantime, we certainly should have our people build some traps aroud refugeville :

The design is fairly simple, hidden wooden spikse pit with oiled slippery walls.
They don't need to be hyper deep either, just enough fo anyone to really get their leg nixed badly making them useless in combat. The giants are heavy, especialy with their armors and as such much more likely to fall into these and be unable to get out. If an army or even a scouting party show at our doors, that should slow them down quite a bit.

I'd be tempted to build some new defenses on our walls proper but as I mentioned before, just because the Dermilyuian are close doesnt mean the signet isn't still going to be a thing that keeps happening. We're still marked by them, and against them our best protection is still hiding our presence.
While I appreciate the ideia of having more traps in Refugeville, I also find it interesting to build a few improvised shacks to allow our villagers to have more privacy and comfort while we don't dig a few rooms in the basement.
Duck, duck, duck, duck, GHOOST.
The traps would have to be outside the walls to be efficient against the Dermilians while your huts would be inside so they aren't mutualy exclusive as long as the stocks of wood an mapower ae poprely spet.

Also, rereading the last updates, I ralize I missed that ealier:
The Dermilyu Kingdom made another sad attempt at reclaiming their lost glory. They sent a lone warrior to Padabon, and we drove him off with our catapults. Despite being reduced to only 20 people, they are still hunting for slaves and attacking settlements. The last of their royals, King Vondar, refuses our calls for an alliance. It seems they are determined to obey their arrogant ways until extinction.

If there are indeed only twenty of them left, the Zalugi paper could be wrong), why I have n doubt hat eve a single Dermilian is a dangerous and a ew of them a force to be recknoned with, I'll admit that make the rescuing hostage plan a lot more viable as would be the traps.

And it makes me very tempted to take on these three Demilians the village right now while they are still 'alone'. wonder, is terenayone in our poulation with knowlege of herbristery (mabe sk he Zalugi nsead). We may not even hve to kill them if we ,could get some large amount of sleping gas/drugs.

With only twenty of them left, three hostages could be a very precious bargaining chip to gain their begrudging fear or respect. And as loathesome as giant slavers may sounds, the fact is they are fearsomes wariors and we could use ALL the help we can get against the signet.Who knows of the twenty left a few might be ledss deluded and reasoned to rebuild teir society in less insane ways..
As the sun sets, Wally the Pearl Lobster doesn’t come back. Distressingly, your villagers can see small flecks of white dust on the river’s surface. Did something happen? Your people pray that he has not been caught by the Signet.

(An unexpected disruption. You will not receive any more Care Packages from Padabon for now)

(06-04-2018, 08:59 AM)btp Wrote: »Perhaps we could raid for supplies at night, rescue slaves and ask Holkaborg to madden anyone who persues us.

Five brave warriors, dubbed ‘Wolf Runners’ by your own people without your suggestion, wait for nightfall and head northwards towards the Dermilian outpost, Mosstown.

They reach it without incident.

[Image: dXMTWMC.jpg]

It seems the Dermilians already brought in their slaves. You can see ten people from an unknown tribe, along with two guards clad in plate armor. Luckily, they didn’t bother to build a cage, though the slaves are all chained together.

A Dermilyu scholar, just as large as the guards, writes by candlelight on the desk. You can see a silver key, resting right next to the paper.

There is also a tent, apparently full of supplies. Knowing the Dermilians, they would have very high quality goods. A quick look shows that there are 5 steel maces and 4 loaded crossbows inside, along with some grain, cabbages, fruits and jars of water. There is also some kind of wheeled cannon but there is no way to light the fuse.

Your Wolfrunners perform a simple ritual to plead to Holkaborg. They sacrifice three hunks of rabbit meat, to make the enemy less alert. She graciously accepts the sacrifice in the darkness, the hunks of meat vanishing into thin air. Your enemies will be distracted by blurry figures, visions of vague phantoms.

The Wolfrunners have come up with a plan: One Wolfrunner will distract the Dermilian guards and… (You may mix the following options)

- The others will steal the key and help the prisoners escape!
- Kidnap the Dermilian scholar.
- Kill the Dermilian scholar.
- Steal the scholar’s report, it could be useful information.
- Loot supplies from the tent!
- Steal weapons from the tent and give them to the prisoners.
- Steal the crossbows and use them to kill the guards.
- Steal the cannon, so the Dermilians won’t be able to use it against others.


Hey. Nice to see this (and, by extension, you, Mayu ) is back

>At the risk of sounding greedy I'm gonna say: All of the above if we play our cards right.

>If we get the guards distracted, we can take the scholar hostage, take his key and free the slaves and then turn up the crossbows against the guards.

(Bonus if we manage to get them to drop their weapons rather than kill them (dangerous and arbhorent as they may be, I still think they could make great allies of circumstances against the signet))

> Then we're free to collect the whole loot., hostages, free men, repport, weapons and supplies.

>If we can't haul the canon (a possibility given it's size and weight), then we should sabotage it (Better if we could not though.. one day int he future we could use this as part of our own defenses)

>HOWEVER, first we should have our wolf form take a good sniff at the smell aorund here and listening very carefuly with wolf hearing before we get in, to make sure there isn't an invisbke susrpise like the last dermillain who tried to follow them, or checkt here arent some traps around the encampement, or that the scholar doesnt have magical runes on him.
- The others will steal the key and help the prisoners escape!
- Steal the crossbows and use them to kill the guards.
- Steal weapons from the tent and give them to the prisoners.
With this, we will have more time to think about the situation and act.
DO NOT attack the Dermilian scholar as he doesn't have any weapons and doesn't look menacing, we're here to free the prisioners and pick food.
Duck, duck, duck, duck, GHOOST.
If we're taking the key, the report is right there so we might as well grab it too. Or at least take a glance at it.
Quote:DO NOT attack the Dermilian scholar as he doesn't have any weapons and doesn't look menacing, we're here to free the prisioners and pick food.

Appearances seems a poor choice lf criteria to judge dangerosity in an adventure where both magic and horrible mutations are confirmed things. Besides the key to the prisoners is like, right on his desk and said desk is right near the tent pf supplies so we'll have have to at least neutralize them in some way to acess them.