Steam Winter Giveaway 2017 [The End!]

Steam Winter Giveaway 2017 [The End!]
Wow there's some big name games up in there
150 points to Sunless Sea, 50 to the Witness
~◕ w◕~
Put it all on Beyond Good and Evil.
Everything on TIS-100.

edit (is that allowed?): 199 on TIS-100 and 1 on Hyper Light Drifter

edit 2: actually, 100 on each
200 on Fallout, the game I didn't know I wanted until now.
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40 each on Evoland 2, Life is Strange and The Talos Principle. 80 on Slime Rancher.
am i supposed to put something here | 💡 the lights come up again 💡
BTW that doom is doom 2016, which is rad as hell
65 to I Am Setsuna and Owlboy 70 to Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition
fyck phytybyckyt
100 each into Galak-Z and Pony Island
10 on both Dishnored and TheWitnessThe Wolf Among Us please.
Granola if you like those games I think Cope Kitty would be up your alley as well?

Anyway I'm putting 50 each on Owlboy, Nuclear Throne, and The Witness
Ooh, Ori and the Talos Principle! I highly recommend those to anyone who doesn't have them. They're both incredibly beautiful games.
In a similar vein I'd like to recommend Sunless Sea to anybody who likes their games with boatloads of good spooky lore and doesn't mind roguelikes as a genre (permadeath-with-some-stuff-carried-over, a cautious+slow early game, tough learning curve).

The game has a recently-added expansion as well (Zubmariner) so once you've fully explored the main game for tenbux you can add a bunch of additional ways to horribly die on the open sea
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20 each on:
I am Setsuna
Hyper Light Drifter
The Talos Principle
Nuclear Throne
Pony Island
Sunless Sea
Copy Kitty
161 on The Talos Principle and 39 on DROD: The Second Sky
Er, retract 15 from Talos and put it into Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition
And move a point from DROD to Ori as well

For easy bookkeeping currently my points stand as follows:

146 The Talos Principle
38 DROD: The Second Sky
16 Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition
Bidding Tally - There's Always One Edition:

Hyper Light Drifter: 300 (speedchuck - 200, a52 - 100)
Sunless Sea (x2): 250 (Whimbrel - 150, Vancho1 - 100)
Beyond Good and Evil: 200 (Robust Laser - 200)
Fallout: 200 (Gatr - 200)
The Talos Principle: 186 (qwerx3 - 146, Tantusar - 40)
Slime Rancher: 180 (Kadis - 100, Tantusar - 80)
Nuclear Throne: 150 (Demonsul - 100, Schazer - 50)
Owlboy: 115 (Ixcaliber - 65, Schazer - 50)

The Witness: 110 (Schazer - 50, Whimbrel - 50, Granolaman - 10)
Galak-Z: 100 (Not The Author - 100)
Oxenfree: 100 (icanhasdonut - 100)
Pony Island: 100 (Not The Author - 100)
Tales from the Borderlands: 100 (Bramzter - 100)
TIS-100: 100 (a52 - 100)
Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition: 86 (Ixcaliber - 70, qwerx3 - 16)
I am Setsuna: 65 (Ixcaliber - 65)
Evoland 2: 40 (Tantusar - 40)
Life is Strange: 40 (Tantusar - 40)
DROD: The Second Sky: 38 (qwerx3 - 38)
Dishonored: 10 (Granolaman - 10)
The Wolf Among Us: 10 (Granolaman - 10)

Other Games:

Editing posts is generally okay if nobody has posted since you, but if you're going back a while to change things (especially if it's before one of these tally posts) please do not edit them as I'll probably miss your changes.
132 on Hyper Light Drifter, the rest on TIS-100
Redoing the allocation:

20 - I am Setsuna
30 - Hyper Light Drifter
30 - TIS-100
30 - The Talos Principle
20 - Nuclear Throne
30 - Pony Island
20 - Sunless Sea
20 - Copy Kitty
Like I'm interested in the new Doom, especially with all the acclaim it's garnered, but it requires some decently heavy specs. I think my comp can barely run it if I overclock my GPU.

Eh I dunno, I'll probably just try to bullshit snipe it as is my idiom.

Actually speaking of past giveaways, I don't think I ever got my copy of Trine: Enhanced Edition?
Remove all my points from Nuclear Throne and add 10 points to my bid on the Witness, please
Remove 50 from Fallout and put it on the Sinister Stories Bundle. I like these kinds of niche games. But I also wanted to express interest in it because I can't put it on my wishlist.
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Actually, considering how the Witness is going up for bid soon I'll put the 50 in that instead.

... I can't decide what I want. This might be the best game lineup in history.
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