Steam Winter Giveaway 2017 [The End!]

Steam Winter Giveaway 2017 [The End!]
the bidding song:

200 points on slime rancher <3
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100 on Slime Rancher, 100 on Owlboy
Pala, you have Copy Kitty down as Cope Kitty, you may want to correct that next time you post the list.
reallocate to:

176 on Talos, 24 on Ori Definitive Edition
All in on Sunless Sea.
Hey I haven't placed any points yet because I wanted to check out all their Steam pages before doing so and wow there are a lot hghfgghhg and the DEADLINE'S ALMOST HERE SO I'M JUST GONNA THROW POINTS OUT THERE.

100 - Slime Rancher
50 - Hyper Light Drifter
50 - The Talos Principle
Does anyone have recommendations? I only see a couple games on there that I think sound good
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Random assortment of recommendations:

Ark: Survival Evolved is probably the only multiplayer crafting/survival sim that actually churns out quality material. It's one part Minecraft, one part DayZ, and three parts Pokemon tamer. The devs keeps adding cool and varied dinos for you to tame and ride and stuff. Little heavy on the hardware, but it's like honest to god a 3D Pokemon MMO in there.

Lethal League is a crazy fun fighter-lite in the vein of Divekick. 2-4 players smack a ball around the screen trying to knock each other out with it, all the while the ball is accelerating. Things quickly devolve into a chaotic blend of button mashing and clutch hits as the speed starts warping reality. Great party game, invokes a lot of excited yelling every time I play.

The Talos Principle potentially my favorite first person puzzler. While not very mechanically innovative (think all the Portal puzzle objects only without a portal gun) the puzzles themselves are all very well designed and in abundance. There's even a series of next tier objectives scattered throughout that reward you for outside-the-box break-the-system thinking. On top of all that is a thoughtful philosophical story about the nature of humanity.

Crypt of the Necrodancer is your standard dungeon delving roguelike except that everything is done to the rhythm of the beat. Movement, attacks, monster powers are all synced to kickass dance music in the background (or import your own if you've refined tastes) requiring you to step in time if you hope to survive. All the monster and boss designs are great and it has honestly one of my favorite soundtracks of 2015.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is one of the stronger walking simulators out there simply because they get the tone so right. You're a detective tasked with discovering the fate of a missing boy, using supernatural deduction abilities to piece together the series of events that led to his disappearance. This game rightfully earns its Lovecraftian tag by invoking the mysterious and maddening without an over-reliance on tentacles or unpronounceable elder gods.

The Wolf Among Us is Telltale's mystery thriller set in the Fables universe (fairy tale creatures are hiding in New York after being exiled from their homeland, pretty great comic series). Play as Bigby Wolf, the fable sheriff, as you follow the trail of a murderer deep into the seedy underbelly of fable-run crime rings. Excellent juxtaposition of fairy-tale characters and classic noir tropes. Certainly augmented by reading the comic series, but not necessary to enjoy the story.
50 from Witness to the Talos Principle. I can always just get Witness for xbone.
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Reallocate to:

196 on Talos, that's it
Remove all my points
Clear all bids; 50 each on Slime Rancher and Owlboy
176 on Doom
Changing my bids to:

51 on Fallout
81 on Nuclear Throne
67 on Owlboy
1 on Beyond Good and Evil
Yo, sorry for dropping in late - checked in with Palamedes and this is okay so...

I'd like to drop 100 points on Slime Rancher and another 100 on Owlboy.
In that case, changing my bid again to

200 on Doom
I guess 200 on Doom then and a sound fist-shaking in Akumu's direction
Bidding Tally - Just a Little Late Edition

Alright, here are our top eight:

Slime Rancher: 630 (Crowstone - 200, Kadis - 100, Paranoia - 100, TangledAlmond - 100, Tantusar - 80, Not The Author - 50)
Sunless Sea (x2): 470 (Sanzh - 200, Whimbrel - 150, Vancho1 - 100, Kaynato - 20)
Owlboy: 465 (chimericWilder - 200, Paranoia - 100, Ixcaliber - 65, Not The Author - 50, Schazer - 50)
Doom 2016: 460 (Akumu - 200, Granolaman - 200, Bramzter - 60)
Hyper Light Drifter: 412 (speedchuck - 200, a52 - 132, TangledAlmond - 50, Kaynato - 30)
The Talos Principle: 366 (qwerx3 - 196, Gatr - 50, TangledAlmond - 50, Tantusar - 40, Kaynato - 30)
Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition (x2): 270 (Druplesnubb - 100, Vancho1 - 100, Ixcaliber - 70)

First off, let's start with Slime Rancher. 630 points between six bidders makes it the biggest draw of the first round!

Our second biggest draw, Sunless Sea is next.

Third up's Owlboy. Who will fly off with this title?

Fourth Doom is up, with the ever dastardly Granolaman showing up late in the game to try and sweep it away and joined by Akumu. Will one of them succeed?

Fifth we'll find out who's going to make off with Hyper Light Drifter.

Round six is the Talos Principle. Will our big bidder win the puzzle or be left puzzled?

Seventh we have Ori and the Blind Forest. This is probably the most even struggle of the first round, with none of the bidders having much of an edge over any other. Who will take it?

Finally, Sunless Sea is making giveaway history here - the first time two copies of a game have gone up in a single round!

Remaining Games:

Remaining Points:

I've fixed the spelling mistakes (I think) as well as the fact that both versions of Ori and the Blind Forest are the Definitive Edition (instead of just one).

This round should end in about two days, but might be put off for RL related reasons.
huh thought halved points round up to the nearest multiple of 5

anyway uhh

147 on enter the gungeon i guess pending further decision
75 on The Witness.
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50 each on Galak-Z, Pony Island, Ori and the Blind Forest, and I Am Setsuna.
(01-11-2017, 10:39 PM)qwerx3 Wrote: »huh thought halved points round up to the nearest multiple of 5

That's my bad! When that rule was initially set up it was so that people who had to divide up their points into multiples of five could avoid getting gross numbers, but it was changed for balance reasons.
50 on Ori and the Blind Forest
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20 on Hyperrogue, 20 on Infinifactory, 20 on Cave Story+, and the rest on TIS-100
80 each on The Witness and Nuclear Throne, 20 each on Hyperrogue and Steven's Sausage Roll