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If you go in there there is no telling if you can get out.
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(04-09-2017, 03:20 AM)BreadProduct Wrote: »If you go in there there is no telling if you can get out.
[Image: RvxX48O.png]
Maybe? If you wanted to duck inside and close the hatch on it it's too late now, anyway. Fight? Or flee again?
Although, just one of these things isn't as threatening.

What do you do?
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Knock it into the maintenance room and shut the door.
RE: Reforge
pet it and give it a name
RE: Reforge
Only use a tiny bit of water to see if this thing needs a drink? To 'chill' out.
This is Dotu by the way. Long time no see eh?
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(04-12-2017, 11:47 PM)BreadProduct Wrote: »Knock it into the maintenance room and shut the door.
[Image: 5UdPUIa.png]
You take aim carefully...

[Image: hvdfIeD.gif]
and hit the bug right through the hatch!

[Image: 1dvSzAS.png]
You slam and latch the door just in time. You hear the bug throw itself against the inside a few times, then silence.
Guess that takes care of that!

What do you do?
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Check to be sure there is no more nearby!
This is Dotu by the way. Long time no see eh?
RE: Reforge
Try to collect your bearings. Where are you?
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(04-15-2017, 09:02 PM)RedHounds Wrote: »Check to be sure there is no more nearby!
(04-15-2017, 09:58 PM)BreadProduct Wrote: »Try to collect your bearings. Where are you?
[Image: i6dGiP2.png]
You're good as far as the bug situation goes. There were only three after you, and of them one turned back at the bridge, you shot another out of the sky, and you just slammed this door on the last.

As for where you are, you're just a bit around the big pipe that the broken walkway led to. There's a ladder that you think just leads down to that debris-filled flow of lava beneath you, and possibly more stuff around the rest of the pipe.

What do you do?

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> Head down the ladder towards the lava. Who knows what funtimes will be there?
🐦🐙🐙[Image: nifOFwR.png]🐙🐙
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(04-26-2017, 05:50 PM)Kíeros Wrote: »> Head down the ladder towards the lava. Who knows what funtimes will be there?
[Image: g0JcUxO.png]
You think the funtimes will probably be death??
Although, as you get as close as you dare to the ledge (what does this city have against railings???) you think you can see some debris around the base of the railing so far below...

[Image: kOjnuW6.png]
...which is part of a larger field of rock and metal that wraps around the rest of the platform. Maybe it all got torn loose when whatever knocked out the bridge fell? You think if you were really careful you could navigate around to the areas free of lava. It would be pretty damn dangerous, though.

[Image: 1LLBy4p.png]
It would, however, let you get through that door that's down on the lower platform.

[Image: 9dj39im.png]
And then, of course, there's the way back. The only reason you actually came down here in the first place was to follow greensleeves guy, and you do still want to find out what the deal with them is- if only so that you didn’t come down here and almost die like five times for nothing. Not to mention they saved your skin back on the surface.

Problem is, you’re, like, really tired. You aren’t getting back across- or probably doing anything else super strenuous- until you can get some rest. If you were less tired you could make it back over the bridge and start again with following greensleeves’ guidance or even check out the maintenance hatch if you felt like it. On the other hand, you really don’t feel safe stopping for even a very short rest in this place.

You think you could make it across the rubble to the lower door with or without resting, and from there keep exploring or try to double back to find another way to wherever greensleeves went. But if you kept going without rest you'd be more vulnerable.

Will you take the risk of resting, or the risk of pressing on exhausted? Where will you go, whichever you choose?

What do you do?

RE: Reforge
Take a nap
RE: Reforge
(05-14-2017, 08:07 AM)frostward Wrote: »Take a nap
Alright. You guess that'll turn out better in the long run? The area seems clear of any immediate danger for now.

[Image: 6Ll8chA.png]
You did it on a whim because of the color but now you're glad you picked up...

[Image: jJRt0Z9.png]

[Image: FYVcu0E.png]
Is it ever hot in here though. Not as hot as you think it maybe should be, given the lava? But it's still really uncomfortable. You'll lie down but you doubt you'll actually be able to fall asleep.
You still need to figure out where to go next, but that can wait. No need to worry now, right?
You hope that greensleeves can help you figure out what your deal is.
Not that you have a good reason to think that they will.
But they did save your life.
You wonder....



[Image: wzEO1zu.gif]

[Image: mfhhLPG.png]
Huh. Is this a dream? Those are things, yeah? You feel like those are things. Seems... empty.

[Image: K1qmZbc.png]
Can you imagine anything you want here? But if you don't know who you are, how will you choose what to imagine? You suppose you could just try things and see if anything seems right?

Or maybe... if this is your subconscious, could you attempt to recall a memory here?

What do you dream?
RE: Reforge
Dream more wrenches!
RE: Reforge
oh my god those are dicks dude. dicks everywhere
RE: Reforge
(05-19-2017, 12:48 AM)frostward Wrote: »Dream more wrenches!
[Image: nRMvUFa.png]

[Image: VxJSR73.png]


[Image: Nc6pvfn.png]
Is this all there is to you? Just some wrenches? Is that why it's so empty in here? Surely there must be something that you

(05-20-2017, 12:59 AM)☆ C.H.W.O.K.A ☆ Wrote: »oh my god those are dicks dude. dicks everywhere
[Image: cAaACoK.png]
aw damn what the hell

RE: Reforge
reflect on the green man
RE: Reforge
You try to be all dramatic ONE time and look what happens
(05-21-2017, 06:16 AM)frostward Wrote: »reflect on the green man
You focus your thoughts on your absent green ally(?)
[Image: zggYSKg.gif]
Although, what did that guy even look like, again? There were the weird poofy green sleeves- no, wait, they had stripes.

[Image: RdfFXqp.gif]
And they had a hood? Or maybe it was a hat? Ehhhhh

[Image: 1K9EMbQ.png]
And their body looked like... hm

[Image: wBdBjvS.png]
Actually, you know what? This seems about right.

[Image: d1NLdq3.png]
And they had that big golden bird with them!
?: Hey!
?: Greenhorn!
?: Nice dream you got here. Real minimalist. Quality wrench work!

[Image: DqBT3Gm.png]
?????: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh
'Greensleeves': Well? Just going to stand there? You dreamed me up for a reason, right?
'Greensleeves': Didn't you have some questions about me?

Okay well that's not really how you were expecting that to go.
What do you do?
RE: Reforge
Give the naked question mark man some more clothes.
RE: Reforge
(05-28-2017, 10:06 AM)frostward Wrote: »Give the naked question mark man some more clothes.
[Image: QgmPb8F.png]
You quickly dream up the coolest looking outfit you can think of.
'Greensleeves': Oh! Ok.
'Greensleeves': Thanks!
?????: I just. Y'know. Thought you could use that.
'Greensleeves': Yup.
?????: Okay actually what's the deal with this though?

[Image: O2wnFhT.png]
'Greensleeves': Haha! Good question.
'Greensleeves': How about I trade you an answer for one of your own? My original question still stands.

[Image: lRayMuE.png]
'Greensleeves': You dreamed me. Why?
'Greensleeves': Were you looking for answers or was there just not really a reason at all?
'Greensleeves': What did you want out of ruminating on 'me'?
RE: Reforge
>Just wanted some company but since you mention it... where do you think the real you is right now ?
RE: Reforge
(05-30-2017, 11:46 PM)smuchmuch Wrote: »>Just wanted some company but since you mention it... where do you think the real you is right now ?
[Image: RwrPbTx.png]
?????: I dunno. I didn’t really have I grand purpose in mind here I just. Y’know. Wanted some company I guess? I mean I wasn’t really expecting this level of like autonomy but it you’re the only person I’ve got reason to think positively about so I guess that’s why.
?????: Also it was a welcome distraction from the dream dicks.

'Greensleeves': Ha, that’s fair! Anyway, to answer your question… I don’t know what’s going on here!
?????: ARGH

[Image: QAfALdU.png]
'Greensleeves': No, wait, hear me out, that really is an important part of the answer! I’m part of YOUR dream! I probably can’t know anything that you don’t, right?
?????: Oh. So you’re just part of me? I didn’t like. Summon you here somehow?
'Greensleeves': How would that even work.
?????: I don’t know dude I can make water happen out of nowhere how should I know what makes sense!?
'Greensleeves': Okay granted.

[Image: BnuoE4G.png]
?????: Alright, so you’re just part of my subconscious or whatever but is there any chance you could help me figure out where the real you is?
'Greensleeves': Sure. I mean, I’m really just part of you but we can spend some time working it out.

[Image: UCZhBxY.png]
'Greensleeves': Although that raises another question really. How much difference is there between the idea of me you have in your head from the real thing? And how much between imagining something and reconstructing and visualizing something in your mind, and creating the genuine article?
?????: Uhhhhhh
?????: Pretty sure those are different.

'Greensleeves': Yeah, probably! Just something to think about. Anyway!

[Image: agvDfKj.png]
'Greensleeves': So, you know that door you passed? Back before the broken bridge?
?????: Yeah, I think I remember that.
'Greensleeves': I reckon that’s where I am; I’ve left a note at every turning before then, and there haven’t been any past the bridge, so you probably just missed one.
?????: Right, plus it seems like they’ve- er, you've?- been leading me away from the more damaged areas.

[Image: SpL3zvi.png]
'Greensleeves': So, you first got down here by falling into this big tunnel up top, which connects right to the bridge through that short passage. So wherever I am through that door you missed can’t possibly go back very far.
?????: And the shape of the cavern I’m in now means it doesn’t go to the side either! So you're right there!
'Greensleeves': Well, maybe. That part of the system could go up or down- probably down though because we’re still close to the surface. So either I’m right inside that space or somewhere below.
'Greensleeves': Overall the safest bet is just to backtrack and follow the signs. Of course, if I’m below there could be another path that connects to it- in that case that way could be faster and let you avoid going back to where those bugs are. But you can’t really know for sure if there’s another path that connects to where I am. Your call.
?????: Hmmm.
'Greensleeves': So while you think on that, I’ve got one last question for you.

[Image: d6vr1gv.png]
'Greensleeves': How do you wake up from a dream?
RE: Reforge
Okay, the mirror is now up! Hopefully it won't take too long to upload all the old stuff.
RE: Reforge
Imagine a creepy clown as your answer to green sleeves.
RE: Reforge
You have a broken image on page 16 of the mirror.