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 RE: Reforge
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(06-17-2017 02:39 AM)frostward Wrote:  Imagine a creepy clown as your answer to green sleeves.
[Image: AqmSjIL.png]
?????: Maybe I'd wake up if I saw like. A creepy clown?
'Greensleeves': What's a clown?
?????: Not sure. Some sort of exotic fruit maybe?
'Greensleeves': But... creepy?
?????: It could have an evil face.
'Greensleeves': An evil face.
?????: Yeah.
?????: Come ON, you're me, how come you get to look down on my ideas!?
'Greensleeves': Just calling it like I see it, dude.

[Image: FlcEOmE.png]
'Greensleeves': That was kind of a useful answer, though. So you'd wake up if something scared you, you think?
?????: Sure?
?????: Wait- Do you hear that?
'Greensleeves': Hey.
'Greensleeves': Buddy.

[Image: yuuWBSh.png]

[Image: slGLdu1.png]
You are now awake.

[Image: W8UQoZW.png]
Oh. Guess that explains that then.

[Image: eLz5l18.png]

[Image: DaTLn3Y.png]
Back across the ocean...

[Image: aTgXeH4.png]

[Image: nW00OTf.gif]
Spoiler :
[Image: OOt0W0s.png]
You are now Donella.

[Image: DbKo2QO.png]

[Image: nW00OTf.gif]
Spoiler :
[Image: ObOAwgb.png]
You and Aeron have finally made it to the city nearest your home, only to find it seemingly closed off. You've just tried to get someone's attention, but to no apparent effect. You haven't seen anyone around around yet. Is that coincidence? You only just got here. Has something happened inside?

There's someone you have to meet inside. What do you do?

Spoiler :
(06-17-2017 05:58 AM)Smurfton Wrote:  You have a broken image on page 16 of the mirror.
Are you sure it isn't an issue on your end? I don't see it.

[Image: mPuUNu3.gif]
06-19-2017 01:17 PM
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 RE: Reforge
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Ask Aeron to jump the wall
Yesterday 09:46 AM
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