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(08-30-2017, 05:59 PM)Smurfton Wrote: You already lost some of the vizier's respect, probably best not to lose the remainder. Don't voice the idea yet.
Do voice that Cyan only seems to have/use two major tricks: flying, and summoning bedrock.
[Image: CPM91Y2.png]
You decide to hold off on sharing your suspicions for now. You need to be certain if you're going to make such an outlandish claim. Besides, you'd rather not further jeopardize your standing here. Your stomach churns just thinking about it and that makes you all the more resentful. What's happening? This isn't how it's supposed to work. They're your vizier, they're yours. But they dare to- to even form an- an opinion, like they get to decide whether to respect you-

But you keep your external composure.

You finish recapping your journey, making sure to describe Cyan and her capacities in as great detail as you can. Then you move on to the heart of the matter- their goals. You tell the vizier that they intend to kill the gods and remake the world in the image of theirs.

[Image: r0oGKtE.png]
There are a few seconds of silence.
Vizier: Oh.
Vizier: Well.
Vizier: They... can't? Do that?
Vizier: They won't be... able to?
Vizier: I mean, they can't.

Donnella: Well yeah obviously not. I have no idea of the particulars of their plans but we can safely expect them to fail utterly.
Donnella: Who knows what damage they'll do in the process of trying and failing, though.
Donnella: It's strange. Cyan didn't give out specifics about anything, but she seemed to think, for some reason, that I in particular could help them somehow.

[Image: zplZgFy.png]

[Image: hZMviqL.png]
Vizier: Mmmmmm.... not sure what that could mean...
Vizier: This whole business is decidedly odd. We know far too little of this spirit... and then there is the matter of these 'Cursed Ones' seemingly... stowed away with it...
Vizier: Regardless, we need to act now to control this situation.
Vizier: If that is all that you have to share, shall we move on to the matter of our response?

It was there for a fraction of a second. But when you said that, you swear you saw a flicker of emotion cross the vizier's face.

Absolute terror.

What the hell was that about? Will you let it slide for now, or press them on it?
09-05-2017, 04:31 PM
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