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You need that treaty, even if just because even if 4 corners is gouging you on the terms, at least they won't be atacking you ad they'll keep Derexes atbay. You certainely dont want a war on two fronts.

1)Allow them to extend but in carefully choosen positions. Honnesty you gain to have acess to their comm network.

2)Accept but with a couple of years of non comercial aplications and non disclosure time attached to the bigger stuff (ie a time in which they canot use the tech for direct commercial use or transmit to anyne outside their own organsation). Hopefuly by the time that's over, you'll have made new progress in the fields and kept your edge.

3)Sort a table of ranks appropriate to various adventurers grades, some of which will be mostly honorific or circumstancial. With some leeway to account for experience in the field.

4)No on full access /for now/.
Partial access (either limied to X generation or by family branches) may be granted under supervision , with deeper access to be specificaly asked at a later date.

(It's a good way to not give them acces while still leaving the door to authorise later AND they'll have to tell you (or at last give you a hint) what they are looking for)

5)Recruitement :Accept, but you want the name of the citizens given to you before the observation period and possibility of either veto (at a max ratio to be negotiated) or to use mind alteration to remove any confidential kowlege the 'candidate' would be in posession of should they accept the four corners offer.

6) Accept with terms and limitation as discussed previously.

7)Accept. With condition the interview may be recorded (even if the reccord is sealed later)
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If we're giving titles to adventurers, then order them all to obey any orders from nobles.
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if we trust that the adventurers experince will be a boon in the upcoming conflict then the titles are a necessary measure for them. Undercutting their battlefield authority to much would make the whole thng meaningless. Well woth ruffling a few minor nobility feathers.

What might be a good idea tough, if the conflict were to be a long one, might be a probation period on these titles.
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Quote:*discussion that's too long to really quote in a readable way, but there was a general consensus so let's go forward knowing those are the terms (-__-)b.*
[Image: XZNL53y.png]
You settle the terms of your agreement. You modify a few items, adding limitations on their use of Aeon's proprietary information, some structure to the authority of visiting adventurers, and some more leeway to work with the people they want to recruit. The only term you reject outright is archival access. You'll make due without the Order. They aren't worth that. In the end, it’s not everything you wanted, but you need what they can offer. You think, just maybe, you can turn this to your benefit.

With that, you move on to one final topic: what will you do right now?
Your council rearranges the room and draws up some chairs for your new allies while you tactfully ignore your Vizier.
You inform everyone that you have proof that your father lives, even though you can’t say what that proof is. The first order of business, in your mind, is to sort out a way to rescue him. You were thinking of putting Four Corners’ stealth team on the job, and The Sword-bearer says they’d be ready by day’s end. You could possibly get Graavbaar to help with its shadows, or call in Nihmin if you decided to go for the unsubtle method of rescue and just bust in. Of course, there’s still the concern about assailing the Beast’s Tower and provoking it to retaliate. But one of your Secretaries seems to have something to say on the matter.
Secretary of Magic and Defense: Well, If I may, whatever strangeness may or may not surround this Beast, it’s still a spirit. With such a forceful entrance as that tower we can expect an attempt to claim its rival’s territory within the next few days. So your rescue might not accelerate the conflict as much as you'd think.
That's fair, you suppose. Spirits don’t usually like to share space, and the Beast definitely appears to have an aggressive ‘personality’.

[Image: Yp8EcIK.png]
Secretary of Magic and Defense: So, as always, the obvious question is whether to abandon our capital.
Secretary of Magic and Defense: I believe that we can face the Beast here. Our defenses against spiritual assault are stronger than ever. Not to mention that we might now enter this conflict with the God of Walls coming to our aid.

Morgan chuckles slightly.
The Sword-bearer gives her a look that you can just feel, even with his face covered.
The Sword-bearer: Morgan? Did you have something to say?
Morgan: Fuckin', like… dammit dude. Okay. So. You didn’t have all the data, which, like, alright. But we weren’t exaggerating. Single. Biggest. Recorded magical event. You want my advice? Run. Besides, I don’t think you’ll have all the help you’re depending on… right, Bah?

The priest of the Progat Bah spreads his hands concillatorily.
Priest of the Progat Bah: The wings of Its Profitability stretch wide as ever in defense of Its dedicated servants. But providence comes not to those who squander it! Our god is great, but It may be unwilling to brashly expend resources on an outlying stronghold. The World Bank is Its true home. I suggest that in the face of such overwhelming power as this Beast, we evacuate the city immediately.
Pleclear’s priest nods silently.
Of course. Their loyalties, ultimately, are to the spirits they speak for. One city in one province, even a capital, just doesn’t mean as much to the Progat Bah is it does to you. And Pleclear’s all but foreign. Teneogris is just a side gig for it. You could probably convince them to stay and fight but maybe they’re right? Is it worth the risks to try and defend a city so close to the Beast’s seat of power?
Secretary of Magic and Defense: Firstborn, I must urge you not to abandon your capital. We’ve spent centuries honing this city, and we've rebuffed attacking gods before. nowhere we can flee to would be as well defended. If we declare, now, at the start of it all, that we can do nothing to resist the Beast? We’ve already lost.

Secretary of War: We also have the threat from the Beastlands to the north to deal with. The barbarian forces have all but conquered Ogorath’s northern province and could push into our territory at any time. These are not the raids of past decades. They’re more numerous, better organized, better equipped, and they’re holding the territory they attack. And unless our patron has any intelligence on just what power stormed our neighbor’s capital…?
Priest of the Progat Bah: No. Its icons and priests were eliminated with cowardice and subterfuge. And... remarkable efficiency. It did not fight their god that day.
Secretary of War: So we still have no idea what spirit’s backing them either. Just that it’s big.
The Sword-bearer: Well, actually, I believe I might offer some insight into the matter.

[Image: 0XHwS56.png]
The Sword-bearer reaches beneath his robes and presents a wooden medallion. Its points glow with a strange, colorful fire.
The Sword-bearer: I know that the High Gods are not… well known in Ogorath. But you must be aware that they are not like our terrestrial spirits. They touch the world lightly, yes? They claim vessels but infrequently and channel but the barest of their power through them.
The Sword-bearer: Those involved in the affairs of the church take care to keep eyes on the presence of the Six and One. As of some years ago, readings indicate the rise of a new vessel of High God Taking. And lo! The further North I’ve travelled, the brighter my charm burns.
The Sword-bearer: We were not certain, but, since it’s not in Ogorath, intelligence from…

He glances at Morgan for the barest fraction of a second.
The Sword-bearer: …other sources leaves the only possible origin as that very threat intruding on your land.

There’s a moment of silence.
Donnella: Again!?
Donnella: Two at once?

You can’t believe this! You mean, yeah, there were legends about Derexes’ founder back during their war for independence, but, well, you know! The High Gods are out there somewhere! They never do anything!
Donella: The Beast and the barbarians just happen to wield this kind of power at the same time!?
The Sword-bearer: Well, yes, it is unusual, but the number and frequency of vessels have been rising this century.
The Sword-bearer: Besides! The Beast is just… something else unaccounted for with analogous power to a Sixth of the One! It’s not a High God at all. For one thing, it’s much more present in local spacetime.

The Sword-bearer: Err… well, obviously it can’t actually be as potent anyway. This is not a ‘two at once’ scenario. 
The Sword-bearer: In fact, and forgive me if I speak out of turn, I believe that this presents a vital opportunity.
The Sword-bearer: If your priests fear that their gods will not risk fighting the beast? Well, I say that there is one power that you know can face the threat residing not far from this city! Meet with Ogorath’s invaders.

Donella: I think you can see why that would be unpalatable.
The Sword-bearer: Of course I understand that; however, you’ve said, have you not, that you cannot afford to fight both the Beast and a war on another front?
Secretary of War: Or we crush them. Either way, we’ll want to settle any potential feud between Edison and the Beastlands before our conflict with the Beast begins in earnest. 
Secretary of War: Personally I'm not certain this supposed vessel. Even if they exist, how could we possibly ally with them?
Secretary of War: But the choice is yours.

Secretary of War: Speaking of your choices, Firstborn, you know my recommendation.
Right. The safehouse. Put away from this conflict to lead from a remote location. Wait. actually...
Donnella: Yes. I do. And perhaps this solves both of our problems?
If you went to deal with the barbarians, to at least see whether diplomacy were possible, you would certainly be far away from the Beast. And if you could somehow secure a partnership, you would also solve the matter of the city’s protection. You’d be less capable of ruling your city, but you wouldn’t be sequestered away somewhere for ‘your own safety’!
Of course, on some level you’d prefer to stay close to home, to oversee the fate of your city and your father.


What will you do? Will you mount a defense for your capital, or abandon it? Will you stay closer to your people and your council, or go to treat with the invaders? When, in all of this, will you launch your attempt to infiltrate the tower and extract your father?

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I'm going to go with trusting the magic advisor. They probably know more than we do on magical defense, and we certainly won't be able to fit every citizen into the World Bank.
That aside, we know that the brown one has (at least local) group teleportation available to them. It's quite possible that proximity doesn't matter as much as it should.

I like the sound of a Beastlands peace mission, but let's also take a quick trip to the Fire Nation. The Prism Beast is on their border; they are likely just as desperate as we are.

EDIT: Unless that red border was the Beastlands, and the Fire Nation is far away. Then let's not use OOC knowledge and not visit the Fire Nation.
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(09-14-2018, 11:41 PM)Smurfton Wrote: »EDIT: Unless that red border was the Beastlands, and the Fire Nation is far away. Then let's not use OOC knowledge and not visit the Fire Nation.
Yeah, that red border was the Beastlands (a name I just made up :|). For some reason I said at some point that Ogorath and the Fire Kingdom were on different landmasses?
I don't exactly have a map, but, here's basically what I THINK is going on:
[Image: x1jjD9B.png]
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Then let's definitely not visit the Fire Kingdom.