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Zodiac Species
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 Zodiac Species
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Hey there! We decided to do a thing where we create 12 species, all who live in the same star system but all on different planets. We decided this would make for some amazing lore, considering that all the species would be able to communicate with each other way before light speed.

We decided the theme of those would be the Zodiac, with a side theme of horror/body horror. As such each species, and their relationship with the other species, must be determined by their sign. Anyone is free to join, but you must agree to this list of requirements,

List of requirements
- Able to submit a species that follows species submission rules.
- Able to make a species that is inspired by the sign you pick.
- Also able to submit a planet to go with the species. (Though this doesn't have to be based off anything.)
- Communication, as people will need to talk back and forth about the relationships between species.

To take a slot all you need to do is check below and ask for the slot, afterwards make a small section on topic where you'll be keeping all the info on your new species in. Please make sure you really want to do this BEFORE claiming a slot. While you are allowed to drop your slot we want to make sure no one takes a slot to hold it while they think it over.

If you're not too active your slot may be given to someone else (And by that I mean if you take a slot and then never put info or add to your species.)

Aries - Hichico
Taurus - Wheat
Gemini - Gimeurcookie

Cancer - Dorsidwarf
Leo - Hermes
Virgo - ZombieQueen

Libra - Schazer
Scorpio - AC
Sagittarius - cmdrcade

Capricorn - Aletha~Staorn
Aquarius - Lammar
Pisces - Fish

Blank Application



Attack style:



Info about gods:





Special trait:



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01-25-2017, 06:28 AM
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 RE: Zodiac Species
Notail Shaming Squad

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The gemimi are a mass of tentacles that wear a bed sheet over them making them look like a bed sheet ghost. Trailing behind them are two tentacles that always poke out. These two tentacles have a puppet of some sort, or a dead body, on the end of it. When the Gemimi speaks it is only to pretend it is one of the two puppets, sometimes having a conversation with itself.

Gentle herbivores who want to be close to people, but are also nervous of people. Can never decide what they want to do.

[Image: gemimi.png]

Application so far

Spoiler :
Name: Gemimi
Nicknames: Ghosts / Tricks
Quote: "So what do you want today?" "Oh I'm thinking sandwiches, what about you?" "Ugh, sandwiches again FloopMeep? What's wrong with good old grass?!" - A gemimi talking to themselves using their puppets.

Str- 1
Int- 2
Cha- 9
End- 3
Agl- 7
Luk- 4

Jobs: Therapist, Performers, Butlers, Explorers, Writers, Journalists
Likes: Dead bodies, Sheets, Magazines, Talking with people
Dislikes: Repetition, Loneliness
Attack style: Uses puppets to scare away foe. If it fails they will run away, commonly using the puppets as a distraction.

Homeplanet: Curyrem
Lifespan: 75 years
Height: Highly varied, see physical
Diet: Plants
Class: Low Class
Rarity: Uncommon

[Security Blanket]

Info about gods: The gemimi can never agree on what god(s) to honor. Their puppets tend to argue about which god they rather honor, until finally deciding to honor whatever they feel like. They will commonly argue months later about each others choice.
Patrons: Somnus
Gods: Any

Physical: The gemimi at first glace appears to be a person hiding behind a poorly constructed bed sheet that commonly has a type of face cut out of it and replaced with a black fabric. A quick attempt at pulling off the sheet will reveal the true form under the sheet, a mass of black, white, or red tentacles that once they notice that their disguise has been ruined, will writhe around and grab whoever possible to cover their eyes.

When a gemimi is wearing a sheet they will take their tentacles and tie them loosely in such a way that someone may confuse them for just being a simple person under it. This is an evolutionary trait they have gained from when they used to carry large bushes on their back in a disguise attempt. The bottom has 4 legs with flat bottoms, and in between them all is main mouth of the gemimi, though the gemimi may have 1 - 3 more mouths on their body. The tentacles that make up the body of the gemimi tend to be thinner than their much stronger back tentacles that serve as a tail.

Most gemimi have two back tails other than a subspecies. At the tip of the gemimi's tails will either be a dead body, or a puppet, though puppets are becoming more of the norm as other species find carrying a dead body disgusting. The dead bodies are commonly the largest dead body the gemimi could find, as it uses the dead body to scare away would be eaters by pretending the animal is still alive. When using a puppet gemimis just pick one that is aesthetically pleasing or speaks to them on an emotional level, and as such these puppets can range from hand puppets to complex life sized puppets.

All gemimi start out as being able to be held in the palm of one's hand, but get bigger as they consume food. The more excess food they consume the bigger they get. A gemimi could be handheld sized for their whole life, or be as big as a two storied house.

Behavior: The gemimi is an affectionate and peaceful herbivore. Their love of travel keeps them on the move, they never feel like they have truly found their place in the world, and while for some gemimis this makes them nervous and uncertain, others enjoy the excitement of meeting new people. Gemimi are social creatures, normally they carefully build a friend group that understands them and their needs.

To make sure they never are without a "friend" the gemimi has two bodies, or puppets it carries on its tails. The gemimi itself never speaks, and in fact only speaks through its puppets. When a gemimi finds a dead body or a puppet it likes when it has an empty puppet slot, it will look it over for a few minutes, quickly forming a character in its head and then equipping it. The two puppets the gemimi wear commonly tend to be opposites of each other, bickering and never being able to come to a decisive thought on a matter.

The gemimi's strange puppetry comes from a survival method in which gemimis would take dead bodies and copy the sounds the animal used to make when living. These sounds, and the body, would draw away predators who would assume there was a much bigger predator in the area, or if they noticed the gemimi dragging it around, thought the gemimi was a killer. Gemimis are pacifists and never actively attempt to kill other animals or species, but instead scavenge from corpses.

Gemimi seem to have a strange relationship with their puppets. They appear to be fully aware that their puppets are just that, but absolutely believe that no one else can see them puppeting their puppets. They believe that everyone is easily fooled by their fake selves, and if someone points out that the puppets are just that the gemimi gets angry at the person and refuses to speak with them. If someone steals or destroys a puppet the gemimi will also attack the person, and then proceed to mourn their fallen "family member."

While originally thought to be a useless throw away species, many people recognized that the gemimis unique ability to mimic someone's character was useful in things such as plays, therapy, and consoling. As long as the gemimi felt safe the gemimi would be willing to drop their puppets and pick up 2 other ones, commonly ones of the people in the situation they were mocking, and could serve as an active look in to what the two people would do in a situation. The gemimi must of course know about both of the people, and usually if they cannot meet the people in person, opting to watch hours of videos on them also works.

It is not known if gemimis truly have thoughts of their own, or even a complete sense of being. Many seem to agree that gemimis only live through the characters they create and mimic, but rarely one might hear a puppet speak about things the gemimi itself likes. Such as a puppet might comment that the gemimi likes a certain band that's on. These seem to be small breaks in the gemimi's mind, a tiny look in to what the creature behind the curtains is like.

History: Gemimis have very little history. The gemimis were peaceful grazers who while they had ambition, weren't quite looking to the stars. The gemimis had gotten as far as building a few small towns and traveling between them every season, and were heavily united as a species, but they never advanced passed brick homes and basic farming as a species.

When the gemimis were found by the X, they were quick to listen to the new species, being the type of people who were glad that finally someone could settle their internal arguments.

Many tailed gemimi: The many tailed gemimi had, instead of one or two bodies to carry around, carried many, the largest group of bodies being over 30. The many tailed gemimi has longer, but thinner tails and thus can only pick up lightweight bodies and puppets.

One tailed gemimi: One tailed gemimis are not truly a sub species, but a two tailed gemimi, also known as the common gemimi, who has ended up with a "dominant" personality in one of their puppets. This puppet with destroy the other one, and commonly destroy anymore the gemimi grabs. One tailed gemimi do not wear sheets, and only cover themselves in weapons. In the old days these weapons would be sharpened sticks, but now they commonly hold swords and guns. Other gemimi escape danger and run to one tailed gemimis, who are quick to kill the attacker. If the dominant puppet is removed, it is likely the gemimi will return to a more normal mode, holding 2 puppets.

Special trait: None.

- Young gemimi naturally toss away puppets to pick up dead carcasses to carry around. Usage of puppets is a taught skill, not a natural one.



I got nothing for homeplanet yet.

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01-25-2017, 06:29 AM
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 RE: Zodiac Species

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Yo laying a claim on Aries
01-25-2017, 06:30 AM
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 RE: Zodiac Species

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Spoiler :
Name: Sagittari
Nicknames: Pincushins/Zombies/Archers
Quote: "I used to be an accountant, like you, until I took an arrow to the knee. Now I'm an adventurer!" -Anonymous Sagittari, speaking to their accountant

Agl- 9

Jobs: Archers, Gunmen, Hunters, Anything that requires traveling
Likes: Archery, Challenges, Groups, Hunting, Freedom
Dislikes: Things that are too easy, Rules and regulations, Mind Control, Notails
Attack style: Attacks from a distance with their bows

Homeplanet: Cospi
Height:Depends on the height of the host creature
Diet: Omnivorous
Class: Middle Class
Rarity: Uncommon

- [Nomadic] This character is very good at adapting to new environments, but can't stand not moving on. A bit restless by nature.
- [Evasive] Gravity isn't much of an obstacle for this character. They are capable of performing acrobatic maneuvers with ease, and can reach places that most others cannot.This is also good for avoiding foes, and showing off of course.
-[Breakable]This character is not known for their durability.

Info about gods: Sagittari typically worship nature as a whole, including plant and animal life
Patrons: Diana, Artemis, Lelantos
Gods: Intuition, Silence

Sagittari are parasitic creatures that kill a host creature, then take over their corpse. The actual sagittari is usually in the shape of a common arrow, which is launched from another sagittari's bow or other projectile based weapon and used as arrows or bolts. Should more than one arrow land in a single host, all the arrows will come together to make a collective personality. It should be noted that the creature that is shot by a sagittari must be killed with the arrow still inside them in order for a sagittari to take over the body. After about a week, during which the leathery skin of the sagittari is grown and vital organs are repaired if needed, the host creature will reawaken as a sagittari.

Most people associate the sagittari with their host creature (instead of the arrows inside them), which often are decomposing corpses, covered in a jet black, leathery skin. They have large holes in them, in which new sagittari are grown and stored for use as projectiles later. sagittari are also almost always missing at least two ribs and a single vertebrae, which the use to form their bows.

Notably, creatures that have been taken over by sagittari always have blue, diamond shaped pupils in their eyes, regardless of what they were like before.

Sagittari are usually friendly people, if you can keep one around long enough to actually chat with them. They are notably shy of other species, usually because "[they're] scared [others] will see [their] zombie-like appearance and toss [them] out the nearest airlock" However, they love making new friends and will gladly befriend anyone willing to look past the fact that they are literal zombies.

Sagittari will usually cover themselves as much as possible, and are very self-conscious about their zombie-like appearance.They will typically wear cloaks, hoodies, scarves, or other concealing clothing items when they are in public or among people they don't know, so that they do not accidentally frighten anyone with they're appearance. They sometimes get quite attached to these items, and might attack should one try to remove it.

Additionally, sagittari love to roam, and will typically pack up and move for no apparent reason other than that they've gotten worn out of their current home. On their homeworld of Copsi, sagittari roamed the wilds in small tribes, and would follow herds of their prey across the globe. They still retain some of this tribal mentality, and will occasionally stick with whatever group they call their friends as if they were family, as long as this group changes location frequently enough to keep the sagittari entertained.

Most sagittari history has been scattered throughout the minds of too many sagittari to keep up with, and as a result has been lost.
However, it is known that the sagittari were once a massive hive-mind controlled by a ruthless Grand Matriarch, and under her control the sagittari thrived. However, the sagittari grew too rapidly and the Matriarch's psychic abilities couldn't keep up, and several sagittari were freed from her control. These sagittari made their own brood, and eventually tried to slay the Grand Matriarch in hopes of taking over her corpse for their own gain. They managed to out-maneuver the Matriarch's forces and eventually did slay her, however she was not resurrected as a new sagittari as they had hoped, and instead simply died and stayed dead. Without a matriarch controlling them, the sagittari roamed the planet with their own will.

The sagittari then roamed their planet in tribes for several millennia, never really bothering to buckle down and build cities or space ships. It is believed that the only reason they ever progressed technologically was because the ______ visited their home-world of Copsi at some point and alerted the sagittari to an entire universe of things to explore and hunt.

Broodmothers: Some sagittari are created with the odd anomaly of having strong psychic abilities, these sagittari being the broodmothers. Broodmothers look nearly identical to regular sagittari except for their eyes, which are a deep red instead of blue. Broodmothers are also usually seen controlling the minds of other sagittari, much like the ancient sagittari matriarch did. For this reason they are often shunned and feared by sagittari, as they feel mind control is unethical.
Special trait:


Spoiler :
Basic Idea: Heavily forested and shady planet, based lightly off of the Huntsman Copse area in Dark Souls 2, but less dead.
Name: Copsi

Nickname: Hunter's Paradise


Dominant Species: Sagittari

Other Species:


Weather: Calm and Temperate, though in an near endless night due to the planet being locked into a perfectly synced orbit with ___, which eclipses its sun almost all the time.

Danger: Moderately High

Purpose: Sagittari Homeworld, Hunting Resort, Wildlife Preserve



Location 1:

Location 2:

Location 3:



Spoiler :


Gemini:: so Gime, i was thinking maybe since Gemini and Sagittarius are good friends that occasionly a Sagittari would bond with a Gemini (possibly because they both cover their "true" selves?) and occasionly hunt new fauna for them to use as puppets What if some Sagittarius and Geminis have a semi symbotic relationship. Where the Gemini carries the Sagittarius like a puppet (maybe even sometimes having it as their "new puppet") and leading it to new animals it can take down But the Sagittarius "pops in to life" if the Gemini is attacked

Cancer: Alright so it seems like the Sagittari would probably be ratherl pissed off at the Cancers for taking over their minds at first but if they kept doing it for some reason could end up really appreciating them; also a few Sagittari would almost definetly try to hunt cancers because they are big and stronk and they like challenges




So I was thinking, maybe on their first encounter, the Sagittari showed up kinda pissed off that the skorp pretty much stole their fucking sun
And then they see that they are these weird bug things that only speak in clicks and are like "what the actual fuck"
So a few communication issues later the Sagittari misinterpret (or maybe interpret perfectly clear I dunno) a call of agression or something and start a war with them that years later the Libras have to step in and stop
And because of the skorps unforgivingness they are still like "FUUUUUUUCK YOUUUUUU YOU KILLED GRAMPA RICK" years later


Aquarius: well maybe the duckies see the Sagittari as like balancers
they keep one species from becoming too populated/big/stronk/whatever
by keeping their numbers down to a managable level
and not hunting species that are like
crazy on the brink of extinction
and end up protecting them while they regroup
Oooohh maybe thats a thing
the duckies bring their dead children to a Sagittari
and the sagittari stebs them with a bunch of arrows to bring them back
its necromancy! YAY!

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01-25-2017, 06:31 AM
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 RE: Zodiac Species

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01-25-2017, 06:38 AM
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 RE: Zodiac Species
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The Libra

Spoiler :
Name: Libraille
Nicknames: Scalar/Jetpax
Quote: "If you want two quarreling drakon to resolve their argument alive, call a Libraille" - ??? proverb

Str- 5
Int- 5
Cha- 7
End- 5
Agl- 2
Luk- 2

Jobs: Diplomat, Peacekeeper, Navigator
Likes: Flight, Discovery, Talking problems out
Dislikes: Broken promises, Getting lost, Warmongers
Attack style: Blunt force trauma with large claws and tail. Depending on the Libraille, this will be either a last resort or a preemptive charge

Homeplanet: Unity
Lifespan: 80 years following fusion
Height: 7' 2"
Diet: Insects
Class: Middle Class
Rarity: Uncommon within zodiac system, rare outside

[Skilled at Diplomacy] This character is very skilled in Diplomacy, and they are better at it than the average Joe. This character has likely had diplomacy as a job before and knows the ins and outs of deescalation and conflict resolution.
[Peaceful] A character with this trait would prefer not to fight, and will almost always try to solve a situation in a nonviolent manner first and foremost. However, if that is what it comes down to, they will still battle to defend either themselves or others.
[Hero Complex] This character is easily moved when they see somebody down on their luck. While this character may end up making some friends this way, they will end up helping others even if they can't afford it. This character suffers severe morale losses when made to be "mean", but doesn't feel any obligation to be nice to villainous people.

Info about gods: Libraille may on an individual basis worship peaceful gods. They will also happily engage in the religious customs of species they spend any amount of time with.
Patrons: Themis, Athena, Nike, Harmonia, Opis

Physical: Libraille are heavyset bipeds, something of a cross between mammal, reptile and jet plane in appearance. They have elongated snouts, short sturdy legs, and a thick counterbalancing tail.

Their arms are long and sturdy; each has a vestigial thumb claw and two larger, digging claws. These almost touch the ground even when a libraille stands upright. Smaller robotic limbs are melded into their inner forearms, allowing libraille to manipulate small and delicate objects their organic claws cannot.

Libraille possess a fully functional jetpack fused into their spine; a counterbalancing metal "keel" juts from their torso and a pair of sleek wings provide the libraille with steering and balance during flight.

A solid metal "beak" covers their face, protecting their delicate mouthparts and regulating their psychic substitute for regular vision.

Libraille have overlapping, diamond-shaped scales which cover the upperside of their bodies, arms, legs and tail. A libraille's scales range from "earth tone" and "hazard sign" in coloration; their undersides are muted earth tones.

Behavior: The Libraille value peace and life above all other ideals, and it is every libraille's personal mission to further that goal on their adventures. They enjoy debate, hearing new viewpoints and ideas, and relax by learning about and spending time around peaceful cultures. The majority of Libraille have a powerful wanderlust, spurring them onward before long to seek out new species and new locations in which to foster peace.

Libraille have a reputation for being temperamental, as while some individuals simply mediate between parties in conflict and play a passive role in finding a solution, the majority of libraille travellers encounter will leap into action and take a hands-on approach. While this variance exists across the species as a whole, individuals will (barring trauma or the like) have consistent personalities.

For most libraille, their "merge" is a defining moment of their life - it's a crucial hurdle to exploring the stars as their bodies prior to merging are too frail to survive offworld. (Individuals with no interest in leaving the homeworld will live out their lives on Unity without merging.) The "merge" requires extensive preparation and often exacts a considerable emotional toll on the libraille, but the resulting individual has much more empathy, skill at negotiation, levelheadedness, and understanding of grief and loss.

History: Before becoming the dominant species of their planet, the libraille were a small, semi-bipedal prey species with the unusual defense mechanism of two individuals permanently "merging" into a larger creature. Once civilization and technological advancement advanced enough to deter their predators, "merging" became a strict taboo due to the effective "death" of one individual in the merge.

<History following discovery of extraterrestrial life>
When libraille technology progressed to the point they could detect other life in their star system, a schism occurred within libraille society. While it was universally agreed that all life in the universe should be respected and their rights protected, there was disagreement on how best to do so.

Half of the population wished to rush into space and spread goodwill and the idea of interspecies cooperation to other civilisations, while the other thought it better to strengthen defenses on their home planet first and let it be a noble example to those who encountered the libraille. The ideological division lasted for so long the two populations diverged into variant subspecies - the durable traditionalist Stayds, and the outgoing technologically-advanced society of the Leafs.

<First contact and merging's revival>
Cultural isolation became the norm outside of a few aberrant settlements, though resources were freely traded (primarily through these mixed-subspecies towns). It was in the multivariant city of Harkerra that the <Unknown> made first contact. Unity's response was fronted by Im-Aracari, the first merged libraille seen on the planet in centuries - the indelible agreement between a Leaf, Aracari; and Stayd, Escava.

The Leafs were thrilled at the prospect of finally getting off this planet, but similarly enthusiastic Stayds were in short supply. There followed an awkward decade or so of everyone figuring out appropriate social norms for this whole merging business before enough spaceworthy libraille existed to let them be the widely-acknowledged face of Unity.

Subspecies/Variants: Libraille are a permanent physical merging of two individuals into a creature strong enough to survive offworld. Because only one individual's personality dominates the resulting body, and there is no effective way of determining which will dominate, it is a strictly voluntary agreement between two otherwise-opposing personalities.

Spaceworthy libraille are sterile; the two variants have diverged enough that interbreeding is exceedingly rare.

Leafs - the descendants of libraille who wanted to race into space, Leafs are bipedal and lack scales barring a sparse crest-like arrangement on their heads. They are hollow-boned and frail, but skilled with building robotic augmentations for their bodies. They have jetpacks, a mechanically fortified cardiovascular system, robotic lower arms, and a large metal mask which works like a beak for catching insects on the wing. A shortage of metal for new components often forces the Leafs to proactively regulate their population. Leafs are inventive, fanciful, adventurous and optimistic.

Stayds - descendants of libraille who thought space was a scary bad place. Stayds are slouching bipeds, upperside armored with large flat scales. The claws on their front arms make them excellent diggers, and their Psychic Sight more than makes up for their lack of eyes. They live in extensive tunnel systems and are quite happy exporting metals and minerals they dig up to the Leafs. Stayds are stubborn but reasonable, unhurried and pragmatic.

Special trait: Psychic Sight - Spaceworthy libraille (and Stayds) have no eyes, but can detect life and their immediate surroundings with psionic clairvoyance. The scope of their senses is debilitating to a libraille, so their merged Leaf's beak-helm must dampen the noise for a libraille's ability to function.

Trivia: - Spaceworthy libraille can be referred to as "Leaf-dominant" or "Stayd-dominant" depending on which individual consciousness survived the merge. It's generally easy to tell by their demeanor, but very rude to ask.
- While there's an even split between leaf-dominant and stayd-dominant individuals, stayd-dominant libraille are far more likely to remain on or around Unity. About 80% of Stayd-dominant libraille remain within the system, of which about three quarters remain on the homeworld.
-A spaceworthy libraille's name is personal choice, though it's generally agreed upon by the two merging individuals. They'll often place contingencies depending on which of the two dominates.
01-25-2017, 06:47 AM
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 RE: Zodiac Species
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To everyone who posted, you're in! Feel free to change your posts (or just post) to being about your species whenever you feel like it. Tomorrow I'm likely going to look up info about geminis and ask a few people about the relationship between our species.

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01-25-2017, 06:55 AM
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 RE: Zodiac Species

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[Image: b348d11d27.jpg]

What I got so far. I guess soon to put this into an actual format.

[Image: 0T9kaDK.png]
01-25-2017, 08:34 PM
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 RE: Zodiac Species

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The Void
i'm doing Capricorn
01-25-2017, 10:33 PM
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 Pisces - 1/26/17
Super Shark

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[Image: PISCES_REAL.png]
[Image: Pisces_in_space.png]
Spoiler :
Name: Aqualisces
Nicknames: Inside-Outs/Pisces
Quote: “Well turn me inside-out and call me a twister, don't tell me ole' Judy wants to take the Light Stream to the otha' side. She gonna have'ta pinch her skin ova' in orda' to do that!” – Slafsee Lisperson from The Stream Between

Str- 2
Int- 5
Cha- 8
End- 8
Agl- 1
Luk- 2

Jobs: Designer, Architect, Religious Minister, Engineer
Likes: Company, Listening to stories, peace
Dislikes: People feeling bad, their true selves, criticism
Attack style: Turn themselves inside-out and wrap their mouths around the weak spot or the head.

Lifespan: 40-50 yrs.
Height: 2' high, 3'7" wide
Diet: Insects, Meat
Class: Middle-High class
Rarity: Uncommon

- [Creative]
- [Loving]
- [Push-Over]

Info about gods: The Pisces worship their eggs before they hatch believing that they are connected to the "reincarnation circle", their version of the afterlife.
Patrons: Aphrodite, Eros, Cupid, Poseidon, Neptune, Sol
Gods: The Reincarnation Cycle

Physical: They are frog-like quadrupeds with a mouth that can split the head into either a plus or a an X. Aqualisces have two fins at the back of their heads and one running between their eyes from the mouth to the back of their heads. On each side of their heads are large fins protruding from circular water sacs that they use to gather and squirt water into containers for their young to reside in. They have four sucker-like toes on each foot spread in the same way as chicken feet. There are four circles on their face with two around their eyes and the other two in the middle of the split bottom sections. Along their bodies are stripes and circles usually placed uniformaly on their limbs and bodies though every Aqualisces have a different placement of stripes and circles. Their pattern are in different shades of red (including pink) while the main color of their bodies are shades of blue, purple, or a mix between the two. They usually have a pack on their back with a mechanical hand that help them grab objects and keep themselves moisturized.
Aqualisces can turn themselves inside-out into a form that exposes their muscles and organs. This is actually their natural form and it's perfect for catching the quick fauna found in their seas, their place of origin. However, most of them prefer to wear their second skin.
Their natural form does not need air to breathe due to special organs underneath their lungs. Thus, they are technically not an aquatic species despite their water-bound origins.

Behavior: They are insecure and shy creatures whose true forms are the “inside-out” versions of themselves. However, ever since they’ve seen another sentient species that didn't like how they looked, they have hidden this form underneath their more family-friendly interior in fear that others would think the same way. This interior was meant to be used for only a small time and while the Aqualisces are able to be in it indefinitely, it causes uncharacteristic extremism.
In fact, there's a common, warped belief among Aqualiscces that a long life is a curse. Aqualisces with this belief will most likely try to end your "suffering" if you are "past your time" this time ranging from 30 to 1000 years depending on the individual. About 15% of Aqualisces, the largest chunk in consensus, agree that "past your time" is older than 40 years.
This ideology comes from their pacifistic and postivity-focused religion which states that you should enjoy the quality of your life and not fret about the quantity. This religion, called Piscetarianism, follows the Three Doctrines of Hocshawn Nali: The Joy of Life, the Majesty of Death, and the Wonders of Rebirth. These tomes tell the tales of different religious figures and their journey through The Reincarnation Cycle. Piscetarianism celebrates death and gives Aqualisces hope in times of great stress and despair. However, it has since become the center of obsession and the fuel that feeds the arduous life-style that is seen with the common Aqualisces.
Other than this, Aqualisces are a sympathetic sort that are greatly in-tune with people's emotional states. They can usually tell when people are upset at them and will try to change themselves to suit the expectations of others. It usually doesn't occur to them that people can be manipulative jerks or that the change might not be healthy for them. Aqualisces believe in the good of all people and are hesitant to cause conflict even if something is harming their loved ones. Even when they end someone's life in the context of their belief, most Aqualisces will subconsciously comprehend that what they did was wrong. It's common for them to feel guilty about this type of killing even if they are unable to understand why.

History: In the prehistoric ages, Aqualisces were

Outside-Ins: These Pisces prefer to keep true to themselves and not care about what other people say about their appearance. These Pisces tend to be built less in Charisma and Endurance and more in Speed and Strength. Since Outside-Ins live a healthier life than the rest of the populace, they are able to live about a hundred years longer, have abandoned extremists views completely, and take better to criticism.
Most Outside-Ins either live on water planets or have augmentations that help them move around on land.

Special trait:
Outside-In/Inside-Out: Whenever an Aqualisces inverts themselves, they also invert their strength, speed, endurance, and charisma stats for twenty minutes to one and a half hours. The longer they've been in their other skin, the shorter the effect will last. Regular Aqualisces will refuse to invert on dry land (or even invert at all). If they ever agree to do it, they can only last a few turns before reverting back due to extensive amounts of time in their other form. Outside-Ins have no problem inverting themselves for a while, but will usually revert once the effect is done or when they become de-moisturized.

- An Aqualisces heart is found on top of a loose slip of muscle called a "sleeve". When the Aqualisces is feeling an intense bout of emotions, the sleeve pushes the usually immobile heart rhythmically, making it seem like it's beating. This is where the saying "to put your heart on your sleeve" comes from.
- Children are exempted from the rule that all Aqualisces must be in their second skin at all times. Once they reach 7 years old, the children will be legally considered adults and thus will stop being exempted.
- While Outside-Ins and the regular Aqualisces have a strained relationship, both sides wish that they can put aside their differences and become a species-wide "family" again. However, the beliefs and lives of these two groups usually go against those of the other and thus they remain apart.

Spoiler :
Name: Alrescha
Quote: ""
Description: Alrescha is actually two planets circling around a center of mass created by their orbits. The space between the two are extremely close, only about a hundred thousand miles apart. Like the moon and the earth, Alrescha's planets are always facing one another.



-There is a mysterious tunnel of light connecting the two planets together. In the old days, Aqualisces colonies would propel themselves through this tunnel when migrating between planets.

I have no son.
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 RE: Zodiac Species

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Spoiler: WIP for Cancer, including the name
Name: Carcilli
Nicknames: Deepfish / The Dreamers
Quote: "

Str- 5
Int- 9
Cha- 5
End- 6
Agl- 1
Luk- 0

Jobs: ????
Likes: Sleeping, dreaming, exploring the lives of others
Dislikes: Psychics, other Carcillis,
Attack style: When awake, siezing the target in its jaws and shredding it, or coiling around it and crushing it to death.

Homeplanet: Bellidae
Lifespan: 450
Height: 500
Diet: Fish
Class: ???
Rarity: Rare

Green: [Mind Control]
Blue: [Individualism]
Red: [Frequent Sleeper]

Info about gods:
Patrons: Somnus,
Gods: None

Carcilli are gargantuan armored eel-like aquatic creatures, native to the deep seas of Bellidae. They are predatory beings which, when fully grown, are up to five meters wide and between one and two hundred meters long. Their strong psychic power results in their mind often drifting loose from their body when they dream, frequently ending up in the bodies of other species, trapping the body's owner in the carcilli's dream.
Carcilli have a bulky, heavy head covered in armored plates and a cluster of eyes on each side. They have a pair of mandibles on either side of a many-toothed mouth with a third sharpened one below, and the teeth extend out of the mouth and up the underside of the head. Their body is snake-like for most of its length, with patches of chitinous plating primarily along the dorsal, and tufts of wispy filaments extending here and there. Towards the end of the carcilli, there is a large rudderlike fin, providing movement and guidance for the whole organism.
Beneath their skin is a thick layer of a gel-like substance, highly-prized on black markets for its ability to induce deep and vivid hallucinations. Resultingly, some Dreamers who sleep too near to the surface have been known to be murdered and butchered for this substance.
Personality and Traits
While Carcilli sleep, fragments of their mind drift loose from their body and 'stretch out'. If these fragments encounter another's mind, the cariclli takes control over the mind's body, a process referred to as "being dreamed". The dreamed body’s mind is in a mindscape shared with the dreaming carcilli, and the dreamer will usually attempt to calm the mind which has been "stolen". As the occupied’s body becomes a mouthpiece for the carcilli during this time, the dreamers may try to “solve” problems the occupied has or appears to have, albeit from the perspective of a dreaming deep-ocean predator. When the carcilli wakes, their mind retreats back to its own body, leaving the dreamed in control of themselves; however if the dreamed is killed while the cariclli is controlling it, the mind is trapped within the dreamscapes of the carcilli for good.
Carcilli are intensely paranoid. Their vulnerability while sleeping, which they do for days or weeks at a time, means that as apex predators they do not trust other members of their species in the slightest, establishing huge territorial ranges to minimise the chances of meeting another. In interactions with other species, their attitude varies greatly. While vanishingly few carcilli would ever desire to physically meet, friendships are occasionally established through the shared dream experienced by the carcilli and the dreamed, and with effort the carcilli can direct their dreams towards the same individuals, rather than the usual random connection.


Subspecies: None

Special trait:

[Image: 0T9kaDK.png]
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 RE: Zodiac Species

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Figure I may as well post what I've got so far for the leos! I still have a little bit left to do, I'll be sure to update this post as I go. I'll post some art soon too!

Spoiler :
Name: Leo
Nicknames: Candylion, Candibles
Quote: "Can somebody give me a hand here?" -A hungry leo

Str- 6
Int- 2
Cha- 5
End- 2
Agl- 7
Luk- 4

Jobs: Chef, Confectionist, Baker, Ambassador, Actor, Performer
Likes: Candy, Good Leadership, Compliments
Dislikes: Bitterness, Being ignored
Attack style: Leos will rarely back down from a fight. They will use their claws and jaws to tear into their foes. They don't put pride before life however, and if they must run they are capable of dropping tails and arms as a distraction.

Homeplanet: Azucar
Lifespan: 100-150 yrs
Height: 6'
Diet: Meat, candy
Class: Upper Middle Class
Rarity: Uncommon

- [Confident]
- [Narcissist]
- [Competitive]

Info about gods: The leos believe that by consuming the flesh of another, you are accepting part of their soul into your soul, and by feeding yourself to another, you are spreading your soul onto them. The leos believe that when their god, The Consumer, came into existence he created another leo out of himself. He then fed himself to that leo and became part of that leo. When more leos came into being, they all ate each other, and thus the original "god" leo exists in every leo alive currently.
Patrons: Apollo, Helios
Gods: The Consumer

Physical: Leos are tall, colorful, and centaur-like in shape. They possess 4 short legs, 4 equally short arms, and a long, sweeping tail that ends in a poofy tuft of fur. Their pelts are often brightly colored and adorned with seemingly random marks. These marks are created when a Leo's body part grows back after falling off; the fur always comes back in a new color from the Leo's pallet. A thick, round, and often striped mane resembling a elizibethian collar separates their long torso from their head. Their face consists of 2 round ears, 4 small eyes, a nose with 4 nostrils, and a large maw packed full of teeth. Their nose, tongue, ears (inside), pawpads, and often eyes match the color of the Leo's blood. This blood color, which can be any color on the visible spectrum, varies with the flavor of the Leo's flesh when ripened.

Leos are known for their ability to "shed" or "molt" their body parts. This process is called ripening, and is completely normal and painless to the Leo. When a Leo's body part becomes old and begins to wear down, or if it becomes damaged, the leo will gradually lose feeling in the area before it falls completely off. This leaves a clean wound which almost looks to have been sliced. Leo blood, which is normally liquid, coagulates into jelly when in contact with the outside. The nutrient rich jelly quickly covers and seals the wound, and begins forming a new body part. The new body part will be translucent and very sensitive at first, gradually changing back to normal flesh and regrowing the fur. It takes less than 1 week for a leo to fully regenerate a large body part such as a leg.

If a body part has been properly ripened and allowed to fall off, it becomes an edible item that tastes sweet, and texture can vary from each individual leo. Leos are happy to eat this treat themselves or share with anyone who will eat it. Letting a piece go to waste is almost insulting to a leo, as they have given up a part of themselves for nothing.

Behavior: Leos tend towards being a very friendly species, treating other leos and different species alike with respect, so long as it is returned. After all, leos see themselves as being part gods, and believe they should be treated as such. If leos are not treated as (at least) equals in any group, they may lose sense of any group mentality and may turn to only being concerned with themselves. However, they may lose morale. Though the leo will act independent and proud, it's important to them to feel accepted and needed in their "prides," or crews.

Leos think that a good established pecking order is imperative to most groups/crews. If a leo feels that the captain or leader isn't doing a good enough job, or that they could do better, the leo will commonly attempt to force the captain underneath them and take charge themselves.



Special trait:
[Regeneration] - as long as a wound is not fatal, it will heal much more quickly than normal. The character will not be able to use the limb while it is healing, however.
[Sustenance] - This character will produce half the amount of rations they consume.

- Each leo's taste and texture is as unique as a fingerprint. They are always sweet, but can also be spicy, minty, or sour.
- Many leos enjoy making dishes and confectionary using their own body parts.
- If a body part is sliced or torn off, or otherwise forcibly removed, it does not have the same pleasant taste as if it had fallen off naturally and instead tastes overwhelmingly bitter. This is because the leo's body did not get the chance to convert the flesh into an edible substance. This also prevented Leos from actively eating each other alive in the past.

[Image: dN6Gq8w.gif]
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