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[Somnus]: Thread Eater
[Somnus]: Thread Eater

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This is a topic for putting locked or otherwise not needed topics into as they are unable to be flat out deleted. If your topic gets shoved in here and you would like all the posts deleted, or you would like to remake it, please shoot a pm to Gimeurcookie. Topics are not put in here for inactivity, only for being unnecessary or being topics for [The Fortuna discussion topic] or even [The Cosmosdex discussion topic].

Note, stuff like advertisements are best for personal blogs or chats, but if you must advertise for something off site that's Cosmosdex related it would go into the Fortuna discussion topic. Please do not make whole topics just to advertise. They will just end up stuffed in here.

Please consider if your subject needs a whole topic to itself or if it belongs in one of those two topics above.

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[Fortuna] Open RP
If you want to join, just ask! However, if you want to leave for whatever reason you do need to tell me.
No set rule on how many people, just whenever everyone is set. A new post will be made for the rp once everything is set.
Crew Roles:
Ship AI: Thalia V1
Doctor : Beige
Engineer :
Navigator: Tonya Falcon
Feel free to ask about anything relating to the rp!
Bio example for submitted characters :
Blue Traits:
Red Traits:
Green traits:
Stats: Strength- Int.- Charisma- Endurance- Agility- Luck-
Short Bio:
RE: [Fortuna] Open RP
This looks very interesting! might think up some characters for this!
[Image: 0T9kaDK.png]

RE: [Fortuna] Open RP
Will there be forms we need to fill to join? :0
RE: [Fortuna] Open RP
Not really any forms,just a basic bio for the character/characters. Traits,Stats,Name,etc.
RE: [Fortuna] Open RP
Jeez I could've sworn I replied...
Okay!! I am hyped if there will end up being enough people. Thanks for answering!
RE: [Fortuna] Open RP
Np,thanks for showing interest in the rp!
RE: [Fortuna] Open RP
Do You Think Maybe I Could Join This Rp? I Don't Have Much For A Character Just His Species So Far... But If I Would Be Accepted Could I Maybe Be The Engineer? If Not Then Its Fine xw0 [The Little Xw0 Is Meant to Be A Little Face...]
RE: [Fortuna] Open RP
Oh, I have a character I would like to submit for the doctor position.
Name: Beige
Species: Aftik
Occupation: Doctor
Blue Traits: [masochist] [nostalgic] [collector]
Green Traits: [charming drunk] [cunning] [street smart]
Red traits: [hypocrite] [nature repellent]
Stats: Strength-2 Intelligence-8 Charisma-7 Endurance-2 Agility-3 Luck-5
A quick summary: Beige seems to know things about people and, more often than not they end up bringing someone onto their ship to preform a "life saving" surgery for a completely made up problem.
RE: [Fortuna] Open RP
((For MykE))
No worries if the character isn't completed yet, there's plenty of time. Once they are complete, they can 100% be the engineer.
((For Robottobt))
Sounds good! I'll edit the main post so the Doctor role is filled in.((By the time you've read this, I've prob already edited it and put Beige in))
[VITA]: a discord-based texttuna

A game of Fortuna, overgrown and filled with life. Become rooted in the verdant world of [VITA] today!

aka join the texttuna where the number after 26 has emotional value and everyone is part of the meme circus (which is a real thing, that exists)
RE: [VITA]: a discord-based texttuna
Current Game: THE CRIME RUN (Our captain is a mobster and overall not a good person, indulge your dark side in Game Three!)
RE: [Fortuna] Open RP
Not sure if no one saw the updated summary or if no one cared enough to respond, but please please PLEASE update me on whether or not you'll be joining! At least 3 people are needed (myself not included) and I'd hate to have to cancel the rp since 2 people are already signed up!I'm removing the needed jobs part all together, save for there having to be a captain. Even if you aren't planning on joining or are gonna back out of the rp, message me anyways! Its driving me crazy that everybody's just gone dead silent. As for those who are signed up already, thank you for your patience, hopefully this will all be fixed soon!
I Messed Up, Didn’t I?
So basically, I wasn’t nice with Apollo, and felt bad so I went back. I did everything good, but at one scene my finger slipped and I hit the wrong option, so I edited my cookie, because going back and changing my option changed nothing. So now the game and Apollo are mad at me, basically. Also I was on a different page, and I opened Fortuna and it was the newest page, and I can’t go back because I’m on an iPad, and can’t do it without getting tonnes of spoilers.

How badly have I messed up on a scale of 1 to 10?
RE: I Messed Up, Didn’t I?
I mean it sounds like you messed up but like, you can probably just clear cookies or smth else, and browse via desktop sometime?
also the pages are url based, so just restart (since all the apollo stuff is early on)

uhhhh also maybe make a strawpoll.me thing next time. having 10 options takes up most of a screen on some browsers.
[LIVE] - AliCat2020's modded dlc playthrough, like and subscribe if you enjoyed

RE: I Messed Up, Didn’t I?
(06-03-2018, 12:10 AM)LoverIan Wrote: »I mean it sounds like you messed up but like, you can probably just clear cookies or smth else, and browse via desktop sometime?
also the pages are url based, so just restart (since all the apollo stuff is early on)

uhhhh also maybe make a strawpoll.me thing next time. having 10 options takes up most of a screen on some browsers.

Oh. Right, but it would take days to get back to the page I was on seeing as I can’t use desktop. The thing is, I had disregarded it and moved quite far into the story.
RE: I Messed Up, Didn’t I?
I am confused, this is in the comic right? I don't think choices effect much since it's mostly linear til you can participate in the comic yourself..
RE: [Fortuna] Open RP
Can I join?
RE: [Fortuna] Open RP
Sure! All you need to do is write a character bio! The only rule for the bio is that it should follow the general guideline at the top. The character also should not be one already in the Fortuna comic (IE: A gen 1 AI, Rodney Ootkins, or a Special Character such as a Notail O-Class)
RE: [Fortuna] Open RP
I'd like to join for the position of Navigator and possibly Captain if no one takes the position as sort of a hybrid.

Name: Tonya Falcon
Species: Spooper/Bonehead
Occupation: Navigator
Blue Traits: [Show-Off] [Slots Magnet] [Flirtatious]
Green Traits: [Chick Magnet] [Psychic Powers] [Hot Seat]
Red traits: [Fears Rodents] [Breakble]
Stats: Strength-2 Intelligence-7 Charisma-2 Endurance-3 Agility-3 Luck-10
A quick summary: A Bone Head Spooper wearing a biker helmet and covered in cracks and band aids. Likes to go *Fast* and get lucky in more ways then one.
RE: [Fortuna] Open RP
Mine is kind of a fan-made V1? Don’t know if that’s ok tho.
Fortuna Memes
rodney dies in infinity war
RE: Fortuna Memes
I’m going to ask that this be moved to the topic “the pit” which is the fortuna discussion topic. I don’t think we need a whole topic just for memes.
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RE: Fortuna Memes
Ok then
RE: [Fortuna] Open RP
I'm still up for this. Though I am a bit inactive. MykE is probably never going to lay a hand on this site again. [He just kinda lost interest/forgot this existed.]