[STEVETUNA] - Let's Go Camping

[STEVETUNA] - Let's Go Camping
Alright, Phoenix I vote for too.
>Change from kratos to phoenix!
[Image: 0T9kaDK.png]
> Phoenix
[Image: rwjHVeX.png][Image: 69CsXS0.png][Image: ejuvK4p.png][Image: VBRHq44.png][Image: 2RQ0SBA.png][Image: wtUXrmA.png]
[Image: AHL8nXG.png]

In a run like this where your usual resources are a bit more limited, an AI that, like, won’t die sounds pretty good to have, so you’ll select the Phoenix as your AI. You actually don’t know if it like, has to be a part of your crew, since you don’t have a ship for it to stay in. You guess you’ll find out.

[Image: ovVTcPf.png] Gzzt~ Turn up the heat! Make sure to bring a fire extinguisher!

[Image: qneJPRN.png] Well, Player. I believe this next part should be left to you. My dice are available if you need them to assist in your decisions.

[Image: 3d3t0vz.png]

Alright, so on a Hitchhiker run, you only get a max crew size of five, but you do get to start with two. Or three. Still depends on if Phoenix counts, but at the very least, it doesn't show up as starting crew.

One of them needs to be a Leader, because Captain just doesn't seem so apt here.

[Image: N662WOU.png]

So yeah. Two characters, the usual 26 points, two red traits, three green traits, three blue traits.
> Have Fortuna roll to decide every single character trait.
"Fainting isn't real, only ninteenth century girls in corsets faint."
Boog with Kaikian, Apedee, Poppet, Aftik, Skarv, and Generic parts. One of the blue traits must be [Nomadic], I have no opinion on the other traits, and we should probably just let fortuna roll for them
A boring old Aftik
Name: Key
Gender: Nonbinary
Species: Tourist
Job: Leader/Writer
Strength: 2
Intelligence: 5
Charisma: 6
Endurance: 4
Agility: 6
Luck: 3
[Bored Eater]
[Night Blind]


[Chip Magnet]
[Image: egg009.png?raw=1][Image: egg012.png?raw=1]

A [strk]towel[/strk] Skarv, obviously
Just a hitchhiker (pick one of the above) and their somnus unit.
[Image: RjvYOd.png]
Name: Dyo Genis
Gender: He/Him
Species: Zuid'Tian
Job: Mechanic/Fast-Food Cooker
Strength: 8
Intelligence: 7
Charisma: 1
Endurance: 6
Agility: 2
Luck: 2
[Food Aggressive]
[Nature Repellent]
[Rarely Meddles]
[Jack of Trades]

[Image: 7GW36ok.png]
Name: Mr. Universe
Gender: Male
Species: Crystal Gem
Job: Musician
Strength: 6
Intelligence: 3
Charisma: 7
Endurance: 6
Agility: 2
Luck: 2

...I had that in my head, otherwise I've got nothing.
[Image: P566BxL.png]

First up... a tourist. Because, y'know, hitchhiking. It's thematic. Let's backpack across space. And, y'know, a galactic hitchhiker never leaves home without a towel.

Gonna need some help with that, though.

[Image: Zo48yIp.png] Allow me.

[Image: vCS13dN.png]

[Image: AozlK5j.png]

And okay, so some of the references got lost along the way but that's really not the point. The point is you've got a leader, and you've got the guy that actually probably does all the negotiations. They play two instruments! At once! If that's not an instant ticket onto any ship you don't know what is.

[Image: B9vjuqU.png] While I am always glad to assist with choices, I worry for your characters fates.

[Image: ovVTcPf.png] Bzzt~ I wouldn't! So they're a little unlucky! Just gonna be more exciting, gzzt~!

[Image: ScKRPpB.png]

Two more choices, and one last chance to make changes to your crew before getting started.
[Image: 9oAO3Nx.gif][Image: PxleLogo_Da.gif?dl=1][Image: Njx8eUo.png][Image: FuJRCK7.png][Image: A43ybmM.png][Image: PxleSig_%5BLOST%5D.png?dl=1][Image: JoFm6nh.gif]
Adun Toridas, Space Ninja...
5, Key
100, Key
Watch in awe as I end every comment I've ever written and ever will write with the greatest and most anticlimactic signature in the universe!!!!!!!!!

-0, Key
Quiet. Good for an unusual opinion. Doesn't talk much.
>5, Key
[Image: egg009.png?raw=1][Image: egg012.png?raw=1]

>4.2, Key
Yes i am suggesting .2 of a planet. that is a thing that is happening.
> 3 planets to keep it nice and simple for your first run.
> Key
[Image: rwjHVeX.png][Image: 69CsXS0.png][Image: ejuvK4p.png][Image: VBRHq44.png][Image: 2RQ0SBA.png][Image: wtUXrmA.png]
[Image: U3d2Ahj.png]

You tried putting in 4.2, but the game wouldn’t let you. Okay, specifically it told you that you don’t have that mode enabled, but whatever. Five is good. Let’s get rolling.

[Image: mIILP4z.gif]

[Image: eM7eCPU.gif]
Thanks, Douglas Adams. That's really inspiring.
What did Terry Pratchett say? "in the beginning there was nothing. Then, a sock appeared."
Something like that? During Faust Eric iirc
I thought it was "In the beginning, there was nothing, which then exploded"
[Image: 0T9kaDK.png]