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How To Screenshot
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 How To Screenshot

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Hello, Gent Lemen! Today, the big ol' Boy™ Spriteclad III Ph.D. will lay upon y'all some KNOWLEDGE for y'all about how to easily take screenshots and also how to resize them without even touching an image editor (so you can put them in forum posts!)


Now, I know some of you are still in the habit of just hitting PntScr and opening Paint and/or just using Windows 7's Snipping Tool for screenshots, but honestly? That stuff's slowing you down. If you want to INSTANTLY upload your screenshots to imgur and copy it to the clipboard (as well as do so much more stuff like uploading files via Windows Explorer), ShareX is your being. And yes, before you ask, it IS better than Lightshot or Gyazo. How? It doesn't put frickin' ads around your screenshots.

(If you're on Linux or Mac, then uh.... I got nothing. Sorry. Use Grab or something.)

Now, once you've installed ShareX, you should get a window that looks like this:
[Image: fPEldn2.png]

This is your upload window. You don't need it open most of the time. I reccomend you go to the Hotkey Settings (to the left) and change around your hotkeys. By default, there are hot keys for screen capture, select capture, window capture, and screen recording (yes, this program can do that). You can change these bindings as well as adding bindings for other tasks, such as Tweeting or opening a screen color picker. It's really versatile, and I use it every day.

Just press a button to capture your screen and do the default tasks (which are upload to Imgur, copy image to clipboard and save it to ShareX's screenshot folder). You can change those tasks, too. Just go to the task settings window. You don't even have to use Imgur as your image uploader! Heck, you can upload any type of file to your preferred file host in the settings! Play around with the settings a bit and tell me what you think.


Now, I'm pretty sure 99% of you know what Imgur is and how to use it, but I'm about to lay some KNAWLIDG on y'all about a feature not many people know about.

Say, you have a link to a picture in your forum post, like this:

But.. OH NO! You just realized that it's too big for your post and the mods are gonna be on your BUNS if you post it! Luckily, there's an easy solution to this that doesn't require editing the image in any way!

If you add one (1)(I)(won) of these letters to the END of the image code and BEFORE the ".jpg" part of your url:
s - Generates a small, avatar-sized thumbnail of your image
m - Generates a medium-sized thumbnail of your image
l - Generates a large thumbnail of your image

like so:

WAH-LA!! Your image is now small enough to post on the forums! And, even better, if you want, you can have people click the thumbnail so that it leads to the full image, like so:


Alright, now I--[BRRRRRINNGG!] AH! THAT'S THE SCHOOL BELL! (that's just my egg timer!) Class is dismissed, everyone, and I hope you all learned some stuff today! Now if you excuse me, I got some neverending soda to pour on the keyboard.

Spoiler :
[Image: 77OwqSd.gif]
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 RE: How To Screenshot
You're Alright

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