[TYCHE]: Finished!

[TYCHE]: Finished!
everything goes wrong: the movie
We see Hermes, who is mad at us
We also see some limbo gods (main focus: the Helper)
We encounter the Sun God somehow
Blu may be famous at this point?
Hermes AND Apollo try to hunt us down
Mors and Somnus are cute as usual, but Mors does a thing with Hermes and it makes our game all buggy
Atheneris and/or Helios kills a team member
The game breaks and we have to fix it.
[Image: DGBpqSL.png]
I predict that Sbat dies by the end of the run, our ship gets stolen, and O-5 kicks someone.
Noot noot doot doot.

[Image: etSKUQC.png]
We'll encounter at least one (1) Limbo god and it'll be a mess
[Image: ny0KZnp.png]
You guys will find me and your socks will be soaked with ketchup.
Helios horse die but who care.
We make a hard strat joking around.
O-5 kills a captain because we have low luck.
Someone say "Would you die for me?" and then "Then die like the blind hound you are."

I want the only things this raffle have and you know it.
Duck, duck, duck, duck, GHOOST.
Theses might be predications but I'm not wrong that one of theses might happen, anyone that says contrary will find me in a body bag.
Duck, duck, duck, duck, GHOOST.
I predict our ""plan"" (or lack thereof) will either go horribly wrong or perfectly. No in-between.
Lambda: Robot Regret ||| Flight Rising ||| Dragon Cave
I'm Athenike on the Discord chat and memes2electricboogaloo on the Twitch chat!
i predict that we will dab at a limbo god and be killed insantly
I can summon bendy straws at will and also turn oxygen into carbon dioxide
oH boY. I think Herm-bro-dude is gonna be pissier than a hECcn rabid goose but that's only because he's all clockwork-ifed which is basically space rabies but worse. We're gonna have the majority of our crew DIE from the actions of a limbo god, or maybe even limbo godS if we're lucky, before we get to Fortuna. Fanfics will be written. Ships will be wreCKED. Oh BOY THIS'LL BE A BLAST. by that I mean some body will get shot.
We miss obvious sign posting leading to at least one character death.
[Image: uIBQxlT.png]
The winners of the raffle are

1. Orpheus the Bard
2. sugarthekitty
3. Clockwork Dragon

Please send me a pm with what you want!
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