[TYCHE]: End of raffle!

[TYCHE]: End of raffle!
RE: [TYCHE]: Halloween raffle! Ends 10/31
What inspirations did you draw from these images: I pretty much decided on the dog long before this even started, the broken neck was nice bit of serendipity I wanted to play with. I also ended up using the chain and liquor that were part of it's repurposed role as liquor section decoration. The inflatable(?) skeleton(?)'s outfit was given to the dog, and I ultimately used the metal pumpkin for the replacement head. Ah, also the dog howls, and it goes on for much longer it feels it should, but that's probably an effect of it being in a grocery store. I'm not sure what's supposed to set it off, but it went off as I was trying to take the head off the neck to better show its severed state for the photo...
Name of this species: Yito

Headless Bony Dapper Dogs that sound like hell itself:
Yito are a race of bony bipedial canines. Bony, in a sense both literal, and figurative as their bones are rather big and prominent even when healthy. Their muscle tissue is located either between the bones, or within them. They usually wear dark colored suits with black accents, and a bottom half that reaches the floor like a robe or dress. But the most distinguishing feature is that their heads, in lieu of being attached to their neck, are usually severed at a young age, and kept in an ethanol-filled glass container that is attached to a chain that is wrapped around where their neck. A metal gourd is placed where their head should be, for the sake of holding the chain in place.
Yito are also known for being noisy, as they like the sound of their howls reverberating within the metal gourd, and thus shall do so at the slightest provocation. This is made worse than other outspoken species, as the facet of the sound they find appealing is what most other species consider "hellish" and "frighting", and "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT". Thus the inside of the gourds have been shaped, and altered to amplify this "terrifying" aspect. When they aren't making a "frightening din", and/or testing their body's capacity for ethanol poisoning, they usually are fright- freighting goods.(?)

RE: [TYCHE]: Halloween raffle! Ends 10/31
Top 5 species that would eat my fingers and scare the heck outta of me
1. John Rodriguez: Guitar Hero is actually a fear of mine. John Rodriguez being both a guitar hero master and john rodriguez is double fright.

2. Kuppa: Ah yes, I wish to drink your brain fluids. (mixed with milk please)

3. Abunis: they have worms in their brains and they don't let me eat it.

4. Apidee: horse.
https://i.imgur.com/RoRolfW.png (click here if you don't fear your own life. )

5. Notails: How can you live with so many flesh in your body and absolutly no spines or any type of bones? Huh, O-7? Tell me. Where are your bones. What you did with your bones. Why you did it?

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★Kieros "Variety Gacha"
★Kieros "Notail Gacha"
Duck, duck, duck, duck, GHOOST.
RE: [TYCHE]: Halloween raffle! Ends 10/31
The winners of the contests are CosmicClaxon and LoverIan for their amazing and creative entries!

And now here are the prize winners!

Prize winners!
1. DS Piron - Anything you want
2. Fellow - The final station
3. Orpheus the Bard - Anything you want
4. SirBlizz98 - Anything you want
5. wiltingMyosotis - Kieros "Variety Gacha"
6. Babybowser101 - Kieros "Notail gacha"
7. LammarWesley - Undertale
8. awkwardcarapace - Super Time Force Ultra

If you won please pm me by the end of the month so I do your prize or direct you to the person who is giving you your prize!
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