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Before we start, this adventure may address materials and topics that might be difficult subjects for some people -- some of these topics are spoilers for later content. If that sounds like something you need, check out the spoiler below.

Your name is Daisy, you're a Demon, and you're really not in the most pleasant situation right now.

You can feel the weight around you, crushing, pressing in on every part of your body. Several-thousand tons of sugar water loom overhead. You aren't exactly sure how you got down here but that doesn't really help you at this point.

If you had to guess you'd say you were somewhere in the sea trenches between Aspersion and Spindle. Judging by the pipes full of gunk and industrial waste, you're probably in the southern reaches.

This all feels strangely familiar.

[Image: WStnAnk.png]

In front of you is a large crevice, if you looked into it you could swear you saw something moving around down there. You can see a faint glow that disperses into the unnatural darkness of the ocean's depths.

On the other side of the chasm there are two pipes, one of which appears to be leaking a sickly red fluid. There's also a big rocky rock and a cute glow-shrimp.

You probably should find a way back to the surface, Verity is going to be worried sick about you, and staying down here very long will probably have dire consequences. Also, you're definitely not getting paid for this.
RE: Waterlogged
What's up with all that glowy stuff in the crevice? Try kicking a pebble into it?
RE: Waterlogged
We're not getting PAID!?
That's it; everybody out.
But first, we check out the chasm. And the shrimp. It's cute.
RE: Waterlogged
No, you're not getting paid for being thrown into the ocean, and you don't think your insurance covers ocean-related injuries. That said, you have more important things to worry about than your next pay check, like the beautiful creature floating peacefully over there.

You take a moment to regard the glow shrimp.

[Image: RUYAqM1.png]

Across the chasm, just out of your grasp, the glow shrimp floats peacefully. Many have questioned the quandary of the curious glow shrimp. One would expect that glowing would be an evolutionary dead end, surely something that glows in the deep ocean would only attract predators to it. But the glow shrimp seems to defy all logic, existing, and even thriving despite this trait. There have been many theories about the ability of the glow shrimp to survive, perhaps it has a predatory function, perhaps it shares a symbiotic existence with some other creature. An official study has never been conducted on the life of the glow shrimp, so for now, no one knows. Even more curious than the life and ecology of the glow shrimp is its biology. The glow shrimp lacks a brain, has almost no actual internal organ structure, and is more analogous to a floating mass of glowing gunk than anything else.

You sigh wistfully, ah, to be a glow shrimp, to not care about life, simply drifting along as the deep-sea currents ebb and flow.

This glow shrimp, in particular, seems to be a blue-banded glow shrimp, named such because it has blue bands. The blue-banded glow shrimp tends to live only in the deepest part of the oceans, where its light stands out like a small beacon in the inky blackness.

You almost envy the peaceful life the glow shrimp has.


You manage to pry your eyes away from the glorious glow shrimp.

With a reasonable amount of effort, you wind up a kick and give a lonely rock a good punt into the chasm.

[Image: o8uVRaB.png]

The rock jumps forwards as your foot makes contact with it, soaring through the water before majestically drifting into the chasm. The rock falls dreadfully slowly due to the syrupy nature of the deep sea trenches.

Some time after the chunk of earth has vanished from view you see something shift in the chasm. Some weird pitch blackness writhes and coils in the deep. The changes are barely perceptible with how little light there is down here. But whatever is in the chasm, it looks very big.

Then you hear a noise, like bastardized whale song, an awful, cruel whine. Something about it presses at your eardrums and makes you feel an unease that grasps your heart and squeezes. The noise dries out your mouth and makes your nose itch. Suddenly, you're even sweating a bit, despite being underwater, you know you're sweating. You swear you could even feel the saliva on the tip of your tongue boiling; your paper-like skin crinkling in response to the broken sounds. The noise doesn't stop, warbling and warping, twisted and twisting, and somehow awfully tragic.
RE: Waterlogged
Oops, guess there was something in the chasm you hit with the rock.
Say you're sorry!
RE: Waterlogged
Apologize for bugging them!!
RE: Waterlogged
Swim away as fast as you can.

Which probably isn't fast enough.
RE: Waterlogged
You burble out a quick "Sorry", sugar water filling your mouth and getting all sticky against your teeth. Whatever it is in the chasm responds with another painful noise, you're not quite sure if its a scream or just its natural call. The sound is immediately followed by a rushing feeling, you can see the darkness shifting in the depths, approaching quickly. Unfortunately for you, it seems that whatever creature it is in the cavern does not want to be your friend.

With haste, you start swimming away from the trench. Fast locomotion proving difficult to the viscosity of the sugar-water. As each second ticks past you can feel the pressure building, the feeling of its presence growing.

An awful tingle rolls down your spine, like nails on a chalkboard, but the chalkboard is your spine, and the nails are textured like sandpaper. You realize that this probably isn't the best simile, but considering your situation you give yourself a pass. You can feel your head starting to ache, and your vision starting to shift, scan-lines sliding over your eyes as everything blurs and twists out of your control. Whatever's in that chasm won't be for much longer, and you can feel the horrid pressure getting stronger.

You look back.

[Image: 50ce0DH.png]

You immediately regret looking back.

Your eyes burn and ache where they find the empty void of a creature stalking you. A pit of darkness defined by its utter lack of definition, no light that falls on its wretched body ever resurfaces.

You see the horror slipping back beneath the edge of the chasm. Every time you blink the thing seems to change, every time your eyes refocus the geometry and curvature seems to shift, warping and twisting, like it was mocking the very nature of reality.

This seems bad.
RE: Waterlogged
> CLOSE YOUR EYES AND SWIM LIKE THE WIND (or something a little more hydrodynamic)
RE: Waterlogged
>rrreeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE at it.

[Image: 8L9RKuo.png] [Image: tnkzT4L.png]
RE: Waterlogged
> No it's not. Such eternally-changing monstrosities are probably a friend. Tell them you'll call them later to hang out.
🐦🐙🐙[Image: nifOFwR.png]🐙🐙
RE: Waterlogged
You turn tail and run, this action proves to be slightly more effective than swimming. However, you quickly realize this isn't going to help you, your muscles are starting to lock up and you were moving far too slow anyway. You turn back around just in time to see the horror's tail leaving the chasm. The light around it bending and betraying the cruel nature of the creature.

[Image: C4RbfJN.png]

A horrible feeling fills your gut, you know that this thing doesn't have any good interests in mind for you, or any interests at all. All of the awful wrongness that you've felt up till now just gets worse, and you feel a bit of stomach acid rising in your throat. You even consider screaming at, it for a moment, but that would be even less effective than trying to run was.

You look up.

[Image: O2ritsX.png]

You try your best to look alive, your only hope at this point is if the horror recognizes and tries to mimic you. As you continue to stare at the horror, a burning sensation builds in your eyes, the light tearing and distorting around the creature. You can feel the radiation pouring off of the horror, seeping into your body, poisoning you. Pain fills the horror's eyes, you see it see you, you just can't pull your eyes away.

[Image: SHK3jHx.png]

For a moment, you feel a rush of possibility, the pain in your head lessens and your vision clears, you can see the horror in all of its beauty. The empty dark 'skin' where light falls and never leaves, everything about it just feels so awfully sad.

In this calm moment, something strange about its body bothers you, the symbols crawling over its back, the Modician number system. But you shove that thought out of your mind, worrying about the small details won't save your life.

Then it all falls apart

[Image: YEebsLA.png]

The Horror Screams (Loud Noise warning)

A blinding wave of pain slams into you, your vision going technicolor as the horror tears itself apart. The pressure from its scream hits you, the sound wave forcing you to your knees. Tears burn in your eyes as your stomach churns. You feel yourself start to shake as the second wave, the one composed of radiation washes over you, your paper-like skin crumbling from the exposure.

You scream in earnest, sugar water filling your lungs. You keep screaming, you can feel your body warping in responses to the horror's radiation, you can feel every change.

You bow your head, humming the familiar tune of a musical prayer, your hands clasped together. You pray to Verity, to XLR, you pray that you could get out of this. You aren't ready to die, not here, not yet. You still have so many things to do.

You look up to face the horror one last time, and see nothing. Just an empty expanse of ocean.

Your body relaxes, exhausted, as darkness overtakes you

[Image: PnsALum.png]

DAISY: "...fuck"

Your alarm clock sits on your night stand, glowing faintly in the dark; it's a few hours before morning. Another nightmare in the middle of the night, another dream about the sea-floor. The bed you are in feels vaguely itchy and unclean, like it just isn't right. You can feel your paper-skin, crinkled and soaked through with sweat. Your body aches like you just ran a marathon, you feel a knot in your throat, and everything just seems to be pressing in on you. An awful crushing weight, a source-less primal fear. But you're not on the bottom of the ocean anymore, you're not around the horrors, you're safe.

What do you do?
RE: Waterlogged
Go into the bathroom and get your hairdryer so you can dry yourself out, as usual.
RE: Waterlogged
Count all your limbs and make sure everything's intact
RE: Waterlogged
> Make a mental note, or a literal note if you can't remember, to wash your sheets. No surprise they feel vaguely itchy and unclean if you're waking up every night covered in sweat. Maybe turn your light on, and then explain the Modician number system to yourself to calm yourself down in a really obviously exposition sort of way.
RE: Waterlogged
Go get a drink of cold water.
[Image: tN4CQnw.png][Image: 6miAxpY.png][Image: xrt4V73.png]
[Image: LAbvoew.png][Image: kHYNSyp.png][Image: 2xEY8jD.png]
RE: Waterlogged

Daisy groans a bit, adjusting to the darkness and the sensation of about eight new voices in her head, all screaming courses of action. Great, just what she needed, more things wrong with her mind.

She takes in a slow breath, calming herself. Daisy knows she needs to take things one at a time, or she won't get anything done. One of them is telling her to go get water, but considering her dream she really isn't feeling interested in ingesting any liquids right now, or touching any liquids for that matter.

DAISY: "I really just don't like water, water is bad... I'll do it in a bit."

[Image: VrRLqhN.png]

One of the voices is asking about her clock, and the numerals on the horror's back from her dream. Apparent ally the new voices don't even know what numbers are, wonderful.

DAISY: "Okay, shush for a second."
DAISY: "I can't imagine why something out of my own mind doesn't know the numbers I use every day but... why not"
DAISY: "By Verity's name, am I going to have to explain this in a base ten system to you... hell"
DAISY: "So, most places on Morbit, you all do know what Morbit is, right? do I have to explain gods and that too?..."
DAISY: "Anyway, most places on Morbit use what they call base 10, if that is what you use we would be using "base 12"; you can thank XLR for that one."
DAISY: "We have three groupings of four characters -- they work as follows"

[Image: CQgAuC0.png]

DAISY: "I hope that clears it up..."
DAISY: "Frankly though, our system works much better, and I can't imagine why you'd want to use something so ugly as decimal..."

She pulls the cord on her bedside lamp, casting a small amount of light into her apartment building. Two bottles of important medication sit on the nightstand, there's about three days worth of doses left in each of them... she should probably go to the pharmacy soon. Going without medication was bad, very bad, worse than water bad.

[Image: XOQZV81.png]

DAISY: "I suppose I should say... if ya'll wind up sticking around, and are ever in more direct control than you are now, I have to take these twice every day"
DAISY: "I don't plan on any of you taking the lead but it's worth mentioning."

Daisy lets out a slow breath, going through the numbers calmed her down a little bit, and talking about her medication even more so. Maybe now she would be up to getting water. She grabs a glass from her bedside table and heads to the bathroom -- the hairdryer is there, and so is water, it'll be easy.

Daisy fills the cup with cool water, hands trembling a bit. This didn't feel great to her, and she really didn't like the sound of the faucet running. She knew she could do this though. After a few seconds she shuts the faucet off, setting down the glass of water against the floor and slumping against the sink/drawer combo.

After a few moments, she grabs the hairdryer, using it to at least make herself less soggy. Drying out after a bad dream was really her least favorite thing to do, it made her paper much more prone to cracking and falling off. Alternatively, she could remain soggy and slush around all day which really wasn't any better.

Daisy closes her two main eyes, letting herself just hear the faint electrical hum of the hairdryer.

[Image: N92NmqC.png]

DAISY: "Well... since you're here... and I'm not going anywhere... whats up?"
RE: Waterlogged
> honestly we're more worried about you than anything right now. Since we'll be taking up space in your consciousness awhile, we want you to be ok!
RE: Waterlogged
> Yeah! We, in general, care about you. But things are still probably a little confusing. Maybe explain the exact nature of the medication that you have to take, since it's something I think most of us are going to need to know and understand in detail. Good work getting yourself dried off, by the way, after a dream like that I'm surprised you've got the energy to do anything at all.
RE: Waterlogged
>why is your skin made outta paper? Can you draw on yourself? Is ink your mortal enemy?

[Image: 8L9RKuo.png] [Image: tnkzT4L.png]
RE: Waterlogged
Daisy smiles a bit, it makes her feel quite a bit better to know that the voices in her head seem to actually care about her and her well being. Maybe she could get along with them, maybe this wouldn't be something bad. Having things that aren't bad happen would be a nice change of pace.

DAISY: Right... Medication.
DAISY: You're in my head right, shouldn't you know this already? Never is that simple I guess.

[Image: pHU4PkN.png]

DAISY: Enaxic is my anti-psychotic, it's supposed to help with my dissociation, it's also supposed to help with not having voices in my head but you and I can both tell that that's not working right now.
DAISY: Frankly, as long as you all are nice I really don't mine
DAISY: It's nice to have a little company sometimes.
DAISY: Though... are you gonna be around, talking to me, all the time?
DAISY: Is that what collectives have to deal with?
DAISY: Sorry, getting distracted.
DAISY: Trexial is my mood-stabilizer, it's what I take to deal with the symptoms from being a monster, if I don't take this some really bad things could happen. And... I'd probably get in a lot of trouble and then be really sad. But now I've got people to help me remember to take it, so I don't need to forget anymore!

Daisy smiles just slightly, it's not much, but it's there.

DAISY: Honestly... it took all I had in me to get clean and drink some water, I dunno if I could do anything more right now if I tried.
DAISY: Though explaining things and having some people to talk to is really nice.

[Image: gyqbWbo.png]

DAISY: As for the paper skin, it's cause that's one of Verity's motifs.
DAISY: Being one of her Demons I sort inherit those motifs, her other one is 'imitation', whatever that means.
DAISY: The other stuff is cause of being a monster, the third eye, being too big.
DAISY: You probably cant tell cause everything in my apartment was custom made for my size but... I'm not, normal sized.
DAISY: But most people don't have a third eye that never closes and skin made out of paper so being a bit big isn't that bad.

Daisy's ears perk up and twitch, catching noise, her head tilting to hear it better.

DAISY: I think I just heard someone outside the door, in the hall... why would anyone be there?
DAISY: You don't think it's something bad? should I check it out?
RE: Waterlogged
Go check it out!
RE: Waterlogged
yeah, check it out, but like, carefully. you got any windows or peepholes?
RE: Waterlogged
Go check things out, cautiously! You seem pretty capable.

I think we're gonna be around until you get through this phase of your life that involves water, at the very least.
RE: Waterlogged
Check things out, but be subtle about it. Peephole if possible. If not, maybe just press your ear to the door? No need to draw attention to yourself.