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Why would we smash through our own door? Presumably, that door is for keeping hallway people from seeing us all the time
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(05-04-2017, 08:30 AM)BTC_UNDERSCORE_BANDIT Wrote: »Why would we smash through our own door? Presumably, that door is for keeping hallway people from seeing us all the time


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So what's Verity's deal? Who is she?

Check it out brazenly, you're a demon and a monster, whoever's out there can cower in fear for having disturbed you!
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(05-04-2017, 12:04 PM)Myeth Wrote: »
(05-04-2017, 08:30 AM)BTC_UNDERSCORE_BANDIT Wrote: »Why would we smash through our own door? Presumably, that door is for keeping hallway people from seeing us all the time


I prefer to show my dominance by showing off my worldly goods, such as doors and hinges. It's a strong opener, sure, but I think an inefficient use of our resources.
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Daisy supposes she could smash through the door to her apartment. Though that would probably be a pretty bad idea, the door is pretty heavy, would cost a lot to replace, and would hurt someone if they were waiting outside. She approaches the door, looking up against the peephole to see if anyone is in the hall.

[Image: aBvMwJr.png]

A frown creeps onto her face, it's probably normal that nobody is outside her apartment at this time of night; she really felt like she heard someone though. Daisy sighs, rubbing at her forehead again. There have been too many nights like this lately. Too many times in the last few weeks has she been woken up at three A.M.

DAISY: About water?... what do you know about me and water, what does that have to do with you being around now?

She sounds apprehensive, and unsure, the voices in her head haven't been openly hostile yet, even if they have asked stupid questions and told her less than smart things. If her eyes could narrow, they would be now. Daisy shakes her head, putting her suspicions aside for now, listening for something outside....

A soft brushing noise, of a soft material against tile

Daisy tenses up hard, grabbing the handle to her door tightly.

DAISY: Should I...?
DAISY: ... you know, you're right, what am I actually afraid of?

She pushes open the door confidently, leans outside, and stares down the hallway.

[Image: gnCOV5B.png]

The hallway is utterly empty, devoid of people other than her. Something about all this feels wrong, there was something that was supposed to be here. Daisy HEARD someone outside of her apartment, her sense of hearing usually wasn't wrong. Had she forgotten to take her medication?

No, no of course not, she had four pills left in each of her bottles, she remembered this clearly -- two for today, two for tomorrow. There was a feeling of something being there too, something strange, like the light from the overhead fixture was rippling in front of her. She could taste the use of Scrap Magic in the air, someone was here and she was absolutely sure of it.

DAISY: I... don't like this.

She lets out a breath, but doesn't let her guard down.

DAISY: Anyway... Verity.

[Image: OmLWufY.png]

DASIY: Verity is a greater god, her domains are Truth and Lies, her motifs are Paper and Immitation. She oversees the Independent State of Aspersion.
DAISY: She's pretty cool... from what I remember, she's a bit overbearing at times, and looks pretty intimidating, but she really cares about all of us.
DAISY: Everyone in Aspersion matters to her, and she works really hard to make sure we're all safe and well.
DAISY: ... I wish I could get back in contact with her.
DAISY: I can't blame her for not wanting to talk again though.
DAISY: She must feel awful about what happened
DAISY: Even if it wasn't her fault

Daisy sighs, looking down... and

[Image: aAED2vu.png]

DAISY: That uh... package wasn't there before, right?
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>Open it far away from your door, don't want no magic woowoo near your door, nuh uh.

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> I mean, we showed up right after a terrible dream about water, right? And this group of spirits we are is collectively known as the "Soggytime Wet Friends". Ehh, honestly, we'll probably be here longer than the water will be.

Add "Talk to verity more" to your mental and or physical list of things to do in the future, alongside washing your filthy, filthy sheets. But for now, focus on, uh, maybe reading the letter first, then decide whether or not to open the box afterwards. Check for scraps, if you can, though!
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Letters or parcels are considered suspicious if they:
Quote:Have any powdery substance on the outside. Are unexpected or from someone unfamiliar to you. Have excessive postage, handwritten or poorly typed address, incorrect titles or titles with no name, or misspellings of common words. Are addressed to someone no longer at your workplace or home or are otherwise outdated. Have no return address, or have one that can't be verified as legitimate. Are of unusual weight, given their size, or are lopsided or oddly shaped. Have an unusual amount of tape. Are marked with restrictive endorsements, such as "Personal" or "Confidential." Have strange odors or stains.
Can you be hurt by anthrax? If the package and letter are too suspicious, don't open them. If they aren't, carefully open the letter away from your face while covering your breathing orifice.
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>Examine letter for fine print before opening. With gloves. Just in case.
Quiet. Good for an unusual opinion. Doesn't talk much.
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Daisy picks up the package and letter, setting them on her kitchen counter. She understood the urge to be careful but, things that require skin contact don't really bother her that much and Aspersion's public safety system is top notch. Sure it's a bit strange to get a package and letter in the middle of the night but, not the weirdest thing she's ever experienced.

[Image: IF1uen0.png]

DAISY: Speak of a devil, it's from Verity

She hesitates for a moment, taking a few nervous breaths before breaking the wax seal and extracting the page from within.

[Image: fmE4UtT.png]

Dear Daisy

There has been too much time since we last talked, I thought it best to give you space due to my more personal involvement with the circumstances surrounding what happened to you. I assumed that it'd be best to let you get into contact with me.

I've realized that that was likely a mistake, a mistake by my desire to avoid having a potentially difficult conversation. You and I both know what happened, what Loom did to me, and to you. In spite of this, I still find myself followed by the shame and regret of what happened during the Breakage.

To this day, you've remained my Demon, and I do not plan on changing this fact. Unless of course you would want me to... but. You deserve to live in as much comfort as you can since what happened.

To the ends of you as my Demon, I hope that we can re-establish a friendship of sorts. You were my closest aide before the Breakage, and I would be grateful to have you at my side again. Even if it is ultimately your choice to not fill this role, I would hope that we can stay in contact.

If you want to contact me you can call me any time on my personal number. 0BB-442-033A.

I miss being able to talk to you

P.S. Please don't let that number get out, I don't want everyone to be able to call me whenever they want

DAISY: I... don't know.

Daisy sighs, setting the letter down on the kitchen table and rubbing her head with both hands. She didn't expect to get contact from Verity, and she certainly didn't expect what was essentially a job offer.

DAISY: The package... right.

Daisy opens up the package, a bit caught up in her thoughts on Verity to put much safety into it.

She pulls out the contents and lays them on the table

[Image: 3OXRAa9.png?1]

Inside the box, a mailing tube, a sheet of grid paper, binoculars and scissors -- all covered in a faintly glowing thread.

DAISY: Why would... why would someone send me scissors...

Daisy sits down at the kitchen table hard, she seems pretty unsettled by everything that's happened this early morning.

DAISY: I don't like this, those threads... Loom's threads
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This is what you wanted, right? To get back in contact with her? She's still your master, serving her must be better than whatever's going on here.

You don't need any of that junk, do you? Just put it back in the box and throw it away, you don't need more Loom in your life.
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Yes!! Cross getting back into contact with verity off the list, and get those sheets in order! Well, uh, in the future. Anyway.

That stuff's not, like, immediately obviously useful, and the scissors are pretty mean. Keep it around in case they become significant or important somehow, but don't like, dwell on it. Just remember that you have it.

Call her sometime, if you feel like you're calm enough! You might still be a bit shaky so I can understand not wanting to for a bit, but do it soon! I have a feeling that whatever job she's got for you is probably gonna eventually lead to better outcomes for you, even if it's worse in-between.
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Daisy moves quickly, throwing the package, and its contents into the trash, she doesn't seem too keen on anything reminding her of Loom either.

DAISY: There...

She lets out a breath, walking around to sit down at the kitchen table. The sound of rain rings out as water droplets smack against her kitchen window. She stares outside, watching the water fall from the grey sky. Seeing the figures walk past, seeing Descant hang in the air -- the floating island just a small speck in the distance

DAISY: What an unpleasant day.
[Image: bCbi30U.png]

For a while, Daisy just sits in contemplation, considering her options. There were quite a few things she had to get done today. She had to go get her prescriptions refilled, return a call from a friend of hers that she missed last night, and now get call Verity, and potentially even meet with her again.

Verity's schedule wasn't exactly easy to plan around, but Daisy had a hunch that she would set things aside if it meant being able to talk again. Daisy hums to herself, rapping her hand against the wooden table -- when her alarm clock breaks the haze.


She jolts a bit, not expecting the sudden noise, but then starts laughing.

DAISY: Guess I'm still a bit tense...

DAISY: Is it really almost six? I need to get read for the day..

What should Daisy do first today, and, is there anything she needs to get done before leaving her apartment?
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Always start the day with a healthy breakfast!
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Is the pharmacy open this early? You should probably go hit that up before the rest. Your friends won't know (and hopefully wouldn't care) that you put off talking to them to get your important medication.
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(05-07-2017, 11:39 PM)KittenEater Wrote: »Is the pharmacy open this early? You should probably go hit that up before the rest. Your friends won't know (and hopefully wouldn't care) that you put off talking to them to get your important medication.

Seconding this one.

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DAISY: Yeah, health facilities are open all day around here.
DAISY: One of the benefits of living in the capital I guess.

Daisy pulls a raincoat from the hangar and makes her way outside, carefully, she heads for the train station. Something felt slightly off to her, she still felt that feeling she did in the hallway. By now, the sensation was much weaker, but someone had definitely been using scraps around here. Using scraps wasn't necessarily a sign for concern but it wasn't very common, and that fact combined with the mysterious package certainly wasn't helping her. Was Verity doing something she didn't know about? She didn't like how that thought felt. Even though it had been so long she was still her Demon, and she hoped that Verity wouldn't lie, or hold anything back from her.

Daisy tried to push that thought out of her head, staring at the small puddles that had accumulated on the train-tracks as she waited for her transportation.

[Image: qHR4KVX.png]

DAISY: come to think of it, the pharmacy isn't too far from the capital office... I could just go there.

She lets out a breath, the potential of talking to Verity again, face to face both excited and terrified her. She really wanted to re-establish their friendship; yet at the same time she worried that Verity would ask her to start working again, as part of the guard. Daisy wasn't sure if she was cut out for that anymore, parts of her didn't work right anymore; her body or her head. She couldn't just let herself have the responsibility of being on the guard if she wasn't able.

She took a few slow breaths, tensing up and then relaxing. Letting all this bother her wasn't important right now, she was going to get her medicine, and she could worry about everything else later.

[Image: Am2DRmD.png]

The pharmacy was empty, this time of day, just a single, familiar face stood in the window.

???: Hey, Daisy, same as usual, right?
DAISY: Yeah, same as usual.
???: Remembering to take them alright, every morning you know.
DAISY: Yeah... every morning.

The exchange took just a few moments, and soon Daisy had her refills in her hands. She stowed them away in her jacket, leaning against the counter for a moment.

???: So, how've things been?

>You may suggest a name (and pronouns if you feel down for that) for Daisy's pharmacist.
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>name: Davis
>pronouns: he/him

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I like Davis.

I'd avoid telling your pharmacist about us in particular. You can if you want to, if you dont trust us or whatever, it just seems like the sort of thing that wont lead you to solutions to your problems in a timely fashion.

What was the train like?
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DAISY: Eh, a bit of good, a bit of bad.
DAVIS: Well at least there's some good in there.
DAISY: Yeah, really.

Daisy lets out a long yawn, stowing the bag containing her prescriptions into her jacket pocket.

DAISY: It's really raining hard outside.
DAVIS: Sure is, out of nowhere too.
DAVIS: The weather report is rain all week, there's even a flood warning in the downtown districts.

DAISY: Jeez... that sounds... bad.
DAVIS: Yeah, I'd stay away over the next few days if you can.
DAVIS: This time of year the storms blowing over from Spindle always get really bad.
DAVIS: It'd be nice to not have to deal with it.

DAISY: Yeah...
DAVIS: You seem pretty tired, sure you're doing alright?
DAISY: Yeah just... not much sleep

[Image: Hu7uwxy.png]

Daisy glances down at Davis, she didn't usually mind him, but right now she was tired and rather hungry -- and honestly he was getting on her nerves a bit. She feels her stomach growl, missing breakfast was definitely a mistake. She would have to get something around here. What a pain. She took a moment to figure out how to end the conversation without sounding like an ass. Eventually, Daisy settles on the upfront approach.

DAISY: Hey, I'm gonna go get something to eat, don't run out of energy talking to me before the mid-day rush.
DAVIS: Cmon Daisy, it's the weekend, nobody likes to do shopping then
DAISY: Don't say I didn't warn you.

Daisy turns quickly and heads off, before the conversation can go any further. She hopes that that wasn't too rude, but really she's too hungry to focus on that thought for long... and things just feel, tired and weird today -- she blames the nightmares for that.

DAISY: alright, I really need to get some food...
DAISY: and call Verity... and Arash
DAISY: augh, I hate choices, any ideas?
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Do they sell demon tacos?
>get some demon tacos.

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Grab a bag of chips or something and try psyching yourself up to talk to Verity.
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DAISY: demon tacos, what?
DAISY: tacos for demons? no... I dont usually get special stuff other than uh... fear? some people respect me more I guess.

Daisy shrugs off the weird thoughts, heading into the taco establishment. She orders a large plate of tacos, and grabs a soda-can from the refrigerator. She really is feeling hungry.

DAISY: Verity... right, I can do this, I can call her
DAISY: She's not going to say anything rude or, judge you, she asked you to call her
DAISY: You can do this Daisy...

Her stomach growls

DAISY: maybe after I eat.

By the time Daisy's food is ready, a growling stomach is the least of her worries. She knows that only a few minutes at most have passed since she placed her order. In spite of this she just keeps getting more hungry by the minute. She could even feel a bit of drool dripping down her cheeks slowly; dampening her paper-skin.

[Image: GDkgpdm.png]

Once the food was in-front of her, eating was easy. She swooped of the platter of tacos, wrapping and all, dropping them into her open maw, soon followed by the can of soda. For a moment she chewed, a loud hissing escaping her mouth as the aluminium container depressurized.

Daisy swallowed, it occurred to her some people were staring. She wasn't exactly acting normally she supposed, nor was she what most people looked like. She let out a low grumbling noise, so many things were troublesome like this. People didn't know what to do with her, and she quite literally didn't fit with a lot of things in Aspersion.

She lets out a long sigh, it wasn't that there weren't accommodations, there were enough different types of people around the capital that services were accessible to just about everyone. But she was unusual in ways that were more than just size; it made things difficult.

That didn't matter right now though, now she had to make a call.

She pulls the radio and keypad combination from her pants pocket. She focuses on Verity, and punches in the number. She presses the radio to her ear, and waits. For a moment nothing, and then a faint static buzz of an active line

DAISY: crap, what do I say, ah I didn't think this part through, I-

VERITY: Hello?

There she is.
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Quick, sound friendly, but in a casual-business kind of way.

"Verity, this is Daisy! It's been so long since we last talked, and then just this morning, I got a letter from you! As I understand, you wanted to reconnect with me? I'd love to talk about this in person, could we fit an appointment into your schedule?"