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"It's me, Daisy. It's been a while. Can I talk to you in person? I've missed you." Focus on being sincere, and saying what you need to.
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(05-15-2017, 10:51 AM)Kanelel Wrote: »"It's me, Daisy. It's been a while. Can I talk to you in person? I've missed you." Focus on being sincere, and saying what you need to.

Good approach. Honesty is the best policy in situations like these.
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(05-15-2017, 09:37 PM)Tuesday Wrote: »
(05-15-2017, 10:51 AM)Kanelel Wrote: »"It's me, Daisy. It's been a while. Can I talk to you in person? I've missed you." Focus on being sincere, and saying what you need to.

Good approach. Honesty is the best policy in situations like these.

I mean, this less likely to fuck things up.

[Image: 8L9RKuo.png] [Image: tnkzT4L.png]
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[Image: tA4Ho01.png]

DAISY: Yes!, Verity, hi!
VERITY: With whom am I speaking?
DAISY: It's Daisy, I just got your letter this morning
VERITY: Daisy!, I'm so glad you decided to call me

Daisy can hear Verity's voice change, going from a more formal and dry cadence to something much more personal and emotive; it seemed that Verity still did regard her as a friend. She wasn't quite sure how she felt about that... it was what she wanted, but.

DAISY: Yeah it, it took a bit of effort, I'm actually out at the shopping center right now.
VERITY: Thankfully you were still living in Obloquy, otherwise getting that letter to you would have been much more difficult. Which center, by the way?
DAISY: Yeah, I wouldn't just leave here... and western downtown, the inland one, anyway... so...
DAISY: I was wondering if you had any time some-time soon where we could talk in person... I miss working alongside you. Of course if you're busy I'd understand, you have a lot of management things to do, and.
VERITY: We can meet tomorrow
DAISY: Oh okay... wait, tomorrow?
VERITY: Is there a problem with your schedule?, I figured the weekend would be easier for you, work wise.
DAISY: No, I just thought you'd be busy.
VERITY: Not for you.
DAISY: I ah... oh.
VERITY: You're still my demon, that hasn't changed. I haven't revoked that gift for a reason, you're still someone I trust, Daisy.
DAISY: ...
VERITY: You were the best aid I could have asked for.
DAISY: Verity...
VERITY: Sorry, I don't mean to be overbearing.
DAISY: It's not that, I just figured you didn't want to see me... since, the stuff with Loom.
VERITY: That was it's fault, not ours.

Verity's voice goes slightly icy at the mention of Loom, it sounds like she isn't too happy about it's actions either. Daisy swallows nervously, unsure what to say at this point.

VERITY: Look, I have to go to a meeting soon, but I am going arrange for someone to pick you up and bring you to my house tonight. You can have a nice weekend, we can get familiar with each other, go from there. Does that sound good for you?

Update note:
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"Of course." That wasn't so hard was it? You can't return to the past, but you can always work to make your future better.

Call Arash then go to work or something.
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>Celebrate success by eating more demon tacos

[Image: 8L9RKuo.png] [Image: tnkzT4L.png]
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DAISY: Alright!.

And then the line was dead.

She had done it, she made a phone-call to Verity and now she was going to meet her tomorrow. Daisy could feel her heart thumping in her chest. A sense of self-pride and confidence filling her. She knew it wasn't much, and that most people made phone-calls on a daily basis. But for this small success, she was proud of herself.

Her attention was yanked away from celebration when her stomach rumbled. Maybe it was time for more food, something about that bothered her. She had ate a lot of food, but now she was just as hungry, if not more so than before she ate in the first place.

She ordered another round, and called Arash while waiting for them to be made.

The line clicks open.

ARASH: Yes, Hello, Daisy!
ARASH: It has been quite a while since we talked, no?
DAISY: Heh... yeah, It has been.
DAISY: I wanted to know how things have been around your shop.
DAISY: Still getting customers?
ARASH: Daisy! Friend, you know how it is.
ARASH: Not one day without customers.
ARASH: Best Body-Mod-Shop in Aspersion, Is why so many patrons.

DAISY: Of course, the best shop in Aspersion.
ARASH: Number one, every year!
DAISY: Hey, I'm sorry, something came up and I have to go for a bit... I'll talk to you later, maybe we can do lunch some time, if you're not covered in grease.

Daisy wasn't so sure about the phone call anymore, she normally liked talking to him but. Other people in general just seemed to be bothering her right now, getting on her nerves. Usually she'd find his bombastic attitude cute. Currently it was just making her a bit angry.

Daisy hung up the line quickly, eyes turning to the food in front of her. She really was so much more hungry than usual. With no hesitation, she tilted her head back and devoured it all in one swift gulp.

[Image: hEhaUgu.png]

She felt the chips, the vegetables and the meat, especially the meat, glide over her tongue -- and chewed for just a second swallowing. Daisy knew it wasn't real but she could almost feel the food gripping her throat. The food felt so wrong right now, like it just wasn't supposed to be there.

Daisy gets up, and heads back to the train station. She needs to get to work, even though she's still so hungry. Maybe work will distract from this. You aren't quite sure if, she isn't quite sure if she should be worried. She tries to shake the unease from her head. But something about it sticks and hangs onto her like sap.

You find the once-familiar station platform, Daisy knows it well. She looks around, and swallows, a small knot welling in her throat. Everything felt so out of focus and broken. This wasn't correct, the world around her was, quite simply, broken.

DAISY: hey im... not doing so great.
DAISY: i might need...

You stumble a bit, and catch yourself on a pole. When you look up, you see the issue with the world.

[Image: CvhyPYd.png]

DAISY: I don't think I can do this right now
DAISY: you weren't supposed to deal with this but
DAISY: please get us home

You look up, through her eyes, for the first time since that dream. And something small, something easily forgotten when faced with lots of new information tickles at the back of your head.

Did Daisy take her medication this morning?
RE: Waterlogged
... No, she didn't. She got uncomfortable when she poured herself a glass of water, and then she talked to us about numbers, and Verity, and then she left the house without it.

Let's try and retrace our steps and see if we can get her back to her house.
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(05-22-2017, 05:48 AM)KittenEater Wrote: »... No, she didn't. She got uncomfortable when she poured herself a glass of water, and then she talked to us about numbers, and Verity, and then she left the house without it.

Let's try and retrace our steps and see if we can get her back to her house.

Very good idea
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Oh my god(s, i guess?) how did we not notice. There were so many obvious reminders that we forgot to do this. This is our fault.

We don't need to go all the way back home. We have some on us. Check your jacket pocket, and... don't eat anything else even if you're really, really hungry.
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Oh right, yeah, she JUST got her prescription! Are there any water fountains nearby she can use to wash the pills down with?
RE: Waterlogged
Considering how she eats her food, that probably isn't necessary.
RE: Waterlogged
1. Check self. Are we hungry, angry, tired?
2. Take Trexial.
3. Wait a bit, see if things improve.
4. Take Enaxic.
5. Ask Daisy what being a monster actually means.
RE: Waterlogged
do NOT fix hungry or angry before taking the medication
RE: Waterlogged
Before you can even do something, you have to catch yourself from falling over, everything is so foreign. You could vaguely see it through Daisy's eyes before, but now, now you're experiencing it. You're experiencing what it's like to be in her body, and frankly it's not very fun right now.

You reach into your jacket pocket -- nothing, it takes you two more tries before you find the pocket with the medication in it. You're not really used to actually controlling this body in the first place, so everything is a bit clumsy. You almost drop the bottle, but manage to get one pill of the Trexial into your mouth, you hope that that's the right dose.

You take a moment to look over yourself, you can tell that you're drooling a bit. Which is probably an issue. You also note that you feel something strapped against your leg in your right boot. Something cylindrical, you're not really sure what it is.

[Image: R4705a8.png?1]

You're not doing too great.

YOU: Daisy, what's going on?!
YOU: Daisy???

It seems she's not responding yet.

When you snap back to reality a train has arrived, people are rushing out, but they don't look like people, not exactly, they just seem so fake, so unreal. You don't like how this is making you feel at all.

[Image: ZYsaGfd.png]

And it just gets worse.

[Image: lMag5yt.png]

You take a deep breath, and close your eyes, you can't stand to see anything else right now. Carefully retrieving the Enaxic, swallowing one pill of it as well, the whole process takes much longer than you'd like. The only thing you're really sure of right now is the stone that you feel under your paper-skin. You try again.

YOU: Daisy?

After what feels like an eternity, she responds

DAISY: I'm sorry

She sounds scared and on edge, her voice wavering even though you were only hearing it in your head.

DAISY: I should have explained more to you all I'm...
YOU: Daisy, what does it mean to be a Monster?
DAISY: right... I'm a monster, and a demon. A demon is a servant to a god, and a monster is someone who's been exposed to and changed by horror radiation

You can hear her take a heavy, trembling breath -- all in your head of course

DAISY: monsters typically grow in size quite a lot compared to their regular counterparts, we also tend to grow extra... things, like eyes, or teeth, or other parts... and we, well... it's...

She has to stop for a moment, and catch her breath, you swear you could hear crying.

DAISY: worse than that, monsters tend to get very hungry, I hate it when it happens, I could eat anything, anyone... and I know it wouldn't be enough.

DAISY: I... I mean, we, monsters also have issues regulating their emotions, I get very angry... and... other things, I don't know if it'd be the same for you... or different. I'm sorry if you're feeling any anger because of me...

For a long while there is nothing, then, just slightly audible, a small, and scared voice.

DAISY: Are we safe?
RE: Waterlogged
I doubt anyone could hurt us if they tried. I'm more worried that we might pose a danger to others, so we shouldn't even think of ways they could hurt us, lest we murder them in a bout of paranoia. If we're lucid enough to tell when we're at our stop, then we could try going home. We'd need to ignore the people around us, maybe by talking to each other. Failing that, we could return to the pharmacy.

What did your doctor say to do in situations like this? Would more medication help?
RE: Waterlogged
We're safe, as far as we can tell. There's a lot of people around us, but we can't really see anything.

We took one pill each of your medication, was that enough? We don't want to overdose you, and we probably couldn't read the bottles right now.

Also, don't worry about the emotion thing or the hunger thing spreading to us, it doesn't seem to be the case.
RE: Waterlogged
You stumble forward onto the train, you aren't entirely sure if this is the right thing to do -- but this was where Daisy was going in the first place so it must be close to correct.

You: We took one of each of your pills, was that right?
DAISY: the ones I just got?
DAISY: ... you should be fine just... do you remember where I live? Can you get us there?
DAISY: I don't think I can do that myself.

You manage to get yourself to hold onto one of the support-poles of the subway car. The people around you still look so blurred and fake, though it's getting a bit better. You take a deep breath, feeling the drool still clinging to your chin. Your paper skin slightly dampened from it.

[Image: wLO7msW.png]

DAISY: three stops... just so you know
YOU: maybe we can talk to distract us?
DAISY: that would be good... you sure you're okay?
YOU: well, the mood and the hunger thing doesn't seem -

Just as you're about to finish that sentence your stomach growls loudly, maybe it was a bit worse than you first noticed.

YOU: we've got it under control

[Image: iFaeXgc.png]

YOU: we're... hungry, but we can do this, lets talk, okay?
DAISY: okay... please be careful
YOU: we will

You feel a strange tingling sensation throughout your body, your hair would be standing on end if you had any. You can feel parts of your body crinkling just so slightly in sympathy. Something was happening here but you couldn't quite tell what.

DAISY: is there anything you wanted to talk about?
RE: Waterlogged
Who is Arash? What did you use to do for Verity? Can you explain the local timekeeping system? What's the thing on your leg? What have you been doing between leaving Verity and now? Have you tried doing self-control exercises? This sort of situation would probably be a lot easier to deal with if you had practice fasting.
RE: Waterlogged
Is there anything that makes you happy to talk about?
RE: Waterlogged
You immediately have a bunch of questions come to mind, and you have to hold yourself back from asking them all to Daisy at once. Your grip tightens on the subway-pole. You take a moment and decide to start off on your list.

YOU: Firstly, who is Arash?
DAISY: Oh! he owns a local body modification and augmentation shop...
DAISY: He talks all the time about his work, he's really good at it, but super busy all the time
DAISY: ... he's kinda cute, too.

[Image: tiRVJwP.png]

The train rattles, and you start to feel a bit uneasy, the world just starting to come back into clarity, and for the first time it truly strikes you how strange and varied everyone is.

YOU: ... also, like, what's time like here... we don't use this sorta... number system
DAISY: yeah, you mentioned, it's "Zero to Twelve" as you would say, twice, for each half of the day

You can practically hear the annoyance in her head-voice as she talks about the decimal system, she must really not like it.

YOU: Right, What did you do for Verity, what are you doing now?
YOU: Oh yeah and what's that weird thing on your leg???

You realize you might have gotten a bit ahead of yourself, but it was hard not to, the drugs must be doing something to the body. Or maybe you're just making it up.

[Image: kMjgE8u.png]

You hear daisy laugh, hopefully it's not at you.

DAISY: you really like talking, don't you?
DAISY: The 'thing on my leg' is a tranquilizer dose, in case I start getting really bad I just jab myself with that... and probably promptly pass out; it's better than killing people
DAISY: Anyway, I don't have a specific job anymore, I can't really hold one as is, so I've just been doing jobs here and there that people want.
DAISY: Today I was going to help someone move construction materials... Ihope they don't miss me
DAISY: Being a Demon has its benefits... free housing and all .
DAISY: And before... well, I was a commanding officer for the Obloquy division ofthe zone wide Militia. We had a fancy name and everything, still do I think. G.E.A.S
DAISY: I had a pretty nice uniform back then
DAISY: ... It's at the bottom of the ocean now

Ouch, you're not really sure what to say to that, maybe you should go for a sympathetic route. You hope that Daisy doesn't , brain shock you or something, if she even could.

YOU: Was it... bad down there?
DAISY: Yeah, I don't like to think about it.

You wince to yourself a bit, the feeling of the body's paper skin crinkling makes you wince more, this was going to take a lot of getting used to.

YOU: Have you tried... like, practicing fasting, so it's easier to deal with the monster stuff?
DAISY: That's... not how it works
YOU: Or like... self control exercises?
DAISY: I'm never not hungry
DAISY: it's always there
DAISY: All the time, it's waiting, I have to eat a lot, I only stopped cause well... I don't know actually
YOU: Meditati -
DAISY: Don't finish that word
YOU: ... sorry, we're not exactly, familiar with this
DAISY: There is nothing I can do if I miss my medication
DAISY: Other than hope I remember to take it in time, or hope I can manage to get my tranquilizer dose into myself before I kill someone

Dang, she sounds mad

The rest of the train ride is spent in silence, until she speaks up at one stop.
DAISY: This is our stop, get off here

You wince, she really is upset about the whole "meditation" thing.
YOU: Hey I'm sorry... look... is there anything you like to talk about?
DAISY: Right now? No, later, maybe.

You make it out of the subway system, looking across the street.

[Image: EjmqgZK.png]

YOU: Can you... tell me which apartment yours is?
DAISY: Second floor, right across the street, east wing, number 3, has a nice lookout right onto the street. That description good enough?
YOU: Yeah.
RE: Waterlogged
Why's the street that color? what is it made of?
RE: Waterlogged
Urm, straight across the street, and looks out onto the street. That wouldn't happen to be the building next to the library; and the room that's closer to the library? I might be being a little paranoid and I dunno if you can see what we're seeing at the moment, but there might be someone in your apartment, because the door for that building is ajar and that room looks like it has someone in it.
RE: Waterlogged
Aw hell, the home invader is covered in blue stringy stuff. Now where have we seen that before? Can you hold your own in a fight? Is there anyone you can call that would be better suited to this, like a competent police force that could take on a potential demon? Is there anything in your apartment that one of Loom's goons would want to take?

Note to self: figure out why mentioning meditation set her off when she's less stressed.
RE: Waterlogged
YOU: ... uh, Daisy...?
YOU: Not to alarm you... there's someone in your apartment
DAISY: What?
YOU: That window right there? there's someone inside.

For a little while, there isn't any reply, Daisy stays silent. You can feel a sort of tension in your head.

DAISY: We should do something about this.

You head across the street, entering the building, the stairs leading up to the second floor sit infront of you, looming over you. You take a breath for a moment, should you really be confronting this?

[Image: eZFk78k.png]

YOU: is this a good idea? Should we like... call the police?
DAISY: please, I'm a demon, and you can still do Motif Manipulation... even if you don't know how. Worst comes to worst I'll just do it.

Daisy still seems a bit frustrated, with you, her words are short and snippy.

The second floor hallway is unnervingly empty, making sure to be as quiet as possible, you approach the to Daisy's apartment. Small, colored particles hang in the air outside it, they bump into each other, coalescing into a rainbow of dancing lights.

Blue glowing thread hangs from your door handle.

[Image: 5EIujeC.png]

YOU: what are those?
DAISY: Shreds... whoever it is must've been using a Scrap...
YOU: ... okay...

You aren't quite sure what a Scrap is, or even really what Shreds are; but this isn't the best time to ask. You could of course, but that would mean giving whoever is in Daisy's apartment time to do what they're doing.

YOU: Hey, are there any exits other than this door?
DAISY: Nope, and the stairs are the only way out of here, other than the emergency exit... which would trigger an alarm

You stand there for a moment, considering your options, you could wait for them to come outside -- giving them time to carry out their business. Or you could go and confront them -- but they'd likely know you were coming.

DAISY: Well, are we going to go inside?