RE: Waterlogged
RE: Waterlogged
Are hallucinations a possibility? I'd hate to kill the home invader only to find out it was actually just a friend of yours paying you a surprise visit. Even if you don't want to wait for the police, you should still call them or at least tell someone what's going on.
RE: Waterlogged
YOU: what's motif manipulation?
DAISY: Motif manipulation means you can influence things that aligns with my God's motifs. In this case, Paper and Imitation
DAISY: If it comes down to it, I'll take control, I'm probably a better fighter anyway.

YOU: Are... could we just be seeing things?
DAISY: Possibly, but, you saw shreds... you wouldn't just hallucinate those

You enter the apartment and lock the door behind you, it's painfully quiet, and only the occasional noise of shifting floorboards as you walk can be heard.

[Image: WfjYMw2.png]

YOU: whoever it is probably knows we're coming

You press your back to the wall, inching closer towards the kitchen, this is where you saw them. You take slow, and careful breaths, trying to be as quiet as possible. A strange tingling feeling growing in your body, something was happening.

DAISY: So they've got a scrap...

Something about this felt wrong, like you were getting yourself in over your head.

YOU: Daisy... what do we do?
DAISY: that's on you.
RE: Waterlogged
Sheet of grid paper in the kitchen trash. What can you do with it from here?
RE: Waterlogged
Paper and imitation? Does that mean we could make a paper construct that looks like you? That might be handy as a decoy if this intruder does turn out to be hostile.

Unfortunately we don't know a lot of things, including what a scrap is and what one can do with them, but it sounds dangerous. So in that case it might be better to rush and disable whoever it is before they can react and potentially harm you, rather than reveal our presence and confront them.

So to summarise, I'd say try to create a paper duplicate of you using motif manipulation, then rush them.
RE: Waterlogged
We don't actually have much of a frame of reference for this. We don't know how strong you are, we don't know how you fight, we don't know what the enemy here is capable of, or even what class of things it might be capable of (what's a scrap?). If you really feel that you can and should fight this guy, then go ahead, but we probably can't help you. Keep in mind that you're in an altered mental state, and this may not actually be as good of an idea as you think it is. What do you have in your apartment that one of Loom's goons would want? If you can't think of anything then this is probably a trap, and should be avoided, or at least approached in a cautious and less predictable manner (go through the window?). I'd also like to restate my request that you inform someone else of what's going on so that you have backup in case this goes poorly.
RE: Waterlogged
check if we have paper on our person, we might have a receipt from the pharmacy or the place we got food, or maybe one of those little paper pharmacy bags, it'd be silly to go out of our way to grab something if we ended up having paper in our pocket, that being said, have something ready but definitely dont immediately attack, its pretty weird that someone is in the apartment, but we still dont know their intent
RE: Waterlogged
Other sources of paper: Books you own, and a poster on the wall directly behind your head! Scrap users are pretty dangerous if I remember. Lets give them some paper cuts in sensitive areas and membranes
RE: Waterlogged
oh! this may be a bad time but whats in our boot? will it help?
RE: Waterlogged
YOU: Daisy... this feels like a bad idea, we don't even know what a scrap is, we dont know who we'll be up against, shouldn't we get the guard or something?

DAISY: Oh, this is absolutely a bad idea, but if they have a scrap there's not anything you or the police could really do.
DAISY: If they DO have a scrap, we'd need help from Verity probably, and she'snot here right now. Or get a scrap of our own, but that's unlikely.
DAISY: But I'm not about to let someone root through my home and mess with my things
DAISY: My belongings are mine, and I do not want anyone that has anything to do with that spider getting their dirty hands on them

You can feel the malevolence slipping into Daisy's voice as she starts to talk about Loom, it's almost overwhelming in how strong it is.

YOU: This feels like a REALLY bad idea.
YOU: Anyway... we have. The paper from the bookshelf, the paper in the trashcan, your poster on the kitchen wall, receipts from the pharmacy and those bags.
YOU: We also have those tranquilizer drugs that you mentioned!

DAISY: Good, can you look into the kitchen?

[Image: ooDzyB8.png]

You: It's empty

You edge towards the kitchen entrance and peek around the corner... only to find the room entirely empty.

DAISY: Pardon?

You duck back around the corner, thinking for a moment.

YOU: The room is entirely empty, nobody was in there, we're sure of it.
YOU: We still feel that.... tingling thing you said was a "scrap" but.... there's nothing there, Daisy.

What do you do?
RE: Waterlogged
Sorry to bring them up again, but what's Loom's motifs? There were the strings / threads on the objects in the package you got earlier, and the intruder had similar threads on them. If the intruder is connected to them, knowing that they could do would be useful.

As for actions, I guess proceed into the kitchen with caution. Look up at the ceiling first though, just in case they're doing that cliche hide above someone's line of sight thing though. If it's clear check the bin, they were covered in threads so the might've been here to steal the package you got.
RE: Waterlogged
Do you have a better way of scouting than just using your eyes? Sweeping the room with small bits of paper maybe? Is there any way to figure out what the scrap does?

If he's really gone, then we shouldn't walk into this obvious trap, and should get help searching the area for him, possibly from some organization dedicated to investigating crimes and stopping criminals *hint hint* *nudge nudge*.
RE: Waterlogged
YOU: Okay... we've got an idea
YOU: Just one thing, what are Loom's motifs? sorry to bother you with it but, it's important
DAISY: Its motifs are Clothing and Puppetry.
DAISY: You're fine.
DAISY: Just don't get us hurt.

You reach into the pockets of your sweatpants, grabbing the bag that previously held your medication. Between it and the several pages that warn about side effects and drug interactions you have quite the amount of paper at your disposal.

The motif manipulation comes easy to you, the paper shredding itself into a haze of fine particles as you will it. From there, it's only a matter of dispersing the particles throughout the apartment. First scanning the kitchen, then the bedroom.

[Image: Rpi9tiX.png]

The illusion falters as the myriad of tiny papers get brush against the body that is very much trying to sneak out of your apartment.


YOU: Shit

The intruder has eight arms, three pairs sticking out from his back, joints bent at an assortment of angles, twitching occasionally as if they were pulling on string. His outfit is sleek and form-fitting, looking almost like some sort of uniform. You can see that in his right hand he has some sort of staff with a... thing attached to it. The details are hard to make out through the haze.

DAISY: That's a scrap...

???: Heeeyyyyy Daisy uh... Look I know this looks bad.

His voice is nervous, but slightly singsong; his back remains turned to you as he continues to creep towards the door.

DAISY: Get him

What do you do?
RE: Waterlogged
This might not work depending on how he's able to see while invisible, but try covering his eyes with the paper. Try to restrict his legs and arms with it as well. Jump on him and break the arm holding the staff and push it as far away from him as possible. Did your military training cover how to pin someone like him? If not, just keep breaking limbs until he can't mess up your pin.
RE: Waterlogged
We could tackle them since it looks like we're a lot bigger than the intruder, we could use motif manipulation to give them a lot of paper cuts, or both. We need to get that staff out of their hands though, so if paper cuts are used: Target that arm and hope they drop it.
RE: Waterlogged
You don't give the intruder any time to respond, sending a storm of fine papers at his body. Keeping them rigid, like a storm of tiny blades flying through the air. You catch him in the side as he turns around, slightly distinct hissing noise escaping him.

The next few things happen very quickly, as soon as his face comes into viewyou feel pure panic coming from Daisy.


Half way through your first step you see a cloud of glowing blue thread lashing out from his body - which, you note, looks very cloth-like. You also register a pained noise coming from him. As if whatever he is doing is causing physical strain. As you finish your first step, the strings connect, rooting into your clothing, which becomes rigid like metal. You're taken down to your knees as the clothing restricts your movements.

[Image: IM9TInr.png]

???: Daisy... What happened to you...?

He sounds concerned, and somewhat in pain.

DAISY: ...

Daisy doesn't seem to be saying anything, she's definitely there, but she feels far away, like you can't contact her. Almost like there's something in-between you and her.

YOU: What are you doing in my home?

???: It's... sort of hard to explain.

YOU: We've got a while.

You can't really move much, but you've still got control over the storm cloud of papers surrounding him. You could easily drive them all inwards and do some good harm. His strings are connected to those papers as well, but you get the feeling he can either stop you or the papers, not both.

YOU: I wanna know.

[Image: N1Nf8ky.png]

His head is wrapped in a scarf, and you can make out at least two distinct pairs of eyes. They look like buttons, sewn to his cloth-like head.

???: Well... You received my package I'm assuming, only, when I left it there was a letter from... you-know-who already there.
???: I couldn't just stand by knowing that she was involved, but it was late and it was risky to stay knowing that any of her people could have been around.
???: So I decided to scope out your apartment for a few hours, make sure there wasn't anything around here that shouldn't be.
???: You threw away my package...
???: What's going on with you, Daisy? I know that... I know what happened then was bad but...
???: I knew that she tried to kill you.
???: I just never realized it was like this

How should you respond?
RE: Waterlogged
Fold the papers into tight cones, they'll do more damage that way, should the need arise. Don't struggle against the bindings, that'll only draw them tighter, instead analyze their positioning until we have a good idea of what we need to do to slip out of them. We'll wait until he lets them go a bit slack and escape, assuming we can't negotiate our way out of this.

"What did you think it was like?" We want to keep him talking; answering his questions with our own and using deliberate silences should help with that. We need him to feel awkward and defensive.

Daisy, please come back to us. We could really use your help. Who is this guy? Should we not touch him because it would be bad for us or for him?
RE: Waterlogged
YOU: Daisy, cmon, we need your help here...

You bite your lip, she still isn't responding... all you know is that she said that you shouldn't touch him. You suppose the best thing you can do at this point is stall for time. The bindings don't seem to be actually wrapped around you, your clothes themselves are what's restricting you.

YOU: What did you think it was like?

The figure pauses, he reaches up with his upper-most set of arms. Pulling the scarf wrapped around his head out of the way, so he can look at you with all eight of his eyes.

???: Daisy... this.
???: I knew what happened with... the ocean
???: But ever since then it's been nearly impossible to get any information about Aspersion into Spindle

YOU: And what information would that be?

???: We only found out months ago that you were still Alive.
???: I thought you were dead still, and when I heard you weren't.
???: I had to see for myself, I knew it couldn't be good, that sort of thing has to effect someone.
???: But this?

[Image: NTjKrH1.png]

He pulls the cloth covering parts of his face out of the way, looking at you with all eight button-eyes. Even though they're just objects, without any real expression, you still get a sense of sympathy from them, as if it hurts him to see Daisy like this.

???: Daisy, you're a monster, and it's awful to see you, anyone like this

DAISY: ...clothing and puppetry

You can hear dasiy muttering quietly, voice somber and low.

DAISY: That's one of Loom's Demons.... Damien

Her voice is quiet, and empty, just reciting facts

DAISY: If he gets his scarf around us we're dead
DAISY: He's Loom's... go ahead and kill him if you want
DAISY: I never wanted to see either of them again... Maybe you can figure something useful out
DAISY: Loom probably sent him to tie up loose ends since it knows we're alive now

YOU: So what, you're here to finish the job? put me out of my misery?

DAMIEN: What?! no! why would I ever want to do that?!

Something isn't lining up here, maybe you should continue pressing Damien, maybe you should take Daisy's suggested course of action.
RE: Waterlogged
Daisy isn't in a good state of mind right now, we shouldn't do anything she might regret later. I wouldn't worry about maiming this guy (we can fix him later if need be, and he did break into our apartment), but we should at least refrain from killing him.

"You tell me." If he asks another question we can't answer go with a: "What are you even trying to achieve here? You break into my home and manhandle me, and expect me to be what, grateful?"

Stay with us Daisy; if we were to capture this guy, what would our chances be of holding him? How much hurt do you think he can take without dying?
RE: Waterlogged
Yeaaahhh, maybe this guy's just a good actor, but I'm interested in information.
RE: Waterlogged
YOU: "You tell me"

You would narrow your eyes if you could, you don't exactly trust Damien, but as long as he's standing there spewing out useful information you might as well keep him going.

DAMIEN: "I... what? why would I ever want to kill you?"
DAMIEN: "Spindle is, there's been more terror attacks lately..."
DAMIEN: "I... Loom isn't doing anything anymore.
DAMIEN: "It hasn't for far too long now."
DAMIEN: "It still takes the blame"
DAMIEN: "It needs help"

You're about to say something, when a feeling rises up in your throat; something almost like bile. You can feel this almost primal fury from inside your head. Daisy is screaming. You feel some sort of liquid dripping from your eyes and mouth, you're not really sure what's causing it but.

[Image: AYWiNN0.png]

YOU:"What do you mea-"

And suddenly you can't control your speech anymore, Daisy isn't just screaming in your head anymore, and you're increasingly unsure if you could keep her from trying to rip his head off.

DAISY: "It needs help?"
DAISY: "IT? is the one who needs help?"
DAISY: "I spent"
DAISY: "At the BOTTOM of the ocean!"
DAISY: "Can you possibly fucking conceive that?"

YOU:"Daisy... you need to..."

DAMIEN: "Dais..."

DAISY:"Don't tell me what I need to do!"

She definitely said that out loud.

DAMIEN: "..."

DAMIEN: "Daisy... what happened down there?"

DAISY: "I suffered."
DAISY: "But I lived."
DAISY: "And you, don't you dare tell me that Loom of all people needs help"

DAMIEN: "You're the only one who can help it."

Maybe you should step in here? -- Daisy seems to be calming down a bit, though letting her be might be playing it safe.
RE: Waterlogged
(Maybe let's just try and say things adjacent to what Daisy would say while we squeeze more info out of this dude.)
"Takes the blame"? Help it? What are you even talking about?
Give us a reason why we should help Loom.
RE: Waterlogged
Chances of this getting resolved peacefully are rapidly decreasing. Chances of us getting a sneak attack also just decreased. We should get him to lower his guard again then strike, we can get more info out of him later. When we do attack, be sure to pin his scarf to his skin with some of the cones, and focus on joints and vitals. Go for a pin if possible, but be ready to back off if it looks like he'll get his scarf free.

"Daisy, we're going to subdue him in a moment once we get him focused on himself again, you can yell at him more or kill him later."

Say what Kitet asked, but more accusatorially. Supplement with: "What are you even trying to achieve here? You break into my home and manhandle me, and expect me to be what, grateful?" try to be overwhelming. Attack him while he's mid-sentence.
RE: Waterlogged
YOU: Daisy can I just -

You try to interject for a moment, but for the time being Daisy doesn't seem to be intent on losing her momentum. She digs her hands into the wooden flooring, glaring up at Damien.

DAISY: Well then, too bad
DAISY: I guess it'll be yet another tragedy, in a long line of tragedies.
DAISY: Loom doesn't deserve my help
DAISY: It's insulting that you'd even think to ask me.
DAISY: After all it's done.
DAISY: After so much suffering you'd have the nerve to ask me to help the one responsible for it all.
DAISY: About time that it gets what it deserves.

DAMIEN: It wasn't it's fault!

DAISY: It drugged us Damien, it used it's power to... to

DAMIEN: But how?!
DAMIEN: What method would it have to do that?
DAMIEN: Think Daisy, how did it drug us, how could it have done that?

DAISY: You know how, it...

DAMIEN: Verity was stronger at the time, so how?
DAMIEN: You've got to-

YOU: What the fuck do you think you're trying here?

You see the moment, Damien about to regain control over the flow of the conversation, Daisy distracted, too conflicted by the words in her head, the feelings swelling up in her throat. You're not about to let this happen

DAMIEN: Well, I wanted help wi-

YOU: You break into my home, you assault me, and then you ask me to help? what do you think you were going to accomplish with this method?
YOU: Are you stupid or just cruel?

DAMIEN: You attacked me first!
DAMIEN: I was defending myself!
DAMIEN: I specifically was trying not to hurt you

He stammers the words out, clearly put on edge

YOU: And you broke into my apartment.

He takes a step back, you feel the strings start to weaken, you hear Daisy's voice calm and stable in your head.

DAISY: Thank you... I've got this from here
DAISY: I'm done hearing you talk.

Daisy ruptures her skin briefly, small sheets of paper slicing the threads that rooted her to the ground, a pained growl escaping her lips. She pushes herself up, a confident smirk on her face. Damien takes one more step back, jaw set, worry on his face. He calls out the scrap he was using before, the air between you starting to blur and haze.

DAISY: Don't.
DAISY: Watch where you are.

[Image: LeObfvF.png]

A massive paper jaw hangs in the air, surrounding Damien, ready to bite down at a moments notice.

DAISY: Damien, why are you here... what could you possibly have gained by coming here?

DAMIEN: I really... I really just wanted your help.
DAMIEN: I... you hate Loom, and in your mind that's justified.
DAMIEN: But please, trust me, for old time's sake, trust me this time.
DAMIEN: Please.

DAISY: I say we send him home with a few souvenirs lodged in his chest

Well, at least Daisy seems less outright murderous, but the situation is incredibly tense. You could try and defuse things, Damien is offering you an out here and you could take it but... Daisy might not be happy with that. And given that she's fully in control now you can't just do something outright.

What do you suggest to do?
RE: Waterlogged
I don't like half-measures, if we pick a fight we should see it through until he can't fight back. I see two options: either we get him to agree to leave and never contact us again, or we cripple him and hold him captive or kill him.

If you really want nothing to do with Loom and his goons then we need to let him go without giving him reason to want to come back here. That means that in addition to making it clear that we absolutely aren't going to help them, we can't give him any injuries large enough for them to want revenge, which in turn means we probably shouldn't fight him at all for fear of escalating too far.

If you want revenge more than you want to not get involved with them, then holding him hostage gives us leverage and information. If it's what you really want, now that you're possibly back with Verity you could probably kill Loom and take his territory. Of course, this has a high probability of making things worse.

There's also a third option in hearing him out, but that should wait until after you've cleared your head and have talked Verity.