RE: Waterlogged
YOU: Look Daisy, killing him isn't going to get anything and.... if you injure him that's just a reason Loom has to be angry at you and send another person to actually kill you.

DAISY: So? what are you saying I do then, just let him go?

YOU: Or keep him trapped here until you can talk to Verity.

DAISY: That's not good enough

YOU: Well the other options aren't either.

DAISY: ... I can't keep him here, don't have the energy, probably couldn't take him in a fight either actually... He's got a scrap, even though I've got the size advantage... he's more durable.

YOU: Are you sure?

DAISY: Yeah, I've got not choice, either he leaves now, or later.

She sounds pretty downtrodden, defeated even, not happy about the situation at all. She sounds like she's given up on winning here. Whatever that might mean to her. The paper around Damien begins to crumple and float to the ground. Her voice just sounds more empty than before.

DAISY: Fuck.

DAISY: "Leave, and if you care about me, don't come back"

DAMIEN: "Daisy, I"


She shouts, her own jaw clenching tight.

DAISY: "Just, leave."

Damien hesitates for a moment, before turning and running our of the door - starting to vanish into thin air once he gets out into the hallway.

[Image: GXqXTUF.png]

DAISY: Damnit.
DAISY: Fuck, fuck, fuck.
DAISY: Verity's escort should be here soon, I hope. I want to get this day fucking over with.
RE: Waterlogged
Daisy, deep breaths. That was a tense moment!
RE: Waterlogged
Good job, Daisy, you handled that well.

Isn't Loom your and Verity’s enemy? Why would he think you would be willing to help? If that's too sore of a subject, I’d also like to know more about scraps.

Also, your appointment with Verity is tommorow, you should sleep while you can.
RE: Waterlogged
Daisy swallows nervously, taking a few moments to calm down, you can't really feel anything that her body is experiencing right now, but you can tell that she is very tense after all that.

YOU: Hey, uh, just breathe alright? we did it!

You're not exactly sure what else to say, but the fact that Daisy and you all are not dead or seriously injured is something worth celebrating.

YOU: I don't know if you're, like, okay yet... But, you said he was one of Loom's people... Loom's your enemy right, why would he think you would help?

DAISY: I... really can't say... Damien never seemed very smart... I can't believe he's just come here though. Loom must be desperate if it'd consider asking one of its enemies.

YOU: Hey, it's fine, we don't have to talk about it, maybe you could tell us some more about scraps?

Daisy bites her lip, making a humming noise.

DAISY: Scraps... are... difficult
DAISY: They're a part of a person's being, part of their self. A scrap usually is made when someone experiences really strong emotions... Or... severe enough trauma.
DAISY: Most people don't even know that scraps exist, it's somewhat uncommon to be able to sense them, but even rarer to be able to see or touch them, and rarer still to actually manipulate them. That's what Damien was doing, by the way.
DAISY: Scraps also, they're not just tools, they're a part of a person, they have memories and emotions associated with them... when you're manipulating scraps that can mess with you if you're not careful.
DAISY: Oh yeah, demons and gods can manipulate scraps no matter what, and if you're very well trained a scrap user could be compared to a greater god in strength... but it depends on a lot of things, how strong the god is for one.
DASIY: That's that.

[Image: UK0gZmi.png]
Daisy sighs, walking into the kitchen and looking out the window, a lone car is parked outside

DAISY: And... well, I was going to get picked up by one of Verity's employees soon, I don't know how long it'll be until they get here.. I should pack...
RE: Waterlogged
Whatever you do, don't forget to bring your pills.

Where in Aspersion are you, and where is Verity?
RE: Waterlogged
YOU: Just don't forget your meds

DAISY: On it, I'll pack them up now

YOU: oh yeah... by the way, where in Aspersion are you, is verity far?

Daisy starts packing her things, starting with her medication and a spare change of clothes

[Image: oFuFl5d.png]
DAISY: I live in Obloquy, it's a coastal city in the south... Verity isn't too far outside of the city, she's just a district away... she's got a district all to her-self, southernmost tip of the island.

It's a few hours by car.

She's about to continue, but you both are interrupted by a knock at the door.

DAISY: Is it really the nighttime already?
RE: Waterlogged
It is unless the sky tends to be navy blue during the day. Get the door (remember to check the peephole first). If it's the escort then finish packing quickly and be on your way.
RE: Waterlogged
Be calm and carry on
RE: Waterlogged
Daisy heads over to the door

DAISY: yeah... I guess I lost track of time at some point
DAISY: what an exhausting day, I'm ready to collapse

Daisy peers through the peephole
[Image: DEgUpEJ.png]

DAISY: That should be the ride, dressed pretty formally too... they must be pretty high ranking from their dressing. I wonder why Verity would send someone like that, weird.

YOU: Alright, lets finish packing

DAISY: gotcha

She grabs the rest of her stuff, zips up her suitcase, grabs her coat, and opens the door.

Time to go?
RE: Waterlogged
Yes, of course!
Get their attention by clearing your throat or saying hello, so they aren't intimidated by your size.
RE: Waterlogged
Daisy opens the door, greeted by a somewhat familiar sight.

[Image: iAiHXgl.png]

The smell of chalk dust is so strong in the air that even you can smell it, even when Daisy is out there doing the work right now.

DAISY: Oh, uh, wow

YOU: what?

DAISY: It's an honor to have someone like you escort me, I guess Verity must think I'm pretty important

Daisy seems nervous all of a sudden, which, isn't really something you'd expect considering how she just handled the situation with Damien

DAISY: They're a high ranking officer in our zone's militia... you can tell by the markings on their mask

YOU: huh..

???: Grab whatever you have packed, Verity wants you in her district by tomorrow morning, so we should move quickly

DAISY: Right to work then!

She turns quickly, moving at a fast pace, but not running. Collecting a duffel bag, stuffed full with a change of clothes, her hair-dryer, and a recently filled prescription. Can't be forgetting that again so soon. Soon, the two are on their way down the hallway, Daisy's bag hanging from her shoulder, her raincoat trailing at her feet.

[Image: 8azxAFx.png]

???: You can call me Sam, if you want.

DAISY: Ah, okay.

Sam shuts up pretty quickly, not saying much more. His voice seems rather gruff, either he's got a cold or a bad habit of smoking -- more likely the former since he appears to be such a high ranking official.

DAISY: uh...

SAM: The car is just outside, if you have any questions let me know.

DAISY: I have a few... -- do you have anything you wanna ask them?
RE: Waterlogged
[Image: vmTXkls.png]

DAISY: I'll take that as a no.

She walks in silence with Sam to the car, she puts her luggage in the trunk, and climbs in. The car is a bit cramped for someone of her size, but she can manage, it's not the worst thing in the world

DAISY: So, Sam, why did Verity send you?

SAM: What do you mean?

DAISY: You're part of her personal guard right? there has to be something more important

SAM: She disagrees, you are the something important.

DAISY: ...

SAM: It isn't my business to question her orders, and it isn't yours either, if she says that you're important, you're important.

DAISY: Well, uh, how have things with Spindle been, I've read the history books, the war and all that...

SAM: Yeah, they don't tell you too much, the treaty we signed only means so much, we didn't have the leverage against Spindle for anything better,
so now they get to throw around their power and we hope they don't cut us off from trade. Pathetic really.

DAISY: ...

SAM: Loom tries to kill you, everyone gets upset for a couple decades, but then it's back to business as usual, y'know? of course, people still hate Loom, as they should, she doesn't exactly deserve to forgiveness for forcing her to throw you into the ocean
SAM: But that hate doesn't stop them from doing business, guess getting their clothes and money is more important to them
SAM: Maybe they should try having actual morals for once
SAM: Fucking pretenders

DAISY: Can we... not talk about this for a bit?


SAM: Sure, sorry

Daisy looks out the car window, the buildings of downtown Obloquy rushing by, familiar places, she hadn't left this city since she got back, and now she was rushing out of her on a day's decision. Was this really a good idea? potentially turning up everything she had worked on in the last three years. She knew that Verity was going to ask her to join her guard, there was no way that wasn't going to happen.

Part of her really wanted to go back to how it was before...


DAISY: Why now?

SAM: You're going to have to ask Verity that

Daisy sits in silence for a while longer, mulling it over, you can practically hear how hard she's thinking. After a while, you can feel her attention shift more heavily towards you

DAISY: do you think we're making a mistake?
RE: Waterlogged
All else aside, I don't think it's a mistake to reconnect with an old friend, and you should remember that you don't have to do anything you don't want to. We don't really know enough about the political situation here or about the previous conflict to say whether joining the guard again is a good idea. You don't really seem the warrior type, why did you join the guard in the first place, and does that reasoning still apply?

Also, why "geas"? How do magical Celtic oaths relate to Verity?
RE: Waterlogged
[Image: bJJIrQi.png]

Daisy looks out the window, leaning her head against the car seat, a few tears coming to her eyes as the familliar sight. Waves crashing silently on Aspersion's softly colored sand. She could feel a bit of a knot start to form in her throat as they dripped slightly from her gem-like eyes, staining the paper below them.

She didn't usually go by the sea, and there was a reason for it. Every time she got close, she had this feeling. Even so much as the smell of sugar on the wind could do it to her. She'd choke up, and just start crying.

She wasn't sad, she wasn't afraid, but she just couldn't stop herself. There wasn't anything wrong even, but it just felt very bad.

Her eyes rolled from side to side, over the blue waves, who's relative calm made no efforts to betray their depth, and what lived inside of them. Ever since the breakage the waters between Aspersion and Spindle had been filled with Horrors. Her eyes rolled up, to the moon in the sky and Descant beside it, two beacons of light casting rays onto the water below.

She could feel her vision starting to fade, today had been more than she wanted or had to deal with in a long time. She wasn't ready to see Damien again, and she certainly wasn't ready to get this close to where she had nearly died, again. But, it was the only way to Verity's district.

So, with that, she slept.

[Image: 3ohYAoB.png]


A) Resume from current time.
B) Examine other character (Sam, Damien, XLR)
RE: Waterlogged
XLR!! XLR!!!!!!!!!
ever since i made a murder furry universe, gay terrors have been manifesting in my home
RE: Waterlogged
I am also interested in XLR.
RE: Waterlogged
RE: Waterlogged
XLR is the only real option here.
RE: Waterlogged
[Image: aH9jXKF.png]

You're met with the image of a tall creature, with... what looks like a radio for a head, they bow their head a bit towards you, you seem to be in a recording studio of some sort. You can see this like you're there, but you're not, are you dreaming?




So that's who it is...

You're struck with an oddly uncomfortable sensation as their words worm their way into your consciousness.

XLR: That would be you all, play along dearies~

XLR: Someone, or someones, something or somethings, who knows just what they are? Your guess is as good as mine.

XLR: This interview is going to be a bit special of course, You know I love audience participation, but I've heard them to be the weary type, so I'm going to keep the phones offline for this one.

XLR: SO!, what do you think of my islands, pretty, no?
RE: Waterlogged
not too shabby, if i gotta say so myself.
RE: Waterlogged
We've only seen part of one so far, and we're excited to see more. Any places you'd recommend to us tourists?
RE: Waterlogged
very nice!! know any good places to eat?
ever since i made a murder furry universe, gay terrors have been manifesting in my home
RE: Waterlogged
Pretty good. You're lookin' pretty good yourself, y'know.
RE: Waterlogged
Solid 5/7, The one we've seen seems a bit busted up, but it shows promise.
RE: Waterlogged
[Image: HAWG8MG.png]

XLR: I am SO glad that you're enjoying your time here!
XLR: Such a flatterer too! Though I had a feeling you'd like this look, why I chose it for ya~

YOU: Uh.... yeah... Do you know any good places to eat?

XLR: Oh tons, you're heading south in Aspersion though, I've heard that Verity's home has very good food. Though that's what happens when you have the best cooks in the cluster!
XLR: She sure does have varied tastes, I'm sure you'd find something delicious there.

YOU: How about tourist spots?

XLR: You're just full of questions aren't you, this is supposed to be your interview~
XLR: But yes, I know lots of tourist spots
XLR: I'd give
XLR: Inversion is a very beautiful place, you should see the spires! Though it's quite a bit away from Aspersion, if you're in Aspersion, again, where you're headed is going to be pretty impressive. Verity has a district all to herself, and she's put a lot of work into making it pretty, gotta appear nice to her people.

YOU: Hope it's better than where we just were, this one's a bit beat up

XLR: You think? Maybe, maybe not, some like the rough around the edges feel.
XLR: Now, how've things with Daisy been? I know you're new to the whole "Existing" thing, but if you're gonna be meddling -- of course I mean that in the nicest interpretation you can think of -- I'm curious to hear your take on the people here?
XLR: And really, just your luck to wind up alongside her, you're in for one heck of a ride I hope you know!
XLR: But yeah, what do you think of the people here, you got a plan or just, winging it?

XLR talks.... a lot.