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(01-16-2018, 11:18 PM)Swirly Wrote: »XLR: Now, how've things with Daisy been? I know you're new to the whole "Existing" thing, but if you're gonna be meddling -- of course I mean that in the nicest interpretation you can think of -- I'm curious to hear your take on the people here?
XLR: And really, just your luck to wind up alongside her, you're in for one heck of a ride I hope you know!
XLR: But yeah, what do you think of the people here, you got a plan or just, winging it?

Oh. Yeah, about that whole existing thing. What are we, exactly? Because right now, yes, we're just along for the ride by this point.
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Our sample size is a bit low, we've only gotten a decent read on approximately 2 people. Daisy's a bit unstable, but she's been very cooperative so far. She seems like the kind of patient a psychologist would want to have, not that I'm a doctor or anything, but I think we can help her. Damien seems like he might mean well, and there are clearly further circumstances we aren't yet aware of, but he's still an insensitive moron.

Do you do public works or peacekeeping operations? It seems like Aspersion could use some.
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YOU: Ah, right! Uh, existing, what's even going on? how did we get here?

XLR: Hah! You're just as clueless as I am, wonderful!
XLR: I've no idea what could have brought you here, or even what you are.
XLR: As for what you are, a conciousness of some sort
XLR: Though considering by your "we" I imagine there's more than one of you in there?
XLR: How absolutely fascinating -- tell me more about yourself,
XLR: What did you first see when you showed, up, where did you show up?

You: Well ah, I, er, we -- were in a dream that Daisy was having.

XLR: You were in it?

You: well, more like we saw it from her point of view...

XLR: How fascinating, perhaps I could ask Lain.

You: who?

XLR: Unimportant, continue please, I'm really dying to hear what you have to say, and what you have to ask.

You: Well, Aspersion is a bit of a mess, could use some work, but the people we've met are interesting at least?

XLR inhales sharply, at the mention of Aspersion, and their next words seem almost, strained.

XLR: Yes, yes, the people, do tell.

You: Well, Daisy is... nice, she seems like she's got a lot going on in that head of hers, we don't really think she has everything quite together, kinda on edge, like she's a moment away from snapping like... all the time. She'd probably be helped by a therapist or something, not that I am one! but... I'd like to help her.
You: And Damien, well, he seems stupid, and I really think he could work on how he approahces topics, to say the way he talked to Daisy was awful is an understatement. But maybe he means well, I'd like to find out.
You: By the way to you do any sort of like, peacekeeping stuff?

XLRs face twitches a bit at that -- their reaction more overt this time. However, they take a moment to compose themself, promptly ignores the question. Silently, they walk you over to a window, gesturing for you to look out.

[Image: yjn01iC.png]

XLR: What you saw on that screen before wasn't what it's like, I thought you would have noticed the change in time. This, though, this is what the sky is really like right now.
XLR: Beautiful, isn't it?
XLR: This is what I strive to protect, you see all those lights, all those lives out there? I want those people to live and see that moon every night and be happy that they are alive.
XLR: Anyway, Daisy... Daisy, she's a good person, I wish I'd have done more to make Loom and Verity get along, maybe she wouldn't have had all this happen.
XLR: Damien is... I wouldn't call him stupid, he's Loom's most trusted Demon -- if he came across as moronic, there's a reason for that.
XLR: You gonna wind up playing both sides, trying to sort out everything between Daisy and Damien, figure out how to help them? Maybe I'm reading too much into your words.
XLR: That'd be difficult, but I won't stop you from trying, it's commendable if that's what you're doing though.
XLR: Just a warning though, things are tense between Aspersion and Spindle. If you set off an inter-zone crisis I will drag you out of this plane of existence myself.

You could press that question you asked earlier, but that might be a bad idea, is there something more important you wanna know?
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For now, we're just trying to make sure Daisy is able to live without regrets, and maybe help her to be able to process and handle her emotions better. Maybe if we had our own body and/or more information about the general situation down there we would try to help more people more proactively, but that's neither here nor there.

Anyway, that's some nice rhetoric, but if you don't feel like explaining what you're actually doing to help we'll just ask someone else. (I don't think he'll like being pressed on this, but I can't think of anything better to ask, and I am curious about it.)
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is protecting everyone your priority? or specific people; if the greater good called for daisy being hurt would you allow it?
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YOU: Right now we're just trying to help Daisy, we're not gonna really be able to help anyone if we don't know stuff... and if we're stuck in Daisy.

XLR: Very fair, putting all the chips in one corner so to speak~ Daisy could become quite the relevant actor in all this, and maybe you could get some fun! At this point, if there is anything she deserves it's autonomy -- kind of you to try nad give that to her.

YOU: Yeah, sure -- anyway, are you trying to protect everyone here? or do you play preference?

XLR: As I said, those out there are what I want to protect, y'know, gotta do it for someone.
XLR: And entertain, can't forget that, entertainment is my whole deal you know. I want to give them some fun in their lives.
XLR: Gods know they need it, this region would be SO utterly droll without me
XLR: Just a bunch of busy running around, that wouldn't be very exciting.

You really don't like how he's ignoring the point of your questions, he's absolutely dodging the point of what you're trying to say...

YOU: Look, why don't you just cut the bullshit and answer my questions for real?

XLR turns to the window, hunching up their shoulders

[Image: z03kAyl.gif]

-- And lets out a heavy sigh, wire-bound hands slipping down the glass, the on-air sign blinks off.

XLR: You couldn't leave that alone could you?

YOU: Not really.

XLR: I meant it, when I said these lights are what I want to protect. I pulled Descant up into the sky to offer an escape from the conflict below to anyone who wanted it. No surprise that it's full of bustling cities.
XLR: I took to the sky, and built a city upon myself for them, and every day I make sure that they have what they need.
XLR: As for everyone else? All the other zones in this damned region?
XLR: What I'm doing to help is staying out of their way, the less that I interfere the better for everyone involved.
XLR: My best role for them is the exciting, flamboyant radio host -- who provides a break from what's going on in their day to day lives.
XLR: I don't help specific people, because doing so would mean taking sides.
XLR: I don't know what you think about this region, but it's tense.
XLR: Aspersion and Spindle are the two highest population zones here, figure it out for yourself.
XLR: If I take a side, it doesn't take much imagination to figure out what would happen.
XLR: So yeah, there's your answer, anything else you feel like pressing me on?

You can't help but feel a bitter anger slipping into their words, but they are offering you a chance to ask more, even if it might really piss them off
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Unless you feel like giving us a history lesson on what actually happened to Aspersion and Spindle, which would be quite useful, then no.

You might not share the sentiment, but it's been pleasant talking to you. Perhaps we'll meet again.
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yyyyeah let's not risk pissing them off, we might need some goodwill later. does the offer to examine damien still stand? or are we going back to present-time daisy
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YOU: I know you might not like us but it's been nice talking to you

XLR fixes their 'eyes' on you, focussing for a moment, before a wide smile spreads onto their face.

XLR: Oh deary, if you think a little thing like that is going to push me away we'll probably get along great!
XLR: People push me all the time, I'm sort of used to it. They think just cause you're in charge of everything and are a god of communication you must love communicating about everything!
XLR: Anyway, I think it's time that you be on your way, Daisy should be waking up soon.
XLR: Oh right, you should know, time still progresses when you're not with her, it's been a bit~
XLR: You and her are going to be needed at Verity's mansion some time soon.
XLR: Be sure to tell me all about what's happening to her, if you're useful I might even tell you what you want to know!~

XLR gives you a wider smile and a short wave, just before the scenary changes.

[Image: LoFTZC7.png]

And suddenly, you're back with Daisy, she seems to be going through her morning routine. The shift in location is rather disorienting, and you're not quite sure how it happened. But it feels like something yanked you back down here.

DAISY: Are you back?! I felt you were missing when I woke up....
DAISY: I was concerned a bit, honestly you were kinda helpful yesterday.
YOU: ... uh yeah... hey again
DAISY: I'm gonna be meeting with Verity today... frankly I'm terrified, but so excited
DAISY: But you're here, which might help a bit
DAISY: I haven't seen her since before that day, its... been a long time

You feel a tinge of pain slip into her voice, but it's fleeting, pushed away rather quickly.

DAISY: anyway, where were you even?
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sorry we were gone, daisy!! we managed to talk to xlr, we feel a little more knowledgeable now.. we're glad we got back in time for your meeting though. you're gonna do great, and we're here for you.
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We got in contact with XLR. They were... certainly something. What do you think of them?
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DAISY: you talked with XLR?!

YOU: uh yeah... is that weird?

DAISY: hardly anyone talks to them now, all they do is put out radio broadcasts.. sure they do interviews but barely anyone has a one on one conversation with them
DAISY: ever since Descant closed up... or, at least that's what people say
DAISY: they mention anything?

YOU: oh uh... not... too much, there was this big city, and clouds, and the moon. A lot about how much they like that place, they were talking like we were on a radio show or something, they're one heck of a character. Anyway, uh, what do you think of them.

DAISY: that... sounds accurate, it's been years since I talked with them, they always were so fervent in whatever they did, they barely slept at all back then.
DAISY: but when I... uh... resurfaced, they weren't like that anymore, not as much, they seem to keep to themself up on that island, can't say why.

YOU: They seemed kinda upset about something

DAISY: who isn't?
DAISY: worrying about that old guy isn't gonna be helpful thought, Verity is gonna be here any moment and I need to pick out what to wear.

You can hear just the slightest bits of anxiety creeping into her voice, but you're here, and you think that you can back her up in all this, hopefully.

[Image: lkhYRny.png]

YOU: You've got this!, we'll be right behind you
YOU: that closet is pretty empty... did you bring enough?

DAISY: yeah... just...

YOU: Just what?

DAISY: this is the same room i had back then... they barely changed it, that's my staff in there, and if that thing is there... i had it with me that night.

DAISY: i should be happy about it, coming back to this place, getting my old stuff back but it just feels weird... anyway, i guess i should get dressed, Verity is gonna be here any moment.

DAISY: ugh how should i dress, formal? what is she gonna expect from me, does she want me to be in uniform, or would that be too off-putting, i haven't seen her in so long, i just started talking again yesterday, i...

Maybe you should cut in here, she seems to be getting way ahead of herself.
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hey, hey, just wear smth that you like and that you feel comfortable in. she seems to care about you, so i'm sure she wants you to feel good and happy. do you want to take your staff too, or does it have too many bad memories?
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Don't worry about it too much. You can go super formal if you want to seem like you're totally together and ready to dive right into professional military stuff again, but I don't really get the impression that that's what your relationship is like, or that you're necessarily in the right head-space to immediately take up all your old duties. Speaking of which, what did you actually do for her back in the day?

Anyway, what she said was, "You can have a nice weekend, we can get familiar with each other, go from there." So I think she expects you to treat this as just catching up with an old friend.
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YOU: Don't worry about it too much, Daisy! Verity said that you were just going to be catching up.

DAISY: Yeah... yeah but she, she's going to have expectations of me. I want to give her what she wants. I want to show her that things can go back to how thy were, I want them to go back to how they were.

YOU: It doesn't really seem to us like you're ready for that.

DAISY: I'm not, but I still want it.

YOU: What was it that you even did back then?

DAISY: I was her personal guard. There were others in her private military force. Back then, the military was different, before the zone wide militia was set up. Things were peaceful for a little while, I guess. But everything spiraled out of control so fast. Pretty soon everything fell apart, both figuratively and literally I guess.

DAISY: After L... After that... after the conflict that that thing caused got so bad that XLR had to step in. Well, everything is still such a haze from then. But I was her guard, and I was always there, and she was there for me. Right up until...

You get the feeling that this isn't the best thing for Daisy to be thinking about right now, there's clearly a lot of painful memories there, might be best to cut this line of thinking off.

YOU: Hey, we should probably finish getting ready, we want to have at least some clothes on when Verity shows up, right?

DAISY: Yeah.

Daisy walks over to her suitcase, pulling out a loose fitting, worn out grey-ish blue long sleeved shirt. And some nearly black sweat pants. Both of these have clearly been worn for years, and often.

YOU: You like these?

DAISY: They're my favorite.

Just then -- you hear a knock at the door.

YOU: Looks like we're up...

Daisy turns towards the door, but pauses for a moment, running over to the closet quickly, paper utterly silent on the carpetting. She reaches down and yanks her old staff out from under the plastic covering. A layer of dust covering it. She brushes it off quickly, twirling the metallic thing in her hands. She smiles to herself, letting it come to rest at her side, end resting in her hand as if the motions were as natural as breathing.

She smiles

DAISY: I'm taking this with me

The pleasntries are cut short, however, by another quick knock at the door.

[Image: TnH2tOH.png]

VERITY: "Good morning Daisy, I wish I could be here in person right now but I'm in the middle of a critical meeting. I hope that this thing's appearance isn't too offputting. You can wait in my room, or if for some reason you'd want to sit in on military talks well... You're as welcome as always. I'm glad to have you back."

The recording ends, and the thing sits there, staring at you with an expressionless eye, if you could call it that. The flying thing looks like it has a few parcels hanging from it, is it some sort of mail tool?

DAISY: It's one of her drone, uh, things, I guess she uses them for delivery now... I kinda expected her to come in person. Well, I guess we should head out. Do you have any interest in that meeting?

Where to next?
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definitely check out that meeting, we want to know what's going on too
ever since i made a murder furry universe, gay terrors have been manifesting in my home
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Well, I'm still not convinced jumping straight back into a military leadership role is a great idea, but since you're going to do so anyway it would pay to be informed about what the hell is going on. Besides, we've got our own curiosity to sate. Sit in on the meeting.
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let's see the meeting!
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YOU: Well, you seem to be interested in it.

DAISY: Yeah... you're right.

YOU: If you're gonna do all this military junk you might as well.

DAISY: Yeah.

She smiles to herself, striding forward, staff at her side. Moving smoothly, like an extension of her body. She's clearly had years of experience with this sort of thing.

Daisy does however, stop, shortly after stepping outside, she takes a while just to look around.

The walls and floors done with brightly colored stones, shining in the early morning light. Different colors dancing across the hall, filtered by the many towering stained glass windows.

YOU: Everything is so big...

DAISY: It has to be that way, Verity lives here, there has to be space for her...

Daisy walks, slowly, looking at the different stained glass mirrors. They appear to depict different things, in bright colors you see many different scenes. A tumultuous ocean, lightning striking earth. Glowing eyes and a figure tangled with string. Various different scenes, ranging in tone from bright and triumphant to dismal and hopeless.

Pretty soon though, Daisy turns a corner, as Verity's distant vocie gets louder.

[Image: N0zRTs1.png]

VERITY: ... What is it exactly that you're trying to tell me? are our resources just vanishing? Surely there is some trace of where our inbound shipments are going.

Verity's voice sounds almost angry, it's very clearly a point of tension

???: We don't, Ma'am, all we have is record of the ships leaving the neutral zone. They never reached our ports, they must be getting intercepted along the way. Terror activity has been up too, so.

VERITY: So our ships are getting attacked.

???: Yes, ma'am, horror and terror activity has seen a rise in the off-shore regions of Obloquy, as well as Your district, ma'am, as well as the allied areas of the neutral zone

VERITY: And nowhere else? should we be taking this as hostile action?

???: It's possible ma'am, but there's no way of knowing. Furthermore our ship crews have been reporting the early signs of Horror Mutation. We've started rotating our crews out every week, and making sure no-one returns for at least two. We've also provided medication to those who are showing early symptoms

VERITY: So Loom is likely pulling strings, and leaving us with no way to take an action, lest we seem like we're starting hostilities ourselves. If it comes to it you can pull the majority of our troops, and we can send out shipments with small military crews.

Daisy's walking slowed, she's standing just at the doorway at this point, the room which Verity is in is large, and she takes up the entirety of one side of it, standing taller than anyone else. Two large balconies straddle her, one around at her waist, and one closer to her head. Both sparsely populated by people. All in various forms of official dress. A few of them give Daisy strange looks, and a few others go so far as to stop and salute her. But most don't pay her any mind.

At each end of the U shaped balcony, there is a spiral staircase heading down and up, one to the ground floor, and one to the balcony level near Verity's head.

???: Furthermore, about our outsourced offshore projects.

Verity pauses for a few moments, her mask betraying no feelings.

VERITY: Not now, we've got an important guest. And I wouldn't want to start her day off with talk that would bring up anything unpleasant.

???: Ma'am, I insist, this is rather urgent

VERITY: Leave the reports in my office. I am not going to say it again, I have more important matters right now.

A fairly frazzled staffer runs past, wearing the common face mask and long cloak. Their soft, furred figure brushing past you. They seemed almost familiar some how? If their body posture was anything to go by they seemed rather angry about how their exchange with Verity went.

VERITY: Dear! come on up, sorry for all that. Diplomacy with Spindle is as tense as ever... I'd love to catch up, but I have a few more matters to handle. Loom and I are having a meeting across neutral Territory soon. And we're trying to work out exactly how that's going to go down. And if I'm going to show up in person at all. After that though, we'll head back to my office!

Verity's demeanor changed entirely as she addressed Daisy, going from serious and commanding, to friendly and warm, how someone would regard an old friend.
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Well, you know how to handle this better than we do, she's your friend. Do whatever it is feels right.

This situation seems annoying, it is illustrative of how different Morbit is though. The rulers of our world would just find or fabricate an excuse for war at their earliest convenience and then ramp up the nationalist rhetoric and propaganda to keep internal dissent under control. I'm glad that's not the way things are done here, but it is inconvenient. Ideally you would want to get the war over with as quickly as possible, "war is not to be avoided, but is only to be put off to the advantage of others," and all that. Well, ideally we'd be trying to overthrow all gods and masters and establish true democracy, but I can understand if you're not enthused with that idea. Failing immediate invasion of Loom's territory, you could also respond to its actions in kind, assuming you're able, how is it doing that stuff anyway?

What's your take on what we've heard in here so far?
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Hold on, this doesn't add up. Damien's statements don't seem to fit with this at all.
Quote:DAMIEN: "Spindle is, there's been more terror attacks lately..."
DAMIEN: "I... Loom isn't doing anything anymore.
DAMIEN: "It hasn't for far too long now."
DAMIEN: "It still takes the blame"
DAMIEN: "It needs help"
Now we obviously can't really trust him, but he did seem to be sincere enough at that moment. If Loom is in a miserable pit of depression where it's totally inactive, and Spindle is also experiencing terror attacks (did he mean terror or Terror?) then it seems at least plausible that they aren't responsible.

What can you tell us about Spindle's government? Is Loom a dictator? For that matter, is Verity?
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this update is so pretty.. can you get a hug even tho she's so tall, or would you even want one?
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Well, this is a rather pleasant reunion. Let's go to the the balcony near her head, easier on everyone's neck that way.

Wonder what those offshore projects are about though. Any ideas Daisy?
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(09-29-2018, 06:00 PM)Kanelel Wrote: »
Quote:DAMIEN: "Spindle is, there's been more terror attacks lately..."
DAMIEN: "I... Loom isn't doing anything anymore.
DAMIEN: "It hasn't for far too long now."
DAMIEN: "It still takes the blame"
DAMIEN: "It needs help"
Now we obviously can't really trust him, but he did seem to be sincere enough at that moment. If Loom is in a miserable pit of depression where it's totally inactive, and Spindle is also experiencing terror attacks (did he mean terror or Terror?) then it seems at least plausible that they aren't responsible.

>Agreed, it's important to investigate terror rates in Spindle, and try to see what they're doing
This way if Damien's testimony is true we can figure it out on our own.

>Is Verity normally doting like this? I don't find anything suspicious but you're doing well enough to make this meeting and you came to the meeting when given the option. I don't know if it's either irresponsible, or she anticipates that the nature of the topic might be heavily uncomfortable.
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Daisy walks slowly up the stairs, in an almost trance like state, she even goes silent inside, except for a few brief words.

DAISY: Verity... I.

Verity leans in close, the size of her making Daisy seem almost child-like in comparison. She rests a hand on the railing just infront of you both, and stares at you, her face unchanging.

DAISY: Verity.

VERITY: Hush, Daisy. Whatever you're going to say, it's okay. We'll have a nice chat over tea, does that sound good?

DAISY: Can I uh... have a hug?
DAISY: Also yeah that sounds good.

Verity hesitates for a moment, but she obliges, the hug is awkward, and more is her resting Daisy's torso against her neck and head, her arm sort of like a soft papery treebranch. At this action, you can hear whispers raise across the room, which draw Verity's attention.

VERITY: What? am I not to care for a friend I've not seen in decades?

Her demeanor changes entirely, her voice like frigid needles. Judging and harsh. The whipsers silence themselves instantly.

VERITY: Better.

Verity returns her gaze to Daisy, and seems to smile, though you can't tell as her face doesn't seem to change. Her face, actually, upon further inspection actually is a mask. Verity then turns away, back to the room, the lower levels of which were filled with people. But the top floor was entirely different, Daisy was the only one above Verity's level.

[Image: 9EMX4YE.png]

VERITY: I'm gonna wrap this up, Daisy. Then, tea.

Daisy just manages to nod.

YOU: Uh, daisy, I have... some questions.

DAISY: yeah?

Verity: It is imperative that we take careful action, an outright act of war would draw undue attention from XLR. Plus, it's not something they deserve to go thorugh again...

YOU: Is verity normally like this, so, overbearing?

DAISY: she used to pester me with questions every time I'd get hurt.

YOU: Did that happen a lot?

DAISY: in my line of work, yeah

VERITY: We cannot let these terror attacks go unanswered, if they truly are Loom's actions, we cannot sit idly by while our people die, no matter the ire it may bring upon us. We do not know when it's next action is, Loom has taken a much more subtle approach since our peace negotiations, but I don't trust her to stay peaceful.

YOU: actually, about that... uh... Damien sort of... if you remember yesterday. Damien talked about Loom and, they said it was basically lying around doing nothing, also is, Loom like, a dictator or something?

VERITY: Furthermore, we have reason to believe there are agents of Loom within our borders, if this is the case we must respond very carefully. Killing someone without thinking as reaction to a sleight may cause outrage and anger that we do not have the resources to deal with currently

DAISY: Damien is a spy, he's not to be trusted. he's lied to me before... he... lied to me back then, too.

YOU Ah...

VERITY: ... Though I cannot overstate the value of having one of Loom's key strategic pieces as a prisoner, after our meeting, securing any infiltrators into Aspersion is our top priority, there will be instructions and new protocol going forward to root out potential traitors.

DAISY: as for Loom... it's no more a dictator than any other god, its people believe its narrative about what happened. can't blame them for believing its lies. but it lies, and its lies keep its people happy and unaware

Verity: That being said, if any of you are affiliated with Loom, I advise you to speak to me, and come forward, as the results of being open will be far less harsh than the results of being found out. If these are direct actions from Loom we must treat them as seriously as any attacks instigated by it, going forward, we must be more vigilant than ever.

DAISY: Verity, as far as I know, if everything is the same, runs oversight. the zone is split up into districts that each have people who manage them... and... Verity watches over all that, makes sure everyone's okay.

VEIRY: So, we've decided to stage a meeting. This meeting is likely not going to solve anything, the hope is a show of political and military force. I do not plan to take any action, but if we can potentially secure a prisoner in the coming month, we may be able to display an advantage of information and negotiation power. Loom's people may have a combat and resource advantage due to their nature, but we outnumber them. We have discipline. And... should she be willing, we have an old friend who would doubtlessly make Loom hesitate before taking any action.

VERITY: That said, this meeting is not for some time to come, we have about a month to prepare for this, let us all be hopeful we see no more Terror attacks until then.

Daisy: she's talking about me, oh, what should i say??

VERITY: If anyone has any comments or thoughts on the proceedings, speak them now. Be quick about it, however, I don't want to waste my time.