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you don’t need to say anything! this is pretty overwhelming os unless there’s smth you feel you must stick up for, just wave...? it’s ok, daisy!
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Verity didn't say your name, so she probably doesn't want to attract attention to you. Its fine if you dont have anything to say.
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For now, just try to stay professional. You don't even have to say anything, unless you're directly addressed. Let Verity field as many questions as possible, if you do need to respond then keep it confident and reassuring. As for bringing up our own concerns, we can do that in private.

I just realized that thanks to the way Morbit language works we can just straight up ask this: Daisy, do you remember how when we were talking to Damien he said, "Spindle is, there's been more terror attacks lately..."? Was he referring to terrors the creatures, or to terrorism?

Once we get to talking to Verity in private we should ask her why she thinks it's likely that Loom is behind the attacks in the first place. Is it known to have some way of controlling terrors? We should also tell her about our encounter with Damien, and about the things that he said. Damien's statements should all be fairly easy to verify if Verity's intelligence operatives are at all competent (are they?). Of course, this would all be after you're done enjoying the more pleasant parts of your reunion.

Normally I'd be extremely skeptical about trying to appease an aggressive neighbor rather than simply crushing them as soon as possible, but in this case it may actually be a good idea, given that we don't actually know that they're behind this. Of course, once we know we should either go all in on peace or all in on war immediately, but I'm repeating myself.
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> What if we surrender? What do you think would happen if we surrendered?
> How have we gotten to taking a political hostage to make a point? I don't understand how it got like this
> But this isn't something that needs to be figured out now
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Hm, additional

>Daisy, do you think it'd be a good idea to put your foot forward about Damien? I think I have a plan.

The whole picture doesn't feel visible if Damien is right, and if you meet with him (as bait for the capture) more information could be gathered about the situation.
On the flipside Damien's safety needs to be guaranteed in this capture by Verity, so that when you meet with him hypothetically you can tell him that if his word is as good as he claims, then he needs to take the risk to go with us as a political prisoner temporarily. You trust Verity probably as much as he does as a demon, and something mutual like that might just be what's needed.
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Daisy hesitates for a second, considering opening her mouth, she seems a bit tense

YOU: you don't need to say anything, she's probably not trying to bring too much attention to you in front of people...

Daisy: Yeah... yeah!

Verity looks down over her audience, her mask impassable as always.

You: Hey, Daisy... back when uh, Damien attacked us. He talked about "terror attacks" Were those... terrorism? or?

Daisy shudders a bit, clearly not entirely over having her house broken into, she feels more angry about it than anything else.

DAISY: Terror, like the creatures... There's a trench at the bottom of the waterways between Spindle and Aspersion, and it spews out Horror energy... Terrors do show up time to time, but the way he made it seem was that they were abnormally common now

VERITY: Very well then, be on your way. I have matters to discuss in private.

The large hall is quickly overcome with the sound of shuffling feet, it seems like in just a few moments the hall is empty, the echoes taking a brief moment to fade.

VERITY: Daisy, please come down a few fleights, I want to see you face to face.

Daisy takes a moment, before hurrying down a set of stairs, and standing on the balcony before Verity, just staring, not even sure what to say.

[Image: Fg1cUmC.png]

VERITY: Daisy. I'm.

Verity pauses, seeming as if she's having trouble finding the proper words.

VERITY: I'm glad you're back.

Daisy: me too.

Her voice is barely a whisper, she takes a short breath, suddenly unsure what to do.

DAISY: help... I... don't know what to say!

VERITY: I see you brought your old scrap manipulation staff, I made sure it was well kept for you the whole time you were... absent.

DAISY: I saw, all my old stuff too.

VERITY: I didn't have the heart to throw it away... Quite literally, I might add.

Daisy coughs and laughs, almost choking on the breath she was taking, calming for a moment.

DAISY: is the everything going on really that bad?

VERITY: Well... I don't know how much you know about the past sixty years.

DAISY: There was a war, and it's over, that's about it. Reading history never really was fun, I don't have much time for it either, between therapy and everything.

VERITY: You're in therapy? I'm glad. Daisy, if you need help paying for anything, let me know.

DAISY: Thanks

YOU: uhm, I hate to kill the mood but, I'm really confused, if we're not currently at war then, why are we at the point of taking a political hostage? And, with what Damien said, can Verity confirm or deny any of that? She said Loom was behind the attacks, how could she be so sure?, There's so many questions, and...

DAISY: Slow down! you're giving me a headache.

DAISY: Loom... Loom is a puppeteer, literally, it can create puppets out of people...

That's all daisy seems to want to say on THAT matter.

DAISY: Verity, earlier, you were talking about Terror attacks... Has it really come to the point of taking a hostage? and the attacks... you're sure it's Loom, right?

VERITY: I'm sure.

YOU: Daisy this doesn't make any sense, Damien was talking about this all differently, if we... if we can capture him then we can find out if he's telling the truth! And there'd be no risk, we could even prevent an outright war depending on how we handle it![/color]

Daisy takes a moment to take this all in, just standing there in silence. Contemplating what to say.

DAISY: Damien broke into my apartment.


Daisy: He tried to tell me that Loom is suffering, that it needs my help.

VERITY: You're kidding.

DAISY: I wish I was, he tried to convince me to go along with him. To trust him. I told him to leave before I killed him. But, I brought this up because I realized. You want a political hostage, right? Well, here's your chance. Damien is probably going to try and convince me again, he seemed that desperate.

VERITY: And you're saying we should capture him?

DAISY: Yeah... the more we know about Loom and Spindle the better, plus, if we don't actually hurt him we might be able to prevent an outright war.

Verity nods, thinking on this for a bit, she then smiles.

VERITY: Daisy, I'm so proud of you. You're just as competent and quick minded as the last time I saw you. Barely half a day here and you're already rushing to see what you can do to help me, and help Aspersion. I'm so glad you're here again, the guard has been sorely missing someone with your level of dedication in its ranks. If you're sure about this, if you want to help capture Damien, if you want to help make this plan. We can start the meetings in two days. I'll send out word tonight to see what information we have on Spindle, We've been having trouble tracking Damien, and if you could help with that, we'd be doing far better.

Daisy smiles a bit, you can feel how happy she is to be praised, how much pride there is in being recognized by Verity.

DAISY: I was worried I wouldn't be able to help.

VERITY: Of course you'd be able to help, even if you couldn't find I'd be able to find something for you to do, even if you can't fight, I will.

DAISY: I.. you don't need to say all of that.

VERITY: I only say it because it's true.

Daisy: Thank you... I'm glad to be back, I can finally... do something

VERITY: There's a lot to think about here, and I'm really happy you're so willing to help so soon. We can really use all we can get.

DAISY: Yeah, anyway, should we get going? We can figure out

VERITY: I don't know about you nowadays, but you always liked to discuss matters while walking. I could show you by the old training grounds. They actually got moved into the basement, and there's a lot of new rooms, new gear. Even new models of scrap staves, not that they get too much use... Does that sound nice? or is there somewhere else you'd rather be?
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the training room sounds nice.. are you ok tho daisy? that was.. a lot to hear, even if positive.
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>Hey Daisy, did you take your medication today? Are you feeling hungry? If this left you feeling taxed it's a good chance to change pace and settle in.
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Verity doesn't waste much time, quickly leading You and Daisy down stairs. The trip is spent in silence, as you two and the god pass through various security checkpoints as you descend further into the earth.

YOU: Hey daisy, did you take your medication today? I know the last time we forgot was bad...

DAISY: Yeah, I took my meds, I'm a bit.... Overwhelmed by all this, but I"m ready for it. I want to do this. I want to be close to Verity again... I wanna have those happy moments again

You: and, like. you're doing okay? do you like, need to rest, hungry?

DAISY: I'm a monster, I'm literally never not hungry, but eating people is both wrong and illegal so.... I dunno about it

You're about to say something, but Verity speaks up, breaking Daisy and you out of the haze of internal conversation.

VERITY: Most of our training rooms are underground, those in my army who work with scraps train here, it's safer, and gets less attention.

DAISY: Yeah... that makes sense.

Soon enough, you find yourselves in a set of hallways, four chambers with mostly transparent thick glass walls, and individuals in three out of four of them. The fourth one appears to be empty, but with how intently the person in a lab coat is examining the interior, you're not so sure.

[Image: TcAgmOB.png]

DAISY: So... what is everything in here?

VERITY: This is the forefront of scrap technology experimentation, there could very well be a war upcoming soon, so having both the experience and technological edge against Spindle is top priority

VERITY: Of course, not every experiment is for wartime uses, take the individual over there, they're testing a device we're developing to make it so non scrap sensitive individuals can at least have some perception of their existence.

Verity gestures to the scientist observing the "empty" room

VERITY: Unfortunately, we haven't been able to get them to work at all, not past a level that could be accounted for lucky guesses and a latent low level perception ability in individuals. Researching scrap sensitivity has been... Frustratingly difficult.

DAISY: What else do you have happening?

VERITY: We've got a number of projects going on right now, and the rooms are booked for most of the day. But I figured watching and absorbing information wouldn't be bad for you. You know how good you are with picking up things by watching

VERITY: There are a a few people sparring, one of our newer recruits is learning how to use a scrap manipulation staff, and we have some of our guard engaging in more typical combat. We're always sure to put our guards through regular simulated combat, whether that's with scrap manipulators or otherwise more mundane people

Verity's expression falls, just a slight bit

VERITY: I would love to let them have more freedom, more time home, but with the looming threat we have to keep them here almost constantly.

VERITY: Of course, they choose to. Everyone at this facility has given their time willingly and I couldn't be more grateful. You see why I have to protect them, don't you Daisy?

DAISY: Yeah... that makes sense to me

VERITY: Regardless, if any of the current tests or experiments that are going on in the meantime interest you I can tell you more, or ask the researchers on the projects to elaborate.
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i'd like to hear more about the research and experimentation on scraps, personally, as well as watching people spar to get an idea of what verity's recruits are like in terms of talent.
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Does your country have an all volunteer army? Have you made use of a draft in the past?

I'm interested in the scrap experimentation. How cutting edge is the stuff they're working on? What is the cutting edge anyway? What sorts of things are the average combat scrap user able to do?
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See what scraps are actually in the room being tested.