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 RE: Waterlogged
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The Isle of Manhattan
YOU: Look Daisy, killing him isn't going to get anything and.... if you injure him that's just a reason Loom has to be angry at you and send another person to actually kill you.

DAISY: So? what are you saying I do then, just let him go?

YOU: Or keep him trapped here until you can talk to Verity.

DAISY: That's not good enough

YOU: Well the other options aren't either.

DAISY: ... I can't keep him here, don't have the energy, probably couldn't take him in a fight either actually... He's got a scrap, even though I've got the size advantage... he's more durable.

YOU: Are you sure?

DAISY: Yeah, I've got not choice, either he leaves now, or later.

She sounds pretty downtrodden, defeated even, not happy about the situation at all. She sounds like she's given up on winning here. Whatever that might mean to her. The paper around Damien begins to crumple and float to the ground. Her voice just sounds more empty than before.

DAISY: Fuck.

DAISY: "Leave, and if you care about me, don't come back"

DAMIEN: "Daisy, I"


She shouts, her own jaw clenching tight.

DAISY: "Just, leave."

Damien hesitates for a moment, before turning and running our of the door - starting to vanish into thin air once he gets out into the hallway.

[Image: GXqXTUF.png]

DAISY: Damnit.
DAISY: Fuck, fuck, fuck.
DAISY: Verity's escort should be here soon, I hope. I want to get this day fucking over with.
08-17-2017, 03:43 AM
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 RE: Waterlogged

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Daisy, deep breaths. That was a tense moment!
08-17-2017, 04:49 AM
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 RE: Waterlogged

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Good job, Daisy, you handled that well.

Isn't Loom your and Verity’s enemy? Why would he think you would be willing to help? If that's too sore of a subject, I’d also like to know more about scraps.

Also, your appointment with Verity is tommorow, you should sleep while you can.
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08-18-2017, 10:04 PM
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