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 RE: Waterlogged

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(01-16-2018, 11:18 PM)Swirly Wrote: XLR: Now, how've things with Daisy been? I know you're new to the whole "Existing" thing, but if you're gonna be meddling -- of course I mean that in the nicest interpretation you can think of -- I'm curious to hear your take on the people here?
XLR: And really, just your luck to wind up alongside her, you're in for one heck of a ride I hope you know!
XLR: But yeah, what do you think of the people here, you got a plan or just, winging it?

Oh. Yeah, about that whole existing thing. What are we, exactly? Because right now, yes, we're just along for the ride by this point.
01-17-2018, 12:14 AM
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 RE: Waterlogged

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Our sample size is a bit low, we've only gotten a decent read on approximately 2 people. Daisy's a bit unstable, but she's been very cooperative so far. She seems like the kind of patient a psychologist would want to have, not that I'm a doctor or anything, but I think we can help her. Damien seems like he might mean well, and there are clearly further circumstances we aren't yet aware of, but he's still an insensitive moron.

Do you do public works or peacekeeping operations? It seems like Aspersion could use some.
01-17-2018, 02:22 AM
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