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(07-16-2018, 03:30 AM)Spira-Virgo Wrote: »> How about you get to know first your creation. Start by asking their name. They do have a name, right?

[Image: Lxt9yBI.png]

Right right, start with the basics, can't very well go about forming a kingdom if nobody has any concept of nomenclature.

Okay lets try this, you there, subject, are you all right?

[Image: 0OFCrni.png]


I said, are you all right.

What is?

Are you hurt?

Hurt? Little. Fall hurt. And then again.

Do you have a name?

[Image: 1Tt1see.png]



What is?

What are you called?

Called? I have not calling. I hear no call.

No no, not a call, I meant what do others of your... Species...

[Image: tCX2gOE.png]

You suddenly comprehend how much harder this is going to be than you had previously thought.

(07-16-2018, 03:50 AM)smuchmuch Wrote: »>Alright, maybe first stay a small moment with your first creation untill she stop freakin out ever ten seconds. And help her figure out the whole wakng on two les and opposable thumbs

[Image: sQj2ty3.gif]
Yeah that's probably a good idea. We aren't going to get too far if my creation can't handle the basics. So lets try out walking.

(07-16-2018, 03:50 AM)smuchmuch Wrote: »>But first still in the choice to make what sorta persona of god you gotta adopt when adressing your new creation ? 'Allmighty' ? 'gentle and all loving, ? "Dark and Cruel" ? 'Strange trickster' ? 'otherwodly eldritch' ? They're all oldie but goodie.

Only thing sure is that "bumbling and having no clue" is not gonna cut it.

[Image: uOjooVB.png]

Hmm, you hadn't thought about that. Right now you're probably all of those things to this poor little critter. Almighty? You just radically altered its material form and consciousness. Prrrreeeetty sure you accidentally her soul as well, but you'll have to worry about that later. That covers the 'Almighty' part.

[Image: V2lVtSS.gif]
Gentle and Loving? Err, you guess? I mean you haven't outright abandoned her yet, thats good? Right? You don't know, you only have a vague understanding of right and wrong yourself. Its hazy, you definitely think its something The Creator endowed you with but, you've been asleep for who knows how long, your memory on the whole good and evil thing is a bit fuzzy.

Dark and Cruel? Well you did drop her. Twice. But the first time wasn't your fault! You were aiming at the bird! Unless you call forcibly endowing something with consciousness is dark, and forcing them to get used to an entirely new body is cruel... You guess an argument could be made either way.

[Image: 363QIVh.gif]
Trickster? Well she's trusting you easily enough bbut thats probably the rational part of her mind making her naive from lack of experience. You're sure her animal instincts has her scared out of her mind. You're certain she's only doing what you're telling her now out of a mixture of curiosity and fear. You could easily take advantage of that trust, but you don't know why you would.

Otherworldly? Eldritch? Well you already look freaky as all get out to her, Hell, she looks freaky as hell to herself if her reaction to seeing her own hands was anything to go by. You think you've got that down pat for now, maybe work on it some more down the road.

You have plenty of time for that, you think...

(07-16-2018, 03:50 AM)smuchmuch Wrote: »> Hmm maybe we should have messed a litte with inanimate objects and non sapinet animals first to find the limits of your powers before you got to making a new race... oh well Live and learn.

Besides There'll be plenty of time for that later while their goign though their primitive stage and all.

[Image: oxPCqCp.png]
Right now? Its looking like a loooong road from here on out.

You should've just messed around with some rocks first...
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DOUBLE POST: Sorry guys, I'm not skipping over you, I legit didn't see those new replies before I posted the update. I'll address you in the next update.
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>Get her some clothes.
RE: Kingmaker
Quote:>Get her some clothes.
(It's a jungle (they end to be pretty hot) an they already have fur, tough. Not sure they need nor would even want clothes.)

>Okay maye you'd have an easier time teaching her the walking thing if you did it yourself rater than constantly flying around. You know, teach by example and all that.
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(08-02-2018, 03:11 AM)eerr Wrote: »>Conduct naming ceremony.

[Image: vZEbDb6.png]


[Image: CmxE9Ib.png]

Not the most remarkable thing I could've made but she'll have to do.

What is?




What is?

[Image: g121I6M.png]

Yes, you're a she.

What is?

You. She. You're a female.

What is?

A potential mother.

Oh. I have no littles.

Ok well guess I haven't made anyone an orphan yet.

What is?

Don't worry about it, anyway, I've thought of a name for you.



What is?


What is?

[Image: 5mg3Rad.png]

You! You is! You is Feleve! That is your name! That is what I am calling you!


You understand?

I think.


What is your name?


(08-02-2018, 10:20 AM)FlanDab Wrote: »You are Someone, and you're in Somewhere.

[Image: AnFPX5R.png]

No, no you're not.

[Image: h1tcWd0.png]

And you're better off that way.

(08-04-2018, 10:45 PM)eerr Wrote: »>Get her some clothes.

[Image: qSNezGS.png]
Huh? Oh right, the whole nakedness thing. Right, you forgot that was a thing for a moment. One Sec.

[Image: 9TSfKQI.png]

[Image: 0QJEq6l.png]
There, something nice and simple.

(08-10-2018, 01:24 PM)smuchmuch Wrote: »>Okay maye you'd have an easier time teaching her the walking thing if you did it yourself rater than constantly flying around. You know, teach by example and all that.

[Image: milXLmf.png]

You would sniff derisively at the idea if you had a nose, which you can and sometimes do but are choosing not to manifest right now so as to not dignify that thought with the physical action.

You're pretty sure walking is a mortal thing and not something a god should be doing, and that's all there really is to say on the matter.
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but doing the worm is a god thing, so do that.
Noot noot doot doot.

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>Make partner for cat.
[Image: DGBpqSL.png]