Adventures in Animism - An adventure RP - [0/8]

Adventures in Animism - An adventure RP - [0/8]
Adventures in Animism - An adventure RP - [0/8]
Adventures in Animism

In the primordial sea of stars, universes are born and destroyed by Time. It creates billions of galaxies, filled with lifeless planets, and lifeless stars. Time cannot create Life, and this is why it created The Universe. A singular entity to enter universes of Time's creation, and use it's powers to bring life into existence. The universes had started being something. Something more than an empty space designed for doom.

But all must come to an end. Thus, The Universe had to create Death, a force which destroyed all the Life it had created. This caused The Universe great strife, having to create something to destroy what it had once made, but what else could it do? It was a servant to Time, and that would never change...

In one of these many universes, a certain kind of life existed. In this universe (one of The Universe's personal favorites), all sapient beings (referred to as Shells) possess Cores. These Cores determine what a being's physical appearance will be like, and affect it down to the atomic level. These Cores follow a few rules, in that they cannot die (but may age if their form allows it), they cannot be sapient beings, there cannot be more than one Core per Shell, and that the Core must be somewhere in the universe that the Shell will go sometime in their life. It is thought that the Cores are placed randomly in the universe, but this is not the case. However, like many of The Universe's subtle machinations, it goes unnoticed. These rules have been broken in the past, but stand true nearly all of the time. When a Shell is fatally wounded, they will rebirth at their Core. This allows them to be essentially immortal, as long as their Core is not destroyed. However, they retain any non-fatal wounds, which must be healed through other means. This means that Shells are notoriously hard to kill, and wars are waged for millennia. The re-birthing process takes some time, however, so there is a period of waiting. Shells must still satisfy needs, however, if their Core requires it, such as eating, drinking and sleeping. All beings possess some amount of Aspects, which are based on what that being has done or is made of.

These beings live on various planets, and are extremely wide-ranging, from sentient blobs to giant creatures made of teeth. On one of these very planets, in a small, unnoticeable town on the western side of the great all-encompassing continent of Gaea, a group of adventurers reside within a Tavern. And not just any tavern, no, but the Rusted Toad itself. Famous for its collection of Ales that are guaranteed to incite projectile vomit, the Rusted Toad is about as low as you can get. Not even seedy, because the likes of those who visit seedy bars are too upper class for the Rusted Toad. No, only one kind of person visits here.

A dirt-poor, inexperienced, newbie adventurer. Which is why you are here. With your group of companions, you hope to find great riches, the secrets of the universe, or something. Really, a better beer would do it for you, but hey, aim for the moon so you can miss and inevitably fall crashing down back to earth, but hopefully in a place better than where you are now.

But that is for later. For now, a simple question will do. Who are you?

Welcome to Adventures in Animism, a game based off of a lore universe I had sitting around, combined with some more complex systems that I want to test out. This will be a mix of plot-based RPing and D&D style adventuring, hopefully striking a balance between the two. Probably not, but one can hope.

((Any questions on the system can be asked, and if needed I will add some info.))

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Pretty much first come first served. 8 players will be approved for this, and a waitlist may appear later on if attention is super high.

Here's a discord, too.
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