Lovestruck: The Visual Novel Adventure

Lovestruck: The Visual Novel Adventure
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Escape the room, grab new babe 2.0 and use her as a projectile weapon. That's how highschool romance works, right?

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RE: Lovestruck: The Visual Novel Adventure
Save game, THEN skip algebra to make this new friend.
RE: Lovestruck: The Visual Novel Adventure

Game saved. If you wish to return to this spot, enter the command 'Load Algebra_1‘.

You decide to skip algebra. Making a new friend is a much more worthwhile use of your time.

I don‘t know any good places here,” you admit. “Perhaps you‘d care to show me? I'm sure you’d know your way around here.

Due to your high charisma stat, they seem okay with this.

“Why not,” they say. “It’s better than staying here by myself.”

They give a wave to the teacher as you both exit the classroom.

“By the way, I don‘t think you given me your name.”

They snort. “It‘s Leon. A pleasure.“

“Jack Aiden.“

Leon has joined your party! You can now switch to their point of view, acsess their inventory and their stats. As a relationship bonus, you can also view what you know about their likes and dislikes.

“So, do you have a place in mind?” You ask.

Leon gives you a grin and grabs your hand. “Come with me.”

It is 9:15 AM. Leon is dragging you along to somewhere you don’t know.

Thankfully, no prefect nor teacher walks up to you and asks what you’re doing. You‘re either extremley lucky, or that the fact you’re not alone helps. Leon seems like the type not to skip.

At long last, you both arrive in a small hidden garden. It’s by no means elegeant or rich (you’ve seen bigger gardens, courtsey of your mother’s friends), but it‘s still breathtaking.

Leon takes a seat on the grass and pats the area beside them invitingly.

“It‘s nice here, isn’t it?“ They pull their head back and close their eyes.

You nod and sit beside them.

You could probably try to flirt with them, or just converse with them naturally. You could also ask them about anything involving this school- they're definetly not new like you.

RE: Lovestruck: The Visual Novel Adventure

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RE: Lovestruck: The Visual Novel Adventure
>socialize. chat. talk about the garden.
Quiet. Good for an unusual opinion. Doesn't talk much.
RE: Lovestruck: The Visual Novel Adventure
Just talk with them normally. Don't try hitting on everyone on your first day, it'll probably give you a bad rep.
RE: Lovestruck: The Visual Novel Adventure

You briefly think of sacrificing them to a sun god.

[The game autosaves.]

Path Branch: Sun PriestessShow

You then dismiss the idea. You're friends now! You don't do that to a new friend.

You decide to ask her about the garden, and decide not to milk your charm stat for now.

“How'd you find this place?“

Leon shrugs. “Oh, you know. I have my ways.“ They do a little wave with their hands and stick out their tounge. “In all honesty, I found it because of my friend.”

You hum in response. “Your friend must be good at gardening, then.”

They snort. “Oh, they wish they were. I do all the work for them. He's pretty busy with all his club stuff. He’s really passionate about it, y’know?”

You nod. Leon talks on without your prompting.

“He’s.. well, I doubt you've heard of him. He might be like a social butterfly, but he doesn’t make a name for himself. He’s smart enough, though.“

“He seems like a good friend.”

They smile fondly. “He is.“

Leon seems to murmur something before shaking their head. They close their eyes again and lean back.

It’s 9:30 AM. Is there anything else you want to talk about?

RE: Lovestruck: The Visual Novel Adventure
>share a friendship story of your own :>
RE: Lovestruck: The Visual Novel Adventure
>"Have you heard about our lord and saviour, Jesus Christ?"

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RE: Lovestruck: The Visual Novel Adventure
You think briefly about talking about the 'higher ups', so to speak, but decide against it. It’s usually a touchy topic. Maybe after you’ve become better friends, you could probably discuss it without much worry.

You decide to talk about an old friend you had. You know that, at least, this would be a good way to fill the silence.

“I used to have a good friend too, actually.“

Leon’s eyebrows rise at words ’used to’, but doesn’t ask. “Who were they?”

“A guard! And I know she’s training hard to be a good one, too.“

A fresh vision comes to your mind of a girl holding a sword hilt, with a younger version of you cowering a bit behind her.

“She was brave.“

In your mind‘s eyes, you see a boar.

“I met her when I wandered off too far from the path.“

The path under the two girls solidifies. Runes cover it, but they aren’t glowing.

“The path wasn’t fixed yet, so.. something came out after me.“

The boar growls. Leaves and thimbles cover its fur, but you can clearly see the bits of scales on it.

“I don‘t know what it was.“

The girl with the sword raises her sword.

“But.. she saw me. Guarding the path, she said.

The little girl behind her tries to hold a small glow in her hands.

“I’m glad she found me.“

Her sword strikes the beast.

“I don’t know what would‘ve happened if she didn’t.”

The beast clenches its teeth.

“...Where is she now?“

It lunges.

Living her dream, I hope.“

The smaller girl cries out. The elder closes her eyes, ready to accept her fate.

“Which is?”

Light shoots through the boar.

“Learning to be a guard, of course!'

The elder looks in surprise. She turns to see the smaller girl hugging an imposing figure, gathering light in her hands.

“She said when I left that she was going to aim for the bigger missions.“

The elder looks to the side and bites her lip. The figure frowns, yet speaks.

“What was her name?“

“It was..“

Memory log.Show

“-Reviel. Have you heard of her?“

Leon tilts their head and shakes it. “It sounds familiar, I’m sure, but..“They paused to play with the pages of their book. You hadn‘t noticed they took it out. “..I can‘t place it.“

You give them a funny look. ”Hm. Well.. I hope she’s making a good name for herself with the others, either way.”

They grin at you. ”I’m sure she has.”

There’s a pause before Leon asks, “Were you close?“

You nod, more quickly than you should’ve. “Yeah. My mom made her.. stick around me a lot. It was kind of hard not to be, really.“

Leon tilts their head. “I’ve always thought she wouldn‘t have been.”

This takes you by suprise. “Why not?”

“Guards are raised to be distant, aren’t they?” They seemingly gesture to the sky. “So they don’t get attached to people. Pity the enemies. Liabilites, they say.”

“She volunteered.“

They stop playing with their book. “Willingly?“

She says she did– she said something to me about how she always wanted to protect the people she cared about.“ You pause. “Obviously that bit wasn‘t told to the guards, but...“

“How was she accepted as a volunteer?“ Leon seems bewildered. “That’s-“

“Impossible, right?“ You smile. “She was, well.. better than every other person who ever volunteered. And my mother said something about them running low..“

They bite their lip and look away. “They’re running out of troops for the war, aren’t they?“

You don’t say anything for a while.


You sigh. “I don‘t know, but.. yes, probably.”

Leon looks at the sky again.

“Why reject every other volunteer, then? Why her?“

“Every other volunteer was weaker than her. They only wanted a home, nothing more.” You pause. “And.. I was told they’re going to use all the stationary guards for the war.”


Leon closes their book suddenly.

“I’m not sure if we should think about this. Do you?”

You stay silent for a moment. You’re not sure what to say now. You were usually told you should think about what would happen to avoid it, on the other hand.. it’s scary, what they’re fighting for out there.

What will you say?

Another A/N.Show
RE: Lovestruck: The Visual Novel Adventure

They seem to be uncomfortable with the topic, so leave it. Apologize and bring up something else.
RE: Lovestruck: The Visual Novel Adventure
You bite your lip. You suppouse that could’ve gone better.

“Sorry,” you say. “I guess you‘re right.”

In an effort to change the subject, you add “What club is your friend in?”

Leon seems glad for the question. ”School theatere club, I’m pretty sure. If you want to join, I think they’re accepting auditions.”

Your eyebrows perk up. ”Does he have theatere as an elective? I might end up meeting him.“

“Oh, he does! That’s a thing.” Leon seems to be searching in their pockets. ”If you see them, can you do me a favor?”

“What is it?”

“Just give this to him.” They show you the book they were holding, along with a neatly folded sheet of paper. “His friend wants to borrow it.”

“What’s that book about? It seems rather thick.”

“It’s...” Leon pauses. “Some novel, yes.”

You wonder why they paused. “What about the paper?”

They shrug. “Just a quick message, for my friend.”

“...What does your friend look like, anyway? I doubt I'd be able to find him by askimg everyone I see.”

They hum for a moment. ”They're usually wearing a light grey hooding with a sash. Just yell 'Pio', and you'll find them.“

Will you accept the task?

[ Task: ”Find Pio.”
Requirements: Find Leon's friend Pio and give him the novel and sheet of paper.
Rewards: Closer friendship with Leon
Aquaintance gain: Pio ]

[A small ping can be heard from the settings corner. Maybe you should check it out.]

RE: Lovestruck: The Visual Novel Adventure
>yeah yeah pip pip
RE: Lovestruck: The Visual Novel Adventure
Let's find Pio
RE: Lovestruck: The Visual Novel Adventure
RE: Lovestruck: The Visual Novel Adventure
You nod. “Sure. It’ll be easy enough.”

“Thank you.“ Leon gives you a grin, their book and the note. They then check their watch.

“You have fifteen minutes to get to class,” they say. “What class do you have?”

You nod and check your schedule. “I have geography next.”

“Oh, the science lab is nearby! I’ll walk to you there.“

You and Leon head to your next class.

Suprisingly, the halls are bit crowded than earlier. You notice some students wearing slightly diffrent uniforms than everyone else.

Leon notices you looking at them. “Prefects,“ they as a way of explanation.

“They weren‘t wearing that when I went to the faculty before class.”

They shrug. “Who wears their uniform before class?“

You note that you do (and so did some people you saw that morning), but say nothing and thank them for explaining. You should remeber to avoid them if you skip class again.

Additionally, it‘d probably be wise to think of an explanation to tell your algebra teacher. Or the principal. Or anyone, really.

From the crowd, you can see two familiar faces.

There’s the person who was asleep in the libary earlier. They seem to be talking to someone in a soccer shirt.

Then you can see Shirley. She's just waiting outside a door.

You could approach either of them, or you could continue making conversation with Leon. You’d have to think on what to talk about, though.


RE: Lovestruck: The Visual Novel Adventure
> ask Leon if they've ever been caught skipping
RE: Lovestruck: The Visual Novel Adventure
RE: Lovestruck: The Visual Novel Adventure
RE: Lovestruck: The Visual Novel Adventure
>toggle visible rolls

>Talk about the weather

Love this adventure!

I think whether or not your adventure should have pictures ought to be entirely up to you, but since you're giving us a choice... Yeah, that would be nice. If you can do pretty pictures, I will look at them and appreciate. Even if it means waiting longer for updates. I am a patient person. (But again, it's ultimately your choice, not mine)

Date the sun goddess yes.
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RE: Lovestruck: The Visual Novel Adventure
“So, how’s the weather today?”

Leon snorts. ”Bright as ever. Maybe this 'Lux' the guards believe in is actually working today.”

You offer a shrug in return. ”My house always had a sunny sky. Shouldn‘t it be the same here?

Leon seems a bit confused. “No rain?"

”There were light showers. Literal ones.“

“Here, we have regular showers. They're in the bathroom."

You snort as an akward silence falls between the both pf you. You glance at the prefects nearby, before turning to Leon.

“Have you ever got caught skipping class before?“ You say.

[Perception roll: Leon rolls a 5.]

Leon looks at you with a confused expression. “Er, no. I don‘t think it‘s worth the risk, anyways. Why?“

[Perception roll: Prefect rolls an 18.]

A nearby prefect seems to have overheard your conversation. They step over to you. “That is a good question. Why?“

You mentally sweat bullets. “I was just curious. We could just.. hide in the bathrooms to skip, right? I was wondering if it was a common occurence.“ After a pause, you add, ”I am new here, after all.”

[Jack rolls an 18. The prefect rolls a 2.]

The prefect seems to not have caught on, but nods. They seem to believe you. “That makes sense, I suppouse. I hope you won‘t end up being a trouble maker like Miss Shirley over there,” they say with a roll of their eyes. ”Always getting into trouble. This time, she did something for someone‘s friendship. I’m starting to suspect she thinks she’s stronger than she thinks.“

They leave with a wave to both of you. “Take care.“

[Leon rolls a 19.]

Leon seems a little apalled that this happened, but doesn’t comment on it. “...Try not to skip class next time, alright? I thought you‘d get into real trouble there.“

You nod, though you suspect some unseen tension between you two has thickened.

[Leon is now a little cautious of you.]

Eventually, you two reach the geography classroom. They give you a sincere smile and a wave. “I’ll see you tommorow.“

[Leon has left your party.]

You decide with that last event, it would be better not to risk skipping again. It was only through sheer luck the prefect didn’t suspect a thing.

You ignore these thoughts for the meantime and enter your geography classroom.

You are greeted by a rather buff teacher, to put it simply. You‘re pretty sure that this is a geography classroom, but she makes you second guess it with your apperance.

"Welcome to class," she says, smiling at you. “What’s your name?“

“Jack Aiden, ma'am.”

She nods. “You may call me Miss Dee. As you know, I’ll be your Geography teacher. Feel free to sit anywhere you want. Class will start in five minutes.“

You nod and search the classroom. There’s a scarce amount of free chairs, but you don‘t recognize anyone here in this class. You decide to simply take the one closest to you. Your seatmate seems to grumble a little seeing you, but does nothing. Maybe it's your glamour sparkles?

There‘s a small buzz in your pocket.

You find this.. strange. You didn't bring your phone with you to class how the actual heck, you think.

Regardless, you decide to open it.

There is a text from an unknown number.


...Well. What will you reply, if ever? You can always choose to ignore it.

[As this is an automated event, the game wishes to remind you that if you pursue the sun goddes correctly, the moon goddes will be permantley locked out for this run. Proceed?]

RE: Lovestruck: The Visual Novel Adventure
Answer the text with some variation of "new phone, who dis"

((Take your time with the art! I'm just glad this thing is still running)
RE: Lovestruck: The Visual Novel Adventure

Your teacher clears her throat. She's not looking straight at you, but you can hear her start the lesson. Pointedly, she asks everyone to keep their phones.

You twiddle your thumbs before looking at your phone.

You've heard occasionally followers somehow get... surveyed? By the godess herself. You doubt it's anything more than a prank though. As seeing as revealing yourself to be the daughter of the light duchess may incriminate you here, you decide to say...


Ultimatley, it's in your best intrest to pay close attention to the teacher either way, so you tuck in your phone for now.

Your teacher notices this and seems satisfied. “Alright! Welcome students, to Geography. As you may know, my name is Miss Dee, and I will be here for the rest of the year.“

She stands in front of the board, gesturing to the class. “Ordinarly, I would ask you to introduce yourselves-“.

A groan flows through the class.

Miss Dee smiles. “-but in favor of our lesson, and to your favor as well, we won't be doing it this year. There's no need to take notes, we'll simply be doing a quick review on our landscape.“

She gestures to the map she’s placed on the board. Gesturing to a yellow, sandy area, she asks the class, “Now, can anyone tell me what this is?“

“Patu's tomb?”

She nods. “Close, but not quite. This is Patu's tome. Here lies the god's words before he has retired permanentley. Though his tome has been moved since, you can still see the imprints and the energy from the tome when it laid there.”

She paces around the room and gestures out the window. “The master and god of sun and sand, before he passed on. His words, mostly unknown and unrecorded.“

”Now, his words aren't truly there anymore, old as they are,” she says. “but it is worth noting his tome seems to transcribe some words from the Dusted Tome.”

A murmur of confusion surrounds the class, though a student or two perks up.

'Miss Dee smiles. “Perhaps the Rune students would like to answer this?”

A boy coughs from beside you. “The Dusted Tome was discovered rather recently, two hundred years ago-”

“- and you should get to the point already.” The girl besides you mumbles. He shoots her a glare.

“Yes, yes. Anyways,” he continues. ”The tome, when discovered, was so dusty it could not be read. When they undusted it, however-”

“Who are you, the teacher?“ The girl snarks. The boy hisses at her.

Miss Dee tsks inapprovingly. “Perhaps both of you would like to continue this in the principal's office?“

The girl frowns but says no more. The boy murmurs something incomprehnsible before moving on.

“Er, anyways. As I said... the tome was filled with ancient runes. Many have tried to decipher it, but failed. However, some of these untranslatable runes were seen on Patu's tome.”

“And they give it to us as homework every year,” the girl murmurs. The boy hears her and snorts.

Miss Dee seems satisfied with this. “That is correct. Some believe that his tome is the key to unlocking the secret of the dusted one. Though it’s becoming less of a tome and more of a prophecy each year...“

She shakes her head. “Regardless. If any of you wish to see it, you will have to somehow secure a special pass to the Tome's libary. It should be near there. A quick orb should be good enough to get there and back, though I doubt it would be worth the effort.“

You mentally jot this down.

“Now, do any of you know about the god’s realms?”

Many shake their head, though a few nod. Some seem confused.

“If you’re wondering why we‘re speaking of a theoretically unchartable place when we should chart land and seas, this... is actually part of your curriculum.“ Her smile seems to falter but bounces back again. “Either way, to do those who do, would you care to explain it?“

The class continues in this fashion, with Miss Dee asking questions and the older students elaborating. So far, this is what you‘ve gathered.

God's Realms have slow the passage of time, and are unseen to mortal eyes. Literally. Each is unique, and often is based off a place in the world. This is their home.

The Tome's Libary is located near the Sem Castle. Allegedly, it is ran by the god of Tomes and Information, but really, who knows?

The Sem Castle is a leftover area, so to speak. Someone practicing their magic gave up midway, and left an enchanted forest and a castle made of proper stone, and of rather inconvient things. It’s a semi-castle.

The kingdom where you live in, your home, is known as Lanet. There‘s a known problem of creatures, filled with the nearby magic, rampaging the town.

The area where you currently are, C-Academy,is conviently rather near Patu’s tome, all things considering. However, it is seperated by a long and deep orchard ran by the Principal, who has secluded it from students. The orb would be better, all in all.

There's also a nearby town known as Lunetta. If you wish to go find a part time job, for whatever reason, you can go there. You feel as if it‘s easier to ask your mother for important things rather than earn it, though. You can visit on weekends and after classes.

There were other things as well, but you didn't note them too much. You knew most of the things they were talking about as your mother schooled you on these things long ago. For the most part, you stared out the window while waiting for class to end.

You suppouse you should've paid attention like you thought you should, but.. ultimatley, you didn't. There were other things too, but you didn't think them over too much.

Conviently, you earn 3 points in intelligence for this. You also learn Basic Geography.

It is lunch now. You could skip lunch, if you're being honest, and favor it for doing something else, but your health may falter. If you choose to eat lunch, you can decide where and with who to sit with.

Your phone buzzes again.


...Additionally, you can decide to prepare for a trip. You still can eat lunch with someone while doing it, though.

Take note you're still in the classroom, and you haven't moved yet. You can talk to the teacher, or the girl and boy from earlier who are now about to leave, but are still arguing.

[New addition unlocked: God Sumbission Form!]
[New addition unlocked: Area Submission Form!]

[Information on this may be viewed in the help section.]

RE: Lovestruck: The Visual Novel Adventure
RE: Lovestruck: The Visual Novel Adventure
>Go eat lunch. Sit alone and spend the time bonding with Lux.

gonna submit a god real quick
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